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Jews and American Renaissance
AR Articles on White Racial Consciousness
Twelve Years of American Renaissance (Nov. 2002)
Race and the American Identity (Dec. 1998)
The Morality of Survival (Jul. 1995)
Morality and Racial Consciousness (Jan. 1995)
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Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, May 2006
[This article appears in the forthcoming issue of American Renaissance.]
I started American Renaissance 17 years ago in order to awaken whites to the crisis they face and to encourage them to unite in defending their legitimate interests as a race. To these ends, AR has deliberately avoided taking positions on questions about which racially-conscious whites are likely to disagree. Some of these have been foreign policy, abortion, the role of homosexuals in a white consciousness movement, and whether Christianity helps or hinders our efforts. By taking no position, AR has served readers who may be sharply opposed on these questions but who agree on the central importance of race, and are committed to our survival.
AR has likewise taken no explicit position on Jewish matters. Readers have always included both Jews and people who believe Jews play no useful role in a movement that promotes white interests. It has been my intent to emphasize questions crucial to our interests and on which we agree.
To put it more accurately, AR has taken an implicit position on Jews by publishing Jewish authors and inviting Jewish speakers to AR conferences. It should be clear to anyone that Jews have, from the outset, been welcome and equal participants in our efforts. There has always been a minority in the AR constituency that has criticized me and AR for welcoming Jews, and there has been another minority that has criticized me and AR for not denouncing the first minority. These groups have generally treated each other with polite reserve, and expressed their bitterness only among themselves or to me—as was proper.
There are other divisions within AR. There are Christians and atheists, Democrats and Republicans, evolutionists and creationists, and advocates of different foreign policies. There has been tension within AR on these questions, but always good manners.
That changed at the most recent American Renaissance conference. At least one participant told a Jewish conferee that Jews were not welcome. One participant well known for strong views rose to denounce Jews as the historic enemy of the European people. Another called him “a f***ing Nazi,” and stormed out of the conference hall.
There will be no more disgraceful behavior of this kind if people who attend AR conferences bear in mind that Jews have a valuable role in the work of American Renaissance, and are welcome participants and speakers. Anyone who thinks otherwise has the choice of staying home or keeping his views to himself.
AR does not, on the other hand, have litmus tests for subscribers or conference participants. There will always be disagreement and debate in our ranks on many issues, including the role Jews may or may not have played in creating the crisis we face. Some people in the AR community believe Jewish influence was decisive in destroying the traditional American consensus on race. Others disagree.
Gentile whites—without help from anyone else—have repeatedly shown themselves capable of egalitarian excess. The French Revolution, the Clapham abolitionists, John Brown and his backers, the miscegenist enthusiasms of the Grimke sisters and other radical integrationists are all products of purely gentile delusion. Even if it were possible to prove that Jewish influence derailed what used to be a healthy American racial consciousness, that is a historical question not directly relevant to what we must accomplish now.
Today, even groups that openly resist Jewish influence are deeply liberal-egalitarian. In 2005, the Presbyterian Church angered many Jewish groups by voting to divest itself of stock in companies it considered to be supporting injustice against Palestinians. In 2006, the Church of England voted to do the same. These churches are prepared to ignore the wishes of many Jewish organizations, yet their members are as relentlessly suicidal on race as any group in either country. Whatever its origins may have been—and they are hardly exclusively Jewish—white ethnomasochism has a life and momentum of its own.
The role of Jews in a society, the morality of abortion, the influence of Christianity, the appropriate foreign policy, and the place of homosexuals should all be discussed openly in a free society, all in their appropriate places. AR is not that place. We cannot afford dissension that distracts us from our goal.
We have vital work to do. Our civilization, our way of life, even our continuity as a distinct people depend on whether we succeed or fail. It is a distraction from our proper work to hunt for culprits, to blame others for our own loss of will.
We may still be a small minority, but we have history, human nature, and morality on our side. Success for us lies in demonstrating that our views are right, healthy and moral—and that liberal-egalitarianism is wrong and immoral; not in trying to “unmask” it as a Jewish conspiracy.

In light of the events described above, it was clear to me that a statement of some kind was necessary. Apparently, others thought so, too. In March I received a letter from several people associated with American Renaissance, insisting not only on a statement but on changes in editorial policy and in the organization of AR conferences.
AR has always welcomed advice, but condescending, shape-up-or-else letters are more likely to have the opposite effect of whatever may have been intended. The tone of the letter was one that would suggest that what appears above was drafted under pressure—so much so that some, in my place, would have written nothing at all.
One should not, however, let the mistakes of others deflect one from decisions already taken, and I believe AR’s position is now clear.

We are no longer accepting comments on this article.

(Posted on April 14, 2006)
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Here, here. Mr. Taylor.
Posted by Sigurd at 5:10 PM on April 14
It is obvious the AMREN has treated Jews with great deference.
But don’t we often praise what we fear?
But it sometimes appear AMREN has an unrequited love for Jews.
Posted by Dennis at 5:19 PM on April 14
Good point. The BNP in England as I understand it have also taken an agnostic position when it comes to Jewish matters. I think to blame the current situation on some Jewish conspiracy is a misguided source of distraction from the essential idea that the white European culture is in great danger.
Posted by Chris at 5:32 PM on April 14
Mr. Taylor perhaps you could get some of the Jewish supporters to enlighten us on where they stand and what type of future they want in the U.S. I have read some of the Jewish posters on this sight and many seem to think the way we do. Please let some of them answer this question: What comes first the white race or the Jewish people? I am English and Scottish but if either group is for integration then they are my enemy. I feel all whites ( Italians, Germans, Irish,etc. ) are all one. It was the stupidity of white groups fighting each other that in part got us into this multicult nonsense. We need a united white force. Do you believe that the Jews will fight their own kind for a white world? I hope your right for ehnic loyalties we do not need.
Posted by Superwhite at 5:37 PM on April 14
To discuss the future survival of the White race and ignoring the corrosive influence of the Jews, is like discussing wine making without talking about grapes.
Posted by Excelsior at 5:44 PM on April 14
An important Traditionalist writer Lawrence Auster (Jewish-born Catholic, strongly pro-Israel) offers the following:
“Jewish people, far out of proportion with any other ethnic group, keep producing a fantastic number of leftists…. Any gentile country with a significant Jewish population needs to consider honestly this Jewish tendency and find responsible ways of restraining it. Ignoring it will only allow it to become more and more destructive (just as the Jewish left is destructive of Israel itself), leading ultimately to the growth of serious anti-Semitism on the part of the majority population.”
It is an important, welcome statement.
Posted by at 5:46 PM on April 14
Good for Mr. Taylor. That Jews have supported movements ranging from some of the first monotheists to atheists; from (early Italian) fascists to communists proves in no uncertain terms that Jews don’t suffer from ideological monisms any more than other whites. Getting side-tracked with elaborate conspiracy theories may be engaging, but it accomplishes nothing; it is indeed counterproductive to any political movement.
Why ostracize talented, hardworking people with whom we share common goals? Would it not be better to respectfully persuade, rather than to castigate, all whites who disagree with us?
It’s time to take out the trash.
Posted by at 5:48 PM on April 14
I can not believe that Mr. Taylor has written what he has in the “article” above. He is/has re-opened a can of worms.
I have been “studying” this topic of race for half a century. A common thread weaving in and out is the “Jewish” queston. Where do these people fit.
They are a self-proclaimed supremacist, segregationist and thus racist group. I do NOT find fault with this. As a white man who had dedicated his being to the preservation of “whiteness”, I too am a supremacist, segregationisnt and thus racist.
To be Jewish, you accept the laws and philosophy of Jews. They are “chosen” above all others. They are to remain separate from all others. They are not to mix or marry with others. They are forbidden to kill each other but ARE permitted to kill others.
I am an Athiest but am an expert in the Judaism. Judaism is a “religion” that can not co-exist with non-Jews any more than Islam can. They are both extremely similar.
My problme with the Jewish faith/creed/race/culture is that THEY CAN HAVE THEIR OWN HOMELAND, but I can not have mine.Thus, any person who claims to be “jewish” does not have the interest of the WHITE race at heart. If he is truely Jewish, he is saying HIS race/creed/tibe comes first.
I support Isreal’s right to exist.I suppot any African who want’s African-homelands. I suppot Mexicans who want California for Mexicans, if that be, but I want some part of this planet FOR WHITES ONLY.
No Jewish person will ever stand up and say this. Can Mr. Taylor think of ONE Jewish person who has said to him: “I want a home land for white only”.
Will any of these Jewish people, who Mr. Taylor want to “invite” ever say “If forced to choose, I will defend a white homeland before a Jewish Homeland?
I will support a Jewish homeland that says non-Jews may visit but may not buy property,vote, reside or own any media. Can you find me ANY Jewish person who will support a white nation that Jews may not reside, own property, own media or vote? Visit, fine, but then leave.
The reason for the restricition is that only whites should live and influence a white nation. Those of other races/creeds/tribes can not and do not have “whiteness” in their interest. They can not. They are not white.
If Jews wish to attend, listen and see what we are doing, fine. But if they want to join our movement, make them sign a pledge that they will dedicate their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honour” to establish a white homeland for white people.
MY RACE IS MY RELIGION. For Jews, their religion is their race is their religion.
It takes so little research to find the names of all those Jewish people who are behind and have led ALL major world events. Jews have no loyalty or concern to “nations”. Theyfinanced and led so much that was and is damaging to white interest. Please, the history books are full of proof.
How can you have a “whites only” nation if you will not even defend a “whites only” AMREN? Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Jewish people have nothing to say since they are not “white”.
To me, this “litmus” test applies to any one of the 300 plus denominations of Christianity where a “believer” believes in “racial equality” and “diversity” etc. (By the way, Jesus did not).
AMREN or the white “zionist” movement is for WHITES ONLY who hold all other aspects of humanity secondary. If your beliefs (be they Talmudic/New Testament/Koran) prevents you from “WHITES ONLY”, then you do not belong in the movement nor as an active participant in AMREN type organization. Go join your own that puts “whiteness” after some other interest of yours.
Posted by White Activist at 5:52 PM on April 14
While many Jews are liberal and among the movers and shakers that bring great harm to our society, many more are strongly conservative and outspoken on racial matters. For instance, if one goes to jtf.org you will find a website that hosts a weekly television program in New York City. The audio portion is available each week. This site and two weekly audio programs are a great eye opener.
I see no problem with these “torah true” Jews. The holocaust deniers on the other hand certainly serve to destroy their own credibility and do much harm to their valid ideas by embracing historical falsehoods.
Posted by ctr at 5:52 PM on April 14
“We have vital work to do. Our civilization, our way of life, even our continuity as a distinct people depend on whether we succeed or fail. It is a distraction from our proper work to hunt for culprits, to blame others for our own loss of will.”
RK: I think that pretty well sums up the entire point, and I’m in complete agreement with it.
To include all Jews in the same light as the radical ones, like the ADL and similar groups and radical leftist individuals who have a globalist agenda, when it is their desire to come into our camp, because they agree with us, is not only wrong it’s really not very smart.
Posted by Robert Kelly at 5:54 PM on April 14
Mr. Taylor, despite your welcoming attitude toward Jews, you have not won any friends at the JDL, AJC, ADL, or SPLC. I don’t know why you place them on a pedestal. Jews are under-represented in AmRen and have been over-represented in some of the most destructive, anti-White political and ideological movements of the 20th century. Even today, Jews are on the front lines of the treason lobby, helping organize Mexicans in one city or another(http://www.forward.com/articles/7589).
Mr. Taylor, Jews have their own language, culture, and ethnic lobbying organizations, just like Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. Jews, just like Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, need their own living space as well. Jews have a place in this world and it is not the White-Nationalist movement. I just wonder how long it will take for you to realize that.
Posted by Gary at 6:02 PM on April 14
Dear Jared:
The article, Jews and American Renaissance, is clearly about me.
I do NOT like jews. They have an agenda, they are coniving, and they are known as the historic enemy of the European people.
Thanks to the jews, Whites have the obstacles of affirmative action and a double standard of law enforcement. Have you been to Manhattan lately?
Each working day I walk from Port Authority to Societe Generale, and each day I think about a White oasis. I thought the American Renaissance Conference would serve that purpose. To quote an AR attendee, “now they [the jews] want to take this [the AR Conference] over.”
I have a subscription to your monthly publication. You can cancel my subscription and keep the money. Please do NOT give a penny, or dollar, of my money to the jews.
Perhaps I should continue my allegiance to the Hal Turner Show (www.HalTurnerShow.com).
There is no good jew,
Michael Matthews

Posted by Michael Matthews at 6:04 PM on April 14
“The role of Jews in a society, the morality of abortion, the influence of Christianity, the appropriate foreign policy, and the place of homosexuals should all be discussed openly in a free society, all in their appropriate places. AR is not that place”
I absolutely agree. Abortion, women’s issues, the official catholic embrace hispanics while the legitimate concerns of white catholics are ignored, gay issues, various wars and foreign entaglements should be ignored. Meddling in these issues will not help us at all.
We are all whites and
government, intelligentsia, academic, and media bias and discrimination against us are what we need to fight.
Remember who our enemies are, the EEOC and the Ford Foundation and its front groups.
I have noticed that the Ford Foundatin, through its generous funding is constantly creating new grievance groups to split whites.
First feminazis, then Spanish named whites became a seperate race, hispanic, then gays, then the extreme animal and tree worshippers, all designed to be front groups in the Ford Foundation’s genocide against whites
Pretty soon the Ford Foundation will create a Society for the Protection of Rocks from Evil White Rock Haters to create a group of rock lovers against whites.
As an amatuer historian I must state my theory that the creation of Whiteness Studies signals a new development in the war against the whites.
WE are banned from most jobs. We have no civil rights. If we fight back against crime we are accused of hate crime. Our children are vilified and demonized in school and taught that to be white is criminal and evil. Our colleges teach the same demonization of whites.
There is no white organization that can help us. We can only hope to survive. As a good example of how impotent and destroyed we are, look at the disgraceful spectacle of the recent illegal alien demonstrations. They ruled the cities because there were no white counter demonstrations.
I have no criticism of whites for not counter demonstrating. We would have been arrested if we had. There would have been editorials and university symposiums denouncing us.
We can dream of Civil War 2 but it will never happen. REad some history, specifically the history of the Irish catholics 1500 to
1920. That is what will happen to us. They won’t attempt an official genocide for at least another 100 years, but they will complete the destruction of White America at which the evilliberals have already been so successful.
Posted by Margaret printable reply to this article at 6:12 PM on April 14
I agree with Mr. Taylor. Even if Jews were, in the past, a cliquish nation who harbored grievances against gentiles, this description is not accurate today, so we shouldn’t be driving away sincere comrades of Jewish descent. The sharp decline in anti-semitism has reduced the salience of Jewish identity, greatly facilitating assimilation. Today, over half of Jews who marry marry gentiles. Over half of Jewish children under 18 live in non-Jewish households. Only 11% of Jews attend synagogue weekly, and less emphasis has been placed on Jewish education than in the past.
Critics of Jews often say that the Iraq War was a war for Israel. Maybe that has something to do with it, but it should be noted that a large majority of Jews oppose the war.
As I mentioned earlier, commenting on another article:
“Jewish whites are the quintessential white men as far as non-whites are concerned. A child of Jewish descent in a majority black or Hispanic school is just as likely to be beaten up as a white American of English or Italian descent, and if America becomes majority non-white, they will suffer along with the rest of us. Half of Latin Americans hold strongly anti-semitic attitudes according to the ADL, and Islam is the fastest growing religion in America, as our rulers enjoy reminding us. Rather than being behind an insidious plot to destroy America, Jewish whites have a romanticized view of immigration and are basically running on auto-pilot. They — like other whites — can be brought to their senses if they know the costs of immigration.”
Like the Germans, Irish, Italians, Poles, and other immigrants, Jews are being absorbed into a common white American identity. This assimilation implies both a desire of Jews to be one of us and the consent of our people to accept them as such. Gentile whites who would otherwise been supportive of our cause are taken aback by anti-semitism; they probably have some Jewish friends or relatives and count some Jewish entertainers, scientists, and intellectuals among their favorite people.
Anti-white liberals and denationalized, mammon-worshipping globalizers are the enemy, whether they are Jews are gentiles. The floodgates would not not have been opened and they would not have stayed open without the enthusiastic support of the treason lobby. It’s the conflict between the elites and ordinary, patriotic Americans — not Jews and gentiles — that is the critical front in preserving Western civilization.
Posted by AJN at 6:29 PM on April 14
I think this is another case of “We must hang together, or assuredly we will hang separately.”
Posted by Michael C. Scott at 6:41 PM on April 14
Nothing does the cause of European equal rights more damage than its association with anti semitism and National Socialism. AR is part of the traditional right of the Anglosphere, staunchly democratic and having nothing in common with European Fascism.Thats the reason why groups like the British BNP can’t get off the ground.
As a Roman Catholic I am deeply ashamed that my church champions open borders and Marxist theology. I chringe that we produced the odious Kennedy clan and that petty historical resentment by Catholic immigrant groups played a part in the 1965 Immigration Act.
But we must accept that virtually all the anti white and anti American laws and practices of the last half century are the work of the WASP elite.
Finally don’t forget the pioneering work of Jews like Larry Auster, Hans Eysenck, Professor Levin and many of our Jewish posters.

Posted by Victor at 6:43 PM on April 14
I am truly sorry to read this. I will no longer be reading nor posting to this site. The jew has historically been a thorn in the side of all other peoples. A few times in the past, my posts were censored here. Good luck in the future, I feel you are misled. But, everybody is entitled to their opinions. Maybe, we can still meet under the banner of victory. Good luck, and goodbye.
Posted by at 6:50 PM on April 14
I think I agree with Mr. Taylor. I also appreciate the work of Kevin MacDonald. Contradiction? I don’t know.
All I know is that the people who have done the most harm to me and my family have been White gentiles—the man who ruined my father, the man who raped a close member of my family. So I cannot get too worked up about “the Jews,” even though, as a group, they seem to produce more radicals than any other group.

In my quest for the cause of White decline, I visited, and have continued to visit for the past two years, websites that some would call “Neo-Nazi.” I think that everyone knows the few websites that I am talking about. But one thing I have noticed—these websites seem to be associated with pornography. I am not kidding. The attitude is always there, sometimes blatant, sometimes smirking in the background—but it is there. Also there is some kind of antagonistic attitude toward everyone else—these websites are always accusing the others of being traitors or government spies. They are like churches—each one proclaims itself to be the Only True Reformed New Testament Gospel Church of God.
I do not understand the connection between pornography and Neo-Nazis; the connection between their being so seemingly intellectual (and offering some really good books for sale) and their readiness to inflict violence.
I truly do not want these people to come to power. I look upon them with bafflement and distrust.
So … I am staying with AR and appreciate their viewpoint.
Posted by The Writer Formerly Known as Jim E. at 7:02 PM on April 14
An excellent statement of principle. I 100% support American Renaissance’s position prohibiting anti Semitic Jew hating/blaming at WN events.
I will just add this.
Jews are like other White people - only more so. All of the weaknesses, political and intellectual dead ends that other White people waste their lives falling into, Jews do the same, only more so. Marxism, liberalism, open borders immigration libertarianism, even the cursed neo Conservatism - yeah too many Jews fall for these anti White political/intellectual movements - but so do other types of Whites. It’s not all a Jewish conspiracy - idiots, traitors, cowards like the Kennedys, Bushes, Karl Roves, go down this road to hell, just like too many Jewish people.
Intelligent WN should not hate Jews or blame Jews for all our problems. BUt, all should understand that individual Jewish people and Jewish organizations may be strongly hostile to the legitimate interests of our White people. In this case I think American Renaissance should have a policy of encouraging Jewish people and Jewish organizations who support many of our pro White, pro Western positions to police their own Jewish community. Much as Italian Americans close ranks against non Italians who charge that Italian Mafia controls organized crime, an Italian American prosecutor like Guiliani can get things done against the Mafia because he is policing his own community.
So, others might have noticed that after the recent very straight forward, Up Town American Renaissance conference - it was the ADL - an anti White Jewish group that got a White assistant New York State District Attorney fired for daring to stand up in public and be seen with American Renaissance, who dared to say that he thought White European Americans have rights and have reason to try to organize to protect our interests and culture. OK, so this Jewish ADL organization worked to defame a principled White public servant. Should we go nuts and become obsessed Jew haters? No. Should we ignore the ADL or pretend that this organization is a positive, fair pro American organization, good for White European Americans? No. The ADL is very bad - as bad as certain segments of the Italian Mafia in my eyes. Let’s see some decent Jewish people who say they are on our White side here take on the ADL. This will improve the image of Jewish people in White Nationalist circles.
One last point. Don’t hate Jews or become obsessed with Jews. But, also don’t be a dumb goyim and think that the Jewish Neo Conservative take over of National Review was somehow good for White Americans.
Again, excellent article Jared Taylor. I support a strict policy prohibiting anti Semitic Jew hating at WN events.
14 Words
Posted by JR at 7:03 PM on April 14
Based on Jared’s comments on this subject, after at least a decade of subscribing to American Renaissance Magazine, I will terminate my involvement and support of AR.
Posted by Luke at 7:08 PM on April 14
The postscript seems to effectively undercut the message of the entire text that preceded it.
A letter of complaint would have been entirely unnecessary if the event organizers had the good sense not to allow Duke an opportunity to grab and open microphone to begin with his demagoguery. This was a question and answer session. Can anyone recall what the surgically enhanced Aryan had to ask? Duke has been trying to co-opt the AR movement for years. Why did the organizers allow him to do so again?
All of the negative press coverage on the recent conference related to Duke’s rant and ignored the important issues discussed on the same program.
Posted by G at 7:23 PM on April 14
Talking about race-mixing and immigration without mentioning the Jews is tantamount to saying that you like to go swimming, but you hate getting wet. Yes, it is true that there are criminally insane whites who push for multiculturalism, that doesn’t mean that doesn’t at all mean they are the main source of it.
In fact, I can draw a parallel between Jews and race-mixing just as easily as I can draw a parallel between blacks and crime. I bet Jared Taylor would agree with how there would be a substantial decrease in crime in areas from which the black population is removed. Likewise, if Jews hadn’t been so involved in pushing for the chain-immigration act of 1965, the Civil Rights Movement, liberal film productions, liberal media coverage, etc., whites wouldn’t be in nearly as much trouble as they are today. It’s the same principle! Of course you could say that whites were susceptible to this, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Jews were responsible for introducing multi-racialism to the West, just as they were responsible for introducing communism to Russia.
Posted by Carl at 7:23 PM on April 14
Great article! Mr. Taylor you will be the savior of this country.
Posted by anon at 7:24 PM on April 14
Bravo, Mr. Taylor. AR must not be “hijacked” by grandstanders, showboaters, or publicity seekers. There are enough “divide and conquer” efforts directed at the white race. The danger to all whites is very real and growing all the time—-it will not subside or be held in abeyance while we sort out our internal differences. Non-whites with mayhem and murder against whites on their agenda are not going to stop their assault in order to figure out which subgroup a white person belongs to.
Posted by Zorba_the_Geek at 7:32 PM on April 14
Lawrence Auster - jewish by ethnicity, Episcopalian by religion - is an important fighter in the struggle against mass non-white immigration, both legal and legal. He has written many essays on the subject, including for AR, and has spoken at at least one AR conference.
Auster is on radio TONIGHT, 11pm EASTERN, on the Alan Colmes show. Find a local station at: http://www.foxnews.com/alancolmesradio/
He will be talking with Alan about the immigration situation.
Also, check out Auster’s website/blog: www.amnation.com/vfr
Posted by Beau Martin at 7:46 PM on April 14
Thank goodness you have responded, Mr. Taylor. I personally know quite a few Jewish persons who are very upset at the direction our civilization is taking. If we maintain a “steady as she goes” attitude and remain focused on the great problem facing Europeans, then we are pushing our agenda forward. We need to make as many persons of European descent as possible aware of the present danger. We as a race and a civilization may choose to argue over any number of issues when we can afford to. At the moment, we cannot afford to ignore the dark cloud bearing down on us all. I am pleased to see so many Jewish people seeing the same thing I am seeing and I hope we attract more.
Posted by Xenophon at 7:57 PM on April 14
Wow Jared you continue to impress. I was hoping for some direction from you and sensed it was needed. I really like the tone towards the end where people push and stand ever firmer. That is me more and more. I respect AMREN for its bold yet intelligent stand.
I am but a piano player but I stand for truth and will fight any attacks on my race or agaisnt truth.
Marcus Danis
(Currently racing up the charts and dominating some sites on the net)
Just google my name and check it out. I wont hide my name is freely given.
Posted by Marcus Danis at 8:03 PM on April 14
Jared, you know what you are doing, you are pro white and racially aware of what is going on so if you want to allow Jews into AM then that is fine by me. But Donahue still wonders why you will not allow “ugly Mexicans” in.
But seriously I don’t care what position people take to white survival, it could be a hard or soft position or just in between, in the end we must cluster together and win.
Posted by Patrick R at 8:05 PM on April 14

I have been waiting for an announcement on this issue one way or the other for sometime. I am glad it came out this way. Morrid Dees and his ilk have to have oppisition in the Jewish community let them stand up with us.
Posted by madmac at 8:06 PM on April 14

I am a supporter of AmRen. I subscribe to the newsletter,
and have attended the last two conferences. While I believe
that Mr. Taylor is realistic in other ethnic matters, I
suspect that he’s deluding himself here.
I have been well-acquainted with Jews throughtout my life,
and have found that a substantial majority of them feel
much more affinity with blacks than do most other whites.
In fact, I would say that many Jews regard themselves
as advocates of black interests versus those of
Gentile whites.
Among my many co-workers, every white who has ever been
married to a black is Jewish. Among owners of professional
sports teams, by far more basketball owners are Jewish
than baseball or hockey owners.
I suspect that the huge disparity between the voting habits
of Jews and white Gentiles (21% versus 59% Republican, respectively, in 2004) is more attributable to attitudes
on racial issues than anything else.
I suspect also that the active Jewish role in the
Brown vs. Board of Education case, the 1965 immigration
act, and the current drive for amnesty reflect the
prevalence of these attitudes.
In summary, I recommend facing reality in this matter
as well as in all others.
Posted by Larry at 8:10 PM on April 14
It’s hard for me to describe the thrill I felt when I logged on to this website today and saw this, the lead article.
The first time I ever heard of Amren and the name Jared Taylor was when, by sheer accident, I happened to be channel surfing one day and landed on the Phil Donohue Show. There I heard Mr Taylor calmy, rationally, and with dignity articulate the poitical, social, ethical, and racial views that had been smouldering in my brain for I don’t know how long.
For his part, unrepentent liberal that he is, Phil Donohue tried his best to bait Mr Taylor into admitting that he and Amren’s ideologues were nothing more than spiffed up Nazis who traded their brown shirts for neckties and jackets. Jared Taylor would have non of it.
When asked specifically if he (Taylor) thought Jews were white, he said something to the effect that “they look white to me.” Which I thought was a crafty answer. By saying that, he could appease the anti-Semites he might wish to attract by not admitting that Jews were white and thus vicariously granting Jews membership in the white race, as it were,(as if I or any other Jew needs “permission” to be white). At the same time he would appeal to right wing, white-race conscious Jews like myself that there was a political homeland waiting for us.
Very crafty, indeed.
That day I logged on to this website for my political fix and have every day since then. I’ve read his books “Paved with Good Intentions” and “The Color of Crime” and have put my money where my white mouth is. EVERYBODY, and I mean EVERYBODY, who I talk to about politics will admit in confidence that they don’t care much for blacks, don’t like the invasion by non whites into our country, don’t like the decline of morality and ethical standards, and are sick unto death of multi cultrualism and liberal politics in general.
I have said this over and over again on this message board and have been attacked for it: that unless and until the right wing white nationalist movement purges itself of the Stormfront/neo-Nazi/National Alliance knuckle-draggers, it will continue to be anathema to decent white people and will be destined to forever remain a fringe movement.
Right wing, race consious Jews are wating in the wings; all they need is an invitation to join. I’m certain they, too, will be thrilled.
Posted by White, Jewish, and Proud at 8:10 PM on April 14
I do believe Mr. Taylor needs to think things through just a little more thoroughly. While it is honorable to have the “all inclusive” mentality in our fight, I fear this is a dead end for whites.
We can take as an example George Bush who is one of the biggest proponents of Israel and in their protection in the Middle East. He has also is one of the most philo-semitic presidents where he has Jews in all sorts of prominent positions of power. How much of the Jewish vote did he garner? 5%? 10%? 20%? No more than that. If that is the case, then what makes Mr Taylor think he can get any substantial support from Jews on the issue of White Nationalism?
Mr. Taylor this is a non-starter.
Posted by EC at 8:28 PM on April 14
I fully agree. Our movement has no room, and certainly no time to waste on foolish Jewish conspiracy theories.
If anything, these tinfoil hat types scare the more moderate whites away from the movement
The fact that AR doesn’t indulge in neonazi rhetoric is what attracted me in the first place and prompted my subscription and support.
Posted by machinist at 8:35 PM on April 14
I can’t say I’m the number 1 fan of Jews, but, whenever Jew bashing is allowed, it becomes almost a religion and people do nothing else but that. There are plenty of places to jew bash. Amren doesn’t need to become another one. Amren should dedicate itself to talking about the bigger parts of the problem which are so often ignored in other organizations. Of course this is just my opinion. As Dennis Miller says, I could be wrong.
Posted by kane at 8:38 PM on April 14
Luke says:
“Baed on Jared’s comments on this subject, after at least a decade of subscribing to American Renaissance Magazine, I will terminate my involvement and support of AR.”
Have you been reading AR for ten years, Luke, or just subscribing? Has AR ever given you the slightest cause to believe that it’s some kind of Jew-baiting organization?
Based upon YOUR comments, I’m glad Mr. Taylor cleared the air on this subject. Now, maybe the rest of us can put this distasteful businesss behind us and move on.
Also, it would be interesting to know how many subscribers cancel because of Mr. Taylor’s position on this subject. I will personally commit to buy an equivalent number of subscriptions.
Posted by CharlieK at 8:40 PM on April 14
All of Mr. Taylors articles, commentary, and contribution to The Nationalist Party, USA’s Website will be permanently removed because of his opinions just revealed in this article above regarding the Jewish question.
We are extremely disappointed in Mr. Taylor’s decision.
Jess David Peterson
Founder, NatParUSA
Posted by Jess David Peterson at 8:41 PM on April 14
It is delightful to see Jared Taylor serving his Jewish masters. He is doing a wonderful job to distract concerned White people away from the cause of their problems. Keep up the good work!
P.S. I dare AR to post this comment.
Posted by Steve at 8:44 PM on April 14
There are valid criticisms of Jews which even Jews themselves make. But if you think that Jews are absolutely evil as individuals, then there are plenty of organizations that will welcome you. Why force yourself on one that accepts White nationalists of all persuasions?
Posted by 20k at 8:46 PM on April 14
“Based on Jared’s comments on this subject, after at least a decade of subscribing to American Renaissance Magazine, I will terminate my involvement and support of AR.
Posted by Luke at 7:08 PM on April 14
Fare thee well.
Posted by White, Jewish, and Proud at 8:46 PM on April 14
First of all I wish to say that I in no way mean to offend or disparage the wonderful people of Jewish decent who are strong AR supporters. I have read with great pleasure many posters of Jewish decent who I feel are worthy allies in this struggle and I appreciate their input and wish them to continue to feel welcome here. But as I disparage ANYONE who is an enemy of our people I must never be told I cannot speak about a certain issue because it might offend someone. If THAT is the case then I shall look elsewhere for a pro white forum. I cannot in good conscious support a white organization who makes certain topics OFF LIMITS as this would be a sham and not worthy of anyone’s support. As long as these issues can be discussed with intelligence and without inappropriate behavior then I think they should be. That being said….

