Dear Randulf,

I like your text.  But I thought it is very important to expose what
the REAL state of affairs was in the Tibet before the revolution in
China and Tibet.  Tibet, under the Dalai Lama, was a FEUDAL SLAVE
SYSTEM !!!  Nobody had any Rights ! . . . just duties to SERVE the
Dalai Lama.  And it is this most evil FEUDAL SLAVE SYSTEM which
would come back to Tibet, IF this LIAR & DECEIVER - the Dalai Lama,
who acts soooooo holy . . . would come back to Tibet.  I don't see
any reason for the people of Tibet that they want this Dalai Lama
back in Tibet.  It's really only the CIA who is doing the pushing and
their slaves in the "free" press for the Dalai Lama to go back to
Tibet.  The chinese government should SMOKE OUT the CIA's "Directorate
Operation" in Tibet.

Don't be so quick in assuming WHO really was behind the "Cultural
Revolution" in China.  It was NOT Mao Tsetung !!!  It was a land-rich
JEW, who live a long time in China, and he alone inspired Mao Tsedung
to start this murderous "Cultural Revolution".  Please, do some digging
into the background and origin of the Cultural Revolution in China.

Here below are some links about the Dalai Lama and his god, etc.

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Destabilizing China

The New Stürmer - Volume 8

Dear Friends and Kindred Hearts.


About Life and Struggle

"Those who want to live, let them fight; and those who do not want to fight in this

world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live."

— THE BOOK, I:11/289 (HM edition)

He was—and IS—right!



Correction to the text in my last article send you on June 15 2008 at 0:58:

A passage in the Talmud, Nidda 129 c, says: "God the Lord, ask the Rabbis when they encounter difficult questions." ( this is a misprint!)

The text shall read : A passage in the Talmud, Nidda 129 c, says: "God the Lord, ask the Rabbis when he encounter difficult questions." (Meaning he looks up the Talmud)

Sorry for confusing you.

During a few weeks in May 2008 the media was filled with protests against China sending the Olympic torch, which was lit in Olympus, Greece, in a relay race around the world, going from one major city in each continent, and also to the top of Mount Everest, and would end up in Beijing. Why these protests take place I hope to answer some of the reasons in this article.

First, I would like to mention that the lightening of the Olympic torch in the old Greece temple in Olympus, was started by The Third Reich back in 1936. God work in mysterious ways.


Destabilizing China

Another interesting fact is China’s official name--- Zhonghua Remmin Gingheguo, the Public Republic of China, derived from Zhonggou - the Land in the Middle.

Every media in the western world, over the past two months, has been filled with stories and video pictures flashing on every news channel about the Chinese police and military suppressing the "democratic" loving people of Tibet. Why, so suddenly, is the media interested in what is happening up in the mountainous Himalayan nation?

None of the media told all the facts that USA's Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, a highly secret organization, has been in Tibet since 1956, agitating Tibetans against China. The CIA, operating in Tibet is a group referred to as the Directorate of Operation, and for years it has been creating many "democratic" organization around the world. The directorate also controls the-so-called Tibetan free Radio and TV.

This has happened before in other countries--- Ukraine, Georgia and Bella Russ just to mention three nations where the USA, through its CIA, has promoted its "democratic" movements over the past few years. But let us step back about 100 years - an other continent and to what happened around the building of the Panama Canal to give some background of how USA works.

A small revolution in the correct time

Columbia was looking for compensation when the USA started to construct the Panama canal on her territory. An agreement between USA and Colombia was almost completed when Colombia wanted more money. "Luckily" for USA, at that exact time a small revolution started in Panama. Colombia send both ships and soldiers to break down the revolution. US navy ships stopped the Colombian ships from entering the province of Panama. Today such intervention would be called "helping" democracy to come to a remote part of the world.

Out of that "democracy" a new nation rose. Under a lease that would last for 100 years, and then revert back to Panama, the new nation signed over the canal with a great piece of land on each side to USA.


