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"Did You Know Your Car Engine Wastes 20%
Of The
Gas You Buy? - Ethos Is Easy
To Use, And Starts Saving You Up To 80˘
Per Gallon on Gas - Guaranteed."

Now You Can Keep Your Engine Healthy, Create 30%
Less Pollution And Save Up To 80˘ Per Gallon Off Your Gas Bill.
With a 100% Natural Bio-Degradable Product, Made by a California
Based Emissions Company, with a 10 Year Old Track Record.

From the desk of:
Kacper M. Postawski,

Dear friend being ripped off for gas prices,

If you're tired of paying for the outrageous gas prices and you're interested in saving up to 80˘ per gallon off of your gas bill, spending less money on repairing your car, and doing your part to help reduce pollution impacting the planet, then this will be the most important letter you'll ever read - here's why:

There's a reliable, safe, government tested way to save big on gas, that you can start using today. Thousands of Americans are using it on a daily basis, and you can too. 

As Seen On:

Most people don't know, that in the 1980s, the California government actually forced oil companies to develop real, proven, and laboratory tested gas saving methods, to cure the smog problem in California.

Let me tell you the story:

How The Smog In California Forced
Oil Companies To Do Something They
Didn't Want To...

I'm not sure if you ever had the chance to visit California in the mid 70s. It was a nightmare - environmentally speaking.

The smog was so thick you could hardly see 15 miles out.

There was so much smog and pollution in the air, that if you were to stand on your balcony facing the mountains in Southern California, the only way you would know that the mountains were there would be if you had a map showing you so.

Children in poorer families in the suburbs were getting asthma and lung problems at record numbers, the problem was really getting out of hand.

If someone didn't do something about the air, L.A was heading to a future where wearing gas masks could be common.

Smog in California(1980s to 1998)

What Happened to All That Smog?

Today, if you were to visit California, and look out over that same balcony in L.A looking at the same mountains, you will probably notice that you can see them! The smog isn't completely gone, it's still a major problem, however, it's been drastically and clearly reduced. Where did that smog go?

How The Government Made
The Gasoline More Effective

In the late 80s, the California government set a mandate for an emissions standard for gasoline sold in California. And gave oil companies a maximum of 2 years to comply and come up with a solution.

It was like saying: "if you want to do business in California and sell your gasoline, you're going to have to do something to the gas to make it burn more effectively and cause less pollution, if you don't, we won't let you do business in California."

Oil and gasoline companies, like Shell and Chevron knew very well that there was an easy way to do this. The down-side was... if they made the gasoline burn more effectively... it would increase your car's mileage.

That's good news for you and I... since a higher mileage means less money spent on gas... Not so good news for the oil companies, they lose money.

So they had to increase the fuel efficiency only enough for it to meet the new emissions standards in California, and not enough to lose them money. 

As you can see from the smog records on the graph above - they were successful. Not many people know about this 'insider secret' that's in most gasoline today.

The good news is... today, you can tap into the same technology that the oil companies used in the 1980s to comply with the new pollution standards, safely use it in your car to increase your engine life - and get an increase in mileage of 19% or more - which can save you 80˘ per gallon or more with today's prices. Thousands of people in America are doing it on a daily basis, the unfortunate fact is, there are a lot of scams out there, and a lot of un-suspecting car owners get taken for a ride with dud products.

Let me show you how this works:

How and Why Your Engine Wastes
20% Of Your Gas Out Your Tail-Pipe

Do you own a car? Go in the garage or drive-way right now, and run your finger around the inside edge of the tail-pipe.

What you'll see now is your finger coated with a dark black smudge. This stuff on your finger is wasted un-burnt gas by your engine, and your wasted money.

Most people don't know that the average car engine is only 17% to 23% efficient, because of energy conversion inside the engine,
and because 20% of the gas you buy usually goes right out your tail-pipe as carbon waste.

Just think of it this way: If you spend $40 to fill up your car, $8 of that money goes right out of your tail-pipe.

Why does this happen?

It's a little bit of engine mechanics - However, even if you don't know anything about engines, it's pretty easy to picture:

Just like most living things needs oxygen to breathe, fire needs oxygen to burn, and gasoline needs oxygen to explode powerfully enough to move a car.

Your engine doesn't actually use gasoline. It uses "gasoline vapor". When you pour gasoline into your gas tank, it goes in there in liquid form. Before you engine can use the gasoline, it has to turn it into gas-vapor.

When the engine vaporizes the gasoline, it mixes the gasoline with oxygen to create a rich powerful oxygen/gasoline mixture.This is the job of the fuel injection system in your car, or the carburetor (if you drive an older car)

What engine experts and oil companies have known for years is that only about 30-50% of the gas you put in your car gets properly vaporized for ignition.