Yes I have always been torn mentally on the Jewish role in the white nationalist movement. I know that there IS a legitimate issue in that fact that SHOULD be discussed if we are to be truly aware of our situation. However I do NOT lump together and discount the contributions of Jewish people to the cause of white nationalism for many reasons.
One reason being that I know just as many, if not more, white gentiles, have helped to get us into the position we are now facing globally.
This issue should remain a viable topic here at AR and should be done so with respect and without the venomous propaganda that fills so many embarrassing pro white websites.
Every Jewish person that I know who has a Pro-white mentality is also fully aware of the Jewish role in our dilemma and is no more offended by it than I am to admit that white gentiles play a LARGE role in it as well. We ALL have enemies among us, and it is to our advantage to not hide from this fact.
Posted by Me at 8:49 PM on April 14
I have been a subscriber and contributor to AR for over ten years and found Jared’s statement on the “valuable” role of Jews at the magazine to be long overdue and clarifying of his position.
I could not disagree more strongly with his position.At the last conference of over three hundred participants Jews were roughly five percent of the attendees. In order to reach out to this miniscule number Taylor is running the substantial risk of offending a much larger number(myself included.)This outreach to Jews—in 1994 four speakers at the conference were Jewish— will prove to be highly divisive and the small return in Jewish support will only weaken AR.What does AR have to show for its Jewish efforts over ten years?Jews have been a disaster for whites wherever we have found them. From their instrumental role in communism and every other form of leftism ,through the civil rights movement, to their massive support for third world immigration today ,we have almost always found this group to be actively involved in undermining whites and supporting a harmful leftist multiculturalist agenda.I see absolutely NO change in this situation today.
While I still admire Taylor and the work he has done at AR,my financial support will go elsewhere.
I can only fervently support an organization which honestly and openly explores the Jewish Question and opposes the perfidious ant-white agenda of Jewry.
Posted by Charles at 9:06 PM on April 14
Since Jared has broached the subject, it`s evidently ok to discuss Jews and white nationalism openly and honestly, for a welcome change. And, hopefully, without the frustration of censorship, or ill will. This can be accomplished without rancor, or infighting, if done diplomatically. That Mr. Taylor has always tried to keep his organization open to all white people, is both well known and commendable. This is his way, which David Duke and most of us who know the overall picture, respect and honor. We need AR to introduce the disenchanted whites, and budding neophites to a state of racial awareness, one baby step at a time. We all had to start somewhere, and to my mind, AR does and excellent job with its big tent methods.
Where Jared needs to beware, in my humble opinion, is to make sure that his organizational governing body remains, firmly, in real white nationalist hands. Should he permit AR to be overun, or infiltrated by agents of any insincere faction, such as ‘neo-cons’, radicals, misfits, or any group of dissimulators, Jew or Gentile, then any success would only be hollow and temporary. Paid, and unpaid infiltrators, agents and back stabbers have ruined many a fine organization, and are out there waiting for an invitation to wreck, or de-fang any and all genuine white nationalist groups! Organized Jewry, overall, hates AR and everything which Jared Taylor stands for. Jared must certainly know this, from bitter experience, if nothing else. It is obvious that Jared does not seek unnecessary confrontation with Jewry at this time, few of us do. The mega problem is that the Jews dominate the media, and stifle and attack us at every turn. Since there are individual Jews who appear to be adherents of AR, so be it, but be on guard. We can demean ourselves only so far in placating any group, at which point we are worthless; witness Congress! Jews have their own racial organizations, and would never accept white nationalists into their fold to sew dissention, and deception, or question their ethics and beliefs. Nor should we, if we are wise.
Posted by Junghans at 9:06 PM on April 14
Based on Mr. Taylor’s hard line position, I will never subscribe to AR or donate any money to their organization. I will still visit the website and respect the intellectual prowess and integrity displayed by Mr. Taylor and others on his staff. It’s very unfortunate that they choose to be so closed minded on the subject of jews and their role in the decline of Western Civilization of the white race.
I’m not sure why it took so many words to tell people that, from this point forward, there is a gag rule on the jewish question and that anyone who doesn’t like it can hit the road during the next AR conference. What’s next? Racial quotas at future AR conferences? All viewpoints on jews, both pro and anti, should be welcomed in the spirit of intellectual inquiry and to arrive at the truth.
It’s very unfair that Mr. Duke has seemingly bore the brunt of criticism for what took place at the AR conference when he asked a fair question that AR could not refute or chose not to. The behavior and use of profanity by Dr. Hart was objectionable and unbecoming, but he’s given a free pass because he’s jewish.
Let us not forget that the John Birch Society adopted the same philo-semitic strategy and they aren’t exactly a force to be reckoned with any more.
Posted by Super Dave at 9:23 PM on April 14
Something to think about people. When they start to round up people like us, do you think that Jewish people will somehow get a pass? I think not. The true masters of this whole one world movement will not care about race..religion or sexual persuasion. They will scoop up all those that have any hostile intentions about their one world agenda.
Posted by International Observer at 9:26 PM on April 14
To G: I respect your opinion but must disagree with it. Dr. David Duke Does not rant. He backs up what he says with facts. Let’s let Dr. Duke debate one of Mr. Taylors Jewish members and see how well he does. Let the Jews defend their position in argument and not by calling Dr. Duke a “F****ing Nazi”. I belive Mr. Taylor is fantastic at debate but so is D.r Duke. Mr. Taylor invite Dr. Duke to a debate with you or a Jewish member then let the members decide. If you at least don’t step up to the challenge I will have my own reasons on why you don’t. Also, I would not insult someone who felt uncomfortable about himself so decided to have surgery. For some reason people feel that because Dr. Duke had surgery it is alright to insult him for this. Personal attacks are childish. The weapon of choice for those who cannot win by debate.
Posted by Superwhite at 9:27 PM on April 14
Personally, I have strong reservations on whether Jews as a whole can make any useful contribution to a movement addressing and asserting the interests of white people. Despite this feeling, and having known from the beginning that AR includes Jews, I have continued to subscribe and take an interest in AR activities and views. I will not, as someone else has done, cancel my subscription, since my sincere belief is that any stirring of white nationalism/racial consciousness is important, even if I don’t totally agree with every aspect and direction of such stirrings. On the other hand I will not condemn David Duke and others for their views, because many of them are at least doing things, whereas the majority of us sit on our butts.
I would like to see the Jews in AR stop preaching to the choir and start preaching to their own community and the Jewish leadership. If their leadership continues promoting massive 3rd world immigration, “hate crime” laws, affirmative action, wars on behalf of Israel, and countless other programs that run counter to the interests of whites, they will, in effect, end up cutting their own throats. Jews are but a tiny minority within the US, most blacks already hold many anti-Jewish views, many within the Aztlan Mexican Movement do too, and in their case have none of the “white guilt” hanging around their necks. By continuing to promote anti-white programs Jews will ultimately face a increasingly hostile white population. Despite our declining numbers, we are still the largest racial group in the country and will continue to be for a long time, it is not wise of them to make enemies of us. There is already a growing anti-Israel movement on the left, and there is growing resentment on the right of the neo-con movement, which itself is largely Jewish.
Please, don’t let AR fall into the trap that much of the Southern Movement has fallen into. That movement is vitally important to the white movement as a whole, in order to validate itself it devotes tremendous energy trying to get a “seal of approval” from non-whites. This takes the form of endless researching, speeches, articles, etc., trying to portray the Confederacy as a modern “multicultural” wonderland as the movement endlessly searches for every “black onfederate” they can find. Many in the Southern Movement will not be satisfied until they discover the still elusive “Eskimo Confederate” to go with their “black, Hispanic, and Indian Confederates.”
White people as a whole, and the White Movement (if there really is such a thing) must stop seeking the approval of non-whites and even Jews. We are who we are, and we do have legitimate grievences, interests, and goals. If Jews, Mexicans, blacks, or whoever don’t like it, too bad, we don’t need their validation. We do need the validation of the vast majority of whites, and that is where we must put the overwhelming majority of our efforts.
Posted by greg at 9:31 PM on April 14
There are many American rightwing Jewish people out there-David Horowitz anyone-who have my respect and admiration. Just as there are many American leftwing Jewish people out there who are deserving of nothing but scorn. Not because of them being Jewish but because their political beliefs are dangerous to this country and white people. But, they are not alone in their dangerous beliefs. There are plenty of non-Jews who I put in that category too like Ted Kennedy, John McCain, Harry Reid. These people I have nothing but absolute contempt for. Jewish people that voice the same concerns as I have about the direction of this country I view as allies not enemies.
Posted by ProudInfidel at 9:32 PM on April 14
“Beware the leaven of the Pharisees.”
“Woe to you Pharisees…you hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces.” You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to” (Mt 23:13).
The Jews are of no help to the world. Neither can they be of any help to the separatist movement.
It will turn out to be a devastating miscalculation.
Posted by at 9:34 PM on April 14
Dignified and reasonable as always, Mr. Taylor.
AR is not a political party, nor even a membership organization. It should not have to pronounce upon questions of “party discipline” (as Nick Griffin, e.g., must)
Some persons seek an ersatz religion in white nationalism. This will only insure our political failure - and without producing anything of spiritual value either, I am afraid.
I see no reason why whites should not work with blacks, for that matter, on points of common interest - such as stopping the Mexican invasion; politics ALWAYS means forging alliances.
I hear certain AR conference attendees saying things like “the Jews only want to join us to weaken us.” This attitude resembles the condition psychiatrists call “consistent paranoia.” They reinterpret any evidence inconsistent with their hostility to further justify that hostility. This places them outside the bounds of rational discussion. We shouldn’t worry too much what they think.

Posted by F. Roger Devlin at 9:45 PM on April 14
As far as I know, Jews are considered Semites, just like Arabs.
Does this mean that Arabs are also welcome in AR?
Posted by at 9:48 PM on April 14
Almost everyone who ever hurt me or cheated me was a Catholic. “God’s man one day a week, and the Devil’s the other six.” If hating Jews might cause trouble here, I have been preyed upon by Catholics my entire life.
Now I avoid Catholics.
Posted by Michael C. Scott at 9:49 PM on April 14
Some jews may well be genuine supporters of white nationalism. but once you start letting them in, you get some that are there to steer the movement in a direction that that doesn’t hurt jewish interest.
This is what happened to the modern conservative movement in america. When it started in the 1950’s, it was openly pro-white. then some jews who were pissed off about the blacks trashing their old neighborhoods in brooklyn joined up. They worked their way into influencial positions and worked against the pro-white conservatives. Whenever a jew or one of their allies got into any posistion of power in the conservative movement, they filled subordinate positions with their own kind and made a special effort to deny pro-white conservatives grants, appointments, fellowships, editorial positions and any other resource. Eventually, all pro-white elements were driven out. Now mainstream conservatism in America is little more than an Israeli nationalist movement with lots of gentile dupes supporting it.
Posted by cjay at 9:54 PM on April 14
Please clarify…
Are you saying that AR is now a Jewish organization?
Posted by JBB at 9:54 PM on April 14
Based on Jared’s comments on this subject, after at least a decade of subscribing to American Renaissance Magazine, I will terminate my involvement and support of AR.
Posted by Luke at 7:08 PM on April 14

Please don’t take this the wrong way; I’m just curious. If you have subscribed to AR for 10 yrs., weren’t you already familiar with Jared’s/AR’s views on the Jews? It has been the same all along. I think that the posters that are saying they will no longer subscribe are just trying to “strong arm” Jared Taylor.
Posted by at 10:03 PM on April 14
Taylor makes some good points in this statement. Saying while Jews have had some involvement we can’t just blame them for everything. We must first look at ourselves in the mirror and sort out our issues. We must first retain a strong White Majority before we can begin to address some issues he considers minor problems. Getting White birthrates up, and non -whites out should be issue number one.
I also agree with the poster G that Mr. Duke has had some vice issues in the past that make him suspect, but we shouldn’t reject his point of view either. If there are going to be committed White Nationalists of Jewish ancestry they must realize that there are going to be those that disagree with their involvement. If you really dislike Jews so much then just apply the rule of Freedom of Association and don’t hang around them. I’m sure there are some people that don’t want White ethnic groups in their families, but that doesn’t make them any less white. If Mr. Taylor is going to use the big tent philosophy he must allow the Michael Hart’s and the David Duke’s to freely debate each other and not sensor either side.

Where I disagree with Taylor is that we should just address liberal - egailitarism? If that is what this is, then those agreeing with that should join the John Birch Society(a good paleo - conservative organization but not enough for us) where race is barely touched on if at all. We must acknowledge the Jewish role in the decline of White Nations, and prospective Jewish members must admit this and denounce all forms of Zionism/Judaism to be considers “White Nationalists.” I however fear very few geniune people of Jewish ancestry will be able to do this. This is one issue we can’t afford to leave in the air, the issue of who is White. This must be clearly defined so everyone sees it and knows where they stand.
My view if someone that is part Jewish doesn’t have the right of return to Israel( up to 1/4 Jewish ancestry) and are White other wise I would accept them. I already described above about the Jews. I can accept a 1/8 non - white of any race as white except blacks, mulattos, zambos, whatever the asian - black mix is called(this dosen’t mean I’d mate with them though).
Posted by White, Cuban, and Proud at 10:10 PM on April 14
Not all Hispanics are for illegal immigration. Not all Blacks favor quotas, welfare states, use drugs or engage in criminal behavior. Not all Southeast Asians are gang members or functionally illiterate. Not all Jews are devoted leftists or ideological and philosophical enemies of the European White Race. HOWEVER, many and in some cases even most are and do - in all categories! If we(and AR)are not prepared to identify, question or call-out all our enemies, but only “some” for what might be described as rather dubious reasons, then I would be thoroughly disillusioned with AR today. However, I think Mr Taylor is trying only to make a distinction between questioning the motives or allegiance of any group and advocating their collective expulsion or brutalization. Surely, a good deal of the rhetoric that emanates from so-called neo-nazi circles is counterproductive to say the very least. Still, we must be very careful not to set any group into the “off-limits” category in order to be “sensitive” either. Our enemies are our enemies - whatever their race or ethnicity…and yes, this includes many craven and misguided(or simply foolish) Whites as well. We must keep all discussion open and fair, lest we inadvertantly employ the tactics of those we fight.

Posted by HH at 10:10 PM on April 14
This is insanity!! I will no longer view this website. The only way we can survive as a race is to work together as a race. To include the jews would be suicidal. We should not compromise with people (the Jews) who put themselves first before any other identity. Anyone who thinks that the Jews would be willing supporters of our cause and not have any strings attached is in extreme denial. WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!! STOP BEING SO NAIVE!!! THERE CAN BE NO COMPROMISE!!
Posted by UnPC at 10:13 PM on April 14
I object to the use of the term “gentile” to refer to non-jews.
Since when do the majority define themselves in the terms of the tiny minority?
Posted by Svigor at 10:14 PM on April 14
What I will say about the Jews, is they do want their own State, and should have one, as ALL races should have. I also realize that both the best and most dangerous people are of great intelligence, possessed by both the White and Jewish people.
The Jewish people should take heed, for the left wing anti-White people, both White gentiles and Jewish alike, will cause the dispossession of the Jewish State, by the USA, as our demographics change to majority “minority”. The minorities have ONLY their own interests at stake, lacking the mental capacity to understand the destruction that will be wrought on the United States, and Israel, as their political power increases with their numbers. Israel will be cast off like a dirty shirt if the White race loses control of the USA.
In other words, Israel’s ONLY hope for survival is with the power of the USA under White control. Only an act of God will save these people once the US is incapacitated by the dark hordes.
Posted by Rande at 10:17 PM on April 14
One needs to make a distinction between individual Jews and groups of Jews who identify themselves as Jewish and advocate a Jewish agenda. It is certainly possible for an enlightened Jewish person to make a significant contribution to the strugle against the leftist world view. I have some good Jewish friends who share many of my views on race but they are clearly a minority. Just as there are Catholics who are independent of the Church’s political program, so too there are individual Jews who do not follow the ADL, etc.’s lead in all things.
It is, however, important to realize that historically Jewish groups have consistently inflicted great harm on European whites. One cannot be a true Jew, an adherent of the ADL and related organizations and be pro-white. Those Jews who have cast off their loyalty to organized Jewery should be welcomed. Those who have not have no place in any movement which promotes the interests of whites.
So I believe that Jared is right in rejecting anti-semitism as a potentially divisive theme. Yet the type of Jew who can make a contribution to our cause cannot place the interests of Israel or of his “race” and religion above that of European whites and our culture.
Posted by Aristotle at 10:19 PM on April 14
I have always had a love and admiration for the Jewish people as a whole. More and more are seeing that the Left is their enemies, and the Right is their friends. There are plenty of self-loathing and self-hating brainwashed whites of all ethnicities and religions. But we’re all targets of the frenzied racial hate directed at whites whipped up by the radical left (of all races), that puts our own and our loved ones’ physical safety in danger on a daily basis. We need to focus on who our real enemies are: In the tax-payer subsidized schools where propagandistic hatred of whites is now part of the curriculum, in the popular culture (movies, TV), in the media, etc. We need all the allies we can get. Including fair-minded people of all ethnicities and, indeed, all races.
We do not need to be going around whilly nilly P.O.ing every group around against us. We must stay focused on the real enemies and the real threat: Those individuals, of whatever race, who foment racial hatred against whites, and who are responsible for the rampant racially motivated violence and violation of the civil rights of anyone unfortunate enough to be designated as “white”.

Posted by at 10:25 PM on April 14
As one of Amren’s Jewish posters, I can give you my two cents’ worth on the questions which Superwhite and White Activist have fairly posed. For me, the white race comes before the Jewish people, and if forced to choose, I will defend a white homeland before a Jewish homeland. In fact, it’s not even close.
Also, just to correct a small point raised by one of the posters above, Larry Auster is an Anglican, not a Catholic.
Posted by crowbone at 10:28 PM on April 14
Anything you want to blame on Jews, I can tell you the real reason:
Immigration- that’s big business
Russian Marxism- a whole army full of mainly gentiles fought the revolution.
Communism- It wasn’t just Marx, Engels was also a philosopher.
Crucifixion- Pagans did that too.
The Iraq war and Iran conflict- There are bigger reasons for our support of Israel than just Jews. Most of the leaders of this war were not Jewish.
I can dispell all the myths about Jews, including the false idea that they are homogenous.
Posted by kane at 10:32 PM on April 14
It’s time to take out the trash.
I make far less defamatory statements about jews here and they’re frequently censored.
Personally, I think Taylor’s positions on jews are generally disingenuous, and I’m perfectly fine with that. It’s a valid tactical move and if one wants to avoid paying the price of so-called anti-Semitism, in nationalist circles, one sort of has to be disingenuous.
What irritates me is Amren’s philo-Semitic amen chorus, who I and others would utterly demolish outside of Amren’s kiddie pool.
Posted by Svigor at 10:34 PM on April 14
Jews are not “White” by DNA/genes. So why does AmRen allow them to attend AR events?
Posted by at 10:35 PM on April 14
“It should be clear to anyone that Jews have, from the outset, been welcome and equal participants in our efforts.”
To Luke et al:
Have you not noticed this before?
Posted by White, Jewish, and Proud at 10:42 PM on April 14
An interesting arcticle Mr. Taylor.
Jews are white without a doubt. But they tend to not think to much about race without putting their religon first. Jews such as Susan Sontag or the ADL have either placed themselves with non-whites and think of themselves as an “oppressed” minority or just openly hate white gentiles and welcome and endorse multiculturism. This is similar to alot of radical feminist white women whom are white but will never support our cause and think for some reason that the world owes them.
I think what the true question about the Jews is not whether AR or other white nationalist groups support Jews, but whether Jews support the white race.
As for the few working-class Jews whom are white and aware, good for you. Im glad that you’re here and are ready to help our race!
Posted by Jenna at 10:44 PM on April 14
Thank you AmRen and all who post here. You always provide a lot to ponder.
Posted by Whose Truth? at 10:44 PM on April 14
While many Jews are liberal and among the movers and shakers that bring great harm to our society, many more are strongly conservative and outspoken on racial matters.
Maybe in Bizarro World. Earth to Bizarro World, jews vote 70-80% Democrat.
Unless of course by “outspoken on racial matters” you meant outspoken like Susan Sontag, or Tim Wise, or Jared Diamond.
The holocaust deniers on the other hand certainly serve to destroy their own credibility and do much harm to their valid ideas by embracing historical falsehoods.
How’s that for a total non-sequitur and troll-bait extraordinaire? You, sir, strike me as an agent provocateur. Do you pick up your checks at the ADL’s offices, or the FBI’s?
Posted by Svigor at 10:45 PM on April 14
I’ve known this a long time ago. THis site is just another media for the Jewish people. I have notice this all around, they also try to match white people with asian females so the white population would look like them.
I see photos of people who “donated” with jewish names, all of them bleached blonde, sort of saying, this is how the jews look like. But its not really about the race why you are hated , I think you think all of the entire population are inferior to you, not only that, unlike white christians, you dont really care what happen to the other people.
You are the biggest fan of illegal immigration because you are earning from our backs. We pay tAXES SO your slaves can have free health care and everything.
I dare you to post this.
Posted by John at 10:46 PM on April 14
“The role of Jews in a society, the morality of abortion, the influence of Christianity, the appropriate foreign policy, and the place of homosexuals should all be discussed openly in a free society, all in their appropriate places. AR is not that place”
One of these things is not like the otherrrrs.
Abortion, Christianity, foreign policy, and homosexuality don’t have the mods ruthlessly filtering posts here. Maybe that’s because Amren has nothing to fear from pro-lifers, pro-choicers, foreign policy wonks, or homosexuals.
Posted by Svigor at 10:50 PM on April 14
Jared Taylor is like a doctor who says to a man with lung cancer: “Don’t blame the tumor, blame yourself. If you had not smoked, this never would have happened.” This is true, so far. But it would be folly if the doctor were then to conclude: “So there is no need to remove the tumor. Just stop smoking.”
The same is true of the Jews. I believe that Jews around the world have played, and are playing, a leading role in egging on the suicide of the White race. They could not have done this if Whites had not foolishly allowed Jews to live among us and corrupt our cultures and political institutions. We Whites have to own up to our own follies if we are to survive.
But that does not imply that we can cure our racial affliction without addressing the role of the Jews. Jews must be isolated within and then removed from White societies if our race is to survive. If Jared Taylor does not have the will to do this within his own group, then he does not have the will to do it in society as a whole.
Taylor is mistaken to claim that even if the Jews did play a role in creating this problem, blaming them does not help us solve it. It certainly does help, since Jews have a long history of infiltrating and subverting any movements opposed to their interests that do not excude them outright.
What were the Jews doing while non-Jewish AmRen supporters were excoriating David Duke on this website? They were working to get a White man fired from his job for attending American Renaissance. How can AmRen have any credibility in criticizing White ethnomasochism and xenophilia while engaging in this sort of behavior?
Posted by Mike Meehan at 10:54 PM on April 14
All of the negative press coverage on the recent conference related to Duke’s rant and ignored the important issues discussed on the same program.
Again, I find it odd that someone who is concerned with the upheavals at the recent AR conference would mention Duke’s “grandstanding” and pretend no one stood up, shouted “you’re a ****ing neo-Nazi,” and grandstanded his way out of the room.
This sort of thing really makes me wonder about the motives of the “other side” within the Amren ranks. They display this sort of tendentious characterization of the facts at every turn.
Btw, I’ve yet to see an ostensibly-jewish Amren commenter make the kind of spot-on observation about their tribe that Auster is quoted as making, above. That speaks volumes to me about where their real loyalties lie.
Posted by Svigor at 11:01 PM on April 14
We must face squarely the fact that Jews are not White. They don’t conceive of themselves as White; they conceive of themselves as Jewish. Read Kevin MacDonald, particularly the quotes of power-brokers in the Jewish community: they deliberately want to dilute the “unchosen people” in order to prevent the possibility of a “second” Holocaust; and previous to this, they wanted to dissolve the White race as their number one competitor among the goyim. The questions is, can a leopard change its spots? I think it would be more likely that Mr. Taylor could go to work for Farrakhan than it would be that a Jew could work to advance white power.
If I may, I will repeat a comment someone made on a related forum, because it bears thinking about:
“Jews didn’t deliver the 1965 immigration act? They didn’t deliver the 1968 gun-control act and other anti-gun laws? They didn’t lead the civil-rights movement? They didn’t lead the feminist movement? They don’t dominate the media? They don’t dominate Hollywood? They don’t dominate the porno industry? They didn’t get America into World War II? Was it all a dream?”
Posted by at 11:04 PM on April 14
Right wing, race consious Jews are wating in the wings; all they need is an invitation to join. I’m certain they, too, will be thrilled.
What a crock. Jews, who have never needed anyone’s help to organize themselves according to their interests, suddenly need someone else to carry their banner? There are droves of jews just dying to flock to WNism, but they’re held back by the anti-Semites?
You must think us fools, sir.
Posted by Svigor at 11:08 PM on April 14
I support the right of anyone to run their organization as they wish simply because I want that right for myself. If American Renaissance wants to include Jewish members, I support their right to do so. American Renaissance can take any position they want in regards to any “Jewish question”. That is your choice.
However, as much deference as American Renaissance affords Jews, such respect is rarely forth coming by Jewish groups.
While American Renaissance may welcome Jews and give them a platform to voice their opinions, few if any Jewish organization would speak of American Renaissance in equally glowing terms.
The fact is that every Jewish organization including the ADL, JDL, Simon Wiesenthal Center, B’nai B’rith, American Jewish Congress, et. al. actively work against and denounce American Renaissance as a hate group and neo-Nazis. Few, if any Jews, while attending meeting, champion our cause in public.
Recently, on CBSs’ 60 Minutes, Mike Wallace was interviewing the black actor, Morgan Freeman. Mr. Freeman was deriding Black History Month because he didn’t believe black history should be relegated to a separate month and should be included in American history. Mr. Freeman then asked Mr. Wallace, ‘where’s your white history month?’ to which Mr. Wallace stammered and then answered, “I’m Jewish”.
The message to me was clear. Although the average man on the street would identify Mr. Wallace as white, Mr. Wallace thinks of himself as Jewish before he thinks of himself as white. (Does this also explain the stories and liberal perspectives that Mr. Wallace is famous for?)
We come back to the divided and questionable loyalties. Is a Jew white or is he first and foremost a Jew? How can we know to whom they are most loyal? To us or to their own kind?
Posted by sbuffalonative at 11:09 PM on April 14
Fare thee well.
That’s clever. How about you discuss matters with those who disagree with you, in a place that does not censor opinion critical of jews?
Click on the forum link at the top, and send me an email to let me know you’re there - if you grow a pair.
Posted by Svigor at 11:11 PM on April 14
“Jews have a valuable role in the work of American Renaissance” as written by Jared Taylor above. Jared you are delusional and Duke is correct. My best guess is that Jews are so powerful, even you won’t take them on.
Tom Sheerin