According to the democratic media Tibetans want a change of politics in their homeland. How true is this true? Or is it what some of the world "democratic" players want the rest of the world to believe? No free information comes out of Tibet, because China closed the borders and the only information reaching the West is what "democracy", put out by the CIA .

What we do know since 1959, the year China took power over Tibet, is that many, Chinese have settled in Tibet. Such immigration could and probably lead to the "attack" on Tibetan's culture and their way of life. Any nation of people has, or will, react to their culture when it is attacked by foreign aggressors. Such a reaction shows that people can be proud of their culture, and are against change.


Greater Tibet

The Dalai Lama, during his reign as supreme leader and religious head of Tibet, wanted to rebuild Greater Tibet, a land which ceased to exist towards the end of 1790. This would include Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuarn and Yunna, a large part of China . Such a land grab China, or no other country would allow, but in the eyes of "democratic" nations.

China has done marvels for Tibet. She has build a railway from Beijing to Lhasa, the capitol of Tibet, an engineering task nobody thought would ever be accomplished. With the completion of the railway, Tibetans were able to take part in the prosperity China has experienced over the past 15 years.

If it is questionable it the ascetic Monks are interested in such a development , it can also be questioned if the CIA is interested in the development China offers to Tibet, as an increase in their standard of living would make it harder for the CIA to start up a revolution among Tibetans against Chinese rule.


The Olympic Summer Games 2008

With the Olympic summer games coming up CIA’s "Directorate of Operation" is looking for a chance to open the eyes of the plebeians of the world to other things besides sports, in hopes that this would force the Chinese to ease off their attention to CIA’s operation around Tibet, and hope the plebeians would start to scream for human rights in Tibet. The plebeians did not start such an outcry for "democracy" in Tibet, so the CIA did not manage that part of its plan. The plebeians are still more interested in what comes out of the quadrangular stupid box that is mostly produced in Hollywood, then the "democratic" life the CIA wants to bring into the "democratic" world it is trying to create. No doubt there will be a lot of new thinking that will take place in the various "democratic" think tanks over the next years. I am convinced the CIA has not given up her struggle for a "democratic" Tibet.

Let there be no doubt that USA and her Directorate of Operation is behind every attempt to create instability in China before the Olympic games. It is not in the interest of USA that China will show the visitors to the Olympics that she is a homogeneous, well functioned country and that she is capable of organizing very good Olympic games.. If USA can not hinder visitors from coming to China for the Olympics, she intends for every visitor to see China through spectacles made in USA. It is important for USA that every visitor views China with a kind of global morality.

Some human right groups have been trying to get the athletes to boycott the games, or at least not to show up during the opening ceremony. Ronald Kenneth Noble an American law enforcement officer, and the current Secretary General of Interpol, has "evaluated" Beijing Olympic games. China never asked for "help" from Interpol to evaluate her of her Olympic games. No doubt there will be a lot of new thinking that will take place in the various "democratic" think tanks over the next years. I am convinced the CIA has not given up her struggle for a "democratic" Tibet. It will be interesting to watch what will happen before and during the games.


Democracy at the work

USA looks upon herself as the global leader for Democracy while fighting wars and threats other countries into accepting the New World Organization.

In some Western countries, which are supposed to be "Democratic" with freedom of speech, people can be imprisoned for expressing their true feelings about its country's politics, and even, at times, of other countries' political belief, and can be expelled from countries if they express their thoughts about the holocaust, " holohoax lie " as many now refer to it. For this action, these people are sent back to some European nations to defend themselves in court where cases regarding the holocaust can be easily won without a fair trial to the defendant.

So far, I not heard of any such relevant cases being brought up in Communist China, or anyone expelled for their political beliefs, although various "democratic organizations have expressed the lack of human rights in China.