A big chunk 15-20% of gasoline gets un-burnt due to the size of the gasoline molecules, this comes out your engine as smog and pollution.

Even more energy is wasted becasue of the wear-and tear in the engine, engine energy HEAT loss, and cooling energy, which all adds up to about 80% in wasted energy.

Now if you're like me, and I'm not very good at math, that might sound like swahili. What it means in English is that whenever you pump up your gas, it's like getting ripped off twice... Once for gas prices of over 3.00 per gallon, and then again, becuase not all that gas is actually used properly...

Think about it... 15% to 20% of the gas you buy comes out your tail-pipe as waste... that's like pouring one fifth of the gas you buy all over the ground when you pump up your car. This is why we have such large smog and pollution problems today, especially in countries where leaded fuel is still used.

How The Oil Companies 'Solved' The Problem

Have you ever tried to get from point A to B through a crowd FULL of people shoulder to shoulder?

It's the same with gasoline. It clumps together, because it's a very rich, and heavy compound. It's like a bunch of marbles stuck together very tightly.

What the oil companies did was find a way to spread the gasoline particles out, so they have more space between them, like pop-corn.This lets air and oxygen between them, and makes them burn better.

When you drive up to a gas station and see the different grades of gasoline... Basic, Premium, Plus... etc... These are just different grades of molecule spacing.  They're making the gas more effective, and charging you more money for it!

The more air gets to the gasoline... The more effective it is... the further you drive on the same tank of gas ... the more money you save!

It's also much better for your engine parts as the gasoline burns more evenly and creates less wear-and-tear on the motor.

Gasoline BEFORE Treatment

Gasoline AFTER Treatment

Long story short: Their idea worked, this is commonly used in gasoline today, and why the smog levels in California have dropped since the 1980s dramatically... so how does this help you save on gas today?

Why Most Gas Savers Are A
Total Rip Off

Imagine there was a legal, perfectly safe and natural way you could use the same technology the oil companies use to make premium fuel, and that you could use it anytime you like, to make the gas you buy for your car super effective.

It would save 7% to 19% or more on gas costs. Double your engine life and reduce your pollution by a land-slide.

It sounds too good be true... And unfortunately, because of a few rotten apples - it is a total scam for 90% of people who try such products.

They're called "fuel additives." You might have heard of someone buying a bottle of some weird concoction only to waste their money finding out it doesn't work.

A lot of companies tried to break into the "gas saving market" by creating cheap substitutes for real gas saver formulas to feed on naive consumers.

They're kind of like cheap imitations of coca-cola. Because to make an actual gas saver, ready for public use, you need E.P.A registration and laboratory testing results, to even put a product like this on the shelves.

(* E.P.A stands for Environment Protection Agency)

 An average E.P.A test phase takes 1 year or longer, and will cost a company close to $1,000,000.00 dollars for the laboratory time, staff, equipment, government testing, patents, shipping certification

Not to mention, you need to seriously have the real deal, a real formula that works on science not b.s, to pass the testing phase, here's why:

The Type Of Testing That Was Involved

It is easy to get a product on the shelves of retail stores if you're selling widgets or stuffed animals. However, if you're selling consumable products that go inside your car, it's a much different story:

As you can imagine, before anything is done or added to the gas in your car - it would have to be tested on numerous vehicles under many different conditions in controlled laboratory experiments.

#1. It has to be environmentally safe to not cause more damage than it produces benefits.

#2. It has to be tested with all types of engines to make sure its safe and doesn't damage engine components in anyway.

#3. Such a product would have to pass about 200 different tests, and if it failed 1 of them, there would be a panel of inquires just for that one problem until it is solved. If it didn't, the product would NEVER hit the shelves.

The 'Fake' Alcohol Based Gas Saver
Additives In Retail Stores Today

Obviously, few people will invest this kind of money to accomplish such a thing, with no guarantee of profit and a highly skeptical market-place.

So what do they do? What are these so called gas saver liquid additives in automotive retail stores? The label claims to "increase horsepower, get higher mileage", here's how they work:

These products aren't actually gas savers, but "Super-charged fuel in a small bottle." Because they are petroleum based, or alcohol based.

Why do they sell it? Because it's cheap to make:

Since Petroleum(gasoline) and Alcohol are already approved substances by the E.P.A, they don't have to go through lab testing to be put on the market. So its dirt cheap and easy for someone to make such a product, ship it off in bulk to retail stores, and hope make some profit off curious and un-suspecting car owners.

Why are they still on the shelves?