Posted by at 11:13 PM on April 14
Thank you for making a stand. I know you have alienated some people, but you have made the position of AR on this important topic crystal clear, and we can all appreciate that.
As for the “Jewish Question,” I have three arguments in favor of Mr. Taylor’s position. 1) While it is true that many of the people who have tried to demonize any kind of white pride and engineer the moral and cultural break up of our country were Jews (e.g. Norman Lear, Noam Chomsky, and many others), a little context is in order. After being nearly annhilated during the Holcaust by people who preached racial purity, it’s perfectly understandable that Jews in free countries have knee-jerk distrust for conservative movements. And don’t mistake me, much damage has been done as a result. But this is changing. With the advent of Israel, Jews now know what it is like to defend a homeland, as Americans have been doing for so long. They also know that the greater anti-Semitism these days is on the Left. More and more Jews in America are reassessing their liberalism and are becoming conservative, and in so doing are landing some important blows for us in the culture wars (e.g., David Horowitz and William Krystal to name a few).
2) This may be hard for some to swallow, but with the tremendous talent so many Jews possess, it would be foolish to alienate them, even if that means relinquishing some power and influence to particularly talented Jews. Jews are over-represented in the sciences, medicine, economics, math, and other important fields not because they commit foul play, but because they have talent and energy. If this idea bothers anyone on this site, please ask yourselves if it bothered you when your kids received the polio vaccine (developed by a Jew named Jonas Salk) or when Ronald Reagan stared down the Soviet threat with SDI, which was developed by a brilliant and righteous Jew named Edward Teller. We benefit greatly from the Jewish presence in American and we should give credit where credit is due.
3) Regardless of whether any of us like or dislike Jews, we can all agree that, as a whole, Jewas are much more committed to civilization than many blacks (who want to suck it dry) or many Muslims (who want to destroy it outright). These two groups possess a far greater threat to the West and to whites than Jews ever did, even if they are being egged on by deranged Jews. Further, more and more Jews are realizing that they have as much if not more to lose if blacks and Muslims do gain the upper hand in these culture wars. So, if, like HL Menken, some of us dislike Jews, fine. But Jews still deserve respect as allies in a war against people who truly are savage and contemptible.
Posted by fasterplease at 11:18 PM on April 14
I turn on the television, and every time I see a black mixing with a blonde, there is only one tribe of people responsible, and I can document this. This has been proven for centuries.
Nickelodeon was on today. They had a commercial with Britney Spears’ younger sister infatuated with a mexican love interest. Who owns Nickelodeon? The same people who own MTV/Viacom/CBS.
Sumner Redstone, Les Moonves, on and on and on.
Have fun having a “white nationalist” “American Rennaisance” comprised only of jews and women too naive not to put two and two together.
The jewish controlled USA is about to attack Iran, and you are to blame for the coming holocaust of millions of innocent people across the world in this World War Three.
Do Irish want this? Italians? How about French Americans? Finnish? Dutch?
How many elderly men have to be jailed for questioning jews? It’s now almost every single white nation to one extent or another. Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolph were deported under phoney charges. Rudolph by future Secretary of Homeland Security and son of a rabbi and israeli dual citizen Michael Certoff.
You dare to bash David Duke, and support the hater who called him a “fucking nazi” when the word nazi means nationalist.
He posted a story today about a courageous man being put in prison now in SPAIN for questioning the un-ignorable influence of jews, proving they have complete control, and WILL put you in prison.
The socialist President of Spain, Zapatero is jewish. Were the Madrid Bombings “Al Qaeda”?
THAT is a picture of the true terrorists. The jews and their pupets. You are a puppet.
I’m a 19 year old kid worried about white people. You have failed me and I get more and more depressed every day. Every race is harmful to whites but jews, huh? Jews are the most harmful. They unleashed the blacks on us, and are now organizing these mestizo invasion protests.
I heard Mayor Michael Bloomberg on radio. His position is that not only can we NOT secure the border, we must be flooded with “100’s of thousands more” scientists, etc, from asia and pakistan. These people hate me. They want me erased.
Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Joe Lieberman,
these people hate whites, want them to be destroyed, and are working every waking hour of their lives to do so.
Shame on you. Censor me. I wish I was dead. This world is hell.
Posted by at 11:21 PM on April 14
Jared Taylor runs the most successful WN conferences in the country, by far, and deserves our support. I will tolerate the few Jews who attend, as obnoxious as Mr and Mrs Hart were. Mrs Hart loudly whispered and sighed throughout several talks on Saturday morning and, when I turned to see the source of the noise, beheld a couple who could have been caricatures in Der Stuermer. In any event, the AR conferences are incomparable networking sites and all should mind their manners while guests at this courtly and erudite man’s events. Don’t emulate the bad behavior of many Jews by grandstanding. There is plenty of time to talk about the Jewish Question in the bar and during meals. While I avoid Jews as much as I can, I respect Mr Taylor’s stance.
Posted by JW MacCormack at 11:21 PM on April 14
Many posters and most Jews suffer under the delusion that Jews are not white and are of middle eastern descent. This is totally false. Jews refer to anyone who criticizes or hates Jews as an anti-semite. Yet, are Jews semites? The term semite refers to multiple groups of people. One of those groups is Arabs. Do Askenazi Jews look anything like Arabs or other middle easterners? No. Do Sephardic Jews look similar to Arabs? Yes. Did Ashkenazi Jews come from Russia and Eastern Europe, often have blue eyes, and look similar to other Eastern Europeans? Yes. This is because Ashlenazi Jews—the vast majority of Jews—are in fact white. They are not from the middle east. They merely converted to Judaism (Khazar) long ago and now think they’re middle eastern. It would be like the millions of Chinese Muslims thinking they’re Arab because they’re Muslim.
That said, Jews are brainwashed since birth to view themselves as isolated and separated and opposed to gentiles. The divisions between us are manufactured by indoctrination. Given their power as a group if significant numbers of them realized that they are in fact white and not a separate ethnic group and worked toward white nationalist goals it would be much easier to accomplish our goals. However, I think this is unlikely to occur.
There are plenty of white nationalist sites that address the “Jewish question.” Taylor has chosen to sell a different product than other white nationalist organizations. I am fine with this, because I think it is an effective marketing strategy. He will attract a different audience and be allowed into the mainstream media more. There is also much truth to his argument that whites are responsible for the current state of affairs. People often speak of whites as if they have no agency. Anything that has happened to us, whites have allowed to happen. Nothing can be done to the most powerful nation on Earth. It can only be allowed to happen.
Posted by at 11:29 PM on April 14
So many people are congratulating Taylor on putting the anti-Semites in their place. But what frustrates me about this statement is how weak it is. That this would be taken as a strong statement of principle on Jewish matters just shows how far removed from sanity the whole race realist movement is.
I’m a race realist myself, and very much in favor of most of AR’s views. And I’m even prepared to admit that Jewish influence has often harmed America. But I have no patience with the lunatic fringe of anti-Semites who show up at AR conferences.
Taylor says David Duke is a man with “strong views”?! Well, that doesn’t quite do it for me where Duke is concerned. Take this for example:
“The evidence is clear that Israel knew the details of the World Trade Center attack well in advance, and then purposely and treacherously warned some of its nationals but did not warn us. By doing so, Israel is directly responsible for the thousands of American deaths, deaths that could have easily been prevented. You see, Israel wanted the 911 carnage to ensure American support for Ariel Sharon’s escalation of war agenda of the Palestinian people, and also to further his war aims against Israel’s most powerful enemies; Iraq and Iran.” (see here: http://www.davidduke.com/index.php?p=5)
Blaming the 9/11 attacks on Israel? Yeah, that’s a strong view, I guess.
Duke’s all gaga these days about the recent report by John Walt and Stephen Mearsheimer on the “Israel Lobby.” What’s in the report? “Israel was explicitly founded as a Jewish state and citizenship is based on the principle of blood kinship” (p. 9). False—there are 1.3 million Arab Muslims who are citizens of Israel, and enjoy all of the rights that Jews do.
Walt and Mearsheimer say that Ehud Barak’s proposal of 2000 would have turned the Palestine into a “dismembered set of Bantustans.” This is also again false: Barak offered the Palestinians a contiguous Palestinian state.
Walt and Mearsheimer say the Israelis had larger and better-equipped forces than the Arabs in the 1947-9 war. Also false. The consensus among historians is that the Arabs’ forces were far larger.
After these basic errors of fact, why would anyone trust the authors’ broader thesis that the Israeli lobby is the only possible explanation of why the US went to war in Iraq?
And yet David Duke calls this wretched work “A Modern American Declaration of Independence!”
I guess going around telling lies counts as “strong views” in Taylor’s book.
Another thing: there was a loud and enthusiastic round of applause at the AR conference when Guillaume Faye suggested Israel might shortly disappear. One might think that sort of behavior would deserve condemnation, but Taylor doesn’t mention it.
White, Jewish, and Proud is lapping this article up. But how proud are you if you lick the hand of a man who won’t speak out when your people are insulted? The race realist movement must offer slim pickings indeed if you are willing to put up with this.
What poor fare this statement is in comparison with the robust ridicule Nick Griffin dealt out to American anti-Semites last month. (See here: http://www.amren.com/mtnews/archives/2006/03/by_their_fruits.php). Even Griffin’s statement wasn’t satisfactory, because he took on a relatively insignificant anti-Semite rather than going after Duke. Still, at least Griffin called a lunatic a lunatic.
Also, I was one of the people involved in composing the letter to which Taylor alludes in his postscript. It wasn’t really as bad as Taylor lets on. We asked him to stop inviting anti-Semites like Joe Sobran and Paul Fromm to speak at AR conferences and to issue a statement like this one, only stronger—more along the lines of what Griffin wrote. It was a good, strong, tough letter, but not unmannerly. As you all will have seen from accounts of the conference, people had a perfectly good reason to be angry and to express themselves plainly.
I’m amazed by Taylor’s reaction. It seems inordinately to defensive to publicly denounce and insult people for expressing discontent when it was clearly justified.
Posted by Invictus at 11:32 PM on April 14
Is this anything new? Jews always demand the right to go
anywhere they please. They demanded, and generally got, the right
to join any and all fraternities and clubs. But they still keep their own exclusive. Can I join the ADL, JDL, etc? In Roman Al-
exandria, they forced their way into the Greek Temple/Gymnasiums.
What ensued was a tremendous loss of life, mostly Greek at the
hands of the Jews. Read about it in Gibbons’ Decline and Fall of
the Roman Empire-unedited version of course. Did they allow Greeks into their Temples, into their Councils of Power?
So what White Nationalist Movement are the Pro-Jewish Pos-
ters talking about anyway? Do you really think that you can have
such a Movement without David Duke? Sorry, gang, but He is a piv-
otal Figure. He is dead Center if there is one. AMREN is by it-
self on the far left of the Movement. Just like Chronicles Mag-
azine stands alone because it wont acknowledge Race, AMREN stands
alone because it wont acknowledge the Jewish Question. Jared’s
piece above is not an acknowledgement but a sweeping under the
rug. Note how the Jews no sooner get in than they start to issue
ultimatums, expulsions and gag orders! Disavow Duke if you want
to, but you will just disavow yourselves in the process. White,
Jewish, and Proud, on the other hand, you can do without just
Posted by Lugh at 11:43 PM on April 14
To my fellow Gentiles:
I understand the angst you feel when Jews are included in discussions of race. But the truth is that Jews are culturally European, not Middle Eastern or in anyway Third World in their views. The problem for us is Jewish “victimhood”, a malady that predominanty affects liberal American Jews more so than Israelis. In fact, the Israeli press is far more forthright and honest about race than the New York Times would ever dare to be.
I grew up in a neighborhood that was within walking distance of three synagogues, so I know something about living around Jews. I knew some very liberal Jews, and some who shared my views on race. I will say this for the Jews— I never saw a Jewish girl out on a date with a Mexican or a negro, liberal or not. However, as a Christian I was disturbed by Jewish agnosticism and moral relativism, and these points of separation were sources of alienation. But whenever I told a Jew he was going to hell, he would simply say that he wouldn’t be lonely there. So we go our separate ways spiritually.
The fact is that Jews are White people, whether we like it or not… or whether they like it or not. Our mutual race is facing extermination on a scale that dwarfs the Holocaust. If we are bred out of existence, we may as well all be gassed. The latter method is perhaps the more merciful, because the dead do not suffer the humiliation of watching their progeny darkened into strangers.
To the Jews I say:
Those among the White Nationalists who revile you will not beat you to death in an alley for your wristwatch. Nor will they violate your daughters or seduce your sons. Yes, they are suspicious, often for valid reasons as you know. But they are White people, and they listen to reason. Aren’t logic and persuasive reasoning Jewish virtues? Are Jews going to barracade themselves against concentration camp statistics, while our common race is being ravaged by Third World troglodytes? Is that logical…is it reasonable? No, if the Jews say, “We forget if you forgive”, most race-conscious Gentiles will open up to reason.
Posted by at 11:49 PM on April 14
I fully agree with the views expressed by Mr. Taylor. Yes, it’s easy to find Jews who work at odds with our goals. (We will forever be a “hate group” in the eyes of the ADL.) But it’s easy to find Christians who do so too. It is the Catholic church, after all, that is insisting upon its right to aid and abet illegal immigration into this country. As far as “corrosive influences” go, it’s hard to beat Catholic Edward Kennedy. And el Presidente, Jorge Bush, friend of the Reconquista, and enemy of the American working man, is a Protestant. It is idiocy to say that supporters of European biological and cultural survival such as Michael Levin and Michael Hart should not be a part of our movement. We are a tiny and politically neglible minority, why try to shrink the club further?
We should criticize suicidal liberal egalitarianism by whoever is expressing it. Yes, that means that Jews will receive a disproportionate amount of the criticism for so long as they remain disproportionately liberal. But criticizing Jews as Jews means that we would be targeting many people who are doing us no harm, and letting lots of Christians and agnostics off the hook who are actively seeking to harm us.
White Activist wrote: Can Mr. Taylor think of ONE Jewish person who has said to him: “I want a home land for white only”.”
I can think of one — Michael Hart. In an earlier American Renaissance conference he argued for a racial partitioning of the country. He wants a white homeland, and as a white Jew, wants to live in it. And, no, I’m not convinced by arguments that say Jews aren’t white. Did Lawrence Auster, a speaker at the first American Renaissance conference, suddenly change his race to white when he converted from Judaism to Christianity?
I also see no evidence that Mr. Taylor is “putting Jews on a pedestal”. He is merely willing to work with those white Jews, as well as those white Christians, agnostics, Buddhists, or Wiccans, who agree with the goals of his organization.
Finally, it is the virulent anti-Semitism of groups like Stormfront and the National Alliance that keeps me and many other whites from joining them. Anyone who wants there to be any hope of growing this movement to something that can accomplish something beyond putting up a web site and publishing a small circulation newsletter has to abandon views that are guaranteed to turn away 90% of the white population. Let me say that it’s fine by me if Stormfront and National Alliance members attend the American Renaissance conferences — they might even learn that some Jews think pretty much the same way they do. But they should keep their neo-Nazi tendencies to themselves while they’re there.
Posted by WR at 11:53 PM on April 14
There are a great deal of interesting posts here tonight. Having grown up in NYC, I can attest to the Jewish influence and power on the negative end of White preservation as well as the everyday hypocrisy of their actions. However, I do not believe that they all think alike. I think the above post with Lawrence Auster’s statement on Jews says it best. They do, as a group, have a larger portion than other groups that are extreme Leftist in a maniacal/delusional/self-hating way (i.e., Susan Sontag, Noam Chomsky, William Kunstler, and Ron Kuby to name a few). And, extreme Jewish Leftists tend to be more influential. Surely they must, on occasion, look inward and wonder if they are ever to blame for their own predicament, past and present. I once heard a coworker state their interpretation of extreme Jewish liberalism…. “a Jew would vote for Hitler if he was on the liberal ticket.” Having said all this, they are a part of us and all White ethnic and religious groups have their problem section, it’s just their section is larger in proportion to their percentage of the population.
We need to discuss the “Catholic problem” next.
Posted by GetBackJack at 12:12 AM on April 15
If Jews are “welcome and equal” participants, then Jared Taylor will have no problem with an all-Jewish staff for AR, including a Jewish successor editor. Indeed, he will have no problem with an all-Jewish white nationalist movement, in which Jews do all the writing, speaking, lobbying and leading, and those loathesome white gentiles remain where they ought: on the sidelines.
If he does have a reservation about this arrangment, perhaps he could share with us what percentage should be Jewish, and what percentage should be white gentile. Then maybe he could explain to the excluded white gentiles why Jews must take their places.
And if any of the above sounds too bitter, then maybe he could give us an example of something Jews were “welcomed” into that they didn’t eventually take over completely?
Surely the good Mr. Taylor would find the irony exquisite if it were his beloved Jews who managed to wreck his thing.
Posted by Hugh Lincoln at 12:13 AM on April 15
I believe it takes a great deal of character and personal sacrafice for any individual to publicly step forward and tackle the issues we face regarding “ethnomasochism”. I can think of no stronger a character than someone who is Jewish that would dare to question the status quo.
I am always embarrassed when someone agrees with me after I step down from my soapbox only to give me their own ridiculous version of the “It’s the Jews” conspiracy theory.
Think of the toughest time you have had argueing for White nationalism then imagine yourself as not only in the silent majority but having to argue with other Jews about such a subject!
Posted by scott at 12:17 AM on April 15
Personally, I could not be more pleased with what Mr. Taylor wrote above!
Mr. Taylor is making very pertinent points and he is also dealing from the position of being between a rock and a hard place. We all know that a certain amount of the “Nazi” crowd will be attracted to any organization dealing with the issues of race, culture, and social policy, and how best to achieve integrating these principles of civic life into coherent politics and activism. We also know, that they do offer any such rationally based entity considerable problems. This is because while they do make their legitimate points at times, they also infect them with unrealistically simplistic generalizations and solutions, to what are the infinitely more complex sociopolitical concerns and resolutions to them that we are faced with as a people.
Put another way, a Communist is a Communist despite the fact he once wore a yarmulke or carried Rosary beads!
Most here know me well enough, to have come to the conclusion that I am far from being an anti-Semitic sympathizer, let alone a Nazi; the truth be told, one of the main things that attracted me to AR in the first place was that there was and is an absence of this madness with the AR publication and website.
If you need a clarification, yes as far as I am concerned, Jews, like Italians, Spaniards, Poles, Russians, Greeks, and any other “questionable” but fully civilization-wide acculturated and contributing people of European descent are white! Moreover, the ones living in this country, making it work, and being put to the wall by their “government” are all Americans with a vested interest in the West and its perpetuation (and this includes present and past allied white nation-states like Israel, the Afrikaners, and Argentina as far as I am concerned narrowly; and Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, in my broadest terms.) The former being our full biological kin and the latter our Westernized equals with points of common civilization, politics, and economics to defended.
To give an admittedly peculiar hypothetical example, what if we woke up tomorrow and by some twisted cosmic fluke, the approximately 200 million American whites, the 120 million or so Japanese, and the 1 billion plus Chinese found themselves the only people left on the face of the earth? Who should we side with, particularly if the Chinese were declaring themselves now to be the Communist masters of empty Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, Antarctica, and Australia?
Interesting question, particularly if you consider only numbers; in such a scenario, the Chinese would now make up over 75% of the world’s population. Faced with such a situation, if you were the leader of the 15% of the world that was American, what would you do? Do you go cooperatively Kamikaze with the Japanese, or “helplessly” watch the Red Chinese engulf the earth?
What if we subtract the Japanese from this fictitious equation and it is only us and the Chinese left? What about the agitating Marxist 10% or so of whites in our midst that would surely be calling for accommodations toward the Chinese because of past “wrongs” or worse an idiotically pacifist stance at that point? Think hard about it and consider this quote from Mr. Taylor:
“We have vital work to do. Our civilization, our way of life, even our continuity as a distinct people depend on whether we succeed or fail. It is a distraction from our proper work to hunt for culprits, to blame others for our own loss of will.
We may still be a small minority, but we have history, human nature, and morality on our side. Success for us lies in demonstrating that our views are right, healthy and moral—and that liberal-egalitarianism is wrong and immoral; not in trying to ‘unmask’ it as a Jewish conspiracy.”
We as a people do not approach this problem as Japanese and American against Chinese in reality, do we? Nor do we really need to approach it as Gentile against Jew either, when so many in the rank and file both have so much to lose and so little to gain, and so many real enemies in common!
The Great White House Is Divided Enough Between The Minority That Is Sane And The Babbling Freaks That Are In The Cult And Hopelessly Estranged Not Only From Reality But From Our Twilight Slumbering Brothers And Sisters.
If they did but know it?
If we don’t grasp this, if we stupidly and clumsily fail to keep the tent Big, dare we have the gall to ask at the end of the day,
God help us all!
John PM
Posted by John PM at 12:23 AM on April 15
I applaud Mr. Taylor’s clarification. From the comments above, it’s clear there are people who feel so strongly that Jews cannot be a part of a white-consciousness-raising organization that they are willing to withdraw their support. Very well - they can go and find other white nationalist organizations to support. My understanding is that there are plenty.
What there are NOT plenty of, though, are organizations like AmRen that are reasonable, intelligent, pro-white, and NOT anti-Jew. AmRen is the only one I am aware of.
I feel strongly that white nationalism is seriously, perhaps fatally weakened when anti-Semitism is mixed into it. We have a huge uphill battle to fight already to win white people to our side without adding the whole Nazi/anti-Jew thing into it.
Both factions want the same thing: a strong, safe country for whites. The anti-semitic faction is free to go about pursuing our common goal in their own way, and AmRen can pursue the same goal in a non-anti-semitic way. Personally I think the anti-semites will never gain enough support from the white population at large to make any real difference in saving our people. Mr. Taylor’s approach is the only one I know of with a real change of winning the broad white support we need. I have been to the anti-semitic white nationalist web sites, and they are not for me. But AmRen is. I’m glad Mr. Taylor clarified AmRen’s position on this and I hope the anti-semites will, as he said, either stay away or keep their opinions to themselves.
Posted by MarkJ at 12:42 AM on April 15
Mr. Taylor isn’t going far enough, just including Jews along with Christendom’s descendants (Spain to the Urals, Arctic Ocean to the toe of Italy).
He’s forgotten the rest of the whites: Turk-, Berber-, Arab-, Egyptian-, Persian-, Afgani-, Indian-, Bangledeshi-, Bosnian-, and Albanian-Americans. They are surely not Oriental or African, they are Caucasian and eligible to join his group.
The US census and the immigration service even include Kazakistan, and the other central Asian countries as “white.”
Surely those immigrants would bolster the “white” movement!
For shame.
Posted by Sally at 12:48 AM on April 15
Mr. Taylor - I disagree with your decision because I believe Jews have much more to prove to us before we could consider them white. Michael Hart’s reported conduct at the AR conference was repugnant. Nonetheless, this appears to be your final word on the subject, and so I will not belabor that particular issue further. You have rendered a useful service to our race, and, unlike other WN leaders like Alex Linder, Kevin Alfred Strom, and Shaun Walker, actually appeared on a mainstream T.V. talk show (Donahue), so that validates your form of activism. The struggle for our race must be waged on multiple fronts using multiple tactics, and excessive “denominationalism” hinders us.
However, I am surprised that you would not consider homosexuality and abortion to be linked to race. I find that homosexuality and elective abortion are more heavily marketed amongst the white community than amongst minorities. So whites, who are already reproducing more slowly than minorities, end up reproducing even less while minorities continue to churn out endless litters. Homosexuals also target our kids through Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in our high schools. Within this context, I think you might want to consider taking a stand against elective abortion and homosexuality within the white community.
Posted by Carl Loerbs at 1:25 AM on April 15
People who want to know about Jews should get their information straight from the horses mouth in these books:
Ginsberg, Benjamin. The Fatal Embrace : Jews and the State. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press; 1993. 286 pages.
Shahak, Israël. Jewish history, Jewish religion : the weight of three thousand years. London; Chicago, Illinois: Pluto Press; 1994. viii, 127 pages. (Pluto Middle Eastern series.)
Stein, Benjamin. The View from Sunset Boulevard : America as Brought to You by the People Who Make Television. New York: Basic Books; 1979. xv, 156 pages.
MacDonald, Kevin B. The Culture of Critique : An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger; 1998. 379 pages. (Human Evolution, Behavior, and Intelligence.)
Posted by Removem at 1:44 AM on April 15
I am saddened, but not surprised, at this statement by Jared Taylor. The Jews were putting enormous pressure on him to repudiate his blood-brothers, and in truth, the statement could have been far worse.
The problem is, once you lick their boots once, they really have you. The pressure only increases, and you wind up like the BNP and eventually the Republican Party. By the time you wake up to what has happened, your reputation is gone, and your supporters too.
AmRen had done a lot of good work, but my prediction is, Jared Taylor’s future is now behind him. I can only hope the God he obviously does not believe in will open his eyes, that the same ones who crucified the Christ, are now crucifying AmRen.
Posted by Timothy at 1:44 AM on April 15
Judging by the volume and nature of the posts on this thread, Jared has struck the real third-rail of racial politics! I commend him for permitting the debate and discussion. The subject matter needs to be aired, so that we can all understand this vital issue more clearly.
Furthermore, I would say that Invictus has his facts ‘bass ackwards’. You are trying to hornswaggle the wrong group of people here, Shlomo. We have been self-deprogrammed, and have our racial radar turned-on, and tuned-in! We also lock onto dissimulation when we sense it. The Walt & Mearsheimer essay on the Israeli Lobby is as factual, cogent and up-front honest as a scholarly reasearch paper can get. Go peddle your disinformation to the rapture bunnies, they might rise to such bait. Trying to strongarm Mr. Taylor to your subversive, divissive and defeatest agenda through a palace coup, shows clearly what we are up against, and what is at stake. You then have the unmitigated gall to complain about the insufficient response of Mr. Taylor to your letter writing intimidation tactics! You are a real first class Mensch, indeed.
Posted by Hilljack at 1:56 AM on April 15
I wanted to post this separately, that it is ESPECIALLY obnoxious that this article was posted on Good Friday. That cannot have been a coincidence, and I find it disgusting, the first really hateful thing I have ever know Jared Taylor to do.
Good Friday, for those of you who are not Christians, is generally considered the Holiest Day of the Christian Year, even above Easter and Christmas. And Jared does this to us on Good Friday?
What are the monetary considerations, Jared? None of this makes any sense, so I conclude it must be money. How much did they give you, and who gave you the order to post this aritice on Good Friday?

Posted by Timothy at 1:57 AM on April 15
Sometimes defining things by race is very usefull and accurate. Sometimes it is not. I believe Mr. Taylor has spoken with wisdom and maturity. Ultimately, “whiteness” goes beyond mere race. High intelligence, the supremecy of logic and reason over impulse, emotion and instinct, is ultimately found to some degree in all branches of humanity. More in some, less in others. Though the White Race must defend itself and awaken again to pride and awareness of it’s accomplishments, it would also be foolish to engage in time and energy wasting battles when Whites desperately need focus and shared will.
Posted by John Stokes at 1:57 AM on April 15
I’m saddened to see so many Anti-Jewish posts on AR’S Bulletin Board. It is disturbing and disheartening. Unfortunately there is a Holocaust revisionist and even denial movement. It is sickening. It is sickening that Mel Gibson’s father believes the Holocaust denial propaganda and so does the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. Willis Carto was the publisher of The Spotlight, the largest openly Anti-Semitic publication in America for a number of years. Willis Carto was a protege of Francis Parker Yockey, an American who sympathized with Nazi war criminals during the Nuremberg trials. The Nazis killed around 6 Million Jews and Jewish life in Germany,Poland,Austria and all over Europe was almost totally exterminated. The Communists in Eastern Europe after WWII were also very Anti-Semitic.There was a few pogroms of Holocaust survivors in Poland after WWII and Poland lost almost all it’s Jewish population. There were other victims of the Nazis. Millions of Catholic Poles, Gypsies, Russians, Germans and Austrian Gentiles who opposed the Nazis, Gypsies, and people with disabilities were killed by the Nazis. The world should never forget about Nazi brutality and it should serve as a lesson. Unfortunately there has been other ethnic cleansing and attempted genocides since the Nazi Holocaust. Paleo-Conservative groups like American Renaissance and the Council of Conservative Citizens should steer from the Jew-bashing. Fascism, Nazism, Communism and Totalitarism have cost hundreds of millions of lives combined. Mankind should be kinder to one another. The dictatorship type governments I mentioned above are a blot to Western Civilization. Western Civilization has made some mistakes but I hope it doesn’t repeat it’s past mistakes. One can have pride in one’s heritage but chauvinism and nationalism are a dangerous ideology. Outright racial hatred for trivial or imagined reasons is wrong. Rabid Neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan types are an embarrasment and a disgrace to the white race. I’ve encountered anti-white sentiments from a good amount of people but I don’t just hate people because they look different than me or speak a different language than me. I respect differences in people. I treat people the way I want people to be treated. If everyone had common courtesy, we wouldn’t have some of these problems we have currently. Sometimes AR talks about taboo racial matters that the mainstream media doesn’t discuss. The CCofC does the same. I’m just disturbed at the hatred and paranoia that some AR members have. I realize that there is differences in races and cultures and not all cultures are necessarily equal or compatible with one another. But I don’t hate someone solely on the fact that they look different, speak a different language, or have other characteristics that aren’t similar to mine. I have to draw a fine line somewhere. Severe hate has serious consequences and all of humanity loses out.

Steven E. Fisher
Posted by Steven Fisher at 2:15 AM on April 15
Good work Mr. Taylor. I think that this whole issue boils down to a struggle between the civilized and those who would turn this country into a Third World cesspoos. I personally do not see a Whites Only society as a realistic prospect, however I do believe that people have the right to choose those with whom they wish to associate. I personally want to associate only with people whom I don’t have to fear.
There are many people of North Asian origin and many Hispanics who share our views as well
Posted by Taurus689 at 2:38 AM on April 15
The Term “antisemitism” was coined by the German journalist Wilhelm Marr (1819-1904) as a label for his political movement and to distinguish it from the traditional religious Jew-hate.
The term “semitic” refers to a group of languages, not a race. The argument that Arabs are “Semites” as well is an old and stale antisemitic catchphrase.
Posted by The Editrix at 2:52 AM on April 15
I actually think it’s impossible for Mr. Taylor to have said anything entirely satisfactory on this subject and see now his wisdom in having avoided it in the past. I think that chief among Taylor’s concerns is maintaining a civil decorum.
Banning the subject of the Jewish role in anti-white policies at his conferences may not have been the choice I would have made (of course it is not my choice to make), but reprimanding attendees for essentially accosting guests and saying “Jew you are not wanted here” is obviously appropriate. Standards must be maintained.
Likewise, the accosting of another and calling him “a f*cking nazi” is another action worthy of reprimand though, yes, I agree that David Duke was probably being a bit mischievous bringing up the “subject” at all (however, having viewed footage from another earlier AR conference, the question of Jewish loyalty seems to have come up in previous Q and A sessions and without incident.)
What I would love to see, though don’t know if AR is the forum, is a verbal debate between MacDonald and Gottfried, two men positioned to have opinions on the matter. This, I think, would bring a much needed air of civility to the matter. But then again, I believe the debate would at this juncture be purely academic.
Because I think it is time to move forward. Whomever is to blame (certainly whites of all the major white American ethnicities are to blame), and whatever portion of the blame one white group bears versus another, seems entirely irrelevant now.
Sadly, whatever position you take on the matter, it seems that you stand the risk of being viewed a traitor, whether intending to be one or not. To take the “philo-Semitic” position is to be suspected by some “as selling out to the Jews” or at least creating conditions in which such a thing might occur, while to take the “anti-Semitic” position is to be suspected of seeking to sabotage a viable movement for vain motives (“grandstanding” I think was the term one used to describe Duke’s contribution to the AR conference.)
I personally think our movement will succeed regardless of the number of Jews that have the good sense to join us but this doesn’t make me interested in excluding them. I think there are many worthy persons among the Jews.
Jared’s got a good model. He’s done well so far. He should be trusted to continue on his way, with his strong judgment, and the council of men like Sam Dickson, as his guide and without need of our less wise suggestions. And if it’s not to your liking, well then there’s always David Duke of whom, frankly, there are more good things to say about than bad.
For one, he helps Jared. Takes some of the heat of him, becomes sort of a repository for some of the movement’s “sins”, becomes the end of the spectrum, the point of “absolute evil”, becomes the alternative to not seeking another approach, the heavy, (unintentionally) the bad cop, making AR all the more attractive.

Posted by Sigurd at 2:52 AM on April 15
Since it is clear to me that the Jewish hand has been crucial in our races’ ongoing destruction, proof of which is amply provided in JEWISH SUPREMACISM, among other places, I am deeply disappointed that AR will not deal with the issue.
The Institute for Historical Review is a godsend for me, not for its holocaust revisionism which as yet I’ve not worked up the courage or interest to study, but for its taped lectures from conferences has provided excellent material on the Jewish question. Perhaps the single most important talk I’ve ever listened to on the Jewish issue was given by the Black Wellesley College Professor, Tony Martin on “Tactics of Organized Jewry in Suppressing Free Speech.” Everyone should listen to his talk available from http://www.noontidepress.com/ Listening to it has been one of the few experiences I’ve had that has been almost as surreal as my reading some of the more memorable parts of the Babylonian Talmud.
Posted by at 3:28 AM on April 15
I can’t say I’m the number 1 fan of Jews, but, whenever Jew bashing is allowed, it becomes almost a religion and people do nothing else but that. There are plenty of places to jew bash. Amren doesn’t need to become another one. Posted by kane at 8:38 PM on April 14
I agree that Jew-bashing is an ersatz religion for many. Such people overwhelm legitimate criticism of Jewish power and influence by off-the-wall charges that tie the Jews to literally everything that ever goes wrong in the world, and they accordingly become the unwitting handmaidens of ADL and SPLC propaganda. The end result is that they hurt rather than advance the cause of WN, as much as or more so than the Jews they accuse. So if some here haven’t always got their comments critical of Jews past the mods, too bad. I don’t get every wisecrack I want to make past the mods either, and so far I haven’t whined that the fate of the white race has hung in the balance as a result.
Our creed here is the survival of the white race. Period. Not die Judenfrage, not “Nordicism,” not “Aryanism,” or any other faction of what I’ll call (tongue-in-cheek) “white nationalist separatism.” The cross-invective here reminds me of the dickering between Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christians as the Turkish hordes were on the verge of battering down the walls of Constantinople in 1453 and murdering, pillaging, raping and otherwise outraging the inhabitants—-which admittedly they were ultimately successful in doing in large part thanks to the aid of “renegade” Christians. Did any Turkish brigand during that horrific event pause to consider whether the trembling object in the path of his scimitar crossed himself on the right or left shoulder first? Did he think to himself, “Wait—this kaffir could be one who helped betray or who failed to defend this citadel, and therefore may merit mercy”? Le doute est permis.
A Jew who desires, supports and defends the survival of the white race is my friend, and a friend of the white race. A Jew who acts in any manner and for any motive to further the denigration, persecution, marginalization, disenfranchisement, and destruction of the white race is my enemy, and the enemy of the white race. Substitute “Nordic” for “Jew” in the preceding sentences and for me they will be equally valid. Being Jewish in WN by itself should be cause for neither privilege nor suspicion, because as someone who started out Jewish once said, “By their fruits shall ye know them.” Those Jews who are an asset to WN like Michael Levin have earned their place and their esteem in the movement. Those—Jewish or not—-who want to subvert, “showboat,” disrupt, or hijack must be shown the door.
Posted by Zorba_the_Geek at 3:30 AM on April 15
There may be a place for a “mixed” white+jewish organization, but not at the head of a white nationalist movement. The very fact that this was necessary, and that this debate is taking place, proves that jews by their very presence are divisive. It stands to reason that there must exist (or come into existance) somewhere on this earth a white nationalist organization that specifically excludes jews. We can be certain the very day such an organization gains influence, it will be besieged by jews wanting to gain admission. They will say the right things and wear the right clothes and swear they are not like the others. We can be equally certain that if a few are admitted, more will follow, and that they will undermine and destroy the organization from within, as they have done so many times in so many places.
I don’t blame Jared Taylor for taking a pass on the debate by neglecting to bar jews; keeping them out in the present legal and political climate is next to impossible. But I am disappointed that Amren has not taken the step that must someday be taken: to build a white rights movement that recognizes that jews are not and never will be whites, nor can they be safely viewed as allies.
Amren may continue to do useful work for a time. But once again the movement will split, and those who tolerate jews and those who do not will wind up in separate organizations, and may someday end up working against each other, to the ultimate benefit of our racial enemies, including jews.
Posted by Nomen Nescio at 3:31 AM on April 15
Wow in all likelhood I’m probably the first if not the only non white person to post on this topic. I just want to say something about this board that I thought I would never say: but you people surprise.
Sometimes its strange to come on to Amren and see white nationalist types discuss the plight of the black man with true empathy that would put some liberals shame.
Of course there is always the usual whites are being persecuted stories and comments. Those however are no surprise. I’m not saying that those stories are not true but its what one would expect Amren to right about,they’re predictable.
However this strong reaction (however this reaction to a very small group in the United States) also provides some insight. Some would conclude that the white nationalist movement is rife with antisemitism (although I wouldn’t neccesarily disagree with that viewpoint) but I would argue that this shows me that many posters are driven by one very strong emotion: FEAR.
I’m an economist and evolutionist so to me self interest and logical are perfectly acceptable emotions. However fear is dangerous because it causes people to behave in strange and irrational ways.
In some ways from reading Amren I’ve felt that afrocentrist and white nationalist actually share many similarities: they fear the “other”. The other in the case of afrocentrists is the white power structure. In the case of the white nationalists its the anti white elite.
I think it would be interesting to put together a BET/Amren conference and find out how different or similar both groups really are.
Being neither black nor white I think I’m qualified to make some fairly objective evaluations of both races. That is not to say that both races are not different but the similarities in white nationalist and afrocentrism movements is shocking in and of itself.
Perhaps you should ask your counterparts in the Afrocentrism movement to see the “white man” in themselves and you should explore your own “inner blackman” I think the results would be quite edifying.
That is not to say that substantial differences would not exist but I think the ability of both sides to live with the “other” would be greatly enhanced.
Posted by Yellow Man at 3:38 AM on April 15
This is insanity!! I will no longer view this website. In the past all of my posts were censored here. That will not happen at WWW.HALTURNERSHOW.COM The only website I shall view based on our [WHITE PPL} Movement is
Posted by SilentThreat at 4:21 AM on April 15
I don’t consider myself a “White Nationalist.” In fact, there are a lot of things I consider myself before I consider myself white. I’m sure this movement doesn’t “need” me, either. What am I? I am an ex-chemist who delivered pizza until he had a stroke. I’m an ex-felon who gets off federal probation in July. I have a Japanese girlfriend, and can speak a fair bit of Japanese, which probably makes me a “race traitor.” Consider, though; I’m on your side for the time being, when I really belong on my own side. Not many are.
You do not get to insist on ideological purity in anything this small and young. I call conservative Jews my allies. This is easy for me because I am not a Christian and I was never baptized. When you denounce Jews and clap yourself on the back, you are denouncing Marxism. This is like blaming modern American Gentiles for the Mormons having to flee to Utah. I hate Marxists because I hate the notion that a man is incompetant to run his own commercial enterprise or his own personal finances. Jews have indeed played an important part in inflicting Marxist misery on white Gentiles. So have those same white Gentiles! It wasn’t conservative Jews or genuinely conservative Gentiles who did this to you!
Posted by Michael C. Scott at 5:20 AM on April 15
“So I believe that Jared is right in rejecting anti-semitism…”
Anti-Semitism: Doesn’t that means you disagree with the Jews, Jews like Ariel Sharon who said that the Jews own America?
If someone rejects anti-Semitism, does that mean they embrace pro-Semitism?
Pro-Semitism…That’s an interesting thought.
As a pro-white White, I just gotta say that I do not find members of the Tribes all that admirable. Maybe I’m not looking at them right.
Would some of the AR Pro-Semites comment as to the fine qualities of the Jews, please? Who knows, maybe everybody here will wind up rejecting anti-Semitism and agree with Ariel Sharon.
Posted by JBB at 5:26 AM on April 15
I don’t see any connection between anti-semitism, and neo-nazism. Most jews I am sure would classify me as an anti-semite, but, politically, I am more of a Jeffersonian democrat than any other political viewpoint.
Anyone got the Jefferson quote about the jews destinty to wander, always apart from his fellow men…
Posted by Tom L. at 5:48 AM on April 15
I applaud Mr. Taylor for his honesty, however as an Aryan I can no longer continue in any way with a philo-semitic organization and will not renew my subscription.
Please, please remember that these are the same people who murdered the Blonde White Girl Rachel Corrie, if they will do that to a Blonde White Girl what do they have in store for the rest of us? Wasn’t Communism and the gulags started by the jews?? (Marx and Lennin)
“f you have subscribed to AR for 10 yrs., weren’t you already familiar with Jared’s/AR’s views on the Jews? “
AR has in the past allowed room for discussion of this issue, they even printed a review of one of Kevin MacDonalds books once! However it appears that a new hardline is going to be taken… Its alright though I will just go offline and read the works of Henry Ford and Kevin MacDonald to understand what is really going on.
Posted by Jofreidr_1488 at 6:33 AM on April 15
“The BNP in England as I understand it have also taken an agnostic position when it comes to Jewish matters.”
In an age when Jewish power and influence is such that an arrogant little Jewish journalist can bring down the mayor of London (who was recently suspended following pressure from the Board of Deputies of British Jews) for being ‘offended’, it is my opinion that the BNP are playing the pragmatic card. Indeed, the late John Tyndall noted that Jewish groups were notorious for putting pressure on BNP conference hosts. It seems that Mr Taylor’s position mirrors that of the BNP. However, whether the big Jews will buy it is another matter.
“I think I agree with Mr. Taylor. I also appreciate the work of Kevin MacDonald. Contradiction? I don’t know.”
Contradiction indeed. MacDonald shows the necessary (although not sufficient) influence of Jewish interest groups in the wrecking of the United States as a nation. Jewish interest groups have proved their anti-gentile credentials and, bar maverick individuals, are showing little sign of change.
Posted by Tony Rogers at 6:52 AM on April 15
O.K. – my turn I guess. I’m going to post something, which I usually post on here about every nine months or so. This time, I’ll make an exception because of the topic [if it’s o.k. with you Ian]. The last time I posted this on AR was after the AR Conference under a piece entitled, Letter From Herndon, Va., Posted on March 3, 2006, which received about 200 comments. [Btw, a great comment was posted back then by Devils Advocate at 11:56 PM on March 4].
A few things first though:
1.) I’m NOT Mike Berman or ‘Mike from Queens’ (even though that’s where I grew up), ‘Mike from not Queens’ or any other Mike (for all the new readers here – some of whom I’ve encouraged to come here from that HBO GumBall site and tons of other places). Btw, Mike Berman posts under his own name, when he posts and Michael Matthews (in the Herndon article) posts on Hal Turner’s site now and then. I’ve always used this ID and none other (along with the same IP). I also guarantee that if/when I met [fill in the blank with your name, if applicable] at an AR Conference (or anywhere else, for that matter), it wouldn’t have crossed your mind to even think/wonder if I was Jewish (or not). I know three people, who post on AR, personally (and vice versa, obviously) and we are all friends – one is Irish, one is Italian, one is German and I’m Lithuanian (if you go back really far enough). We would kill for each other (and did, a long time ago).
2.) I see a lot of new names on here (along with a lot of old ones), which is good. One guy I don’t see anymore is James from N.O.L.A., but I have a feeling that he’s the same guy, who wrote the cover piece for March’s AmRen. If so – great piece James and I hope you’re doing alright back home.
3.) I don’t put my last name (and never have) because I lost one job in part due to my affiliation with AR (sort of like the prosecutor in the story right above the Herndon story) and I don’t intend to lose another one.
4.) For the new people, a couple of things – I’ve been ‘with’ AR almost since the beginning. My friend and I used to have these 6-8-10 hour phone conversations in the early 90s and I used to think we were the only two people on earth, who knew what was going on until he told me about AR and I got the hard copy. When they first went online years ago, I used to read it every day until they blocked it at work (of course) and I’ve been posting on here ever since they went ‘interactive’ a little over two years ago. So for those who’ve read all my previous comments, you know where I stand.
5.) The last couple of times I posted this (which I wrote), a few people said it was helpful. I used to leave my e-mail address a long time ago, but too many SPLC types (e.g. Morris Sleaze and Mark Botox) troll this (and other) sites and I don’t need the grief.
6.) The following explanation is a very short synopsis. Entire books have been written about this and I don’t want to make this comment even longer than it will be. I’m one of those guys, who read almost every article posted on here and 95% of the comments attached to them. I’ve read every single comment above (twice) and responding to any/all of them would take about two days and since hardly anybody will be reading this, it wouldn’t be worth it, even if I wanted to take the time.
7.) Before I forget (and I always attach this site, the few times I’ve posted the below), there is a ‘right’ thinking Jewish site. It’s: Jewish Task Force. Some of us call it the Jewish AmRen. They alternate between tearing into Islamo-fascists, black power groups and illegal aliens. They have many of the same articles as are on here and CofCC, etc., but because of all that’s going on in the Middle East lately, you’ll have to scroll down about half-way to see them.
8.) Also (and I hate to say this), while there are (way too) many leftwing Jewish organizations, which have destroyed this country with their multi-culti Marxism, unfortunately, there are a lot more non-Jewish orgs., which have done the same (see: Groups
and Foundations).
9.) The only thing I would say to David Duke, Hal Turner and all the rest of the NA, NV, SF groups is, while they (used to have) some good points (on certain subjects), as the years progressed, for some reason, they are obsessed with Jews and conflate them with blacks and browns and Islamo-fascists, etc. and use moral relativism to put them all in the same tank. Since I was born and spent most of my life in NYC, I would just ask them, in which neighborhood would you rather be walking alone at 4 A.M.? When was the last time ten Jewish kids surrounded you in school and beat you senseless because you were white? Do you really think Achmed and Mohammed are going to know or care that you’re on ‘their’ side, when they detonate their radiological device?
10.) AmRen has one of the most intelligent audiences on the Net. Sometimes it takes people a long time to ‘arrive’ here after they’ve been disillusioned by those ‘conservatives’ on the ‘left’ of them and on the ‘right’ of them. I could say more, but this is getting too long already and my past posts speak for themselves…
Remember – this is a very quick explanation. Agree or disagree, but please don’t complain it was so short and incomplete. It is meant to be short and incomplete:
Jews (very simply put, for a quick explanation) are divided into two groups (yes, yes, I know - there’s a LARGE middle ground of ‘right’ thinking Jews, but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll leave them out for right now — but DON’T discount them).
There are the Orthodox Jews who are VERY conservative (and many think the same as the ‘typical’ AmRen reader) and then there are what we used to call, the “Great Neck” Jews, who are (and have always been) the upper-middle class, non-Orthodox, non-Conservative (aka Reform), hyper-liberal so-called ‘revolutionaries’ (the kind which come to mind when most people think of “those Jews”). (Btw, Great Neck is a suburb of NYC on Long Island).
Those are the people in the ’60s that would grow their hair into ‘fro’s, pretend to be black for a day, run into the City (NYC) to ‘get down with the bruthas’, burn down the campuses, march and demonstrate, spout all the required left-wing bull****, protest everything that existed — and then — go home to their mommy and daddy’s mansions at night in “Great Neck” to sit around with all their other Afro-headed Jewish ‘comrades’ in some upscale club, plotting what ‘revolutionary’ protests, meetings, uprisings, demonstrations and other subversive nonsense they were going to perpetrate the next day.
“Great Neck” is both a figurative and literal term. They were all over (upper west side Manhattan, Scarsdale, Great Neck, etc., etc. - you get the idea). They were wannabe blacks during the day and “We’re so revolutionary and oppressed maaaaaaaan” Jews at night. A “Great Neck” Jew is a self-hating, guilt-ridden (for no reason) embarrassment. Do you want me to name them all? Do you have a day or two?
They were ALL marxists/socialists/communists/leftists who were behind all the sit-ins, teach-ins, campus trashings, anti-war demonstrations, ad infinitum against us (the guys who went to ‘Nam) (i.e. “Free Huey”). [The only “Free Huey” I ever wanted was the Medevac chopper!].
They all hid in college, under their desks, behind their 2-S student deferments and if the war wasn’t over by the time they graduated, they stayed in college and got their Masters and if the war still wasn’t over, they stayed in school some more and got their Ph.Ds.
They are now all your tenured professors, journalists and other media types, lawyers, judges, revisionist historians, diversity brainwashers, etc., etc. (the “effete elites”).
There are a LOT more Jews who read AmRen than you would imagine.
(Would you rather have a brown skinned, hate-America, kill-‘whitey’, Palestinian suicide bomber living next to you?)
Btw, the above is not to be preachy — nobody likes that (especially me). It’s just meant as an introductory ‘primer’, if you will.
I understand when people say, “those Jews”, to whom they’re really referring, but it’s no more correct than saying something like, “those Irish” (or any other European ethnicity, for that matter), just because there are a whole lot of bleeding-heart Irish (or any other European ethnicity), feminoid-type social workers, who blame ‘whitey’ for every minority failing.
Since they’re on the left and scream the loudest, they drown out all the millions of ‘right’ thinking Irish (or any other European ethnicity) people, who comprise a large part of the ‘silent majority’.
The following is just part of the “Great Neck” Jews’ ‘philosophy’:
White is bad; black (or brown or any other color) is good.
Males are bad; females are good.
Heterosexuality is bad; homosexuality is good.
Conservatives are bad; Leftists are good.
Capitalism is bad; Marxism (socialism) is good.
Military and police are bad; anarchists and dissenters are good.
Western Civilization is bad; Third World primitive is good.
Guns are bad; Pacifism is good.
Citizens are bad; Illegal aliens are good.
America is bad; Any enemy of America is good.
Christians and Jews are bad; Muslims are good.
Religion is bad; Secularism is good.
Chastity is bad; Sexual permissiveness and abortion are good.
Traditional values are bad; Moral and cultural relativism is good.
IQ and tests are bad; Equal outcome is good.
Entrepreneurship is bad; Redistribution of wealth is good.
Corporations and business are bad; Unions are good.
The successful are bad; the struggling proletariat is good.
People are bad; Plants and animals are good.
Try to remember – we are all in this together…
Posted by Mike B. at 6:54 AM on April 15
The most powerful institution on the face of the earth in “shaping the thinking of people” is the MEDIA. It is more powerful than any Army, bomb or missile in its persuasive power in getting people to think a certain way.
The media pushes an agenda of multiculturalism, moral relativism, diversity, homosexual agenda, radical feminism, radical anti-christian agenda, and an overall extremely hostile/hateful agenda towards the White race.
And who owns or controls the media???
To exclude the relevance of Jews in the discussion of “White preservation” is the most foolish thing I have ever witnessed.
Posted by Excelsior at 8:05 AM on April 15
I read with great interest the different posts and I am glad to have seen the breadth of discussion on this topic.
I think the bottom line is the following: Let’s say that I am in New York walking along a dark street in Harlem with a Jewish, intellectual friend of mine. A group of young blacks comes up and begins harassing us because we both appear to be whites to them. Let’s say that my Jewish friend starts to say, “Look, I may seem white to you but I’m really Jewish. Thanks to my people we were instrumental in getting the Civil Rights movement going, end racial segregation in the South, open up non-white immigration to this country, and, most Jews really “dig” and appreciate black culture. Leave me alone, let me go and ‘whomp’ on my Gentile friend.” Do you think this would have any effect on the potential minority attackers of both of us?
What I’m trying to say is that for various reasons, as brought out by Rabbi Meir Kahane in his book, “Time to Go Home,” most Jews have been “stepping on their own dicks,” to use a term I used to hear when I was at Basic Training at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. Maybe more and more of them are realizing that. (Let’s keep in mind that even David Duke, on his web site, points out and praises certain Jews who begin to go against the strong and powerful Jewish organizations which promote race mixing or an Israel First policy for the U.S.)
Posted by Paul Jones at 8:20 AM on April 15
As a long-time non-supporter of AmRen I am glad Mr. Taylor has clarified his position for all his WN supporters.
As should have been obvious from the beginning, Jared Taylor is a racialist of sorts and certainly a conservative, but he is no white nationalist. Nationalism means self-determination. Full stop. There can be no self-determination for whites while Jews control America and other Western governments through their collective chokehold on public discouse of all acceptable shades.
I have long considered Taylor’s movement one of white supplication rather than white nationalism. That is, they simply recogize Jewish power, deem it immutable, and petition the Jews (through those Jews loosely associated with rightist racialism) to make things a bit easier on white folk.
Whether the supplicant’s approach will succeed is open to question: the history of Jewish participation in the John Birch Society, the Republican Party and National Review certainly counsels humility. What is clear, however, is that supplication is not nationalism and AmRen’s WN hangers on can now finally stop pretending otherwise.
Posted by HHH at 8:21 AM on April 15
Because our “movement” is so fractured we might never achieve any of our goals. There are things we will disagree on, and disagree on until the sun expands and engulfs our planet. Fortunately there are certain things we can all agree on. Ghetto black culture (And the genes which produce black features which in turn produce loyalty to this culture), racially-masochistic feminism, massive non-white immigration and Islam are all threats to our daily lives, our future and most importantly: the history hoisted above the shoulders of our noble ancestors. We owe it to them to get our act together before it’s too late.
I happen to not have any disdain for Jewish ethnics, homosexuals, Native Americans or East Asians (at least the majority of East Asians that came here from China, Japan, etc. and tend to be the “cream of the crop” when it comes to cognitive abilities of those from said region.) But I realize that many of you fine men will disagree with me. I think we can all agree, though, that we’d much rather live in a nation where we argue about whether homosexuals and jews are one of us but at the same time don’t have to worry about Muslim fanaticism and black crime in our backyards.
I think we need to start with what we all hold true in our hearts. Black culture/genes, Islam, prideful Hispanics and traitorous feminism will be our grand children’s doom if we do not do something soon. We can bicker amongst ourselves on the field of victory about homosexuals, Jews, Asians, etc… But until then, my friends, if we continue to make ourselves less appealing to potential white converts we will ruin ourselves, our race and erase our history.
Focus Gentlemen… Focus!
Posted by Blau Augen at 8:52 AM on April 15
I agree with Mr. Taylor on this subject, and I believe both supporters and opponents ought to admire his courage in making his position clear, despite the opposition he is likely to face. Mr. Taylor, thank you for continuing to stand up publically for what you believe in.
Posted by Ant at 8:53 AM on April 15
Almost everyone who ever hurt me or cheated me was a Catholic. “God’s man one day a week, and the Devil’s the other six.” If hating Jews might cause trouble here, I have been preyed upon by Catholics my entire life.
Now I avoid Catholics.
Posted by Michael C. Scott at 9:49 PM on April 14
Michael, maybe the source of your problem is your Jewish based psychotherapy rather than Catholics.
Stay in bed with Jews, Michael, and forever suffer in our ignorant misery, white boy!
Posted by plebeian at 9:05 AM on April 15
Mr. Taylor you are paying retail. If you really wished to do the white race some good instead of feeling good about yourself you would attack the Jewish invented cult of psychoanalysis. All these taboos today racism, racist, phobias beyond count stem from the work of Jewish ethnocentrists who literally loathed the people of the West, and found the work of Freud to be the key to power.
Posted by D M Simmons at 9:19 AM on April 15