This same minority group that is pushing USA to show her democracy, is behind the Australian authority in bringing a prestigious old man, now fighting for his right to stay in Australia, a country where he had lived since 1945, to court in order to get him expelled back to Lituania, where he has no living relatives. Nearly two million Buddhist monks were killed during Mao Tse dung’s communistic revolution, and many Chinese died of starvation as a result of the social economy. Furthermore, it is true that the Culture Revolution which took place between 1966 and 1979 was a brutal suppression of the Chinese. But that revolution was highly appraised by the 68-generation, a group of leftist revolutionist roaring in the street of Europe. Many of those 68ters later in life became leading political figures in their home countries. One of them was Joska Fischer, who became foreign secretary of BRD, Bundes Republic Germany.. An other one, Daniel Cohen Bandit, is a Parliamentarian for Germany in the EU parliament, but he hardly attends any of the meetings.

I wonder if all"democratic" nations in the globalized world have such rights for it’s citizens? I ask how a citizen in a supposedly "democratic" nation can be expelled because a minority group claim that person allegedly was a guard in a camp in Eastern Europe during WWII. Such expulsions have taken place in the USA, the most "democratic" of all western nation. Many nations are following USA in understanding "Democracy."


Why is USA interested in bringing instability to China?

The Western media has been complaining about the censored news in China .. If we could read Chinese newspapers and listen to their radio- and TV-stations I wonder what our opinion would be.. I am sure if the censorship in "globalize and democratic" USA is stronger then in the Land in the Middle. China is beginning to come out of her communistic past. She has a growing economy and improving the standard of living for all her inhabitants. China’s increased economy is based on exports to the western world. Her upswing is also due to western industry having moved its production facilities to China. These movements were not done to help China, but because the western world hoped to limit/hold back a galloping inflation in their own economy.

To increase the pressure on the politicians in Beijing, Free Tibet committees have been formed. These committees have been at work for a long time. Even small Norway has such a committee.

China is too strong for USA to invade and she has means to defend herself. So the global wagon driver is trying other ways to show off her muscles. She will under no circumstances allow China to get away without getting scratched in the facade she is showing the world during the Olympics. China recently declared she wants to minimize her holding of US-dollars, by giving a clear view of what she meant about not being a willing ball-player in USA’s struggle in UN to force Iran to give up her nuclear enrichment plants. China doesn't want any sort of riots or other distractions to happen either during the Beijing Olympics or to Tibet and her inhabitants. The land in the Middle learned from the past twenty years of world history and how "democracy" works.


Why is Tibet so important?

Besides being a nation from where USA hopes to start the destabilisation of China. If USA can win over the Tibetans, they can start a revolt and throw out the Chinese, and then become a partner where USA can start attacks in case a war with China. This would be a solution to bring on the New World Order in Asia.. In almost the same way USA encircled Russia. Democratic groups with a clear stamp "made in USA" gained political power in former Soviet republics. This would help the USA to start wars on Russia from these newly formed puppet states. Nations which earlier were parts of the Soviet lead Eastern Block have been lured into joining NATO, becoming "democratic" nations. Was part of that "democratization " in order for these countries to recognize the holohoax and promise to prosecute alleged guards in concentration camps during WWII. ???

If the USA hopes to destabilize China, after the Olympics, it would need to get the Tibetans to start a revolt and throw out the Chinese. And as a partner, Tibet can start attacks should a war with China be the only solution to bring on the New World Order in Asia. The USA has encircled Russia with Democratic groups that have gained political power in the former Soviet republics, which would make it easier for the USA to start wars on Russia from those puppet states.. A lot of nations which earlier was part of the Soviet lead Eastern Block have been lured into joining NATO, and becoming "democratic" nations. Part of that "democratization" was that those countries had to recognize the holohoax and promise to prosecute alleged guards in concentration camps during WWII.

Bases for this article is an article written by Manfred Eckstein and printed in the German monthly "Nation & Europa" published by a German company called Nation & Europa Verlag in D- 96414 Coburg, Post office box 2554. Web address:

To overcome the outright lies and audacity - in Yiddish Chutzpah, the truth, in facts, must be spread, loud and clear ...

Please forward this article to all your friends, and to those who are aware that something is drastically wrong in this world, but can't understand what is happening; teach them, and they will learn.

Heil og sael

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