The idea behind these additives is to excite the gasoline molecules and make them burn really fast . As a result, you might feel a kick in the horse-power, your emissions go down a little. If someone is naive enough, they keep buying bottles of this stuff.

Does this save you any money in the long term?... No. Because you have to use a whole bottle of it, usually at $20 per bottle, per each tank. Hmm, buy $40 of gas, or ($40 + $20) for some toxic gas saver? I'd rather take the gas by itself.


A Natural, Bio-Degradable Way
To Save 19% Or More Off Your Gas Bill
Double Your Engine Life, and Cut Your Pollution

There's a lot of scams out there. A lot of people want to make a quick buck.There's also the few honest people in the world with original ideas that often get lost in the sea of mis-information.

Since 1997 there's been a little company in California called "Ethos Environmental, Inc." Ran completely like a mom and pop operation... the owner sold a gas saver he had personally invented.

His idea was to use 'esters', which are tiny particles inside the formula to separate gasoline molecules and make the gas more effective.He sold these little bottles of transparent liquid. His claim was that it not only worked, it was also 100% natural and bio-degradable. Meaning, it has no alcohol and no petroleum in it, so it was environmentally safe.

You would add just an ounce of this liquid to your gas every time you filled up with gas. And the product claimed to do three things:

1. Naturally lubricate the inside of your engine to increase it's life and reduce wear-and-tear. 

2. Give you a mileage increase of 7% to 19%* by reformulating the gasoline.

3. Reduce the toxic emissions from your tail-pipe by 30% or more

Can you imagine that the results you got with the product were so solid that their office began to get flooded with testimonials and orders for these little bottles.

Soon they were selling it to trucking and shipping companies by the gallons, and it didn't stop there.

It wasn't long until the product was lab tested and approved. As well as being registered with the E.P.A. A major sales corporation (4E Corp) took over and started selling it directly to consumers. It has grown so fast over the past 2 years, it's now a publicly traded company with over 100,000 clients world wide.

Ethos has recently been featured on F.O.X and NBC news (You can see the video at the top of page)

It's Quick Easy, and Works on
Gasoline and Diesel Vehicles

Ethos is safe to add to your car.
It has a 10 year track record, and has E.P.A registration. It's greatest effect is the increased life and performance of any internal combustion engine.
Saves 7% to 19%* or more on gas
Ethos is a 'Fuel Reformulator' - Although you add it to your gas, it is not to be confused with the 'fuel additives' and 'fuel catalysts' that are available in retail stores.
* Results very from car to car - and depend on your driving habits...for example: whether you're an agressive or slower accelerating driver.
It's Quick Easy, and Works For Any Car
Ethos is used by commercial trucking companies and families with regular cars. The product works for gasoline or diesel engines, cars or motor-cycles. Any internal combustion engine.
Reduces Hydro-carbon Emissions by 30%, or more
You can drive knowing you're not pumping toxic chemicals into the air - Ethos cuts toxic emissions by 30% or more.
It's 100% Natural and Bio-Degradable
There are no toxic substances in Ethos, in fact, the product is mineral based.
It's not available in retail stores
Ethos truly works and is a genuine product. Since most of the retail gas savers are junk, We don't want the product to get mixed up with garbage. It is only available through direct distributors - you can sign up to become a distributor any day.

E.P.A Registered Product

As seen on:

Video Testimonials and Letters from Clients

Click "play" and watch the many video
testimonials, find out why Ethos truly works
and how you can join in on this exciting new opportunity.

Ethos has pages and pages of testimonials and they wouldn't all fit here. If you would like to see more testimonials, you'll find the link at the bottom of this page.

Here are just some:

   "I thought my gas gauge was broken - it wasn't moving."

"The testimony that’s always on the top of my mind, because I do have lots of testimonies, is from my father Salvador. My father, being a mechanic and having his own shop for over 30 years, was someone I wanted to introduce the product to. I explained to my father what Ethos is and how it works. And he told me how he uses fuel injector cleaner and maintains his 2003 Ford Conversion van. Well, out of the kindness of his heart, he makes my mother buy a 32oz. bottle. Anyway, that week he was planning to go to California. And as soon as he gets to California he calls me and tells me “Gabriel, it works! I thought my gas gauge was broken - it wasn’t moving. Can you please send me 2 bottles?” Ethos, thank you for a great product! Gabriel from San Antonio, Texas.”

- Gabriel, Texas USA

"I consistently see about a 3-4 mpg increase which is 20%"

 “I’ve been using Ethos Fuel Reformulator in my 2002 Kia Optima for 8 months now. I had my emissions tested while I was on the first tank. The hydrocarbon emissions dropped by 22%. I had them tested 2 other times during the summer and the drop held. I also consistently see about a 3-4 mpg increase which is 20%. Those 2 ounces in every tank pay for themselves but I’m mostly tickled to be doing my part for the environment.”