There are Jews and there are Jews. The latter, nationalists and Western in their orientation, seem fine to me. In fact, the “blood and soil” type Jew, represented well by Ariel Sharon, is quite admirable. Warrior, man of the land, defender of his people. But there are also the type of anarcho-Jewish-internationalists, which seems to predominate in the US. They continue to work at undermining the Anglo-Saxon cultural and racial underpinning of the US. It is they who staffed the lawyers that destroyed the American South in the 1960s. It is they who represent the core of immigration lawyers now working for the interests of Mexico’s invasion of the U.S.
Posted by Deporter at 9:59 AM on April 15
Those that warn against getting involved with jews have history on their side. Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. Anyway, the US is more or less unsalvagleable by now so jews or not jews does not matter much in the long term.
Posted by Swede at 10:06 AM on April 15
Me Again.
If Mr Taylor keeps this up, he will end with an organization of Jews, for Jews and by Jews since those who support the white movement will have left in disgust.
Mr. Taylor, name me one organization, (which claims to be Jewish), that has in its charter the support of a home-land for the white race. Name me one. There is none. Not one.
All Jewish organizations work for the benefit of Jewish interests. ALL. When has a Jewish person ever said: “I am working for the support of a white’s only nation”. Has any self-proclaimed Jewish person ever stood up at an AMREN meeting and said that? No.
I have a frightening suspicion that AMREN has or is financed by Jewish people/interests. Perhaps Mr. Taylor gained his initial financing from Jews. One of the clever things Jews do is finance the “enemy” such as the KKK movement, the NAACP, so as to foment chaos in the gentile (white) race.
The KKK is supported and financed by Black and Jewish organization to make whites look stupid. Any time any of us speak about “whiteness” are we not called “KKK!!!!”? This is done by the Jew, for the Jew to destroy the goyim (cattle = the white race).
The “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is not a “forgery”. This is the real thing, written by the founders of the Zionist movement, financed by the Rothschild family (as was Adam Weishaupt of the Illuminati. He was a Rothschild agent. Read your history. It is all there). Every thing in the Protocols has or is happening in order. That book is the blue-print for “jewish” domination of the world. Read it and you will see for yourself how it is the amazing truth.
Henry Ford knew this. Nixon knew this. Washington knew this. Walt Disney knew this. As a racial group, the Jew has genetic innate behaviours, just as the African does, the Asian does and the whites do. It is their “nature” to seek control. It is stated IN THEIR VERY RELIGIOUS laws that they can cheat and steal from the goyim (cattle=white race). It is why they have been kicked out of EVERY white nation throughout history. They become unbearable.
We all agree the Asian has a high IQ for math, music, but is an “ant” like cultural creature. The Black has a low IQ, prone to promiscuity, violence and indolence. The white race has a moderately high IQ with ability of inovation and creativity. The Jew has a high IQ and is good at Math, Chess, Music, (etc) but is prone to greed, trickery and deception (“By deception we shall wage war” Slogan of the Mossad). These are genetic temperments, just as we all know. As a group, they manifest and can not be changed.
Nothing good, and only sickness, will occur if AMREN allows problaimed Jews to be anything other than audience members. Just look how this very “discussion” is tearing our little AMREN posting community apart. The way to insure any success of “whiteness” is to keep it white, and a Jew who does NOT put “whiteness” ABOVE “jewishness” is our enemy.
I also have a frightening feeling that those posters above who support inclusion of the Jew in AMREN are jews themselves doing their natural innate behaviour of taking over and subverting AMREN. I think it is already over for AMREN and Mr. Talyor is just one more dumb goyim (cattle = white guy) who is dancing on the strings to the tune of the money lenders.
Is Mr Taylor himself a Jew? I now want to know. It would not really surprise me, knowing the genetic behaviour of this race.
Some posters above mention a Lawrence Auster, saying he was born Jewish but is not pro-white. I notice it is only AFTER he denounced the “jewishness”. Only when he STOPPED BEING JEWISH, could he then support his “whiteness”. If he stayed a Jew there is NO way he could support the white movement. Did you all notice that?
Any Jewish person can join the white movement. If you are genetically white, then all you have to do is denounce Judaism. Your genetic desire to “cheat” and “decieve” will of course still manifest but you will use these wonderful survival genetic traits to help the white race gain a homeland. Then, and only then, you are welcome.
(11:21 PM poster, above. Young man, nuture you wonderful hate. You are what we need. Only when organized whites learn to HATE organized Jewery (as they HATE us),(and Mr. Taylor, organized JEWERY HATES YOU) will we begin the violent war to save us.
A true “christian” who puts Jesus and “why can’t we all get along” will NOT join a whites-only movement. But a Jew will join so as to control and destroy and subvert it. Even in terms of “racism”, the Christian has more dignity and honesty than the Jew (I am an Atheist, so I don’t have any goofy God standing in my way of totally defending my WHITENESS. It is such a wonderful, healthy, free feeling to be free of the insanity of beliefs. Try it.)
One last thing Mr. Taylorstein, has any Jewish organization invited YOU to give a lecture before them? ANY? No. I didn’t think so. Shalom, Mr. Talyor
IF AMREN posts this, I will be surprised and will admire AMRENS defense of that WHITE concept of freedom of speech. (Another white concept hated by Jews, by the way)
Posted by White Activist at 10:09 AM on April 15
What about white muslims??? Albanians, Bosnians, Kosovans, Chechens, Ingushetians etc are all white,so I wonder what Jared Taylor’s postition is with regards to them? After all if white homosexuals are welcome then why not white muslims????
Posted by They call me the wonderer at 10:44 AM on April 15
I am dismayed at Mr. Taylor’s stance though I do understand it. I believe he wants to avoid this issue in order to allow the movement to forge ahead and in order to do so, it has to attract moderate Whites. This is a respectable stance though it will eventually need serious addressing.
I offer this link on Jewish Expulsions on my blog that shows a disturbingly repetitive nature one finds with Jews in various nations throughout history. One needs to understand why this is.
I welcome those few Jews in the above comments who want to belong and are willing to choose an allegiance with White Nationalists over Judaism. We would not be having this discussion or seeing these problems if Jews in general were more open to assimilation versus maintaining separatism as some of Jewish commenters advocate. Regrettably, those Jews are in the extreme minority.
Posted by Ethnocentrist at 10:51 AM on April 15
What Jared Taylor is attempting to do is to weed out the paranoid idiots and delusionary fools among the ranks and give AR some semblance of intellectual credibility, which it sorely needs in order to be taken seriously.
He has already in the past made clear his opinion of arm band Nazis like David Duke and the KKK. (By the way, did any of you notice that he did not refer to Duke by name?) In responding to the charge by blacks that the KKK oppresses them, he has written the following:
“This is why every time some white semi-moron burns a cross he becomes a celebrity.”
“A look beneath the white sheets of the Ku Klux Klan does not reveal college professors and bank presidents but high school dropouts and gas station attendants. Is this miniscule band of losers supposed to be capable of oppressing an entire race?” Pages 266-7,”Paved with Good Intentions.”
“Semi-morons” and “losers” — could he be more clear on the subject? Or more correct? The only other description of note he left out is that of the paranoid, i.e. the David Dukes and the Kevin MacDonalds, both of whom have terminal cases of Jew-on-the-brain. So do a large majority of Amrens’ posters. Scapegoating is a common psychological defense mechanism: blaming someone else for your own personal shortcomings or failures insead of taking personal responsibility for your actions and their results.
How, by the way, did Jews ostensibly get all the power Jew-haters and Jew-baiters say we have? To suggest that a miniscule religious minority could gain such complete control over an entire race AND civilization is on its face so absurd as to be laughable. Laughable it would be were it not so pathetic. What does that say about you if you believe that?
So to all of you out there, have your David Duke with his Phd from some rinky dink Ukrainian college noted for being a cesspool of anti-Semitism and your Kevin MacDonald who is a second rate intellectual from a third rate college. They give your paranoia and scapegoating a semblance of intellectual legitimacy. (By the way, check out the Wikipedia article on MacDonalds’ brand of evolutionary psychology and how it is universally dismissed by other academics.) Have your Hal Turners, your Don Blacks, your Tom Metzgers, your James Wickstroms, your Richard Butlers. Have them all if they feed into your psychological weaknesses.
And, yes, please keep those attacks and hate filled emails a’ comin’. Vent that irrational anger. Maybe when you come out of the other side of it, you’ll be able to think.
Just maybe.
Posted by White, Jewish, and Proud at 11:13 AM on April 15
I have read so many conflicting and paranoid statements. The most common is how liberal Jews are and vote for Democrats. I ask this. Are the Republicans fighting to end non-white immigration? Bush wants open borders. So-called Republican John McCain wants open borders. The Republican controlled Senate opposed a border wall (note Israel has built their wall. These illegal alien protests are being organized by Hispanic groups. I saw these protests on TV and saw some European flags being flown. Does anyone actually believe that if all Jews simply disappared then illegal immigration would stop? black crime would cease to exist? homosexuals and their agenda would end? I say come back to planet earth. I am of German/English ancestry. My father was a secular pragmatist. My mother was a de facto Nordic supremist who imperelled me not to marry Catholics or Italians/Greeks. My point if anyone thinks white gentiles are all on the same boatneeds to open hsi eyes. AR works because it has gotten Jared Taylor on TV. Whenever clowns from the National Alliance and Stormfront manage to get on TV they preach de facto nazism. White people behind closed doors hate this demograpic change taking place. But they want this debate to be seemly and reasonable. As soon as Nazi flags and the “Hitler is Our Hero” nonsense comes out, these honest whites run for the hills. I am more concerned about white leftist gentiles, unions and organized Hispanic groups who push open borders. The BIGGEST supporter of open borders is the Catholic Church. So I guess we should throw catholic ouf of AR.
Posted by Frank Wolffe at 11:34 AM on April 15

Another aspect of the underlying antagonistic relationship between Jews and Whites is that Jews are allowed and encouraged to self-identify. This is something that most Jewish organizations deny Whites.
It’s one of the double standards applied to Jews that drives Whites mad.
Posted by sbuffalonative at 11:37 AM on April 15
Respectfully, this is the correct attitude, Mr Taylor, and it will ensure that you will continue to be given the chance to debate in mainstream news and radio programs occasionally.
Posted by David at 11:43 AM on April 15
Me Again. I can not stay off this topic. The only topic I enjoy more is anything about Drew/King Medical hospital in L.A.
AMREN: You have the connections. You may have the money. Perhaps it is time for your organization to do the definitive research on the “conspiracy” theory of history. You know. The “international Jewish Bankers/Rothschild/CFR/Rockefeller/Income Tax/Federal Reserve….linkage that many of us research endlessly.
Put an END to this. Prove it correct or show it is a hoax. I will accept your research. If the conspiracy is TRUE, we need to know. If it just wild immagination, then we can move on to the real issues.
I have a terrible feeling that if you really do spend the time and money and expertise to do this, most or all of you will be killed. Why? Becasue I believe this conspriracy exist and is for the benefit of the Jewish Race.
The method of assisination in a .22 cal bullet behind the ear. (Mossad)
Posted by White Activist at 12:17 PM on April 15
Did Lawrence Auster, a speaker at the first American Renaissance conference, suddenly change his race to white when he converted from Judaism to Christianity?
Lawrence Auster is one of the most insightful persons I have ever seen in my life.
What exactly is a “Jew” in the United States? Can anyone please clear that up?
Many who have ancestors from Europe also have Jewish ancestors and they don’t even know it.
Mr. Auster is wonderful. I agree wholeheartedly with what he writes.
Posted by Viktor at 12:37 PM on April 15
I think Amren’s position is erroneous but not for the reasons many belive. There is an emormously valuable dialogue that can occur with Jews who openly condemn Jewish subversion of white culture — not just because it is “bad for the Jews” but because it is bad for whites. There have been disappearingly few such Jews for a very long time but recently I heard Rabbi Mayer Schiller taking such a stand.
This is the sort of man who should represent Jews to Amren and were he to be the representative of Jews to Amren I think Amren might find itself potentiating a very crucial conversation.
Posted by James Bowery at 12:41 PM on April 15
To ctr and others of a similar mindset-The truth of the matter is this-Jews have been at the forefront of every leftist movement in America ever since they began coming to America in appreciable numbers beginning with the “second” great wave of immigration from 1890 to 1920. Jews, who rightfully portray themselves as victims of the Nazi “holocaust”, visited an even more deadly holocaust on other ethnic Russians as the leadership cadre of the Bolshevik Revolution, in which they predominated, and in Stalinist Russia, in which they ran the secret police and the management of the Gulags, as well as virtually every other important institution in Soviet life(except the Russian Orthodox Church). The death count of Soviet Communism far exceeded that of the Nazis(approximately 36 million to 11 million). As Kevin McDonald observes in the article, “Stalin’s Willing Executioners” in the Fall 2005 edition of Occidental Quarterly, “The situation prompts reflection on what might have happened in the United States had American Communists and their sympathizers assumed power. The ‘red diaper babies’ came from jewish families which ‘around the breakfast table, day after day, in Scarsdale, Newton, Great Neck, and Beverly Hills, have discussed what an awful, corrupt, immoral, undemocratic, racist society the United States is. Indeed, hatred toward the peoples and cultures of non-jews and the image of enslaved ancestors as victims of antisemitism have been the Jewish norm throughout history-much commented on, from Tacitus to the present. It is easy to imagine which sectors of American society would have been deemed “overly backward and religious”(like the kulaks and Ukranian peasants) and therefore worthy of mass murder had the American Communists taken over the government. Those most likely to have been deemed “overly backward and religious” in America would undoubtedly have been ‘red state Americans’”. Red State Americans, which includes Amren, in other words, would likely have been the American Kulaks. Thus far the persecution mounted against us has been limited to affirmative action, which, now that you think of it, has done a pretty remarkable job of marginalizing white male gentiles. I, like Jared Taylor, am heartened by the development of Jewish conservatives like radio talk show celebrity Michael Savage and many posters here at Amren, but in light of the demonstrated tendency of jews to infiltrate and take over conservative organizations and turn them to the left( consider the neocons in the Republican Party), I would recommend that Taylor and Amren’s leadership proceed cautiously. I don’t want to click on Amren someday to learn that it has been taken over too!
Posted by Blowtorch Mason at 12:54 PM on April 15
It’s obvious in my opinion, you have to talk about the whole problem, that means every gentile involved in the destruction of our race, if we are going to save it. The Jewish horse is beaten to death by other organizations. How about beating the gentile one? Someone has to do it. If we don’t single out these judicial activists, big business economic treasonists, and the other real parts of the problem, and focus on the smaller Jewish problem then the white race will never be saved. Sure Jews have problems. The problem is that people are fixated on them and ignore any other problems.
Posted by kane at 1:04 PM on April 15
Well I thought I had found a home, free of neo-Nazi blind hatred and stupidity but objective and intelligent enough to recognize the true enemies of White survival.The critics of the Jews should all know their place by now.Be they politicians,professors,preachers,or authors no one is free to question the motives,actions,or history of “the chosen”.Kneel as you may at their alter your submission will not spare you from your ultimate fate.The Jews will in the end suffer the same destruction they have organized for the White race both here and in Europe.Can’t you see every attempt at White Nationalism is attacked by Jews or their leftist subordinates?
Posted by at 1:13 PM on April 15
to “Zorba the Geek”-I, like you, don’t want Amren taken over by “grandstanders and showboaters”, but neither do I want it taken over by jewish leftists, which has been a consistent pattern of conduct(cf. “cultural marxism”) over the past century or more. Just look at the neocon takeover of the Republican Party, not to mention Hollywood(Zanuck, Sam Goldwyn, Louis B. Mayer), the major news media(Pinchy Sulzberger and the New York Times), higher education-the list is endless! Just remember-fools rush in where wise men fear to tread. Life doesn’t have a rewind button! If you lose control, you’ve lost it for good!
Posted by Bronco Billy at 1:14 PM on April 15
Dear Mr. Taylor,
Many people have written in response to this article, that they will no longer have anything to do with AR, presumably because they don’t like jews. Please know, that for everyone of them, there are probably ten more people who now will be more willing to associate themselves with AR.
David Duke was (is) a Nazi. Nazism is unamerican. Most patriotic americans loathe and despise it - our fathers, uncles, and grand-fathers fought to destroy it. Giving someone like Duke the time-of-day, let alone a podium, dishonors the memory of our own fathers.
I am a gentile (anglo-saxon in origin), and count myself a philo-semite. Jews and jewish influences have been a part of western civilization since the dawn of christianity. Many posters here have (rightly, I think) pointed out that many if not most Jews are liberal, and that many of them have contributed to making of this country the nightmare it has become. But so have many anglicans and catholics (many of them themselves anti-semitic). So have WASPs like Bill Clinton, and George Bush, father and son.
France, far into its decsent into multiculturalism, has been historically known as one of the more anti-semitic countries in Europe. In Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands, Jews have only been a small and politically insignificant population, and yet these countries have also succumbed to the liberal disease that has plagued the whole west. Likwise in Britain.
Anti-semitism and jew-baiting will hinder any movement that you want to build. It is a distraction from the goal of preserving our traditional culture. You have made the right decision.
Posted by CSinAL at 1:41 PM on April 15
“White, Jewish, and Proud is lapping this article up. But how proud are you if you lick the hand of a man who won’t speak out when your people are insulted?”
Posted by Invictus at 11:32 PM on April 14
I lick no one’s hand. I only lick my chops when my Zionist Conspiracy check comes in the mail
“You must think us fools, sir.”
Posted by Svigor at 11:08 PM on April 14
No not “us”,sir, just you personally.
Posted by White, Jewish, and Proud at 1:52 PM on April 15
I worked in televison news in Los Angeles for 7 years. I think I am qualified to speak on an important element of this issue: the influence Jews enjoy in the media, and their heavy presence in the media. I can tell you that all of the people here thinking they are taking the high road, who are trying to be pseudo-intellectuals, trying to be open-minded do not have a clue. The majority of jews, at least those that are in influentual positions, do not care about other whites, nor do they care about the United States or Europe when it comes to their being white. This is one reason I left “the biz”. It was a stunning education as to how this country is actually run, on the hypocrisy and hatred of European whites behind much of what is fed to the masses as information.
Mr. Taylor, if you think you are ever going to get a majority of Jews to go along with Amren, I believe you are sorely mistaken, no matter what you may have been promised behind the scenes. The average Jewish person on the street is as clueless as many whites when it comes to understanding what is really going on. But, the average Jewish person will blindly do whatever the “Big Jews” tell them to. They have an extreme loyalty to their group that does not need to be discussed here. Whites in general are atomized, independent. That has been the source of much of past greatness. But that can be exploited as a weakness. While most whites went around taking care of personal business throughout the 20th century, small but dedicated groups of hard core Jewish anarchists worked endlessly on making the US and Europe “good for the Jews”, the rest of the whites be damned. That much of this is now backfiring on them is not a surprise, look at immigration, but the fact is that Jewish groups banded together to do some very bad things behind the scenes. This dishonesty was and is intentional. The crowning achievement of these anarchists was the Immigration Act of 1965, which they then made sure had some “useful idiots” like Ted Kennedy sponsor. This act of treason paved the way for illegal immigration down the line, businesses hopping in and hauling in foreign workers by the truckload and more. Now we Jews believing that they are safer in a multicultural America, but it really isn’t the case. To paraphrase what was mentioned in Mr. Taylor’s statement, all the non-whites see is another white, albeit a more priveleged one.
I won’t get into conspiracies, because a conspiracy is not needed all of the time to get things done. All that is needed is a small group of dedicated people working together toward a common goal. That’s the Jewish way. When they see whites begin to work together in similar fashion, then they do their best to attack those people, the ADL, SPLC, the media all kick in. I know. I was there. The influence the ADL and other anti-white Jewish groups have over what you see on television, film, newspapers et al is amazing and frightening. I will not go into the media ownership issue as do so-called “neo-Nazis” because I don’t have to. I worked with the News Directors, Station Managers, Producers and so on. They were overwhelmingly Jewish, and overwhelmingly had an agenda(s). If you didn’t like it, leave, and don’t think you’ll get a similar job anywhere else in town buddy. These foot-soldiers for the cause didn’t have to state their agendas, but they did on occasion. This is not made up. It is simple fact. I worked in Los Angeles television news during the “Rodney King” incident. The people running the show saw this as a Godsend. Their glee, their open remarks as to this being a weapon to attack the status quo, meaning whites, was chilling. The reports at that time were so heavily orchestrated that even I was amazed. Most things went as these cultural nihilists wanted.
An interesting piece of trivia I should point out is the number of Jews I worked with who were from top schools, Ivy League schools, yet their academic qualifications were not outstanding, in fact, many were not much above average in high school, yet they attended Yale, Harvard and so on. I am aware that there are weatlhy whites who can get their kids into these schools, but even they can encounter difficulty unless they are a political hotdog. These Jewish kids, 2 of whom I went to high school with, would smirk and have a laugh over how easy it was to get into these prestigious schools. One of the gentlemen I went to HS with had an SAT a little over 1200 and told me he was literally recruited. He laughed and said that “…being Jewish helps!” I then asked if it worried him that people might see his score and that could start complaints someday, he said that could be taken care of. I wouldn’t doubt it, as the other co-worker I had attended high school with had also scored in the 1200’s but would go around telling people his SAT score was almost perfect! Creating myths everywhere and anywhere I suppose. I scored 1580 on my SAT and had no chance of getting into any of those schools depsite outscoring 99% of the students admitted. Even then I knew an average white guy would have his application tossed into the woodpile. My point is, many people know this goes on, including Mr. Taylor, but they are silent. Is the type of dishonesty displayed by these people, in this area and more, what you want at Amren? It is snobbery and arrogance combined with privelege, but don’t mention it, or you’re a Nazi. They have flooded these schools with their children, and the scores of them who should have not been admitted over more qualified whites float through school and make more connections and get the degree with presitige. Yes, I am aware that Ivy League schools have turned to crap for the most part, grade inflation is rampant, but they still have the rep, even though they are just empty shells. By the way, I went to UC Berkely, don’t get me started on that. I should add that while there are a lot of highly qualified Jewish (and Asian students) - I am aware of the long hours of study many of them put in - in raw numbers they are heavily outnumbered by qualified whites in the US. But whites are the minority at these and other schools. One Amren poster put up a link in another thread that showed statistics that proved the favoritism enjoyed by Jews and Asians when it came to admittance to Ivy League schools. I hope they post it again. The problems with college admittance are but one example of what Jews have engineered against whites. No one can honestly argue against it or deny it. It’s far worse than the Old Boy Network run by rich whites in the Northeast many years ago. Again, the schools are one example, but look at was has happened in corporate America, government work, you name it. And to be blunt, it doesn’t take much research to find Jews behind it, sometimes plugging in a “useful idiot” gentile like Ted Kennedy. It’s ironic, as the assassination of Ted’s older brother, JFK, essentially was the nail in the coffin that allowed the coup to assume full power and destroy America.
I know one of the attendees at this year’s AR Conference, and he did indeed say that in his opinion the Jews were there to try and move in, take over and manipulate, and that the gentleman who blew up at Mr. Duke appeared to be doing so in rehearsed fashion. I wouldn’t doubt it. I worked on many news shoots where “person on the street” interviews were set ups, or just carefully edited to get the statements the News Directors etc. wanted, and to show certain types of people. If you wonder why so many “on the street” interview pieces in LA just happen to feature Jews - who just happened to be on scene - don’t wonder anymore. I saw dozens of interviews tossed with only Jewish people and non-whites kept for air, and witnessed News Directors and Producers use friends and relatives to be used as “person on the street” or “eyewitness” snippets. No, it doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens almost every day. I am at the point where I wonder if Amren will have the courage to post this?
Most WN groups are tarred as “Nazis” early on. Brainwashing by the media and schools has made this term and others something that is foul or associated with horror, all in a calculated fashion. This was one of the methods of combat openly written about by the American Communist Party back in the 1950’s when explaining to their followers how to battle our culture. Make sure your enemy is always associated with words and terms that are already regarded as negative. This way any legit information WNs or other people may have is ignored, it’s been painted with the brush of hate loaded with Nazi imagery. Other people have written that whites need to take the words used by those who hate whites, including those used by anti-White Jews, and toss them back in their faces. Use them first. This is true. I saw people who were smart enough to do this, and the self proclaimed geniuses running the news didn’t know how to counter it. That’s because there is no way to counter it if you have the courage to act first. Whites need to take a page from that book of tactics used by the bolshevists here in the 50’s and 60’s and strike first, call your enemies racist, haters, anti-white, whatever, first, no matter what ethnic background they may be. This is what many Jews have done to Mr. Taylor, and he knows it. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all read it. I am not sure if Mr. Taylor is making his statement out of a genuine belief in thinking Jews will come into the flock, as a way to try and deflect Jewish directed criticism in the media (it will not work) or as part of some other long range plan, ideas I have that I will not go into in this already too long post. Yes, some have said Mr. Taylor is doing what his “masters” want. The Jews do work together to try and run things. You get enough disingenuous Jews into Amren, and they will work together to run Mr. Taylor and Amren into the ground. I think Mr. Taylor should do what most aware whites want, either keep them out, or have stringent rules and qualifications for those Jews who want to join the movement. Period. After all, that’s what they do with us.
There’s nothing wrong with calling people on their hypocrisy, and using their own tactics against them during a fight or war. Make no mistake Mr. Taylor, a sizable segment of the Jewish population is at war with the rest of the white population. Many know it, but will not openly state it here or to you. But actions speak louder than words. I hope you are keeping on eye on those you seem to be listening to.
Posted by Newsman at 1:52 PM on April 15
In all of my dealings with Jewish people I have always been treated well and got the best theyve had to offer. Many Jews have been my educators, my tudents (when I taught), my employers, employees and business partners. I have yet to have a single one be less than an honest outstanding, hard working person.
One Jew is responsible for helping me get out of a black neighborhood for which I will eternally be grateful. This was after many so-called whites attempted to take advantage of me in this situation.
Jews are an asset to every nation in which they live. They innovate, generate business, educate and generally maintain a high level of excellence in everything they do. Considering their small numbers along with the disproprotionally large number of significant contributions to Western Culture and science, I can’t understand these arguments against them.
Sure, some are far out there on the left, is that different than whites? Some are rabid Marxists and Multiculturalists and P.C. aristocrats. Still no different than whites. Yes they like to keep certain organizations to themselves only. How is this different from what we advocate her at AmRen?
Any cultural/intellectual differences Christian or secular whites have with Jews is so small as to be insignificant. Compare them with the differences between whites and blacks or hispanics or arabs. I think its a stupid point to be arguing this at all.
Posted by Mick at 2:02 PM on April 15
The notion that Amren should invite people like David Duke to “debate” ignores the simple fact that when the craziness of someone’s views passes a certain point, debate is futile. Would you really want to debate (say) some ultra-Orthodox Jewish fanatic who believes that non-Jews are really closer to farm animals than to human beings? Of course you wouldn’t, and neither would I. Someone who raves about the Jewish role in 9/11 is in the same category. By all means, repeal all the “anti-hate” laws and let everyone speak and publish as they like. But the WN movement will only be hampered in its effectiveness if it puts itself under an obligation to debate every lunatic hypothesis.
Posted by crowbone at 2:06 PM on April 15
From Posting…

