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 Arrest Warrant issued 

John is still battling to save our traditional and hard won rights. His address is below if you wish to encourage him.

Save trial by Jury!



Dear Fellow Australians,
I have just received a letter from the Australian Taxation Office. Here is the wording:
Australian Government
Australian Taxation Office
Reply to:          PO Box 9977
                       Penrith NSW 2740
Our refernce:    1010695807935
Contact officer:    Elizabeth Besters
Phone:                02 4724 0166
Fax:                    02 6250 0082
Your reference:    265 011 330
ABN:                   27 062 540 516
30 July 2008
Mr. John Wilson
331 North Rocks Road,
North Rocks, NSW 2151.
Dear Mr Wilson
RE: Warrant Issued
On Wednesday 30 July 2008 at Burwood Local Court you were convicted of the alleged offences. The Presiding Magistrate issued a warrant for your arrest to bring you back before the court for sentencing.
Should you require any additional information or assistance, please contact Elizabeth Besters on (02) 4724 0166.
Yours faithfully,
E. Besters
(Elizabeth Besters)
for James O'Halloran
Deputy Commissioner of Taxation.
On that occasion, I would not enter a plea, demanded my right to trial by jury and, when denied that right, I challenged the jurisdiction of the court.  The "Magistrate" (Dakin, I think was his name) had the Sheriff's Officers remove me from the courtroom. I left, after ordering a transcript, and returned to North Rocks to treat patients.
This letter is most strange. I have not heard anything from the Sheriffs about any Arrest Warrant. Yet, this letter came from the Australian Taxation Office.
Of course, there has been no judgment from a Jury and I have never given my consent to be without a Jury. Therefore, any awards, doings and proceedings of this, or any other kangaroo court, are not to be drawn into consequence or any "Arrest Warrant" is totally fraudulent....any yet they expect the Sheriff of New South Wales, Chris Allen, to direct his Officers to carry out this arrest.
Again, I ask the questions, "Who does the Sheriff serve?" and "Will the Sheriff honour his sworn duty of care to ensure that people can exercise their rights in court in safety?"
So far, from the judgment by the NSW Supreme Kangaroo Court on 26 June 2008, I have not had a visit from the Sheriffs to serve a "Notice to Vacate"....I told them that that judgment was illegal and void and, if they trespassed, I would turn the hose on them.
Now this!
Maybe they'll come to my home in the dark of night????
Without our rights...especially, our Right to Trial by Jury, we are nothing more than slaves/merchandise and Truth, Justice, Freedom and Democracy have been extinguished.
What did our fathers and their fathers fight wars for?
Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.   
                       Penrith NSW 
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