- Teresa, Colorado USA

Earth Day Award

Allied Waste Services won the Earth-Day award in for reducing pollution and harmful emissions by 500 tons per year. And most importantly for a huge publicly traded company, with the increased mileage in their vehicles, they are set to save over 34 million in the next 6 years alone.

Jerry Schnitzius, General Manager of the San Diego area operation of Allied Waste Services showing the actual results of how much difference to the exhaust emissions Ethos FR made. This was done by using a piece of cloth held against the exhaust pipe for a few minutes before the test), and the "after" results having run the same truck with the product.

Jerry Schnitzius
General Manager Allied Waste Services

"The Maryland emission test found nothing coming
from our tailpipe"

 "We have a 2004 Chevrolet Impala. We’re getting about 10% more gas mileage. But what I really find exciting is when we had our car tested for the pollution. The Maryland emission test found nothing coming from our tailpipe. Can you imagine if only 10% of the vehicles used Ethos FR and reduce their emissions, too? That would be 10% less junk in the air! Have a great day.”

- TJ Johnson, Maryland USA

"My Lincoln went to 28 mpg. The power was unbelievable."

 "I have a 97 Lincoln Towne Car. I started using Ethos. My Lincoln was getting me about 21-22 mpg. After putting Ethos, I put it in the crank case of the oil change. I also put it in the gas tank. My Lincoln went to 28 mpg. The power was unbelievable. Lincolns are known for blowing out a lot of black smoke and that stopped. The greatest thing I saw was putting it in my weed whacker, my lawn mower and my leaf blower and again, all the black, smoggy smoke was gone. Great product. Love it! Will use it as long as I can get my hands on it. Thank you.”

- Jack Persnell, Tennessee USA

"an added 22% increase in the mileage in this Toyota Tercel"

 “Hello, my name is Bill Heminghouse. I live in Saginaw, Michigan in the USA. I drive a ’93 Toyota Tercel with about 160,000 miles on it. I drive roughly 800-1000 miles a week. And I have a baseline on that vehicle which was very disappointing. It was about 27 mpg. I then started adding Ethos to the oil and fuel and kept putting it in the fuel at the recommended rate. And after a few weeks, I saw the fuel mileage go from 27 mpg to 33 mpg. So that’s an added 22% increase in the mileage in this Toyota Tercel that has a 1.5 liter engine. So the advantages have been a 22% increase in fuel mileage and a much smoother engine operation that I saw before. In Michigan, there is no smog control testing that has to be done so I don’t know what it’s done. I assume it has cleaned the engine up a lot but certainly, I’ve seen the benefits at the gas pump and the benefits in terms of a smoother operation. Thank you.”

- Bill Heminghouse, Michigan USA

Ethos Is Now Used By The Al Unser Family

More On How Ethos Works

1. It uses tiny molecules called 'Esters' to break up the thick and dense gasoline molecules and help them vaporize faster.

2. The esters also clean the inside of your combustion chamber by stripping the un-burnt gasoline sediment off the walls of your combustion chamber and restoring your engine back to it's pristine clean condition similar to that when you bought the car brand new.

3. The 100% natural,and mineral based formula lubricates the inside of your engine. This reduces the wear and tear on vital engine parts, makes our engine purr quietly and saves thousands of dollars on engine maintenance.

One Ounce Treats 10 Gallons of Gas

Because the formula is so effective. You only need to add 1 ounce of Ethos per 10 Gallons of gas that you put in your gas tank. That's about 1 ounce per tank of gas.

NOTE: Adding more than one ounce is completely safe and will not effect your engine - It's just that you do not need more than that, one ounce per 10 gallons is enough.

One 16 ounce bottle can last you anywhere from 3 to 4 months. The product literally pays for itself within the first few weeks.Of course, it depends on your driving habits and how often you drive.

Saves 7% to 19%, Or More On Gas

If you haven't yet read the testimonials and results others are getting with Ethos, scroll up and read them. The average fuel savings people get with Ethos are between 7% to 19%. That's between 20˘ to 80˘ per gallon off your fuel bill at the current U.S average gas price of $3.00 or more.

It really depends on your driving habits how much you save. Some people have reported of savings up to 33% - those are truly astronomical savings. However, we can only legally guarantee the savings reported in our official testing. I'll leave it to you to test out for yourself and see the results you get.

Ethos Saves Hundreds Of Dollars
on Engine Maintenance

The #1 reason why engines break down in the first place is because of long term wear-and-tear on vital engine parts. And why does the wear and tear happen?