1. Wow in all likelhood I’m probably the first if not the only non white person to post on this topic. I just want to say something about this board that I thought I would never say: but you people surprise.
2. I think it would be interesting to put together a BET/Amren conference and find out how different or similar both groups really are.
3. Being neither black nor white I think I’m qualified to make some fairly objective evaluations of both races. That is not to say that both races are not different but the similarities in white nationalist and afrocentrism movements is shocking in and of itself.
Perhaps you should ask your counterparts in the Afrocentrism movement to see the “white man” in themselves and you should explore your own “inner blackman” I think the results would be quite edifying.
That is not to say that substantial differences would not exist but I think the ability of both sides to live with the “other” would be greatly enhanced.
Posted by Yellow Man at 3:38 AM on April 15

Save your money on “feel good meetings”.
Get a job delivering Chinese take-out in Harlem and you’ll have your answer.
Posted by Technite at 2:10 PM on April 15
Timothy wrote: “What are the monetary considerations, Jared?…How much did they give you, and who gave you the order to post this aritice on Good Friday?”
OK, I admit it. I did it. Jared and I met at Morty’s Deli two weeks ago to negotiate the terms. Last Wednesday we cut the cheque on Bank Leumi, Tel Aviv branch. A cool million. The circumcision is planned for next Saturday and you’re all invited. Timothy, please don’t bring any gefilte fish, we have enough. Some Gryfe’s bagels would be nice, though.
Posted by crowbone at 2:12 PM on April 15
Victor at 6:43 PM on April 14 posted this:
“Nothing does the cause of European equal rights more damage than its association with anti semitism and National Socialism. AR is part of the traditional right of the Anglosphere, staunchly democratic and having nothing in common with European Fascism.Thats the reason why groups like the British BNP can’t get off the ground.”
Victor you could not be more wrong……..
I do hope my own post isn’t a little late in the day but i believe all American Renaissance readers could do with reading Nick Griffin’s unabridged “By their fruits (or lack of them) shall you know them” from the BNP site (Invictus is the only one to mention it so far in any post on this topic, but only linked to the heavily abridged American Renaissance version.)
P.S. i really believe that you will be doing yourself and American Renaissance readers a favour if everyone reads it in full before making further postings. thank you.
Posted by at 2:17 PM on April 15
Are we toilets or Gold miners?
On these issues we must use our minds. We must think. One of the weaknesses of the average human mind is that it tends to see only THIS, or only THAT. When this is combined with the ability to generalize, we have a powerful survival tool. One lion attacked us, another lion attacked us, therefore let’s stay the hell away from lions. This is instinctive reasoning, and very usefull most of the time. However, to truly succeed, we need deeper and more profound levels of discrimination and reasoning.
Here we can either be like gold miners or toilets. Toilets are very efficient and flush everything down together. Gold miners sift through mountains of dirt to get a few pounds of precious metal that makes them rich and powerful.
So, we can generalize, and say, “most Jews did this or that, let’s flush them”. Good, there goes Karl Marx and Diane Feinstein. Oops. There goes Einstein. And Aaron Zelman, Dennis Prager, Micheal Medved, David Horowitz and a few others who tirelessly do more to defend the best of American Civilization than millions of our liberal WASP white traitors.
If we could one by one choose only the very best of America for a shining new civilization, which method would best meet this goal; stand at the gate and say, “Are you a jew? Are you a jew? Sure, this would weed out the worst of the Liberal/Marxist scum. But it would also allow in piles of our own “white trash”.
Western industrial might is based on our ingenious ability to refine dirt and rock into steel and uranium and aluminum and gold.
Why not do the same with our people?
Why not stand at the gate and ask, “Are you intelligent? Principled? Courageous? Are you willing to die to defend the best of Western Civilization?
So, which is the best method of “refining” our civilization? The primitive instinctive “toilet” method? Or…”Gold mining” and advanced refinig techiniques?
Our choice may mean the difference between triumph or extinction.
Posted by John Stanton at 2:17 PM on April 15
There are always many forces at work devoted to dividing any White organization that appear to be successful or on the verge of being successful in making any gains for Whites.
It appears that one of these “forces” is well entrenched in American Renaissance. I sure won’t name this “force” though. AR might just be a bit shy about this.
I would have thought that AR would have censured the person who put on such a horrible display towards Dr. Duke at the AR conference. It looks more like Dr. Duke got the bad rap here.
A Jew is a Jew first. Some of them claim to be White Men, perhaps some of them are, but they are still Jews before they are White Men. The interests of their “tribe” will be served berore the White Man’s will be.
Posted by Celt at 2:28 PM on April 15
While Amren’s “Jewish Question” is a controversial topic, one thing that always pops up during discussions on Jews is their accomplishments in many areas. What is disturbing sometimes is to see the propaganda that some Jews created is indeed successful in many ways. For instance, fasterplease writes that SDI was created by Edward Teller. Teller was a very smart man, but he supported SDI, he didn’t develop it. Along these lines are myths surrounding Einstein, turning him into a God, without mentioning the truly serious questions regarding his failure to cite Paretto, Lorenz, Fitzgerald, Poincare and others. In fact it appears he flat out took some of their work and ideas and credited himself, with Jewish media trumpeting out all criticism. I mention this to point out the power held by Jews. Power that Amren wants to always ignore or deny. We never hear the end of Salk. Great man. But not the only man to create a vaccine. But he was Jewish. This goes on in many areas. Jewish accomplishment gets a lot of press, whether its deserved or not. Jewish accomplishment in many cases is exaggerated as part of an attack on white confidence that is enacted on many fronts. Don’t even try to say Jews do not run the media. They do. And the media is explicitly anti White, pro non-white, and very, very pro-Jewish to the point of worship. White accomplishment might get some press. But it’s generally ignored. We hear about how many Jews win Nobel prizes, but very little is said about the pressure put on the Nobel committee by Jewish groups. This has been mentioned, but it doesn’t get much play. Is the same type of pressure being put on Jared Taylor?
Yes, we will have the usual suspects claim I am just anoter frustrated white male. Maybe so, but if that’s the case, it’s for good reason. LIke other Amren readers, I am employed in a field that requires some intellectual ablility. I work with a good number of Jews. I will be blunt on this. I have seen a large proportion of these people try to take credit for research and work done by others. Sometimes they’ve succeeded. Complaints are lodged, but pressure comes from somewhere, and the powers that be sweep it under the rug. The worst case I witnessed involved two Jewish doctors stealing another man’s work and discovery regarding the structure of the brain and how it affected or precipitated a certain mental disorder. The press championed these two thieves. It took years just to have the proper man’s work acknowledged. However, it received scant notice anywhere, even in elite journals. The two miscreants still are credited in most books. People know what happened, yet these two thieves still bask in the approbation of their supporters, taking credit for work they did not do, insights they never realized, just because so many Jews are treated as untouchable. Mr. Taylor must know this type of thing goes on throughout the West. These two men in fact seemed to get some honor just for their chutzpah. Mr. Taylor, if you allow Jews to influence your movement, it will be coopted. They have money, and will work together at the same time distracting you and others. If you have a united “board of directors” that adheres to some standards, then maybe you have a chance. Whites need to learn to work as a group, just like Jewish people. Back to my stories, I mention them because the propaganda you see, and history you see regarding Jewish success in some fields may not be what you think it is. Many times a group of them will work together and prop up a front man to take credit, to be the genius. Some of their big names in science have been legitimate, others have been group projects one could say. Laugh if you want, but I have seen it in my field. This has to go on in other areas. Mr. Taylor either needs to be very careful, or he should change his mind. Many of these people are raised to believe they have to be on guard and constantly deceive us. That’s just the way it is.
Posted by Research at 2:31 PM on April 15
Mr. Taylor seems to want to ignore history and take a hold-hands “koom-by-ya” approach to the “Jewish Question”. Any person with common sense and a desire to learn the truth knows that Jews, particularly Zionist Jews, have always been (and always will be) the enemy of the White/European people.
They are always (with some exceptions, so it isn’t TOTALLY OBVIOUS) behind every movement to destroy/deconstruct Western civilization. Communism, Feminism, Intergration/Desegragation, etc…..
To ignore this fact is to place the whole movement/cause in peril. I guess I will cancel my subscription to AR because anyone who is afraid to name the real enemy will be of no use to us in the street fights that are coming…….
Stand up Whites….don’t be afraid to name the Wizard behind the curtain.
Posted by Chuck Coats at 2:32 PM on April 15
In this third millennium of the Christian calendar, ironically enough, the Jews have come to fill the role of the great capitalists as described in Karl Marx’s COMMUNIST MANIFESTO of 1848. They have established their world tyranny and “marginalized” the other 7 billion normal alias “gentile” members of humanity, thus making themselves the tiny bull’s-eye in the center of a large target. Today, just as every patriot or loyal son of his own country must also be a matriot or loving daughter of our Mother Earth, so also must every white man who wishes to promote the development of his own breed seek first of all to further the interest of our rainbow race as a whole. Will the Gentle Reader pray conider the slogan 4TJAM? —meaning “For Truth, Justice And the Milky way” ?
In that spirit, the alert student of history & of politics will be aware that the Jews pursue their goal of domination through tactics of assassination (as in the cases of Abraham Lincoln, Huey Long, Lord Moyne, Count Folke Bernadotte, John & Robert Kennedy, Princess Diana and Paul Wellstone), monopolizing the propaganda organs aka “mainstream news media” and industrial blood-sucking or thievery on a global scale. The sad fates of Mohammed al-Dura, of Rachel Corrie, of Professor Khaled Salah, of Iman al-Hams and of Akaber Zaid (3/17/’06) reveal the nature of the menace which threatens all of us until we finally rouse ourselves in majesty to put an end to it forever.
A white supremacist = a fool who would burn down his own house in order to provide more light for looking at himself in the mirror.
Posted by Hal Womack at 2:40 PM on April 15
“I could not disagree more strongly with his position.At the last conference of over three hundred participants Jews were roughly five percent of the attendees.”
If Jews did make up 5% of the attendees, and they only represent 2.5-3% of the population, doesn’t that speak for itself? Many of the concerns are quite valid, but if they are moving forward, just as we all are trying to do, toward the same goals and ideas, what does it matter if they are born Jews. Being born by Jewish parents doesn’t mean you are loyal to Israel or Judaism, though obviously there may be genetic influences on the majority (just as the case with blacks). If you believe that Jared is trying to appease SPLC, ADL, etc. then it would only make sense that these Jews involved in AmRen would be as well. I’d imagine they are certainly NOT doing themselves any favors in the eyes of a majority of Jews who see their views as dispicable (just as they see the views of all AmRen).
If anythinig, it is to the greater personal disparity of Jews to involve themselves in AmRen and the greater overall benefit to AmRen intellectually.
Posted by Minority In Baltimore at 2:45 PM on April 15
I will no longer be a supporter of Amren!
All I have to say is “LET THE JEWS IN AT YOUR OWN PERIL!!!!”
Posted by Richard at 2:58 PM on April 15
Jews don’t have one distinctive spot where they stand and also don’t have one distinctive vision of the future.
Just like in the christian and atheist white group, you will find a lot of different opinion in the jewish white group.
Posted by Fred at 7:56 AM on April 16
There was a book which came out in the 1970’s called “The Decline of the WASP,” written by a Jewish author whose name I can’t remember. Its premise was that while the generation of Jewish intellectuals such as Herman Wouk, Chaim Potok and others needed to adapt to certain WASP societal norms and values, by the 1970’s this was no longer the case due to massive entry of Jews into elite prep schools and Ivy League universities. Now they were “calling the cultural shots.”
I believe this thesis is correct, for all I have seen and observed, and therefore the question is why this new leadership class of United States society is continuing to “kill the goose that laid the golden egg” by encouraging non-white immigration (this is not to say that they are the only group, by any means),
pushing for amalgamation of the races, and basically moving the U.S. towards a minority white society.
The tentative conclusion I draw is that we’re dealing with what Jung called the “collective unconscious.” If one accepts the theory of Freud, that the mind of a human beings is 10% at the rational level and 90% at the subconcious level, then applying this to group dynamics there’s the question of whether Jews, as a group, are playing out some kind of revenge against people they see as Aryans, racially similar or identical to those in Germany who supported National Socialism. Thus much unconcious thinking and feeling might involve how if Aryans are not eliminated gradually from the face of the earth, then somehow a new genocidal plan could be invented against Jews as a group.
The premise of American Renaissance seems to be that rationality will win out in the end, as the facts of race and
other issues are presented to all whites, including Jews. I wonder, as year by year goes by and little or no change takes place in the thinking and attitudes of the Jewish power structure, whether this approach is going to work after all.
Posted by Paul Jones at 8:25 AM on April 16
Jared Taylor’s position on this issue is certainly clear. But there’s still an element of self-deception at work, I’m sorry to say. I think AR is being very disingenuous in its approach to the Jewish Question, which so far has been to ignore it and hope that it, and some of the more extreme baggage that goes with it, will conveniently disappear. Similarly, I think that those ‘right wing Jews’ who are trying to join and influence the white nationalist movement are either monumental case studies in self-delusion, or are engaged in an act of political impudence that takes chutzpah to a new level.

There is a problem surrounding what someone once described as ‘freethinking Jews’ and the undesirability of having too many of them in otherwise homogeneous Western, Christian nations (this was the opinion of T S Eliot, not usually considered your typical Jew-hating lunatic. Of course, the book in which he stated this has never been republished). That problem is the well-documented solvent influence that (liberal-left)Jewish organisations, Jewish intellectuals (whether liberal, left or neo-con.), and perhaps even Jewish values (universalism, one-worldism, perfectionism, and egalitarianism for the human race, courtesy of God’s chosen people) have had on Western nation-states since Jewish emancipation in the Nineteenth Century.
Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy documents this recurring phenomena, as it affects the US, extremely well. For those Jews who are in the habit of attending AR conferences to pretend that the problems that the nationalist movement is trying to solve have not in large part been created and fostered by a recognisable Jewish intellectual progressivist tradition (though this is not intended to implicate all Jews), a tradition that is hostile to Christianity, the nation-state, traditions of ethnic, inherited, kin-based and communal identity (with an exception being made for Jews, as with Israel’s Law of Return), is simply absurd. It is the recognition of the disintegrative effect that Jewish intellectual and moral influence has had on Western societies that has led so many conservative intellectuals, from Maurras to Eliot to MacDonald, in so many countries, to unfailingly identify a Jewish problem - arising out of the disproportionate influence exerted by Jewish organisations and interest groups - and to regard this problem as a far more significant challenge to the maintenance of a traditional national identity in France, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Russia, the US and other nation-states than either the influence or presence of any other ethnicity (though muslim and Hispanic migration in Europe and the US respectively are leading to a set of changed priorities re these modern day invasions - but in both cases we see significant Jewish organisations, thinkers, media outlests and individual activists supporting muslim and Hispanic settlement in the West, while remaining clear-eyed about and hostile to demands by the descendants of Arab refugees to return to Israel and re-take that country by permanently transforming its demography. Only today I heard an expatriate Jewish-American, Ned Temko, on BBC News 24 comparing the demonstrations by illegal aliens to the civil rights movement!).

The flip-side of this issue is the recognition that Jews, as a group, have in the twentieth and twenty first centuries made significant contributions to science and the arts; they possess, on average, an extremely high-level of civilisation (not to mention intelligence), both individually and collectively; they are rarely ever a financial burden on the societies in which they live; and and their distinctive identity is partly rooted in the Western tradition.
There is a Jewish problem in some Western nations; but it would be wrong to view Jews solely as a problem. The problem also extends to the feebleness of the Western response to Jewish influence (and I think that Jews are, like any other group, entitled to attempt to exert their influence in any way they wish; and Westerners are equally entitled to resist and reduce that influence, in the interests of indigenous values and traditions). The issue is complicated, but is nonetheless real for that. I think AR has added to the complication by refusing to address the issue openly. The language in which a matter like this ought to be discussed, and the tone, are lacking because so few of the right people are prepared to engage with the question at all, which if they did would provide a standard of civilised discussion that this subject has been lacking for some time now. This is a matter that can be raised and considered reasonably, calmly and without the kind of Holocaust-denying, Jew-baiting, ZOG-ranting insanity that has filled the argumentative vacuum created by the refusal of responsible voices like AR’s to engage with a difficult issue. Recalling the fate of people like the late Sam Francis and Joe Sobran, and their particular punishment of permanent expulsion from the MSM, suggests that Jared Taylor has good reasons for approaching this issue prudently, and not provoke the wrath of a group whose belief in free speech has always stopped when it comes to free speech about them. But I don’t think he’s entitled to simultaneously believe that his otherwise excellent journal is fearlessly addressing all the issues that are important for those who wish to conserve the identity, influence and continuity of the white race. It is almost incredible to think that there is only one group on the entire planet that people go in fear and trepidation of when it comes to expressing their opinions, and in relation to whom self-censrship is the preferred option.
Posted by PI at 8:26 AM on April 16
The point I think Mr. Taylor is missing is that all ethnic groups ultimately refer back to their interests if not identity. Organized Jews, for whatever reason, have this trait in abundance, but ethnic identity is inherent in human beings so is present in less conscious Jews also, just like everyone else. I agree with those that ultimately AR will have to bend in the direction of Jewish interests if it continues in this path simply. History has shown time and again that organized Jews will if allowed occupy position of power and control over other societies. Kevin MacDonald has documented this thoroughly.
Nor are Jews purely European either genetically or culturally, and evaluation of genetics and culture will show a mix of European and Semitic roots in varying degrees. Just having the Old Testament, lacking the New or any non-Western scripture, as your guiding text will affect the mentality differently due to its different history and morals. Further, Jews were self-defined as a religious people, Europeans not, though this could be due to obliteration of part of the European legacy by the imposition of Christianity. This also creates different effects on the mind and thus forms cultural differences and identities. Perhaps in some distant future most American Jews will become totally Europeanized, but this is not necessarily a good thing. It sounds more like cultural genocide (or suicide).
This is not to say Jews (or blacks for that matter) are bad or Europeans good - all groups have their share of both good and bad, and I do not believe in any kind of white supremacy, though we have our virtues. The point is that all groups have their own culture, history, identity, aspirations and interests, and that like tectonic plates these differences at this point in history will rub up against each other and conflict where group identity is most developed. The “liberal” solution to this is to try to exterminate ethnic identity, though in practice this means European identity only. Aside from being unrealistic, it is also a nihilistic solution, and so cannot be supported given all the fantastic things produced by various cultures.
The partially liberal, Jewish-inclusive, AR solution to this will also end in tension and conflict because of these very same forces, as well as the likelihood that persons interested in dominance rather than cooperation will enter AR. Those Jews or European Americans who claim to have no special identity are either being dishonest with themselves in my opinion, or need to have their sense of historical identity revived if we are not to lose more of the critical numbers needed to sustain a historical legacy. As a result, ethnic separatism cannot include the inclusiveness Mr. Taylor envisions in a new political program as regarding Jews. Each group will have to be self-determining and have its own resources if conflict, false peace, and cultural attrition are to be avoided. The only exception I can think of would be - perhaps - Asian Americans, who show a strong interest in becoming part of European society and not organizing too separately politically even while maintaining some of their culture. I think only after separation will longstanding groups in the U.S. be able to gain genuine trust, but this will take time. Too much damage has been done all around for it to happen quickly and as a result of cheap sermonizing, though some individuals may prove their trustiworthiness before that.
Posted by To be free at 8:56 AM on April 16
I am very definitely not a Dave Duke fan. His crude reductionism and selfish grandstanding at AmRen 2006 were distasteful, though in a free society (as America still is compared to England) we must all defend his right to say things with which we disagree.
Surely the correct balance is to say that individual Jews who see themselves as part of our community and don’t subscribe to Zionist supremacist positions are welcome at AmRen, but Jews and Gentiles alike are going to have to listen to things that they don’t wish to hear, as well as speeches with which they broadly agree, all as part of the price of a free society, which is well worth paying when one considers the alternatives?
Adrian Davies
Posted by Adrian Davies at 9:16 AM on April 16
The number of non-facts reported on this thread really takes the cake (the KKK is financed by Jews and Blacks, Princess Diana was murdered by the Jews, Lenin was Jewish, Samuel Goldwyn was a leftist, etc.). Do you realize that if America’s white population was informed that this is what an apparently significant proportion of white nationalists believe, the “movement” would be completely discredited, and Mr. Taylor’s 17 years of labor would go straight into the ashcan? I urge Mr. Taylor to consider that it isn’t enough to say that right-minded Jews are welcome at Amren; it is also necessary to excommunicate the moonbats. A tent big enough to contain the latter will collapse, because most white Americans aren’t crazy enough or malicious enough to buy what they’re selling.
Posted by crowbone at 9:24 AM on April 16
Even Griffin’s statement wasn’t satisfactory, because he took on a relatively insignificant anti-Semite rather than going after Duke.
Posted by Invictus at 11:32 PM on April 14
Haven’t you seen Griffin “posing” for pics at the AR conference w/Duke, Don Black, the Stormfront & National Alliance people? He definitely wouldn’t be stupid enough to call any of them by name when denouncing their usual mantra. He doesn’t want to cut off any contributions coming his way that they are willing to give him.
Posted by at 9:41 AM on April 16
I’ll stand with Jared Taylor on this issue.
However, such stances are becoming more and more irrelevant. The time is fast coming when everybody is going to be forced by their actions to declare themselves. Those Jewish people who attack American White Patriots at every chance have already declared where they stand.
I take a man at his word, so If a man says he’s with me, fine. But he has to prove himself when the chips are down, not with just words either, but through deeds. This won’t only be for Jews to prove their loyaly to the cause of the American Idea, but for everybody. How many people who are posting here have very close family members who are enemies of this Nation. I’d wager plenty of them. Myself included. When it comes down to your family member who’s against us and your comrade in arms, who are you going to choose? I’m comfortable with my choice. My choice is the White American Patriot. If he’s a Jew, fine. If he’s WASP or anything else, I don’t care. Only that he’s with me or against me.
I think the die is already cast in our country and there will be race war. This isn’t an intellectual exercise anymore. We’re at the end times of all this talk.
Posted by Tom Iron at 10:06 AM on April 16

I have read all the posts to this point and I have some conclusions:
1) The position taken by Mr. Taylor is overwhelming applauded by Jewish members.
2) The position taken by Mr. Taylor will not appease any Jewish organization and neither will it attract any noticeable increase in individual Jewish members and support.
3) The position taken by Mr. Taylor is driving away many good, honorable, and noble White Nationalists.
4) Appeasement to Jews is surrendering American Renaissance to Jewish control. From this point on, every position must seek Jewish approval and be Semiticly Correct.
To quote Mr. Taylor:
AR does not, on the other hand, have litmus tests for subscribers or conference participants.
But isn’t this what Jews want? Aren’t they demanding that Nazis be kept out or more importantly people THEY define as Nazis? Aren’t Jews the ones that are being allowed to set standards and policies; who is acceptable and not? Aren’t Jews the ones who demand concessions and appeasement? And what do they offer in return? It seems to me, this is the same thing that EVERY minority demands; submission, restrictions, appeasement, concessions, and ultimately control.
I have to ask this question. Has anything that American Renaissance done ever appeased a Jewish organization?
Mr. Taylor would have us believes that appeasement and concessions to Jews is necessary but I have to ask, why and for what? To garner favor and support? Has that ever happened? Does he honestly believe it ever will?
Jews should not be telling American Renaissance how to run their organization or who is acceptable as a member and what politically correct views members most maintain. Likewise, those opposing Jews should also understand that American Renaissance is not their organization and they have no right to tell American Renaissance what to do either.
As I have always said, American Renaissance is Mr. Taylors’ and as such, he has the sole authority to set policy. But in this case, I have to ask, what has this particular policy ever done to advance our cause? It has always seemed to me that at best, this is zero sum. At worst, it’s turning over the control of American Renaissance to people who have questionable and conflicting self-interested motives. And because they can freely maneuver between two groups, that of Whites and Jews, how can you ever really know what their ultimate motives may be? Is this support or infiltration?
Mr. Taylor, no matter how nice you are, Jews will consider you a Nazi in the same minority fashion that no matter how nice you are to blacks, they will consider you a racist.
What did Jesus ask? What profits a man to gain the world but lose his soul? From my perspective, Jews can claim another victory.
Posted by sbuffalonative at 10:10 AM on April 16
How sad. Jared cuts his own white throat. And to the whining pro-Jew nellies here who are not themselves lying, insidious Jews: You don’t get it! You sound as ridiculous as a lemming squealing shrilly about “Wacism”. You have seen only half the light Half the answer is no answer at all.
Posted by Grantland at 10:11 AM on April 16
Another great article by Jared Taylor posted on the best site on the internet.
However I have to question the statements, “Jewish influence was decisive in destroying the traditional consensus on race” and “Jewish influence derailed what used to be a healthy racial consciousness” I question, not who has or has not caused the current sad state of affairs… I question just how racialy conscious and united whites have been in the past.
Sure ‘the holocaust’ and ‘slavery’ were perpetrated by whites in the past but these same whites also continually allowed mass minority immigration into the USA. Not something a sane racially conscious people would do.
It’s been said thats whites have been ‘unconsciously-racist’. There have been efforts at anti-racism all throughout the past. At least efforts at eradicating white racism. These efforts at anti white-racism continue even after the 1960’s have passed. Even after it’s obvious whites are the victims of racism.
In todays world a young black hoodlum or ‘troubled youth’ has more street-cred than the president of the United States. And something analogious to street cred is all that matters nowadays. If you are a young white person today, you have no chance of being esteemed as highly as your black brown or yellow co-workers and classmates. This is before government and organizational preferences kick in. The only hope for pleasant or equal treatment from minorities, and, even equal treatment from other whites, is to avoid interacting with minorities. Something many whites attempt to do when possible.
I realize that in todays world ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ and perhaps even ‘egalitarianism’ almost always stand for the discrimination and harassment and for the silencing of whites, however any effort working toward true egalitarianism is something that can only help benefit the day to day life of most whites in America up until the day they gain their separation.
Posted by LHathaway at 10:18 AM on April 16
@White activist:
First you say that there is no Jew who will support the white race, then you suspect Jared Taylor of being a Jew.
So if he isn’t, you are wrong about him being a Jew, if he is you are wrong about that there is no Jew who will support the white race. (If you really think that hundreds of articles about black stupidity will forward the “Jewish Marxist Agenda” you have a really severe case of paranoia.)
Posted by Fred at 10:19 AM on April 16
Should we be fighting each other when the dragon is approaching?
China is stepping into the dawn of a thousand-year rule. The West is going down. I don’t think it will be violent. It will be very subtle and even polite.
Europe and the nation of Israel will go down with us.
And all those millions of Chinese men, who cannot be consoled by the ghosts of aborted Chinese females—where do you think they will look for wives? Hmmmmmmmmmm?
Perhaps we have a greater adversary than “the Jews”.
Or perhaps “the Jews”, those inter-galactic supermen with supernatural mental powers and superhuman strength, and who cannot be stopped, not even by atomic weapons—maybe they will neutralize the Chinese threat. (I am being sarcastic about this last part. This whole Jewish take-over thing sounds like a comic book. Granted, they do seem to stick together. And many, like Al Franken, are obnoxious. But I will not diminish myself by believing in their comic-book powers.)
Posted by The Writer Formerly Known as Jim E. at 10:19 AM on April 16
Well, Jared, it looks as if you’ve gotten yourself between the proverbial rock and hard place. It’s hard to maneuver in there, isn’t it? To use another trite phrase, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I can see your dilemma clearly and can imagine the mental processes you went through to arrive at your decision as to how to handle the Jewish question in AR. Reluctantly, I think you made the right choice. If you had gone the other way and decided to exclude Jews, the howls in the media would have been deafening and never ending. American Renaissance would have become famous, or infamous, as an antisemitic, neo-Nazi organization. Just as David Duke can never escape “Ku Klux Klan” accompanying his name in every lead sentence written about him, so AmRen would never wash off the antisemitic stigma and probably would even have been destroyed.
Your task was what they call a “dirty, thankless job,” but you handled it well. Congratulations.
Posted by Gunsmoke at 10:22 AM on April 16
Mr. Taylor’s views on the matter, as always, are reasonable, fair, and sound. What more can we ask for?
Incidentally, those Jews and others who sent him the ‘shape-up-or-else’ letter, in an attempt to force a schism in WN ranks, are exhibiting the very traits historically associated with Jews, thereby inadvertently justifying the suspicions of their critics.
I will continue to read and subscribe to AR. Still, as a European-American, a Roman Catholic, and a German, I feel duty-bound to warn others of the dangers lurking within our ranks. Let’s not be so inclusive that we tolerate trouble-makers and subversives.
Posted by William at 10:31 AM on April 16
Hummm. 151 comments thus far posted and yet not one Jewish participant seems willing to supplant their own tribal interest for their supposedly-professed allegiance to the greater White good. So what exactly should the rest of us infer from this apparent reticence to stand up and be counted amongst the general White community?
Posted by at 10:40 AM on April 16
The average IQ in Isreal is 115. It is the highest national IQ ever found. Germany, Netherlands 107, Japan 106. Any Questions?
Posted by WhiteGuy at 11:26 AM on April 16
Several posters have stated that we are more likely to be mugged, robbed, or raped by blacks than by Jews. This is absolutely correct. Furthermore, it was blacks who burned down our cities during the ’60s, not Jews. So, from a tactical standpoint, I acknowledge that blacks (and increasingly, mestizos) pose a greater physical threat to our safety.
However, if you go to a doctor and complain about dizziness, shortness of breath, and fainting spells, the doctor doesn’t merely give you medication to treat those symptoms. The doctor also determines the cause of those symptoms and treats the cause so the symptoms don’t recur. This analogy applies here, too. Those of us who align with people like Alex Linder and Hal Turner recognize that while non-whites are the symptoms, the Jews are the disease. “Newsman” has left us a valuable first-person insider account as to what goes on within a big-city media organization; it cannot be ignored. We believe that Jews work behind the scenes to stoke up the minorities with unrealistic expectations. Whether it’s primarily for tribal self-preservation or for something more sinister is reserved for a separate debate.
The remaining question then is, which Jews. In his post, “Mike B.” provides a logical answer when he discriminates between Orthodox Jews and “Great Neck” Jews. I have a different name for the “Great Neck” Jews; I call them “Organized Jewry”. This approach provides a more precise focus. In Anchorage, Alaska, the local Jewish community is about as apolitical as it gets; I’ve never seen our few Jewish politicians ever play the “Jewish” card. So my controversy is more with Organized Jewry. By Organized Jewry, I mean groups like the ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, and the Jewish-dominated ACLU, just to name the most prominent entities. I also mean the Jewish-dominated media. This domination is not numerical, but one of influence, as Jews work their way up into key positions, or pressure points, then make room for other Jews in subordinate positions, or pressure points. If only 10 - 20% of a population control all the pressure points of an organization, they effectively control that organization. And why do so many Jews like Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) and Sumner Redstone (Murray Rothstein) change to more Gentile-sounding names?
Perhaps when we write about Jews, we should use the term “Organized Jewry” more often to make our message more precise and to allay concern amongst Jews who do not display hostility towards us. But then again, Michael Hart appeared to be an ally, until David Duke stood up. Then, KABOOM!

Posted by Carl Loerbs at 11:36 AM on April 16
Well, I guess the BNP agnostic way is the more intelligent one.
It is stupid to refuse the undubted help that may come from a minority of jewish people.
There is not much to be expected from most of them, but on one question: islamization of Europe.
On such matter any jew, even liberal ones like Glucksmann, will agree with us, so their help will be welcome.
Posted by whiteitalian at 11:59 AM on April 16
To Mick- “Sure, there are some(Jews) far out there on the Left, but is that different from other whites?”-Actually, it is different-approximately 80% of jewish voters voted for Kerry in the last Presidential election-the highest of any group except blacks, who voted 90 for Kerry. Are other whites typically so leftist?-You must live in Massachusetts if you think so!
Posted by Ramar of the Jungle at 12:52 PM on April 16
Newsman makes a very powerful testimony about the anti White agenda he witnessed in the media particularly in the Los Angeles media and yes, Jewish participation, leadership in this horrible anti White media - or just terrible, biased media is a fact that just about everyone here knows.
Do Jews dominate the American media? Is the American media biased?
Ah, yeah.
That’s like asking:
“Are there Chinese people in China or are there Black people in Africa or in Detroit”.
The point that I think is getting missed here is that we Whites (especially non Jewish White Gentiles) can’t blame others for our situation and we can’t blame Jews for all our problems.
The reality is that the MSM mainstream media - Jewish dominated or not has lost tremendous amounts of credibility over the years. Thanks to the work of Jared Taylor and others, the anti White bias has been exposed. I note that the Jewish editor/author Goldberg who wrote Bias had a major impact of showing how bad the media is, Goldberg also touched on racial issues showing how the media wouldn’t present the race of Black suspects for fear of offending groups, thus criminals got off.
Newsman doesn’t discuss the rise of talk radio - almost exclusively White trying to reach a White audience which has given Americans an alternative source of news that isn’t lying, anti White propaganda. Of course, the Jewish neo Conservative talk radio types Michael Savage, Michael Medved have taken talk radio into a different direction which is too much like National Review.
The point I want to make is that we need to avoid falling into 2 extreme destructive courses of actions.
1) Being unaware of Jewish history, Jewish ethnocentrism, Jewish domination of the media and now the the neo Conservative movement.
2) Falling into anti Semitic, Jew hating paranoia - this will turn off 99% of White Americans and confine WN to the lunatic fringes.
Just take anti White Jewish media, Jewish intellectual political activities as similar to the actions of the Italian Mafia.
Does the Italian Mafia exist? Yes. Is it Italian? Yes. Is the Italian Mafia good for regular, honest White Americans? No (unless you make the case that the Italian Mafia is better than any of the other non White criminal gangs like Jamaicans, Chinese Triads, Russian Jewish Mafia). But, just don’t be either a naive, clueless country bumpkin about both the Italian Mafia and the Jewish media. Understand reality and move on.
What racially conscious White person reads and supports the Washington Post newspaper? What racially conscious White American cares what NPR Jewess judicial commentator Nina Totenberg says on NPR?
Anybody here believe David Frum’s speech for Dumb A*&* George Dubya Bush that there is an Axis of Evil with Iraq, Iran and North Korea threatening the Democratic free societies of the world and American must go to war alone, if necessary to make the world safe for democracy? Anybody here believe this lie?
No. OK good.
No reason to fall off the deep end and become a 24 hour, 7 day a week raving jew hater, anti Semite.
Let’s build pro White media, pro White activism and it’s ok to have Jewish friends and to support decent Jewish people here at Amren and everywhere.
Just make everyone understand that you are not a dumb goyim and you will stand up for your/our people. Jews don’t like it they can go be settlers in Gaza.
Take care everyone and try to avoid the extremes of being a clueless, naive dumb gyoim and being an unemployed, loner, loser, drop out anti Semite Jew hater.
14 Words.
Posted by JR at 12:52 PM on April 16
for all the jew haters out there i think its about time you started researching the threat our way of life faces from islam a little more seriously.
the jews, hated by islam even more than you guys do. are going to be invaluable allies against this growing menace.
Posted by at 12:55 PM on April 16
I only wish to say that I am sorry that michael scott no longer likes “Catholics” and avoids them. I being a Catholic, have never cheated anyone at anytime. I love all sects of religions pertaining to Jews, Catholics, Protastants of any denominations. BUT THE MUSLIMS ARE ANOTHER STORY, which I will not go into now. I don’t know why some people hate jews, and never can nor will understand. The few Jewish people that I know, have been kind and friendly to me and mine. I pray that Israel can overcome the threats from the muslim middle east, as the muslims are friends to no one, even each other. We need to focus on things going on in the USA right now, we are being overrun by illegals, and along with them, terrorists have entered our country. Each and everyone of us, must be more aware of what is going on around us. We must keep up our guard and stick together. We cannot divide least we be conquered. Keep that in mind, the USA means us…all of us. Keep on praying for peace….if we don’t….we lose. May God bless America, and it’s citizens. If HE doesn’t bless us….look out!!!
Posted by marylouise at 1:02 PM on April 16
Dear AR and Readers,
I find it quite interesting that the crime committed at the conference concerns Duke making a historical opinion based upon his research, and not a man standing up and cursing him in a rude and improper way during a private function.
I am of the opinion that AR knows full well the power Jewish interest groups sway in our media and government. Hence AR knows that if public legitimacy is to be achieved it must embrace Jewish matters. AR is simply trying to succeed for white people, so it must operate within the parameters that allow for media representation and legitimacy; for right or wrong.
I have always believed in the principles of following the middle road and being fair. Hence I believe AR’s stance on Jewish participation will be a benefit for AR. But I also believe this measure has the potential for the misplacement of direction.
I know a number of Jewish people, and I like them. But I am not delusional. While I think they are a good people who happen to be highly intelligent, I also know Jewish culture to be very leftist and quite frankly antithetical to European interest. European and Jewish peoples have a long history of not cooperating well, to say the least.
Does that mean all Jewish people are that way? No, of course not. There are many Jewish people who are conservative and even some who would fight hard for white interest. But they are a minority.
One must understand that Jewish people are a distinct race, for the most part. Being such, Jewish people have the right and duty to preserve their race, culture, and heritage. For this is only natural. But in their quest towards furthering the success of their own people, we must not forget that sometimes that quest is not beneficial to white people or white interest.
To reiterate, I believe AR is doing this for maneuvering reasons. If you want to do business with the king, you had better make sure you do not step on the toes of the kings high council. This move might be beneficial and everything I have said is wrong and misguided. But I would warn AR that allowing Jewish interest to be involved with our movement may lead to the misdirection of our cause.
In conclusion, I do not agree completely with Jared’s position, but to some degree I do see the logic. Having said this I will not be discontinuing my subscription or support. I prefer not to throw the baby out with the bath water.
Posted by HDavis at 1:13 PM on April 16
I have no problem with Jared Taylor’s position, which, as I understand it, is that Jews are but another white ethnic group, like Germans, Poles, Scots, etc., and as such, they as a group are part of “white” society. And therefore, what is good for whites in America is good for Jews, and vice-versa. And that the Jews — like their white counterparts — who work against white interests are no good; and by the same token, Jews who work for white interests are good.
It is true that many Jews have been and are very influential in sabotaging white America (as well as other countries, e.g. South Africa). It is even true that Jews have been and are bad news for white America, in terms of their racial politics, far out of proportion to their numbers. But just because 70% or 80% or even 90% of Jews push wrong-headed, destructive policies does NOT make Michael Levin or Richard Herrnstein guilty of ANYTHING. By all means, punish the guilty! But why not defend the innocent?
You know you all roll your eyes when some gullible white goes, “Walter Williams good, therefore blacks good…” You want to tell him that Williams is not typical, that he is not a representative figure. The same when they cite someone like Colin Powell or Bill Cosby. So why not make the same exception for Lawrence Auster or Michael Levin — who, by the way, very publicly fight the good fight and bear the cost.
At the same time, however, let’s not get carried away, as some posters have, and embrace Jews who are NOT allies on matters of race. Some here have cited Bill Kristol, Dennis Prager, and David Horowitz. These men are okay on some issues, but AWFUL on race anc culture. They ARE the enemy, despite marketing themselves are “conservatives.” Michael Savage is a bit better on race and culture, but still not a reliable ally.
Judge each man according to his deeds. That is the American way. And BTW, this goes for hypersensitive Jews and philo-semites, too. You need to understand why Jews are viewed with suspicion. That doesn’t make you, personally, guilty of anything, and I know it’s a tough situation. But it’s not as though the “anti-semites” have come to their suspicion for no good reason.
Posted by Dr. Hfurruhrrur at 1:30 PM on April 16
I think there were most posts on this article than I’ve ever seen on this site. Looks like you struck a nerve here. This is the elephant in the room that some people cannot or will not address. If you don’t address the root of any problem, you will never solve the problems.
Posted by Tim at 1:31 PM on April 16
A very prominent Jew gave the Sierra Club a donation of $100 million dollars in the late 1980’s with one condition—the Sierra Club could never advocate limiting immigration. And, according to the environmentalists, humans are the only thing that disrupts the environment.
So the most effective way to protect the environment, limiting humans, was abandoned by the Sierra Club for thirty pieces of silver.
What was Jared’s price for abandoning the whole white nation concept?
Jared had a price and he sold out. There’s no other explanation. And the posters who think this is a glorious idea are not that bright, including Robert Kelly and the whole the puppet crowd.

Posted by at 1:31 PM on April 16
Mr. Taylor:
Contrary to an above opinion, your statement regarding Jews and white nationalism was much better written than Mr. Griffin’s earlier one.
Your demand for decorum at AR conferences is commendable.
Amren.com is the best forum I have ever encountered on the internet or anywhere else for that matter. Intelligent people with (dare I say it) a diversity of views on how to save whites from extinction. One of the interesting things about the site is the mix of white Jews, white Judeophiles and whites who are crictical of Jewish involvement in some of the subjects being discussed. It sounds like healing the divisions between Jews/Judeophiles and people critical of certain Jewish movements, organizations and actions is a tall order. After that bringing about world peace be easy.
One can go on foverever on that subject without ever getting anywhere. So, your point is taken there. I myself have been critical of Jewish involvement in the so called civil rights movement and their involvement in massive 3rd world immigration. But I can easily limit myself to terms like marxists or liberal egalitarians. At this point, I would like to say that your moderators do a wonderful job. They have rejected many of my posts. Some of these posts were to Jews/Judeophiles but others were to Indians and Africans and such. I may not agree with these calls but I respect them.
I would humbly suggest that if people critical of Jews are to show restraint that Jews and Judeophiles also show some restraint. A particularly touchy area would be their constant use of tired old Soviet propaganda. Their endlessly calling people nazis is onerous. Their constant references to the disputed ‘holocaust’ is always off subject. It usually seems like anti-Western and anti-white propaganda to me, but perhaps I’m in the minority on this. Lastly, the regular use of the totally discredited term antisemite is annoying. For example, someone above referred to Joe Sobran as an antisemite. Apparently his having the courage to defend IHR’s freedom of speech is cause to defame him. This type of Marxian rhetoric will elicit responses from people who are offend by the Soviet style of debate.
I expect that you have heard enough grousing on this subject. I hope that this can all be settled amicably and that American Renaissance can move forward to bigger and better things. Good luck. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Posted by John S. at 1:49 PM on April 16
I kinf of understand why Mr.Taylor doesn’t want to attract too many antisemites because some of them (though not David Duke) produce over the top ramblings and even without the nutjobs the media would jump on the occasion to smear AR even more if jews were the topic of the conferences. To all the AmRen commenters here praising JT please don’t delude yourselves: he knows who runs the circus. But he allows all the criticisms to be posted here and for that he deserves my respect even if I disagree with his public position on the jewish question.
* * * *
“False—there are 1.3 million Arab Muslims who are citizens of Israel, and enjoy all of the rights that Jews do.”
though not the “right” to marry jews and live with their spouse inside the fence:
and the arabs you refer to are those with an historical presence in the region that the jews couldn’t just erase. If they could have gotten away with it they would have completely ethnically cleansed Palestine. Israel is a country for jews and the jewish state isn’t about to let non-jews settle there by the millions. Compare that with our governments in the US, Canada, England, France, etc. and the screams of condemnations that would come from jews’ mouths if we adopted an Israeli-style concern about becoming minorities in our lands.

“After these basic errors of fact, why would anyone trust the authors’ broader thesis that the Israeli lobby is the only possible explanation of why the US went to war in Iraq?”
well you haven’t addressed the errors related to the thesis in question. I suppose that you can’t. If you don’t like Walt and Mearsheimer you can read Kevin MacDonald:
* * * *
-White Jewish and Proud:
“How, by the way, did Jews ostensibly get all the power Jew-haters and Jew-baiters say we have? To suggest that a miniscule religious minority could gain such complete control over an entire race AND civilization is on its face so absurd as to be laughable. Laughable it would be were it not so pathetic. What does that say about you if you believe that?”

First there’s a lot of non-religious jews so you won’t go far with this strawman of ‘religious minority’. Whether jews as a group are the most important factor in the decline of whites in America is debatable but one thing that is certain is that their collective fear and hatred of whites has produced a long sustained cultural attack that wouldn’t have the intensity and the coarseness that is has if it had been started by an ideological group of self-loathing white idiots.
Hollywood, the TV channels, the newspapers, the magazines, the music business, the publishing houses, these are the weapons in the hands of albophobic jews.

John Stanton:
“And Aaron Zelman, Dennis Prager, Micheal Medved, David Horowitz and a few others who tirelessly do more to defend the best of American Civilization than millions of our liberal WASP white traitors.”
none of them will defend whites where it matter, that is racially.
Reply to David Horowitz
by Jared Taylor
Posted by JB at 1:55 PM on April 16
As one not in America and watching from afar, I can only say that those who seek further cleavages in an already strained and minority movement are fools. For generations the white race has held itself back by claiming national identities rather than racial identities. From the Spanish peninsulares persecuting white creoles to American WASPs persecuting Irish and Italians, these disputes and divisions have hampered the solidarity of whites. As a minority movement with no broad societal support, the arrogant exclusiveness displayed by those who would not take white jews(actually descendants of a white civilization in central asia called Khazaria) can only doom the movement.
Posted by Indian Observer at 2:09 PM on April 16
I’m Jewish and I put the interests of my own people first. I also feel strongly that white folks should have equal rights, a homeland of their own and be allowed to flourish - without being oppressed by liberals and their destructive tools. I hate the anti-white media and the biased politics and law enforcement of today’s Western world. I hate the anti-white brainwashing that passes for “education” these days and believe that “multiculturalism” and “diversity” are evil. What’s wrong with me, being a Jew, supporting Amren? I’m sure there are blacks and hispanics out there who sympathise with Amren’s goals and they should also be allowed to show their support. As to whether or not ya’ll choose to consider me “white”, that’s almost irrelevent.
Posted by jewamongyou at 2:34 PM on April 16
I really wish someone had warned me about the jews when I was in high school or college. It would have saved me large amounts of money, and much pain & anguish.
It took me years of bad experiences, until I understood that any White man who has business or social relations with a jew will come out on the short end of the stick—-no matter how sharp or morally correct you think you may be! The jew is just not to be trusted, or treated like another Christian or gentleman.
This is my sincere advice to White Christian youth!
Be polite with a jew, exchage pleasantries—-but—-tell the jew nothing of your business or personal life. And the jew will pry, particularly if the jew thinks it can get a business advantage or use knowledge of your personal information to further its goals.
Please publish this advice to youth…
Posted by Tom L. at 3:24 PM on April 16
The entire foregoing discussion is based on the false question: are all “white” people or only some “white” people to be included in reform efforts?
If it is about all “white” people, then you have a significant proportion of the world’s population, and a larger-than-is apparent proportion of America’s population. Some 70% of Hispanics qualify under US Census rules. Most Arabs qualify, most Jews qualify, and most Turkish & Persian elements qualify.
In fixing policy about who is “in” and who is “out,” we do need to look at race plus culture. The color of skin, alone, is not enough.
Seriously, if Israeli-Americans qualify as “white” for these purposes, then so do Lebanese-, Syrian-, Persian-, Arabic-, and Berber-American Christians, far more readily.
Another point: It has always amazed me that WN leadership elements have worked against involving themselves in local “multicultural” institutions, and opposed demanding a voice at those tables. At the very least, exclusion would show the emptiness of the “multicultural” mythos, and at the very most, inclusion would establish ways & means for growing our organizations. But I know this is anathema to most here. There seems to be a willingness to enter the public square with the largest end of the wedge (“race”) rather than the sharpest end of the wedge (exclusion of our youth from taxpayer-paid anti-smoking campaigns, etc.). We lose so many organizational opportunities this way.
What it boils down to is we need concentric circles of activity with the mildest in the public arena to get started, but alas we demand the most distinctive allegiances right away which drives people away.
Obviously, even Righteous Jews must be kept in the outer, milder ring as they would rapidly convert the entire operation through ethnic networking and nepotism, if admitted to the central rings.
Posted by Edward at 4:29 PM on April 16
“The average IQ in Isreal is 115.” The average IQ in Isreal is 90. The average IQ for Ashkenazi Jews is 107.8 according to Richard Lynn and other researchers - NOT the 115 to 117 that was claimed by Jewish sources and repeated everywhere by Jewish Media.
Mr. Taylor was either bought off, or is engaging in some roundabout tactic to try and keep things going. Or it’s possible Mr. Taylor was threatened.
Mr. Taylor, why don’t you display the letter you were sent regarding the changes in Editorial policy, etc? Who sent the letter? Considering the topic and interest, it is fair to let us know, to see who is putting the pressure on, if any.
Posted by Jaundiced View at 4:36 PM on April 16
10:40 a.m. April 16 wrote: “Hummm. 151 comments thus far posted and yet not one Jewish participant seems willing to supplant their own tribal interest for their supposedly-professed allegiance to the greater White good”.
Well, actually, I specifically said in an earlier posting that I DID put white interests first, and that Jewish interests weren’t even close, but to the convinced Jew-baiter that wouldn’t matter anyway…doubtless just another example of Levantine craftiness!
Posted by crowbone at 4:44 PM on April 16
Say, let’s broaden the movement by first changing all that inconvenient stuff about it being about whites.
I know, let’s be about protecting our right to watch TV. Yeah. That should bring in a lot more folks and it’ll include Jews and Muslims and blacks and Asians and you name it. Then we’ll be able to attract more people to our side.
Of course, our side won’t really be about anything important, but don’t tell anyone.
Say, this sounds like what Steve Sailer has suggested with his stupid “citizenism” and what Jared Taylor is suggesting in his column and what George Orwell wrote about in Animal Farm.
Posted by Bob L. at 4:50 PM on April 16
The Writer Formerly Known as Jim E. makes light of the influence of Jews. They do wield enormous power in the media and over our government. One way to play things off is to make fun of their small numbers and exaggerate their influence and power. Jim E. comes off as Jewish doing this. He should note that it was Israel that handed our Patriot Missile technology over to the Chinese, among other things. It was American Jews who made sure that Israel received the technology in the first place. This is why people roll their eyes at Amren being so deferential to the Jews now. Jim E. and M. Scott and others make high sounding statements without actually looking at what is going on out there in the world around us. Not just the US, but in the world. Mr. Taylor seems to be making a pact with the devil. I hope not. Having seen what Jews have done to the US by relentlessly working behind the scenes while whites went about their lives not paying attention, it is obvious we are in for tough times ahead. China would not be a threat but for Jewish influence subverting our government, culture, academics. Their numbers are double what they claim for many reasons. People who lie about this will lie about everything else. I have done enough business over the years with so-called ‘regular Jews’ to know that deception is ingrained. They will attempt to screw you if possible, and if caught will try and say it was a misunderstanding. If you press it, you are a Nazi readytokillsixmillionjews.
Newsman mentioned TV news because that’s where he worked. Talk Radio doesn’t seem very pro white to me. Micheal Savage (real name Micheal Weiner) has gone on and on about the energy he sees in Mexican ‘immigrants’, just like his cohorts in the rest of the Press. Praeger seems to be fixated on making sure we revere Jews, don’t forget the holocaust, fight the evil in the Middle East as G. Bush tells us to. Rush can’t wait to mention “his rabbi” ever since he married a Jewish woman, and he toes the line explicitly when it comes to Jews, and does not defend whites or truly fight illegal immigration. These men and others are just distraction for the rubes, which is what I feel many Jews wish Amren to become. I hope this gets posted.
Why did Mr. Taylor post his statement on Good Friday? Who told him to do that? Or was this decision?
Posted by R.E. Turpin at 4:53 PM on April 16
I’m sure there are blacks and hispanics out there who sympathise with Amren’s goals and they should also be allowed to show their support. As to whether or not ya’ll choose to consider me “white”, that’s almost irrelevent.
Posted by jewamongyou at 2:34 PM on April 16
The most dangerous threat to the White race is a Philosophical threat.
Some of the philosophies or ideologies, if you will, are modern liberalism, secular humanism, radical feminism, radical homosexual agenda, among others.
I believe the white auto-genocide are symptoms of the embracement of these toxic philosophies.
Unfortunately for Jews in general, these philosophies are believed by many gentiles to be engineered by Jews to destroy Christianity, and the White race.
Posted by Excelsior at 5:25 PM on April 16
Most Ashkenazic Jews self-identify as white and most certainly do not hate whites. If you think otherwise, you are being deluded by overexposure to leftist Jews. I grant that leftist convictions are more commonly found among (non-Orthodox) Jews than among non-Jews, though in the last 30 years the gap has narrowed somewhat as liberalism has consolidated its stranglehold on our culture generally. (Guess what? most of the white girls you see with black guys aren’t Jewish).
Most Jews I know are non-political anyway…like most middle-class urbanites they’ll mouth liberal platitudes at parties but the number who could really care less is small, though vocal.
Like most non-Jews, they’re absorbed in their own lives.
Many have never been seriously exposed to white nationalist ideas, or any traditionalist conservative ideas…and if their first exposure to such ideas is accompanied by fantasies of world Zionist takeover, this will, of course, only confirm them in their reflexive liberalism.
Recognizing basic facts like these is a lot less exciting than fantasies about Jewish secret societies, but hey, it’s part of growing up.
Posted by crowbone at 5:36 PM on April 16
Tom Iron wrote:
“When it comes down to your family member who’s against us and your comrade in arms, who are you going to choose? I’m comfortable with my choice. My choice is the White American Patriot. If he’s a Jew, fine. If he’s WASP or anything else, I don’t care. Only that he’s with me or against me”.
This is perfectly fair, and well said. By their fruits you will know them”, indeed. The question is, why are so many Amren posters incapable of taking Mr. Iron’s commonsense approach? Why all the (frankly cowardly) talk about how Jews will “take over” the WN movement? If it’s really true that non-Jewish WNs are too stupid or too weak to resist takeover by Jewish infiltrators posing as WNs, then I’d really like to know how the movement will be able to face down threats from blacks, Hispanics and Muslims.
Posted by crowbone at 5:47 PM on April 16
“In that spirit, the alert student of history & of politics will be aware that the Jews pursue their goal of domination through tactics of assassination (as in the cases of … John & Robert Kennedy, … and Paul Wellstone)”.
Posted by Hal Womack 2:40PM 4/15
So, I’m supposed to believe the Vast Jewish Conspiracy killed Ted Kennedy’s brothers but spared Ted so that he could push through the 1965 Immigration Act for them?
And Sen. Wellstone, you got to be kidding, right? What next, was Flight 93 shot down over Pennsylvania on 9/11 by an Israeli warplane? Give me a break!
P.S. - Hats off to John PM! He’s the finest poster by far!
Posted by AndyK at 5:50 PM on April 16
Ramar of the Jungle (above) noted that about 80% of Jewish voters voted for Kerry, as evidence of Jewish leftism. Fair enough, but the more interesting comparison would be between Jews and non-Jews who have graduated university. I suspect you’d find that the political difference between Jews and non-Jews in that group would be somewhat narrower. That’s because our universities are very good at manufacturing liberals. Most people here drone on about the media, but jobs in the media tend to be held by people who have already been well “processed” by our liberal-Marxist universities. That’s where the cleanup has to begin (and doubtless in the public and high schools, too). Of course, no one can seriously argue that our schools and universities are Jewish-owned, so many of the people who have posted here in the last 48 hours wouldn’t really be focused on the problem.
My guess is that you’d also find a lot of liberlism among Jews and non-Jews with incomes over, say, $100,000. That’s partly because income correlates with university (especially post-graduate) education, but perhaps also because these are people who tend to be (1) well-insulated by their money from the more brutal aspects of ethnic competition, (2) more loyal to the international business community than to their own country, and (3) employers of immigrant/illegal labour.
BTW, I’m also among those who were sorry to read that Michael Scott’s dealings with Catholics have left a bitter taste, not least because I have a Catholic wife and a mixed Jewish-Catholic family. Everyone’s entitled to trust their own experience, obviously, but as a scientist Michael knows that a sample has to be pretty large to have any validity.
Posted by crowbone at 6:17 PM on April 16
To Sally:
What the “US census and the immigration service” defines as White may be absurd, but when you assume that all Bosnians, Albanians, or Turks are “non-white”, you’re making an anthropological mistake. What the “AR” movement means to people in this forum, whom I’ll assume to be all American citizens, may not be my business as I’m a foreigner, but you really are being ignorant about the geography of biological “whitehood”. (And no, by “white”, I don’t mean “Caucasian” but “European descended”.)
This silly assumption of “country-border = racial-border” is always, always abused whenever someone gets pissed off by the “membership profile” of a WN movement. It seems to be its eternal curse.
This at this age of DNA profiling of populations.
Posted by Reluctant at 6:21 PM on April 16
Invictus had written that “there are 1.3 million Arab Muslims who are citizens of Israel, and enjoy all of the rights that Jews do.”, and JB (linking a story from National Vanguard) responded “though not the “right” to marry jews and live with their spouse inside the fence”. Bad example, JB: the Palestinian in question was not an Israeli citizen, he was from Ramallah, in occupied territory…though frankly I don’t really care much about how they organize their lives over there, it’s a foreign country. Providing foreign aid to Israel (or any other country) and obsessing about Israel the Zionist Oppressor are two sides of the same bad coin. We should concern ourselves with our own problems, they’re sufficient and not diminishing.
Posted by crowbone at 6:28 PM on April 16
Crowbone-rather than nitpicking about whether or not Sam Goldwyn was a leftist, or if Lenin had a sufficient # of jewish ancestors to be considered “jewish”, let’s get down to the crux of the matter. Jews have a demonstrated, undeniable propensity to take over organizations and institutions established by others. They typically do this by stealth. Also, they are as a group overwhelmingly leftist-more so than any other white ethnic group. Further, they harbor more resentment towards the Anglo-protestant core of this nation than any other white ethnic group. Neocons like Charles Krauthammer, Max Boot, and
Jonah Goldberg have an almost visceral dislike for white Southerners, for example, and aren’t shy about showing it. When Trent Lott made a thoughtless, offhand compliment to Strom Thurmond on his 100th birthday, they formed a jackal pack, and argued publically among themselves about who stuck in the first knife. Also, Jews in every nation and culture in which they settle tend to skim off the top jobs in terms of either income or power. They are, in short, the cowbird in the nest. They use liberalism to weaken and destroy the societies in which they settle as minorities, but behave much differently in their own land, Israel(I believe they’ve built a massive fence on the West Bank-just the type jewish leftists oppose being built by America on our southern border.). You’d better wake up and smell the coffee. Jews have been in the forefront of every leftist movement in American history since they began arriving here in significant numbers during the 2d great wave of immigration(1890-1920). Hard left politics is one of their enduring legacies in American life. These movements are the source of everything that Amren opposes. Why, pray, should we not be cautious about embracing people with such a track record? Authentic jewish conservatives are welcome, but only a fool would fail to regard them with caution. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Posted by John J at 6:36 PM on April 16
Roma locuta est, causa finita est.
It has ever been Mr. Taylor’s intent to avoid damaging and unnecessary factionalism. We can see from his essay that Mr. Taylor’s position has not changed.
Stormfront has always been aware of this position, and we have always been supportive of American Renaissance. We have always applauded Mr. Taylor’s courage and tenacity in service to his people.
It’s not like attendees at AmRen 2006 suddenly discovered AR policy on these matters. Mr. Taylor has been forthcoming and steadfast for all these seventeen years. Despite the ideogical issues to hand, Stormfront has never once failed to support and promote the conferences - in the same spirit of unity that Mr. Taylor calls forth, above.
This Stormfront has done despite the tangential controversy, despite the insults we see directed towards us here, and not for the first time - “knuckle-draggers”, “clowns”, “anathema to decent White people” - and in spite of the fact that even one word acknowledging our own efforts is conspicuously lacking in AR publications or conference topics.
It was not I, or any other member of Stormfront staff, nor Dr. Duke, who ever abused or insulted any speaker at the microphone during an AR conference.
Posted by Jack Boot at 6:43 PM on April 16
Mick wrote:
Yes they (Jews) like to keep certain organizations to themselves only. How is this different from what we advocate her at AmRen?
The difference is, that they get the organizations just for themselves, whereas having an openly declared white-only organization is unthinkable.
Just remember that French case with pork “soup d’identite” and ham sandwiches served by a French nationalist organization to homeless people. Muslims started to yell about deliberate ‘exclusion’ and Jews were innediately at their side. The pork charity was forbidden by French authorities. No ‘Christian-only’, or European-only, even in case of food for homeless…
Posted by EW at 6:46 PM on April 16
This is all very interesting, but it’s like passengers on the Titanic arguing about who gets to sit at the Captain’s table.
The West in its present form is collapsing very rapidly in historical terms. The damage has already been done and we’ve probably already passed the tipping point where any action on our part can prevent what’s coming. We’re facing a convergence of crises—many of which have nothing to do with race—and they are all coming together NOW. The United States will not survive. Europe will not survive. Not in their present form.
Does this sound apocalyptic? Unrealistic? Read Western history: It is a chronicle of disasters and upheavals on a massive scale. We have been living through a period of unprecedented prosperity and stability, particularly in the United States, but this planet is a very dangerous and unpredictable place. Violent change is the rule, not the exception. Blinded by our limited perspective, we’ve grown fat and dumb and complacent, but that’s not going to last much longer. Stupidity has a price. If we’ve been duped by hostile forces, we have no one to blame but ourselves.
Civilizations rise and fall—that’s nothing new. The white race will survive in one form or another. There are millions of us and if we got through the collapse of the Roman Empire and the Black Death and centuries of genocidal wars, we will survive the passing of the West in its current manifestation. As for multiculturalism and affirmative action and open borders and “Whiteness Studies” and all the rest, these things are a luxury of a decadent West riddled by social parasites. They are a symptom of degeneracy and softness based ultimately on the abundance of cheap fossil fuels. They will not survive the coming disasters.
Faced with all this, I’d have to say that the issue of Jews participating in AR is irrelevant one way or another. Those of us who have the resources and the basic intelligence to survive will survive. Those who don’t—won’t.
Posted by Devil’s Advocate at 7:13 PM on April 16
Just a simple question…who do you folks consider white? Have a nice day ;)
Posted by Blackvet at 7:29 PM on April 16
“I have a Japanese girlfriend…which probably makes me a race traitor.”
Not “probably” but “certainly.” Race-mixing, miscegenation, race-betrayal-if you mate with any non-white, you are a race traitor. Maybe you could provide the Japanese definition of the term. Here’s betting they have plenty of words or colorful descriptive phrases for it.
Posted by at 7:30 PM on April 16
I agree with Jared Taylor,
Our main focus should be on the survival of the White race.
Jewish spiteful malevolent aggression towards White Christians is only one element (although it is the most potent element) that threatens us. We must fight and be aware that the most powerful enemies of the White-race are White!
Posted by Mr. Gloom at 8:05 PM on April 16
To Kane Frederick Engels was a Jew. His family owned many of the Birmingham and Manchester slave labor 19th century English factories. His family employed thousands of wage slaves in those factories. In fact, Engels migrated to England to manage those factories where 8 year old children worked.
To Mike B The Great Neck Jews did not learn their marxism in school. They learned it from their parents and grandparents.
the Grandparents came over ffrom Russia 1900 as conifrmed marxists. The parents joined the cause in the 1930’s.
The parents fought WW2 came home, married, set up businesses and thirved in the upper middle class. But they taught their children marxism from the cradle. You call them Great Neck Jews, most people call them red diaper babies.
Having been immersed in theoritical marxism at home, the redi diaper babies went off to college where they were trained by mostly Jewish marxist professors.
The Great Neck generation did suddenly become marxist. Their families brought them up that way.
Posted by margaret at 8:32 PM on April 16
“But isn’t this what Jews want? Aren’t they demanding that Nazis be kept out or more importantly people THEY define as Nazis?”
The person who defined David Duke as a Nazi was David Duke. I distinctly remember seeing video of him as a young man, handing out leaflets on some campus, wearing a brown shirt and a swastika armband. From there he traded up to the Klan, the Democratic party, and then the Republican party, respectively.
Nazi’s and thier ilk are a complete turn-off for the overwhelming majority of Americans (sort of goes without saying). Who do you want on your side? A majority of white Americans, or a handful of Ernst Roehm wannabee’s?
Also, in response to a previous poster: Israel was, for many years, an ally of South Africa, long after the rest of the west had abandoned them.
And what’s with this Jews vs. White people? Jews are white.
Posted by CSinAL at 8:38 PM on April 16
The average IQ in Isreal is 115. It is the highest national IQ ever found. Germany, Netherlands 107, Japan 106. Any Questions?
Yes, do you have a source for your claim? I assert that you do not.
Posted by Svigor at 8:40 PM on April 16
for all the jew haters out there i think its about time you started researching the threat our way of life faces from islam a little more seriously.
the jews, hated by islam even more than you guys do. are going to be invaluable allies against this growing menace.
Go tell that to the jews. They don’t seem to want to act in their own best interests on this matter (see Auster and Steinlight for details).
Posted by Svigor at 8:47 PM on April 16
Good move by Jared Taylor. AR will grow as a result.
Those who don’t like it can go to the National Alliance, Stormfront, Hal Turner, David Duke or any number of groups that continually ring up zeroes.
It’s time to go after middle class and upper class whites who are tired of the anti-white racism, crime, discrimination and hatred.
If, as some say here, AR will decline as a result then that will be your chance to show what a Jew-hating white nationalist movement can do. But let there be at least one pro-white group that doesn’t chase after straw men or pretend it is still 1939.
Posted by Bernie at 8:48 PM on April 16
“Semi-morons” and “losers” — could he be more clear on the subject? Or more correct? The only other description of note he left out is that of the paranoid, i.e. the David Dukes and the Kevin MacDonalds, both of whom have terminal cases of Jew-on-the-brain.
…says the man who informed me via email that he hasn’t even read MacDonald’s work.
There are righteous jews (Auster, et. al.), but you aren’t one of them.
Scapegoating is a common psychological defense mechanism: blaming someone else for your own personal shortcomings or failures insead of taking personal responsibility for your actions and their results.
Why don’t you tell us all who invented scapegoating? I’m just curious…
Have them all if they feed into your psychological weaknesses.
Ad hominem via armchair psychoanalysis - that’s unexpected. No, really…
Let me go check my email to see if you’ve grown a pair yet…
Posted by Svigor at 8:53 PM on April 16
I’m Jewish and I put the interests of my own people first. I also feel strongly that white folks should have equal rights, a homeland of their own and be allowed to flourish - without being oppressed by liberals and their destructive tools. I hate the anti-white media and the biased politics and law enforcement of today’s Western world. I hate the anti-white brainwashing that passes for “education” these days and believe that “multiculturalism” and “diversity” are evil. What’s wrong with me, being a Jew, supporting Amren? I’m sure there are blacks and hispanics out there who sympathise with Amren’s goals and they should also be allowed to show their support. As to whether or not ya’ll choose to consider me “white”, that’s almost irrelevent.
I have no problem with any of that. A bit of honesty is all I require from jews. Sadly that’s almost as rare as hen’s teeth. I do have a problem with your cousin, “White, Jewish and Proud” (the oxymoronic name is a tip-off of his problematic nature), who “Gentile-baits” and regularly posts specious comments about jews, whites, and their relationship.
Posted by Svigor at 9:03 PM on April 16
I googled Tim Wise of the whiteness studies at occidental college
article. I had never heard of him before. It turns out that he works closely with the Simon Wiesenthal Centers which is a Jewish organization.