1. Poor engine lubrication
2. Un-burnt gasoline deposits in the engine.

The greatest savings you'll get with Ethos are going to be on engine maintenance. Everyone who uses Ethos reports a silent running engine, cooler running temperatures, and increased horse-power.

This is because Ethos naturally lubricates the inside walls of the combustion chamber of your engine, and prevents engine damage.

You Never Have to Buy
Premium Gas Again

All premium fuel is simply gasoline with a higher burning rate and more oxygen. It burns more completely, keeps your engine cleaner and comes with a much steeper price tag!

You'll get the same effects and keep your engine just as healthy when you simply add Ethos to your car with regular gasoline.

I know this is hard to believe, so please don't believe me - read the testimonials on this page, and read about the double your money back guarantee below. Give it a test drive and measure you'll results.

How To Use Ethos With Your Car

You Get $100 In Free Gas With Any Ethos Purchase

Our Special Rewards Program Works With Over 22 Different
Gas Station Chains, Let Us Pay For Your Gas When You
Test Drive Ethos, See details below...

* Works with all major gas stations. Over 22 chains, including Mobil, Shell, and Chevron.

How Our Free Gas Program Works:

We have a special rewards program for our clients that generates a $25.00 gift card rebate for every $100 dollars of gas that you've bought at your favorite gas station. This program works with all major gas station brands.

You get four $25 redemption certificates with any Ethos purchase.

After your purchase, you get e-mailed simple step by step instructions, you get to choose the gas station you want the certificates for, for example: Mobil, Chevron, Shell. The certificates are then mailed to you.

When the certificates arrive in the mail, you can use each certificate to get a $25 gift card for every $100 you spend at that gas station. The gift card is as good as cash, and you can buy anything at the gas station with it, including gas.

That's how the program works, it's part of a loyalty rewards program Gas stations provide. You can do this once a month with each certificate, giving you a total of $100 in free gas.

Our Solid Guarantee

I know that gas savers have a very poor reputation, because there is truly lot of toxic junk out there. We get a lot of stiff skepticism and disbelief from our first time clients all the time, and its okay, we're used to it:

That's why when you grab your test drive package of Ethos today, it comes with a double your money back guarantee.

Double Your Money Back - Lifetime Guarantee

Guarantee Details:

Ethos has been lab and road tested since 1997 with all kinds of vehicles, Ethos always works, because it's a unique non-flammable, non-toxic, 100% bio-degradable formula.

This is why we've recently adopted the double your money back, guarantee:

At the current gas prices, the savings you get by using Ethos vary from 20˘ to 80˘ per Gallon. This adds up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars in savings per year for our clients .

Our guarantee is simple:

If you use Ethos, and do not get at least 20˘ per gallon gas savings, better engine performance, and at least 30% less emissions, we'll double your money back.

This guarantee is a life-time guarantee, as we are in the business of helping our planet for life. You have an unlimited amount of time to test our product and find out for yourself how well it really works:

1. We'll provide you with a form to use to measure your gas savings, keep it in your car to have with you when you fill up.

2.We simply ask that you use it for at least 30 days. This is because it does sometimes take a couple tanks of gas for Ethos to really get to work inside your engine.

If after 30 days of using Ethos, you don't get the gas savings we talked about, we'll double your money back, and you can keep the product for free.

If we do in fact prove ourselves and earn your trust, I kindly ask that you send us your results, and share this great product with your friends and family, so that we may continue to help others and reduce the pollution impact on the planet.

Kacper M. Postawski

(Ethos Online Distribution)

Delivery by:

It's Easy to Order

  If you've read this far, you're probably one of the few people who are tired of paying outrageous amounts of money for rising gas prices that just get higher and higher every year, and perhaps you care about global warming and the millions of tons of toxic pollution we're dumping on our planet.

  We are creating the the environment that our children will have to live in when we're gone, we owe it to them to take action immediately to help the situation get better, not worse. Even if you do not care about saving money on gas, you can be one of the few making a difference to the environment with Ethos.

  A 32 ounce bottle supply of Ethos pays for itself many times over. You can order Ethos securely online by clicking here or the button below. We accept all major credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discovery.


Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter.


Kacper M. Postawski
(Ethos FR Online Distribution)

© 2008, - Distributor of Ethos FR™
Suite 202, 15388 24th Avenue, South Surrey, B.C, Canada, V4A-2J2
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Legal Disclaimer:

* Gas savings and emissions savings with Ethos vary and are different from car to car and your driving habits. Example: Whether you have an agressive or more passive foot on the gas pedal.