Posted by margaret at 9:25 PM on April 16
Posted by Invictus at 11:32 PM on April 14
The above-referenced post by ‘Invictus’ shows the shape of thins to come. He admits that he was one of the authors of the condescending, imperious demand sent to Mr. Taylor.
‘Invictus’ presents us with a long list of ridiculous grievances, whines about how poorly treated he and his fellow Jews were, and insists that Taylor’s statement is inadequate.
‘Invictus’ not only demands that Taylor prostrate himself like a lapdog, but that he ban from attending future conferences people such as JOE SOBRAN!
If Sobran’s mild criticisms of Jewry are unacceptable to Invictus, then his agenda is completely and utterly incompatible with us whites.
Posted by Luke the Drifter at 9:30 PM on April 16
Well, I do not think Jews should be allowed. Jared Taylor is about the preservation of the white race. Jews are not white. Jews, Hebrews or whatever you wish to call them are still not white. Being Jewish is not only a religion, but a race and by that not a white race.
I believe they must not be allowed for they will posion us. Jared Taylor and to everyone on Amren, if you truely believe in saving your people (white) then get rid of the Jews they are not like us.
14 words = We must secure the existence of our people and a future for WHITE children. (nothing about Jew) May some higher force help us all.
Posted by Phil at 9:43 PM on April 16
Well until the Jews all relocate to J-U-piter or something. We have to consider a few facts. Regardless of your view on Jews. It is a fact they were in Europe for a LONG time and many are very White looking if not actually white. For gawds sake, Scarlett Johansen is Jewish (part Jewish)! Now she is white beyond a doubt! Many Jews nowadays have white gentile cousins and in laws.
Whether the Jews like it or not—-they are WHITE to our enemy. They are considered the last of the ‘evil’ white Europeans to colonize and oppress the poor little brown people. This is a fact. Whether you are a White Nationalist or a White Racist or a National Socialist. You must consider what the Non-Whites believe. The Jews with half a brain have no were else to go. Yes, many jews will be the first to admit——that Jews have played a destructive role. But these crazy liberal Jews are passing Hate Laws and throwing right wing Jews in jail in Israel. Furthermore, they have affirmative action in Israel now. This all done in Israel by the Liberal Jews to themselves.
Maybe the Jews will have an equally constructive role to play in Amren. For every action there is a reaction. How can a White Racialist movement be hijacked?? What are the Jewish Amren supporters going to wave a magic wand and induce psychic control of the goyim??? You really think Jared Taylor would dedicate his life to White folks and then give over to something he sees as destructive??? We will see soon enough.
What are the Amren reading Jews going to jump up and make Amren into a Marxist organization? Amren has never had an anti-jew position to begin with. Jared Taylor did a review of the Culture of Critique. Didn’t he??? I actually think Amren is a good place for White feeling Jews. Not every Jew goes to Harvard and Yale and not every Jew is a billionaire. The Jews are being pounded night and day on college campuses. Furthermore, there are many hardened organization that are fine for anyone hardcore. Hal Turner hosts Tom Metzger and they are radical with a capital R.
I think Amren may be the perfect venue for the ‘white’ feeling Jews. Lets see what they can do. I would remind readers to keep an open mind. I would consider myself a white racist period. The most radical National Socialist I know of is JEWISH. If you do your homework you will find that Jews have a wild revolutionary streak. Over the past century they have been the anti-white. This type of persecution that the jews are getting on college campuses can produce radicals and has in the past. They are not being attacked by Nazis on College Campuses—they are being attacked by non-whites. Rough treatment (to say the least) in Russia sure produced a few Revolutionary Jews. No reason why it won’t happen this time. Nothing shuts down the ADL Jews faster than a JTF Jew. So lets see were it goes.
There are plenty of skinheads, national socialist, David Duke, Tom Metzger etc etc. All are getting heard. All the groups are growing. Plenty of room for anyone wanting to lend their energy. But even the ultra Radical Tom Metzger does not feel Jews are near as big a problem as Anti-White —White non-jewish Males who run things. Especially, the big business types. I happen to share his views. Amren has always been an academic journal. This is a good place for the White Jews. Now my Jewish friends I look forward to seeing this brilliant revolutionary energy you display in action. I have said this before on this board. Most of these folks have never seen or met or had an honest conversation with a Racialist Jew. But they are out there and we should channel their energy somewhere. Why not here. No need to be so paranoid. Jews are not devils or angels. They are human beings. Many posters are well read but irrational or uniformed when it comes to revolutionary movements. The Culture of Critique can do that to someone. I personally do not see how Jewish energy into an Amren channel can harm me or any White person. If you are so concerned then you will be proved correct soon enough. No need to worry. You can come back here and post a big “I told you so”.
Posted by DS1 at 10:10 PM on April 16
It seems that the Amren editorial crowd is allowing a large number of posts to make it on this topic that would have been deleted earlier. I guess that this is the case to ‘prove’ that Amren will not be censorious in taking a philoJewish position.
I have had numerous posts rejected by this site, and almost all of them have included one theme: that in the rush to address the many serious problems that Moslem immigration into Europe and North America guarantee we must not forget the other half of the Semitic problem - Jews.
It is suggested by at least one poster that Jared Taylor has sold out for thirty pieces of silver. It is possible, because it has happened many times in history, that a deep-pockets Jew has endowed Amren in order to steer the organization toward Jewish benefit. But such is not required in the Anglosphere for a group to become staunchly pro-Jewish, or at least strongly anti anti-Semite. The fact is that Modern English culture was born of the violent rejection of traditional conservative Norman and Anglo-Norman cultures and was, as its most powerful and determining theology, Anglo-Saxon Puritanism, demonstrates a Judaizing faith/culture.
The telos of any Judaizing theology is a Judaizing culture, and that is WASP culture. You can see it in the British National Party which has a history of hating the Irish at least as much as the ANC hates the Boers and having a nearly equal hatred for almost all non-Englihs whites it encounters. As the Indian poster writing from afar notes, militarily powerful whites hating and treating a second class citizens other whites (usually by ethnicity and nationality but also by socio-economic class) has played the largest role in getting our world to this mess, and WASP culture has done more hating of other whites, more labeling other whites inferior and even sub-human, that even continental Germans.
It should strike everyone as odd, or much worse, that while WASP culture has a 400 year history of seeing the whites it rules as barbarians, it also has a history of providing the perfect haven for the largest numbers of Jews, who assimilate quickly to WASP culture and begin aping its most ancient and deeply retained prejudices: against almost all non-English white Christians. Show me 100 Jews fully assimilated to the Anglosphere, and I’ll show you at least 95 Jews who harbor deep-seated hatreds for a large number of white Christians who are not WASPs.
And those 95 Jews are thrilled with Amren’s move. But then again, Amren has never been interested in Christian European cultures. Rather, its emphases have been white skin and its vision of ‘conservative’ WASP culture, which has Jews at its core. The Occidental Quarterly, which promotes the work of Kevn McDonald, certainly believes that it is interested in Chrisitan European culture, but its focus is exclusively Anglo-Saxon-Germanic, which means that it promotes the European culture that is most decidely philoJewish.
Posted by abhorred hillbilly at 10:24 PM on April 16
Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill!
I think David Duke did us all a favour and burst this pustulant sore that has been ready to blow for ages. I’m not sure whether Jared taylor actually believes what he has written above, more likely he is terrified of having his group go the way of other once-respected and now destroyed writers like David Irving.
The Jews know that they will never be fully welcome in a white homogenous society. They are not silly. There is also the problem which Jared must be aware of, being that bringing large numbers of Jews into AR would be the downfall of the group. They would hijack it in no time.
Posted by Paul Jones at 10:31 PM on April 16
Dear Mr. Taylor:
Thank you for offering a sane and balanced position on this topic. Freedom of association, enquiry and expression has characterized the civilization we wish to see preserved, and I see nothing to be gained from turning on Jews. It is obvious to me that there are many Jews who share our beliefs; they certainly are a net asset, whereas the neo-Nazis are a net liability. If Jews ever are banned from participating at AmRen conferences, I will begin looking for another web site for sharing and discussing opinions.
Posted by Winston Smith at 10:35 PM on April 16
Why is it that in a country where 90% of the population is Christian and 2/3 of the population White,we are continually bombarded with all things anti-White and anti-Christian?
The people who own the media,call the shots in government,who write public education curricula,who have usurped all the social and cultural institutions,are neither Christian nor White.
Thieves-and a few useful traitors-snuck up and stole our country out from under us.
Not only did they steal it,they went ahead and destroyed it for good measure,after its usefulness had passed.
What do we owe them for such a foul and murderous deed?
Posted by at 10:42 PM on April 16
“I started American Renaissance 17 years ago in order to awaken whites to the crisis they face and to encourage them to unite in defending their legitimate interests as a race.”
“AR has taken an implicit position on Jews by publishing Jewish authors and inviting Jewish speakers to AR conferences. It should be clear to anyone that Jews have, from the outset, been welcome and equal participants in our efforts.”
“Gentile whites—without help from anyone else—have repeatedly shown themselves capable of egalitarian excess.” (Yes, of course. See the last sentence immediately above).
“…Jews have a valuable role in the work of American Renaissance, and are welcome participants and speakers. Anyone who thinks otherwise HAS THE CHOICE OF STAYING HOME OR KEEPING HIS VIEWS TO HIMSELF.” (Italics mine)
The message is clear: You will extol the virtues of the Jew, or else. And:
You will be viewed favorably if you will show your support for Jew members. How? By joining our Jew friends in the trashing of whites: “Bad David Duke, bad boy, bad boy. Shut-up; go sit. Sorry, Mr. Master. White people—what can you do, huh? They insist on questioning everything. Know what I’m saying?”
From the comments it appears that there are whites willing to accept anything in order to have a white America—even a multiracial coalition.
The Jew presence at AR already has been highly disruptive; imagine how destructive they will be when they put some effort into it. And they will turn destructive eventually—it’s a Jew-thing.
Mr. T has painted himself into that proverbial corner. Running off white members and replacing them with Jews “is no way to go through life, son.”
Delusion #1:
“We want to assist in your movement.”
—Triumvirate of Jews, Blacks, and Illegal Mexicans for an All-White America, aka The Ha-Ha Club.
Posted by JBB at 10:43 PM on April 16
After reading all of this I am thoroughly disheartened, though I now have an even better understanding of why the White racialist movement simply cannot gain significant momentum. The outright denial of reality of some here, perhaps Mr. Taylor included, regarding the Jewish question is staggering. In fact, much of the philo-semetic rhetoric displayed here sounds suspiciously like the reasoning offered by those on the Left, when defending their precious “diversity” etc.(name-calling, blanket denouncements, emotional hand-wringing with no factual support, etc).
I tried to be more open-minded about this, but now I’m more disgusted and disillusioned than ever. Surely, we need not align ourselves with ANYONE who advocates violence or worse against ANYONE. That above all must be clear. This does not mean, however, that we must denounce anyone who takes a position deemed anti-semetic, automatically presuming they mean to do Jews or anyone else great harm. Though AR is clearly in effect “anti-Afican” I cannot recall any calls for harm or violence to achieve White peace - quite the contrary really. And rightly so!
I am not a particulalrly huge fan of Mr. Duke, however, I have never heard him advocate violence, and he spoke openly in his autobiography of the awful treatment given Jews in WWII. I don’t agree with all his positions, nor do I agree with all those positions in AR over the years. But I can respect any well reasoned and thoroughly researched argument, whether I agree with it or not…and the very idea that we would simply shut-out those who take on the true “final taboo” is rather frightening. Particularly when done to satsify a tiny minority among us.(again - tactics of the enemy, no?)
Why do I have that sinking feeling that AR might be in danger of selling its White soul for the proverbial handful of shekels here?

Posted by HH at 10:45 PM on April 16

Why appeasement to any minority makes no difference:

Jared Taylor’s refusal to condemn anti-Semitism
by Lawrence Auster
(Note to reader: This article has been substantially revised since being posted on Saturday afternoon.)
Jared Taylor of American Renaissance has written an article purporting to respond to the anti-Semitic manifestations that occurred at the American Renaissance conference in Virginia this past February. He also responds to, or, rather, he loftily dismisses (as a “mistake”) a letter that was sent to him by a group of AR subscribers and conference attendees last month calling on him to cease inviting anti-Semitic speakers to AR conferences, to discourage anti-Semites from attending, and to write an article in AR condemning anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. The letter said that while rational criticism of the role of Jews in leftist and anti-white movements is legitimate, blaming the Jews for all the problems of Western civilization—which is what the more committed anti-Semites do—is not. (In addition to the AR subscribers and attendees who signed the letter, I and several others signed the letter as “non-AR subscribers/attendees who are in support of this letter.” I spoke at the first AR conference in 1994, but have not subscribed to AR or gone to an AR conference in over ten years.)
Full article:
Posted by sbuffalonative at 11:10 PM on April 16
The average IQ of Isreal (sic) is 115.
Sir, you cannot just throw out statements like that without references.
I seriously doubt that statement—there are a great number of Shephardic Jews in Israel which would lower the average IQ significantly.
I doubt that statement, anyway, even without averaging in the Shepardim.
Posted by The Writer Formerly Known as Jim E. at 11:29 PM on April 16
Several people have mentioned the excellent books by Kevin MacDonald. The Culture of Critique, Separation and its Discontents and A People That Shall Dwell Alone. All are extremely well-written and insightful.
Whites can learn much from the strategies previously employed by Jews to accomplish race-specific ends. Upholding the ideal of true multi-culturalism, which is racial separatism, should be an endeavor that consciously avoids inter-racial conflict and malice. People of all races can be encouraged to openly support each other in the preservation of their differences. This includes having a geographic place to call ‘home.’
I can understand the concern about Jewish involvement. How can we organize a white nation and stimulate white self-interest if groups like this one are co-opted by people who may prove alien to that objective?
Here is the reason. If whites are to learn from the mistakes that brought us to this predicament we must resist the urge to continually insulate ourselves in smaller and smaller groups. A person of any race wishing to support a white homeland is a person I do not want to hinder, provided this is plainly his objective. I would support him in this provided he accepts his own exclusion from white nations or white identification groups. This is reasonable, as I am willing to accept my exclusion from his.
However, if he is Jewish and of predominately European heritage it is a bit more complicated. Provided he claims a loyalty to his European heritage over his Jewish tradition (and ancestry) then his active participation within white identification groups shouldn’t be dismissed. It should be encouraged.
That treason to the fundamental idea of white separation will occur among these questionable entries (and even the not-so-questionable ones, ie- whites) should be seen as inevitable. It is only a matter of scale, not probability. My purpose in writing this e-mail is to say this: Whites should stop fearing it.
Even admission into a white identification group like AR by people whose ‘whiteness’ is questionable can be a positive thing. That is because the commitment to white preservation is an idea. As an idea it transcends loyalty to any particular person or group. If Jared Taylor suddenly announced his sympathies with hyper-egalitarian objectives (or if his actions indicated these sympathies) would that change the good AR has done up until this point? He would be missed but the ideal of white nationalism would continue.
AR may eventually be corrupted by Jews who have split loyalties, but anything that can be accomplished in the interim is welcome.
That I can look so dispassionately at the possible decay and disorientation of AR may seem fatalistic but it is far from it. We must leverage every possible means of influence to see that the idea of white preservation gains common currency. I would much rather see a compromised AR become mainstream, taking at least a few key ideas with it, than continue to writhe in this backwater of petty and endless hairsplitting.
Look more closely at the worst case scenario. First Jews are allowed entry, then they participate at the highest administrative levels, then suddenly AR is supporting actions and printing material that is highly questionable from a white preservation perspective. Are the long-time supporters of AR going to let this go unnoticed? Of course not. People who are true in their support of European identity will abandon AR. (In fact, this betrayal of principle could well happen without the help of Jews.)
However, if between now and this possible (but not inevitable) decline there are Jews to help spread the word; Jews with media connections; Jews causing fellow liberal Jews to question their destructive white-hating policies; Jews helping to mainstream ideas and policies that are presently vilified; Jews helping to swell the ranks of a group like AR with Jews and non-Jews of European heritage…
And in the wreckage of this imagined decline of AR will be those who shake their heads and say “another John Birch Society.” Yet these same may look around and discover the “corruption” went both ways. Mainstream liberal opinions will have compromised AR, yet the growth of AR will have succeeded in mainstreaming certain, once-vilified opinions. And, even more encouraging, their complaints about the betrayal of white identification will have a much larger and more receptive audience. Hence 10 new AR-style groups (the “uncorrupted” type) will form where before there was only one or two.
You probably noticed that in this thought experiement I assumed the AR would grow before it is corrupted. While this is not inevitable (either growth or corruption) I would suggest that this decision by Jared Taylor will indeed facilitate growth. That he is explicitly including Jews is not itself a betrayal of white identity, at least as it regards Jews from largely European ancestry. However, the concern remains that these Jews will be more likely to betray the core principles of white identification. I do not discount this. I am only arguing that if, or until, betrayal becomse apparent, we should be willing to accept Jews as a valuable resource. After all, groups of self-identified Jews have had amazing success by encouraging “gentile” talent, provided the gentile is acting in their interest. In fact, this has been absolutely imperative to their successes. And we can do them one better. Provided the Jew is of predominately European ancestry we can accept them as a member of our biological community (something a self-identified Jew is loathe to do with any gentile). Again, this acceptance is contingent upon their never being at cross-purposes with the interests of white identity. Hence we all move forward together.
One last thing- the comparison of Taylor’s statement with Bush trying to buy votes through appeasement is innacurate. Taylor is not trying to “buy Jewish votes.” I can’t imagine he is expecting some large “return” on his inclusion speech “investment”- at least not in the form of a flock of Jews rushing to American Renaissance. He is merely allowing Jews to “vote.” He has not changed his core message in some attempt to pander. That only a few Jews embrace the ideal of a white identified homeland is significant. Every Jew that swears allegience to AR (and means it) weakens the strength of the self-interested Jewish body, that core group which does so much to erase borders and identities (exlcuding their own, of course). It doesn’t matter, and I don’t think it is expected by Taylor, that his statement will fail to bring Jews en masse to AR.

I hope that American Renaissance will continue to prosper in its noble goal of true multi-culturalism. And for those Jews that have joined and will join- please forgive us if we watch you rather closely. We know too well the dynamic history, good and ill, that has marked the Jewish people.
Posted by at 11:41 PM on April 16
There is no Jewish Conspiracy. Why? Because the Jews say
that there isn’t. Sound ridiculous? It is, but that’s the basic
argument offered by the philo-semites. It is so fashionable to
laugh at conspiracies, but it is too easy. There have been many
effective conspiracies that achieved their end: French Revolution
Bolshevic, the Sons of Liberty, Manhattan Project, etc. So to
mock conspiracy is truly a pseudo-sophistication. Sure, there
have been many ridiculous conspiracies, and even more ridiculous
conspiracy theories. None of that invalidates the Thing Itself.
If you can’t see that, you need to take a basic philosophy course. The Counterfeit is often a sign of the Real.
Consider the etymology: to breathe together. Conspiracy is
very basic to life. We’ve all conspired with other people to do
something and to keep it from other people. It’s the way the
world works. Now many say that the people can’t keep their mouths
shut. But perhaps what they mean is that they can’t. People who
only feel alive when drunk and watching colored guys hit a white
ball probably couldn’t carry out a successful conspiracy. But the
Jews aren’t like that now, are they? Not all Jewish individuals
are consciously in on it, of course. But they will become indig-
nant at the mention of it, so they help protect the ones that are
carrying it out. See how it works? They breath together. Am I
generalizing? Of course, such generalizing is called thinking.
After all, a concept is a generalization. The first trick in the
Jewish Arsenal is to charge you with generalizing. They claim
this to everything you say. It’s a way to silence you. They gen-
eralize about us all the time. Ask them why they got kicked out
of so many European Countries. Because Whites are Bigots, they
will reply. They will admit no responsibility for misdeeds and
have no problem with slandering a whole race of people, namely
our own.
In the New World Order, Jews are major players. Are they in
control? Not necessarily. Obviously the Protestant Aristocracy
is very strong here in America. And in Europe, some of the Old
Royal Families are very powerful. Certainly, the Jews could have
never done what they have without the cooperation of these people. Are there power struggles? Cannot say. There has been a
lot of intermarriage in Britain, but not so much here. They seem,
at least from our perspective, to have worked out their differ-
ences. Certainly they work together to destroy us very well.
Posted by Lugh at 11:43 PM on April 16
As a Black person WHO PERIODICALLY visits this website, such statements on this topic reconfirms what I said in remarks that I posted last December 4th about White Anti-Semitism and other matters.
I warned the Jewish posters on this board (fortunately there seems to be only a small number of them) about becoming TOO IMMERSED with the far right WASP culture! I said then (and now it is evident by these posts), that the majortiy of those on the right have a SEARING HATRED OF JEWS!
Despite the invitation of Jared Taylor and a few others, you can see the REAL FEELINGS of more than a few WASPS on this board.
Posted by OBSERVER at 12:31 AM on April 17
I’m just appalled at some of the anti-jewish hysteria i’ve seen from some AR posters. It’s like something out of Mein Kampf or Der Sturmer. If some rabid Jew haters want to stop reading AR then AR would be better off. Fascism and Nazism are destructive ideologies that have cost countless lives in Europe. Sure there are racial differences in people and genetic differences between different races but I don’t hate anyone because they look different than me. There are different social mores among people but I don’t want to hate anyone. Hate is a bad ideology that accomplishes nothing and destroys lives. In New York City I stand out as a white male and I’ve written some posts in AR about it. But I’ve encountered hate and hostility from people and I don’t want to hate back and stoop to their level. I could call them racial slurs back but I don’t believe in that. I can’t change the fact that I’m a light-skinned white and I don’t hate people just solely on the color of their skin or nationality. AR should have civil discussions on racial matters and questions in a dignified way. Nazi apologists, Ku Klux Klan sympathizers and violent White Supremacist types don’t belong in AR. AR is above that. I’ve learned a lot from American Renaissance. I wish I didn’t have to sympathize with American Renaissance and go on their website but there are ugly racial problems and anti-white bigotry that few people address. I saw the Anti-Semitic screed ” The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” on 125th Street in Harlem along with a strange brochure that said “Jewish Science Experiments. Some Blacks are very biased against Jews. There are also brochures of controversial former Nation of Islam member Khalid Abdul Mohammed who was almost violently Anti-White and Anti-Semitic being sold on 125th Street. The Nation of Islam is anti-white and Anti-Semitic. Jews have enough enemies in the Middle East and all over the world. I’m saddened that some people who follow AR are so biased against Jews to the point of irrationality. I’m not trying to stir up animosity among AR readers and supporters. I’m stating some ugly truths. There needs to be more understanding and less hate at AR. The controversial Jewish Defense League was founded because elderly Jews were being mugged all over New York City in the late 1960’s. A lot of neighborhoods in New York city that had large Jewish populations like Brownsville and East New York in Brooklyn which really turned very dangerous when the Jews left by the 1960’s and were the most dangerous parts of the city during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Springfield Gardens, Laurelton, Rosedale, Far Rockaway, Jamaica and Rochdale Village in South Jamaica were largely Jewish neighborhoods that turned mostly black by the 1970’s and 1980’s. The neighborhoods are not what they once were but are still nice Middle class Black neighborhoods. The Pomonok Housing projects in Kew Gardens, Queens was a Jewish and mostly White housing project and now it’s mostly Black and Hispanic and the area around there has gotten worse. The Bronx had a large Jewish population and now it’s like a colony of Puerto Rico. The Bronx is now the most dangerous, graffiti ridden part of New York City. Jews should be considered allies at AR. The Jews have been persecuted and scapegoated enough, going back 5000 years. Not all Jews look alike or think alike politically. Jews are a minority in America but a very succesful minority and some ignorant people resent that. They’ve contributed a lot to American and European society. Israel has some imperfections and doesn’t have the best human rights records but it’s a democracy compared to the rest of the Middle East. There’s enough hate and bigotry in the world. AR at least tries to discuss taboo racial matters in a civil, dignified, respectful way. Some AR supporters have shown their true colors by how hateful and paranoid they are with their Jew-baiting.

Steven E. Fisher
Posted by Steven Fisher at 12:58 AM on April 17
There is ONLY ONE true test of whiteness and that test is ASSIMILATION! This post puts this issue to rest in my mind once and for all.
So far MOST of JEWRY has failed to assimilate into white culture. When you put IRISH, ENGLISH, GERMAN, and even CZECH and RUSSIAN into one nation like the US. After a few generations you are very hard pressed to tell who is who. We blend as naturally as water.
We adopt the majorities’ language, its customs, its holidays, its religion, its culture as a whole and we do it willingly and easily.
The Jewish people have (with some exceptions obviously) FAILED to do this and THIS and THIS alone has kept them from being TRULY white.

If being Jewish is a RELIGION then they are not our people any more than are Muslims or Hindus, which means they are not our people and can only be considered potential enemies or potential
Allies of the white race to be used when needed to advance our cause. Whether they are allies or enemies would depend entirely on their BEHAVIOR towards white whites. If we are talking about how they are behaving as of now? Well I believe that even White Jewish and proud would have to admit that they are our enemies.
If on the other hand being Jewish is a race, then what the heck are we all arguing for, they would be obviously not our people and can only be allies or enemies as posted above and should be treated accordingly.
Am I missing something here? Is this not the FAIR way to approach this issue?
There IS ONE 3rd way to resolve this problem which has been noted by many posters before but which I believe is constantly ignored by the Jewish posters of AR as well as their cheerleaders.
If you REALLY wish to be considered to be 100% with us as whites, you would be welcomed by the VAST majority of white nationalists if you would do but one thing. Renounce Judaism.
You can whine till the cows come home but you KNOW that this is the ONLY way that you could EVER be considered white.
As Jared Taylor and most of the rest of us know full well and preach DAILY here at AR. Diversity is NOT our strength!
Diversity of culture CAUSES tension distrust and foments anger.
Am I not right MR Taylor?
Diversity of religious beliefs and holidays causes separation and strife.
Have I NOT read that here at AR constantly?
The same issues can be said of many key differences between whites and Jews in general.
Unless we are to believe that somehow diversity is our weakness UNLESS we are referring to Jews then I think we should all admit that being both Jewish and white nationalist is just plain silly on the face of it.
But there IS actually a way that I truly believe that Jews CAN INDEED be 100% accepted into the white race and considered our people in every way and that is to ASSIMILATE.
As I said before this is the LAST I will write read or post on the issue it should be very well put to bed because you ALL know it is the truth and the ONLY logical solution.
But of course the Jews who post here will refuse to assimilate and the Jew haters will go on excluding and blaming them for every bad thing to happen to whites since the beginning of time.
Posted by Redneck at 1:13 AM on April 17
jewamongyou at 2:34 PM on April 16
Jews here at AR and throughout history have asked the question, am I white?
And it has always amused me.
It amuses me because you act as if it was OUR choice! It has always been YOUR choice, do you guys really not get that?
Unlike blacks and Mexicans you guys, for the most part, look, act, and think white, and you have high intelligence.
That being said, what in the world do you think is STOPPING you from being white?
Give up? The only thing that keeps Jewish people from being white is their refusal to give up being a Jew. If they did this then in 3 generations no one on earth could deny you were 100% white. But Jews THEMSELVE have declined to become white NOT the other way around.
Your comment was honest and I respect that. You say that you put “your peoples” interest first and I have no problem with that.
In fact as you well know that is all of the frustrated and angry white people here at AR want for ourselves.

You have said that you have a people and you obviously are proud of it. That is as it should be. If you or your children ever do decide to give up your race and become one of us all they would have to do is decide to do so.
But as I have said the choice has always been YOURS, not ours.
Posted by at 1:34 AM on April 17
To Ramar
“You must live in Massachusetts if you think so!”
No, quite the opposite actually. Most of the Jews in my area are very conservative, but I live in a generally conservative area. I think this has to do more with the location of the people than general Jewish tendencies overall.
A huge percentage of the Jewish population lives in large cities. Like you said, whites in Mass. voted Kerry by a huge margin, so did whites in NY and LA and other large cities. That also happens to be where most of the Jews are. Im willing to wager that the correlation between Jewish voting and geographic location matches that of whites.
Posted by Mick at 1:36 AM on April 17
I may be a very simple person so maybe this question is stupid but I would appreciate somebody’s explanation.
WHY would Jewish leaders or their people want to embrace diversity and multiculturalism? I do see numerous examples of this in the media and elsewhere. Nobody ever seems to have an answer to this.
In my experience the Jews are the most racially/religiously conscious people I have met.
Wouldn’t embracing diversity hurt them the same as non jewish whites?
Do the Jews want to have their culture swamped by other third world peoples not sharing their culture and ideals? It seems to me that Jews have much more in common culturally with whites so I don’t quite understand. Why don’t they think multiculturalism will affect them? It seems like they would be the most concerned.
Your help would be appreciated because I appear to be naive.
Posted by greyowl at 2:33 AM on April 17
Jared Taylor right. The only rational course is to welcome Jews who support amren’s aims.
Some people seem to doubt that such people exist. In reply, I can say only that I have met quite a few conservative, anti-immigrationist Jewish people in my time. This fact is not altered because other Jews are at the opposite end of the political spectrum.
Posted by Saki at 3:42 AM on April 17
Forget, please, about Khazar theory. The DNA studies show clearly, that Ashkenazi Jews are, as well as Sephardim and Kurd Jews, of Hebrew/Levantine origin, with small European admixture.
Posted by EW at 3:50 AM on April 17
This is an easy one:
Who here thinks blacks let themselves out of their cage?
Well, now go read who did. Case closed. JT and Amren have made a fundamental mistake … or did they?
cough*cia asset*cough
Posted by Theseus at 4:01 AM on April 17
I am a webmaster and writer at the nationalist-conservative blog, majorityrights.com, and I’d like to support Jared on the issue in question. This I do not in terms of whether significant and sincere help for our cause can be had from Jewish thinkers and writers, but from the perspective that our own people must be introduced to the ideas of white survival slowly and by degrees, and well before the full and potentially alienating shock of the JQ hits home.
In part our problem is one of manufactured sensibility, in part one of scale. White opinion on racialism and white survival is not allowed to form freely but is trammelled to one self-destructive conclusion. Against this, a developing range of internet media is arguing for white survival - Amren being, of course, an especially honourable and early example. Given the sheer mass of white opinion which we seek to influence and its proclivity to sleep soundly to the mainstream lullaby, that range is much too limited. But there is progress and, certainly for MR, reader numbers are growing all the time.
In this regard, one of the characteristics of effective communication is plurality of opinion and of strategy. White opinion is not monolithic, and even awoken whites are entitled to formulate their own particular beliefs and ideas. Accordingly, we can be plural in our opinions and have a greater and more ready impact than if we were all anti-semitic clones. Indeed, the sure way to have no impact at all is to be anti-semitic clones.
The typical, waking white will follow a paper (or perhaps digital) trail, all the time looking for the missing pieces in his intellectual puzzle. If he chooses at some point to make an accomodation with Jewry because of the writings of, say, Larry Auster, Rabbi Schiller or Paul Gottfried, that is his privilege. Later he may come across a more subtle exposition of ethnic genetic interests and modify his position.
Support Jared in what Jared does, and likewise the other actors in their efforts. Division between us need never go deeper than the mildest and friendliest disagreement, while what unites us is blood.
Posted by Guessedworker at 4:43 AM on April 17
The answer to the question of Jews and White Nationalism is quite simple and easily accessible to anybody who remembers the main facts: The Jews are NOT European originally, but through centuries of living in Europe and mixing with Europeans some of them have become ETHNICALLY European. Others have retained Middle Eastern characteristics and some have even become Black.
Regarding ethnically White Jews, if they retain their religion, these Jews must be considered non-Whites, as the Jewish religion is obviously a non European religion. Of course, the same can be said for Christianity, but since this is a religion that has historically been accepted by the majority of European Whites, its non-Eureopan origins cannot be taken as evidence of non-Europeanism, whereas the Jewish religion can. I would say that Whites who practice Buddhism or Hinduism are also essentially non-White, although Atheists and pagans would be.
If a Jew is ETHNICALLY White, which means he or she shares the racial characteristics of Whites, and if he or she is not attached to the Jewish religion, it would be fair to regard him or her as a White person and include him or her in the White Nationalist movement. If he or she did not wish to particpate, such a person should be regareded as any other White non-participant.
Jewish nationalism or Zionism is, however, unlike other Europan nationalisms, in that it is inconsistent with White Nationalism in favoring the interests of a mixed ethnic group (the Jews) over all others. This is different from, say, British nationalism that favours the interests of the White British over all others.In a sense Jewishness or Zionism is the first true multiculturalism.
The Universal Fascist Party is not a White nationalist party, but we favour movements like White Nationalism for eugenic reasons based on the contribution Whites have made to the sum of the Worlds’s intelligence and decency. Jews also have contributed much to the sum of the World’s intelligence, perhaps even more than non-Jewish Whites in strict per capita terms, although their contribution to the sum of the World’s decency is more questionable.
Posted by The Dalry Lama at 5:54 AM on April 17
It was 25 years ago when I first had a look at the racialist movement in America. I was surprised to find out how marginalised it was. Little brainpower, small numbers and often acting as crazy as possible.
I was able to have a better look since the coming of the net. It has not improved (leaving aside Amren, TOQ and a few other initiatives), even worse, the numbers seem to be down and the amount of cranks and lunatics talking utter paranoid nonsense on freak sites seem to be the standard.
Amren leads the way, the rest hardly exists outside the net. I agree that Amren must watch out that they aren’t hijacked by the lunatic fringe who destroys all it touches.
Even in Germany, you will hardly find this kind of crank paranoid Jew hate. The “neo nazi” DVU has Jewish members and writers. The “neo nazi” NPD does publish interviews with Jews. Nowhere you can find this primitive jewhate as in the USA.
Tayler is a bright man and should be supported. Amren is the way forward. Or, do you want to be as marginal as possible? Time is running out, but, with the right evolutionary strategy, all becomes possible.
As far as the Jews go, all you need to know can be found at:
Posted by Flanders / Belgium at 7:22 AM on April 17
After 183 posts, I see that there are people much too irrational about Jews here. They urgently need to know a bit of history. Because he who takes pleasure in the same mistakes is doomed to the same fate again and again.
I am certainly not an advocate of Italian fascism, nor I think that anybody should be one today. Yet this text may be interesting for some.
It happened in Italy too
Spectator, The, Dec 7, 1996 by Farrell, Nicholas
After revelations that German Jews fought for Hitler, Nicholas Farrell on the Jews for Mussolini
The Daily Telegraph has published details of new research on Jews who fought for Hitler’s Germany - the theme of the film Europa Europa. That Jews could take up arms on the side of a regime dedicated to the extinction of Jews is, on the face of it, beyond comprehension. But the experience of Italian Jews in fascist Italy may help shed light on the mental state of German Jews who became Nazi soldiers. Like their German counterparts, Italian Jews did not, of course, want to exterminate Jews. But an incredible number of them were fascists.
The explanations for the Jewish Nazi soldiers so far offered — mainly that Jews were safer in the army than out and the full extent of the Holocaust was not known until the war was over - overlook one vital factor: the appeal that fascism and to a lesser extent National Socialism had for Jews. Many of them, particularly middleclass Jews, were fiercely patriotic and fiercely anti-communist. They were naturally attracted to Italian fascism and German National Socialism. They wanted to be Good Italians or Good Germans. This was especially true of Italian Jews. And because anti-Semitism in Italy was never to plumb the depths reached in Germany there was no Holocaust and Mussolini never intended to exterminate Jews - the Italian experience is a useful comparison. It helps us understand the minds of Jews pre-Holocaust. We have the benefit of hindsight; they did not.
Looking back, it is remarkable how many Italian Jews went on supporting Mussolini and for how long; just as it is remarkable that so many people in Britain, including Churchill, regarded him as a good thing for so long. As late as 1938 the year Mussolini introduced Italy’s antiJewish laws - of the 47,000 Jews in Italy more than 10,000 were members of the Fascist Party; one in three of the Jewish population over the age of 21.
Italian Jews were also extremely well represented in the armed forces. In the first world war 50 generals had been Jews and Italy was the only country in Europe which had Jewish admirals and generals. Around 1,000 Jews had been decorated for valour, and they continued to fight after the first world war. In the Spanish civil war, for example, Alberto Liuzzi, a Jew killed in battle in 1937, was awarded Italy’s highest award for bravery, the Medaglia d’Oro.
When the 1938 racial laws came into force, as many as 11,000 Jews were eligible for ‘discriminazione’ — exemption, initially at least, from the racial laws - on the grounds that they or their fathers had served in the first world war or had been Fascist Party members since the founding of the movement.
One of the best known and most committed Jewish fascists was Ettore Ovazza, born into a Turin banking family. An artillery lieutenant in the first world war, he joined the Fascist Party in its earliest days, regarding it as the only way to avert a communist revolution in Italy. He was also a ‘squadrista’ (blackshirt) and among 227 Jews given the certificate for participating in the march on Rome in 1922 which swept Mussolini to power. In 1929, he met Mussolini and one of his most cherished possessions was a signed photograph of the Duce.
Mussolini was probably only ever antiSemitic - if at all - for pragmatic rather than ideological reasons. After all, his main mistress, Margarita Sarfatti, the woman often called the uncrowned queen of Italy throughout the 1920s and much of the 1930s, was a Jew. He was much more concerned with nation than with race. Hitler used to joke about his `kosher fascism’. He in turn publicly ridiculed Hitler’s biological racism.
But despite this, anti-Semitism in Italy began to gather momentum in 1934. It was at this time, however, that Ovazza, like many other Italian Jews, was to become ever more zealous in his fascism. Indeed, in 1934, he founded a weekly newspaper, La Nostra Bandiera, which aimed to make clear that the Jews were among the most ardent supporters of fascism. His frontpage editorial entitled `An End to Ambiguity’ said: `We are soldiers, we are fascists . . we want to kiss the tricolor flag for which we are always ready to fight and die . The Italian Jews have always guarded jealously the perfect spiritual unity between the love of religion and love of Fatherland.’ Ovazza, for one, felt quite able to believe in and hit out at the so-called international Zionist conspiracy — something which he and, he insisted, most Italian Jews had nothing to do with. Anti-fascist Jews were, he said, a tiny minority.
When Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935 most synagogues celebrated the national `Day of Faith’ by singing Giovinezza, the fascist anthem. At the same ceremony, Jewish Italian women, like gentile Italian women, donated their wedding rings to the war effort. As for Ovazza, he even volunteered to fight, but aged 43, was considered too old.
In The History of the Italian Jews Under Fascism, the late Professor Renzo de Felice, the acknowledged Italian authority on the period, writes that before the 1938 racial laws it is `impossible to talk of a Jewish anti-fascist movement’. But even after the laws Ovazza - again like many Italian Jews - refused to abandon fascism. The laws, he said, which banned most Jews from most decent jobs as well as the armed forces - was a necessary sacrifice. This was also the official position of the governing council of the Turin Jewish community whose president was an army general.
When war came, the Chief Rabbi of Rome lamented that Italian Jews were barred from fighting for the Fatherland but guaranteed that the community would contribute in any way it could to the war effort. And as in Germany, many hid their religion and did fight. In 1940, when the British sank three Italian battleships at Taranto, General Umberto Pugliese, a Jew, was even asked to return to the army to carry out the salvage operation. He was only too pleased to do so.
`War - and here we come to another fundamental aspect of the Jewish drama in those years - not only did the Jews suffer it like all Italians but they lived it with the same passionate participation and the same problems of conscience,’ writes Professor de Felice.
Unlike Ovazza, thousands of Jews including Mussolini’s former mistress, Sarfatti - had realised in 1938 that the writing was on the wall and emigrated. But he stuck it out until July 1943, when Mussolini was deposed by the Badaglio coup and German troops arrived on Italian soil. Even he realised the dangers by then. In September 1943, Ovazza went with his wife and two children to a hotel near the Swiss frontier so that, if necessary, they could escape. But on 9 October, he, his wife and daughter were arrested by the SS and the next day they were shot. Their bodies were burned in a furnace. His son had been killed previously attempting to cross the frontier. Today the Ovazza family still has the signed photograph of Ettore’s hero, the Duce.
The author is writing a biography of Mussolini for Weidenfeld and Nicolson.
Posted by L’ethno-différentialiste at 8:15 AM on April 17
Why do Jews insist on being in charge of a White movement? They run all of the major media, are way over-represented in Congress, in banking, and in academia. It was they who pushed and got this multicultural, communistic multiculturalist nightmare we are in right now. I wish they would just leave us alone. Is it because they believe, as their holy books proclaim, that we Whites are all like cattle? It sure appears that they do.
If we Whites ever say that we want our own movement (meaning we wants Jews excluded) then automatically we are called ugly names such as racists, bigots, and anti-Semites.
Posted by Robert ap Richard at 8:21 AM on April 17
You state: “I started American Renaissance 17 years ago in order to awaken whites to the crisis they face and to encourage them to unite in defending their legitimate interests as a race.”
How then can you include the members of a different race - a Semetic, Asian race - in your midst? There is no logic in that.
Posted by Seaforth at 9:53 AM on April 17
I guess Jared is trying to tell us one of the following:
1. He himself is a jew
2. He is married to a jew
3. He has dear friends who are jews
4. He knows that the jews have a total and permanent grip on America, and Amren is just a lobby….begging to keep America white, because it is for the jews’ own collective good.
Posted by Captain Sensible at 10:17 AM on April 17
The litmus test for Jewish involvement in the pro-white movement is whether they will give up their holocaust religion and are willing to totally assimilate and disappear into our race. Those Jews who are Jews first should immigrate to Israel where they can chatter all they want about their holocaust myths.
Good luck to those who immigrate to Israel. Good luck to those Jews who wish to melt into our race and culture.
But you can’t have it both ways.
Posted by at 10:24 AM on April 17
I’ve seen this kind of debate get structured like a common type of statistics problem. Are two sets of samples from the same population? Are two baskets of apples from the same tree? Take some measurements of the apples and use them in a test to answer. The test may give the correct answer or it may not. So there are four possibilities. The apples may or may not be from the same tree and the test may or may not be correct. So it is with Jews. Going into the future are they mostly going to be with us or against us? Let’s imagine a test or method we can use to answer this question. Our method may or may not be correct.
(1) Jews will be mostly on our side and our method says as much. Great, we’ve got an ally and we can pull together.
(2) Jews will be mostly on our side but our method gives us the wrong answer. We’ve lost an ally and needlessly opened up another battle front.
(3) Jews will be mostly against us and our method says as much. We won’t include them among us in the modern white movement.
(4) Jews will be mostly against us but our method fails to detect it. We’ve let a trojan horse into our fort. Our efforts will face sabotage.
In statistics they calculate probabilities and costs and benefits to help make a decision. We can never actually know which of the four cases is true. Of course, our debate is vastly more complex than comparing apples in baskets. I can think of zillions of complications here. I think it was Michael Levin’s book on race where I saw this kind of simple model being proposed to study ethnic conflict and co-operation. Although simple, many people might find this kind of model structure to be useful in organizing the various elements of the debate.
Posted by fenris at 10:43 AM on April 17
Fred, at 10:19 AM. I will bet you are Jewish. You write and only worry about the “jewish” aspect and NOT what is best for WHITES. If you were not Jewish, you would not have cared. But you care more about “jewishness” than anything else. Oh vey.
This is a perfect example of what happens when we WHITES “care” about the others. ALL other races/tribes/creeds do NOT care about us whites. In fact, they ALL hate us. Including the “jews”.
I don’t care if there are some “good” jews. They don’t set the policy. They don’t run the NAACP, United Jewish Appeal, ADl, Federal Reserve, SPLC, ACLU, etc.
Those who run these organizations HATE us, hate me and hate Mr. Taylors organization.
The reason I bring up the religious/racial background of Mr. Taylor is due to the deceitful ways of many Jews. They change their names, they hide who they are and they are so SHOCKED, SHOCKED, when those questions are brought up.
IF we have to worry about what “jews” might think or feel, then they control us. If Amren lets us “insult” blacks, asians, mexicans, but we are not to “insult” jews, then this organization is controlled by “jewishness”. It is that simple.
AMREN must have a litmus test. Not for those who post or attend meetings, but those who set policy. They need to pledge support for a white national homelamd, FOR WHITES, with all other aspects of their lives a far distant insignificant second.
If you put the brother-hood or man and equality and other “christian valued” over a segregated separatist white homeland, then you are NOT on our side.
Let us be very honest with outselves folks. We are talking about a WHITE homeland. This is segregation. This is separation of “races” and will have to use force to keep it that way. IF this bothers you, they YOU do not support what we advocate here. This isn’t “nice”. This is not tolerance. This is not “turning the other cheek”. This is not “one with God and we are all Gods little chillen’”.
This is a serious, hurtful, violent state of affairs. It is why many of us own guns and see a Civil War 2 coming. And people get KILLED in wars. Whether you like it or not, people will have to die for us to have a white homeland. Don’t forget that good ol’ Washington KILLED PEOPLE to create this country. Lincoln KILLED people. Roosevelt, the darling of the Democrats KILLED MILLIONS for his goal. Churchill, the darling of the British Empire, KILLED people. And Christians are against killing. When the “killing” starts, where will you stand? In our way?
So, we don’t need to refuse Jewish people. They just need to reject all values not supportive of a white only national movement. Even Black, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Muslims should be allowed in as members of AMREN as long as they pledge their existance to the establishment of a white only national homeland. We should not exclude anyone who will work with us. We are tolerant, just as Jews are, not so?
I am sure there are numerous Jewish, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Arabic, Muslims, etc who will support our goals and we need to be open minded, tolerant of their diverse backgrounds as we work towards a white only national homeland. I am no bigot.
Let Jews show their loyalty to OUR cause. Any jewish person who wishes to support us can. Let them come to us. We should not beg them. We don’t need them. We can do well without Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Muslims and Jews. Why do THEY get special treatment, Mr. Taylor? Once we have a white only national homeland, there is no “civil rights”, no “affirmative action” not special “anti-semetic hate laws”.
In a future white homeland if I put up a sign saying “no blacks, mexicans or jews allowed”, will I be sued? By which ethnic group?
As Christ (a Jew) said in one of the Gospels (written by Jews), “Those who are not for me/us are against me”.
Posted by White Activist at 11:02 AM on April 17
It’s amazing how so many people above miss the point of Mr. Taylor’s comments. They continue to plow forward with antisemitic, and to that degree antiwhite generalization. They have the freedom to do so, but thank you Mr. Taylor for stating the obvious that such antiwhite comments are not welcome.
Posted by factualist at 11:26 AM on April 17
oh for god’s sake. The comments on this thread make me ashamed to read here. It is one thing to have a site that illustrates how minority crime is downplayed or ignored by the mainstream media (amongst other valid issues), but it’s quite another to bash Jews based on, basically, nothing. I don’t know why every racist crackpot from the Nation of Islam to David Duke, have to bash Jews. It’s not Jews who have made our cities unlivable.
Posted by BobC at 12:10 PM on April 17
Gutsy move,Mr.Taylor.Commendations are in order.
We need to realize that being a “Jew” can encompass many different facets and beliefs.To some of them,it’s a race,to others,it’s merely a faith inasmuch the same way we may be Episcopalians or Methodists.I welcome any Jewish person into the fold who is supportive of Western Culture and its way of life and society.We have regular posters here such as Jewamongyouand White,Jewish and Proud and there can be no doubt that they support Amren’s aims.
It has been my observation that most of the insane ranting anti-white multicults are gentile whites.The Catholic Church is unabashedly pro-open borders…why no outrage there?Yet if an “anti-racist” organization happens to be led or spokespersoned by a Jew,suddenly all the paranoid “Jew behind the curtain” pundits come out of the woodwork.
On another level,I can see why many Jewish persons are wary of our goals…after all,only a little more than a half century ago a dictator with blatantly “pro-white” views tried to exterminate them off the face of the earth.Neo-Nazis and Hitler were and are the WORST thing that can happen to white people.Start with Hitler’s legions killing millions of white people,and the millions more white people who dies trying to stop him;now we have these die-hards who insist that “jews were all behind it” and “National Socialism is misunderstood” and still insist that “by Golly,we just know we’re right”.Newsflash——white people will NEVER support Nazism particularly since many of their fathers and grandfathers died fighting it.In embracing Jewish people who support Amren,Mr.Taylor is attempting to bring the organization into the mainstream of modern poltical thought AND tactfully jettisoning all these Nazi and KKK hangers-on.
I’ve shown this site to apolitical white people(including a girlfriend who is Jewish)and they ALL FUNDAMENTALLY supported what Amren is saying——our society is being overrun by people who do not share our cultural values or goals or traditions.Our borders are a joke.We’re being punished by draconian “hate crime” laws and victimized by ever-increasingly strident demand of “minorities” and their vaguely more violent bully boys.We are being cowed into submission by threats of loss of livelihood or even freedom if we dare protest.Yet they won’t take that final step and throw their weight behind us.Why?
Because of the presence of posters with obviously pro-Nazi and Klan sympathies….and we risk losing a very viable block of people—including sympathetic Jews——by counting these fanatics among our ranks.
Yes,Jews do have a disproportionate presence in media and government…but so do gentile whites,and these are often the people most destroying our culture! Ted Kennedy?Hillary Clinton?Is anyone seriously suggesting that we should support these idiots simply because they’re gentiles over Michael Hart,Liddy,or Michael Savage?
Furthermore,I read Tikkun,the left-center journal of Jewish thought and opinion once in a while,and it can be quickly gleaned from reading a few pages—-Jews are like any other subculture and people.They are not borks,they don’t all think alike!On one page you get the tired hippy rantings of Michael Lerner and on the next you’ll have a “close-the borders and preserve our American traditions” in the style of Amren.
We could learn alot from the Jewish experience and how it can be applied to our own collective dilemna today.Make no mistake about it,we as a people are in for some very bleak times ahead.We must now achnowledge that the coming society will not mirror our own and we must develop survival strategies as to how to pass along our values to our coming progeny.The Jews have survived for thousands of years intact,despite widespread persecution and even extermination attempts—-and they survive.We can learn to do no less.If nothing else,we can look to Israel for an example.What can be said negative about a nation of only 6 million plucky and resourceful Jews that have consistently fought off and beaten several hundred million Muslims over the past 50 years?Could it be that one of the main reasons that the Arabs hate Israel(and by extension,the US through support) so much is that they continually get their *** kicked by a bunch of “uppity Jews”?
If some think that Jews are behind the efforts to get whites to intermarry with other races,how do we explain the fact that 50 percent of Jews now marry Gentiles and probably almost that many are brought up as non-Jews?
Finally,as mentioned here by other posters,non-whites don’t see a Jewish guy walking down the street and think “oh,there’s a Jewish man.He shares my oppression at the hands of Whitey”.They see a white boy just like any one of our own!In fact,anti-Semitism among blacks,Hispanics and obviously Arabs is far higher thatn among whites.Most Jews know this….why do you think they instinctively hang out with whites mostly,including the faux liberals who return to all-white gated communities just like their gentile ilk?They know who supports their culture and who doesn’t.
So to all you supporters who happen to be Jewish,a hearty welcome.To all you neo-Nazis and such, goodbye and good riddance…and quit doing that stupid leafleting and “rallies” in those ridiculous Halloween costumes.You’re making the rest of us whites who truly love and care about Western Civ look idiotic!!!!!

Posted by Caledwych at 12:31 PM on April 17
I read a good number of the posts on this article, but I did not see one, although I could have missed it, that deals with the crux of Amren’s “Jewish Question,” as it is commonly known throughout the planet. I have waited for this shoe to drop for quite a while since I observed early on upon finding this site that anything less than Jew Idolatry was not permitted. The reason for that is frankly because Jared Taylor, despite his obvious virtues, is a Yankee, and the Yankees always ally themselves with the Jews against the rest of the nation to maintain their power. One only has to look at Poppy Bush and his dude-rancher “Texan” son to understand the connection.
Therefore, it is natural for Jared Taylor as a Yankee to position himself thus. In this respect, he is another Buckley.
Also, since Am Ren concentrates on racial matters, it really does not contribute that much to the solution of the current crisis since I, for example, do not have to read an article on race to know that Blacks and Mestizos are inherently dumber than Europeans. Even they know that.
The current crisis in the Western World started with the rise of Zionism, which led to the Great War, then World War II, now the whole Middle East Bollix that is threatening to spread as I write. The Judeo-Yankee Connection in the US and the Judeo-Aritsocratic Connection in GB have been responsible for the slaughter of millions and an immense amount of destruction, the only winners in the last century and to this date have been the Israelites.
Consequently, I do not see any reason to include them as a possible solution when they are in fact the problem. Doing so reminds me of Henry Miller’s remark that “A Jew is a person who promises to rid the world of the stink that the Jews themselves brought into the world.”
I think Jared Taylor should rethink his weltanschaung. After all, once Herzl had declared his goal of Israel, then the Armenids decided to murder primarily the Aryan but also the rest of the European peoples, to kill off the competition. So, if the purpose of Am Ren is the survival of the European Whites, it should ally itself with people, groups, races, who share that committment, not with those who have murdered so many in Russia, Germany, Europe in general, now the US through a variety of means employing stealth and wealth all the while.
As matters now stand, when that Ashkenazi at the conference blubber-blabbered at David Duke, he torpedoed Am Ren, so that now in future get-togethers, there will be an obligatory nod toward the beauties of Judea, perhaps a reolution of support for Israel or one of the astonishing number of “survivors” of the Camps can talk about the abatement of hate, all to placate the sensibilities of a people who really do not possess any.
Posted by Xenologicus at 1:13 PM on April 17
The average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews is 112-115; not the population of Israel. Israel’s populace is comprised of a fair number of Ashkenzis but also includes Arab Jews and Sephardic Jews who are not as intelligent.
Posted by Anthony at 1:27 PM on April 17
Thank you, Mr. Taylor, for setting a fair and sensible policy re Jewish support of our aims. Yes, Jews do have a history of treachery towards the white race, and even of their own people. But there are individual Jews who are fully supportive of the preservation of western values and I would suggest are especially valuable due to their undoubted talents.
Posted by Peter M. Clarke at 1:31 PM on April 17
I commend Jared Taylor for the position he has taken. It makes no sense to vilify jews. I anticipate that now this position has been made clear, Amren will appeal to a greater number of white people.
Posted by Laurence at 1:39 PM on April 17
“Jews have a valuable role in the work of American Renaissance.”
Yes, it is to show Whites how Jews operate: pretend to be one of you (White) then work ceaselessly behind the scenes to undermine you, screaming “anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism!” any time anyone calls them out. They want to be in control of Amren and it seems that they may be doing it.
The Jews, overwhelmingly communistic as a group, worked for many years to open our borders, using our legal system and our printing press to do it. They also took academia and forced their marxist multicultural nonsense down our throats. They agitated strongly for and got “hate-crime” laws against Whites. They control all of the major media in the US. They are half the billionaires in the world. Yet they constantly hurl the anti-Semitism label at any who dare oppose them.
Posted by Rock Wall at 1:39 PM on April 17
Svigor-You might find the information at the website www.christianparty.net/jewsiq.htm very interesting. They give facts and figures to dispute the claims that Jews as a group have the highest IQ in the world. Take a look at their data.
Posted by at 2:07 PM on April 17
The average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews is 112 - 115. Posted by Anthony
Not true. Richard Lynn weighed in on this along with several other psychometrists. The average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews is a fraction under 108, structurally favoring verbal reasoning. The 115 number was based on testing a small number of children in a class that was supposed to be comprised of gifted students. The number then took off with a life of its own. Jews are smart, and make sure they maximize what they have by making sure children work and study from an early age. Their being group oriented just like E. Asians is another benefit when it comes to studying - working with study groups and so on.
Smart people who work to their potential. Whites are smart and are not working to their potential. I regret to say that some of this is due to Jewish cultural influence. Mr. Taylor can welcome Jews into the fold, but he cannot let them be in charge or dictate policy. If that starts, toss them out. Would they let a white into the ADL?
Posted by Psychometry at 2:13 PM on April 17
Judaism and Christianity are examples of the best that the white race has to offer the world, I see no reason that they should be mutually exclusive.
Posted by Cliff Yablonski at 2:29 PM on April 17
I am a European who is only beginning to learn about the whole ‘White Nationalist’ movement through the net.
By coincidence to this debate I happened to chance upon this study which afaik was revealed last August in London. It is by a Dr Ben-Gad of the University of Haifa in Israel.
It is a specific study of the U.S. over ten years and seems to conclude that ‘unskilled immigration brings few benefits’.
Does it not also contradict the idea(held by some here) that jewish opinion is necessarily pro mass-immigration?

Posted by thinking hatter at 2:46 PM on April 17
Wow. I agree with Mr. Taylor on virtually everything until I read this.
Just look at the collective balance sheet of destructive movements behind which Jews have been the driving force - communism, NAACP, ADL, SPLC, ACLU, WWI, WWII, civil rights agitation, forced integration of white schools & neighborhoods, feminism, open borders, homosexuality, spying, billion dollar fraud scandals, anti-white gangster rap, race mixing propoganda, etc.
Of course there are individual Jews who are supportive of our movement, but we need to look at the “COLLECTIVE” balance sheet.
Mr. Taylor wants to stifle any criticism of Jews, while being critical of those who want to stifle criticism of blacks, mexicans and other non-whites.
Mr. Taylor has just guaranteed himself a watered down organization where the open debates he supposedly craves will not be allowed to occur. It appears his remaining members will walk around on eggshells while screaming that they are not anti-semetic and they do not want to toss Jews into gas ovens.
I cannot believe Mr. Taylor actually wrote this article. Wow. Wow. Wow.
I will be canceling my subscription to AR.
Posted by RJS at 3:09 PM on April 17

Jews are organizing the hispanics against whites the same way they organized the blacks during the 20th century.
Latino and Jewish Leaders Team Up for Joint Lobbying Effort in Richmond
1/27/2006 11:48:00 AM

To: Assignment Desk, Daybook Editor
Contact: Andrew Mack of the American Jewish Committee, 202-256-1077
News Advisory:
Leaders of the Latino and Jewish community will join together in Richmond on February 1 to lobby Virginia Legislators on behalf of Immigrants Rights and Access to Education. Sponsored by VACOLAO (Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations) and the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the initiative is part of a broader program of outreach between the two communities who have a history of joint advocacy.
The two groups will be holding a joint press conference on Wednesday, February 1, at 11 a.m. in the 7th Floor West Conference Room of the General Assembly Building.
WHEN: Wednesday, February 1, 2006 at 11 a.m.
WHERE: 7th Floor West Conference Room of the General Assembly Building, Richmond, VA
Contact Andrew Mack at 202- 256-1077.
The two teams prepared together for the lobbying session and are scheduled to meet a number of legislators during the all-day session, the first of many programs of advocacy, training, and education planned for the coming 12 months.
Explaining this initiative Andres Tobar, Chair of VACOLAO, stated, “There are a significant number of legislative bills that have been introduced in Richmond where Latino immigrants are at risk. We are very concerned by some of this legislation which we see as anti-immigrant and anti-education.
Several bills have been introduced to deny immigrants admission into college and in-state tuition. These are bills which from our perspective just don’t make sense, and we will urge Virginia’s legislators to reject them.
Our mission is to reach out in favor of opportunity and to oppose bills that seek to demonize immigrants. We are pleased to work closely with our friends in AJC to build bridges with the Jewish community.”
AJC Board Member Andrew Mack echoed Tobar’s enthusiasm for the joint effort. “We are two communities of faith, two communities that share common values around the importance of respecting human rights and offering educational opportunity. We in the Jewish community know what it is like to be an immigrant community.”
“When we were approached to participate as part of the Latino Lobby Day, of course we said yes,” noted Mack. “Supporting the rights of immigrants and increasing access to education — these are core issues for us.”
“Our two communities have a long history of working together throughout the U.S. I am delighted that we have come together in Virginia at a time when our community is most vulnerable. By going together to Richmond, I believe that our voices will be heard and will be respected,” says Walter Tejada, Member of Arlington County Board and Former Chair of Virginia Latino Advisory Commission.
NUFF SAID??????????????????????????????
Four years ago, 29 Latino organizations in Virginia came together to fight the anti-immigrant legislation that was being introduced in the Virginia Legislature. The legislation included denying many immigrants the right to a driver’s license and access to higher education. Some of the members of the coalition include education groups, business and labor that LULAC of Virginia, Virginia Justice Center, Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Shirlington Employment & Education Center.
About AJC
The American Jewish Committee was established in 1906 by a small group of American Jews deeply concerned about pogroms aimed at the Jewish population of Russia. The group determined that the best way to protect Jews in Russia and other countries would be to work towards a world in which all peoples are accorded respect and dignity. Almost 100 years later, that founding mission continues to guide AJC’s efforts to promote pluralistic and democratic societies where all minorities are protected.
Posted by margaret at 3:13 PM on April 17
Black Observer wrote: “Despite the invitation of Jared Taylor and a few others, you can see the REAL FEELINGS of more than a few WASPS on this board. GOD KNOWS THAT THEY HATE BLACKS AND LATINOS!! HOPEFULLY, SOME OF YOU WHO ARE JEWS WILL TAKE HEED!”
Posted by OBSERVER at 12:31 AM on April 17
RK: You’re not bright enough to know that the general consensus here is an acceptance of Jewish contribution. These posts in no way reflect a consensus of all Amren members. Plus you’re not even white, so why don’t you buzz off buzzy, we don’t need the input of someone who belongs to a group of people that have a stone-age intelligence.
This is a white matter and none of your concern. We’re going to have more Jewish contribution to the white cause as time goes on, because what affects the white race negatively, like black savagery, unintelligence, and violence, impacts them especially hard.
There’s more stark hatred by blacks and Hispanics against whites——AND AGAINST EACH OTHER—-than any ongoing battle in the world today.
Soon blacks will be in OPEN warfare against Hispanics.
Don’t believe me? Just wait and see. Just wait and see.
Posted by Robert Kelly at 4:21 PM on April 17
I know I’ve already made two comments on this issue, both of which the mods have kindly posted. I just have one concluding one that I’ll keep short and sweet.
As Mr. Taylor stated in the article, he started AR 17 years ago—-not 17 days ago. He made the decision 17 years ago—-not 17 days ago at the AR conference this year—-that AR would not spin its wheels chasing down the “great worldwide Jewish conspiracy,” such as has sidetracked so many WN organizations in the past. All the participants at the recent AR conference knew this. Thus, Mr. Duke’s question was consciously disruptive, and I stand by my charge that he was, to put it mildly, “grandstanding.” Further, and for the same reason, all the febrile caterwauling here about Mr. “Taylorstein” “selling out” to “the Jews” with the position stated in his article, is more than a little reminiscent of Capt. Renault’s feigned “shock” in the movie “Casablanca” at gambling at Rick’s: it stinks of dissimulation and disingenuousness.
I don’t know if “the Jews” are going to try to take over AR—-there have been Jewish supporters of AR for a long time, and unless those wily Jews are so subtle and crafty they put another one past me, I haven’t noticed them “taking over” AR yet. (I don’t want anyone citing purported and mostly impertinent historical examples at me—-I’m going to go by what I observe about this organization.) However, in the near decade I’ve been aware of AR, I have noticed—-and Mr. Taylor surely has too—-Jew-bashers try to take over AR, the way they try to take over every WN organization and marginalize it and run it into the ground with their puerile hysterical obsessions over “the Jews.” Regardless of whether I like “the Jews” or not, the track record they have in AR has been a lot more honorable and a lot less disruptive than the Jew-bashers.

Posted by Zorba_the_Geek at 4:35 PM on April 17
Jews easily pass my litmus test. I would have no problem living in a Jewish neighborhood. I would feel safe, unlike if I lived in a black neighborhood. It’s that simple.
Posted by Billy H at 4:36 PM on April 17
I think most of the posters on this site realize the terrible damage that many Jews have inflicted on this country, particularly in the area of non-white immigration. I know of several Jewish thinkers/writers who have boasted about this, or at least admitted to it. And I think a great many Jews who participated in bringing about this change saw themselves as advancing specifically Jewish interests, as opposed to general liberal or Democratic interests.
Unfortunately, focusing on the key role Jews played in bringing about the crisis we face can lead people to become unhinged. I respect a good number of the Stormfront posters, but the fact of the matter is a decent number will blame everything from rainy weather to stubbing their toes on a Jewish conspiracy. (Reminds me of Bobby Fisher (sp?), that former chess champion. I’m sure the man is brilliant, but his rants against Jews make me wonder whether he is sane.) It’s hard to see how Amren can seriously appeal to the public while allowing crackpot comments along these lines. So, I realize that Mr. Taylor has to have some speech restrictions on what conference participants say. I will continue to support Amren any way I can. I can live with a gag order on the Jewish question, because it doesn’t prevent me, or any other poster, from believing that Jews do bear the blame for the origins of our problem (which I most assuredly believe). If Jews have a problem knowing that a portion of Amren does not trust them, they can blame their fellow Jews for that.
I agree with the warnings of several other posters. I hope Mr. Taylor is keenly aware of the dangers Jews would pose to Amren if they are admitted to positions of leadership. The corpse of the Republican Party should hint at that danger. I can envision a scenario in the future in which Jews, frightened over Muslim immigration, flock to Amren, and then try to turn it into a “we respect multiculturalism, deplore violent people, and want only sensible immigration” organization. I refuse to believe, despite the claims of some posters, that there are more than a handful of Jews (i.e., 4 or 5) in the country who have a truly white racialist outlook. As long as the question, “what is good for the Jews?” is on the mind of Jews, they cannot be trusted in any leadership role of Amren.
Posted by jim jones at 4:45 PM on April 17
I personally have no problem with white Jews being in line with Amren. If any Jew out there identifies themselves as white and wants to join in the struggle for creating a white country that share white values, then why should we want to turn these people away?
That being said, it should further be mentioned that any debate on Jewish movements in America, the Israeli lobby, mass media control, etc. and the effect these forces are having on the decay of the West needs to be opened to discusiion along with all other debates. The instant that Amren chooses self censorship over the truth, appeasement over white opinion, and sensitivity over reality, it will have subverted it’s own free speech and will have ceased to be the open forum it claims to be. Once that happens it will be as worthless a publication as the New York Times.
That being said, I think Jared Taylor is doing a great disservice to Amren supporters with his not so subtle snubbing of David Duke. In doing so, he is bordering on catering to Jewish feelings over his own cause of preserving a white nation. Amren doesn’t need the opinions of it’s supporters to be kept in check.
Given that Duke’s views are in line with Amren on almost every aspect (except the Jewish question), then turning this man away is suicide to this movement. If Amren Jews want Amren Duke supporters to go away, then too bad for the Amren Jews, it’s as simple as that. Duke supporters are here, they have their opinions and they have the right to be heard. Stifling point of view is the end of Amren.
Anyone who dismisses Duke as a Nazi prior to even hearing what he has to say is choosing the very same slander techniques the mass media uses to stifle his opinion, which is supposed to be what Amren is here to counter. I suggest any Amren supporter actually hear Duke out – including Jewish supporters such as “White, Jewish, and Proud”. If you take the time to listen to Duke’s internet broadcasts, you will note that he continually makes a point that he is not against Jews as a people. He is openly against Jewish supremacists and their disproportionate influence on the mass media and Western governments. This viewpoint sounds to be in line with the opinions of many Amren posters, including Jewish ones. Then why this attempt to banish Duke? Because he’s wrong? Or because the Jews as a people have branded him a Nazi and don’t like him? If the answer is the latter, then this site is a sham.
Posted by at 5:10 PM on April 17
Posted by Caledwych at 12:31 PM on April 17
We could learn alot from the Jewish experience and how it can be applied to our own collective dilemna today.
We don’t have to learn anything from the Jewish experience and how to apply it to our dilemma. The problem is that as White Nationalists, WE ARE NOT ALLOWED to apply similar solutions to our problems. As White Nationalist, WE ARE NOT ALLOWED to self-identify. As White Nationalist, WE ARE NOT ALLOWED to express a collective view of ourselves. As White Nationalists, WE ARE NOT ALLOWED to speak of ourselves and our own interests.
That’s all part of the problem. We’re back to all the old double standards.
A Jew, any Jew can go on any national program and speak of “Israels right to exist” but Mr. Taylor or any other representative of our people are not allowed the same opportunities to express themselves in similar terms.
When are Jews going to go on television and say ‘White people have the right to exist’? When I see that, I will know things have changed. For now, I won’t hold my breath.
Posted by sbuffalonative at 5:16 PM on April 17
Wow! I have to admit that I am amazed the number of posts on this particular thread, and the vast majority of them are thoughtfully written. I will try to do this thread justice with my thoughts.
I tend to be pragmatic when it comes to the involvement and support of Jews to such organizations as American Renaissance. I certainly understand Jared Taylor’s position when it comes to promoting a “big tent” (or at least not a “tiny tent”). That means reaching out to others who may not be heterosexual, or Christian, or conservative, or even white. I respect Mr. Taylor’s decision, and I trust his judgment.
However, we have to remember that there are many groups of Jews who are NOT on “our” side. Two examples are the neocons in the federal government and the liberals in Hollywood. There are many Jews who simply have beliefs that run contrary to the best interests of the preservation of the United States, and of Western culture. Let’s not underestimate the influence of television and the movies on our nation’s youth; Steven Spielberg and Sumner Redstone (born Sumner Rothstein) a great deal of influence on our youth of today, and much of that is negative.
That being said, I believe that we need to judge Jews on an individual basis. Abe Foxman is as different from Michael Savage as Ted Kennedy is from Jared Taylor. If certain Jews are willing, and able, to contribute to preserving the values that American Renaissance holds dear, then we should welcome them.
Posted by Old Victorian at 7:20 PM on April 17
There appear to be fewer Jews of influence in the UK and Europe. Yet Europe is making the same mistakes vis-a-vis immigration as the USA.
If a small percentage of the population - Jews - is able to influence and manipulate so many supposedly intelligent white people, so as to ruin their nations, then the more fool the whites! If this is really the case then perhaps we are so stupid that we ought to let the Jews manage and control our destiny.
Posted by martin_uk at 7:34 PM on April 17
Can I remind people of our mission? We are finding it incredibly difficult to persuade Europeans that they and their culture should not be exterminated? That they do not have to hand over the countries that they have built to third world aliens. That they have only to look with their eyes at the fate of Los Angeles, London and Paris to see what lies ahead.
Passenger pigeons and Dodos had a stronger sense of self preservation than the brainwashed individuals of the West.
Once you introduce antisemitism it is like throwing a switch. We move from difficult ground to impossible ground. Its almost impossible to turn them into white preservationists and you think they can be turned into 1930s Nazis? That they can be convinced of mush like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion when they can’t even take in the demographics of their own country?
Posted by Victor at 7:47 PM on April 17
When the White mind goes bad, it goes profoundly bad: Hitler, Dahlmer, Gacy, etc. You sick Jew-Haters sure do a great job making us look bad, while making the simple, good-humored Black look rather refreshing, even admirable. Why don’t you all just crawl back into your holes, and stay there? You are creeping us out.
Posted by Bill at 8:10 PM on April 17
I will now make both sides mad.
Anthony, you do not cite any reference for your claim that the average Ashkenazi IQ is 112-115. Jaundiced View is quite correct to cite Richard Lynn’s findings of about 108. The 115 IQ claim is another example of Jews’ praising each other. They do this because a lot of them are paranoid; I know, because I have a touch of paranoia, myself. Certain forms of paranoia involve exagerrated feelings of importance and subsequent persecution.
My IQ is 141, O Jews, and I also have a bigger thing than you, if you know what I mean (just kidding, I guess, but who knows?)
Now for the other side: The Jews I know have married GENTILES.
If I am not mistaken, Mike B. is married to a Japanese lady and Crowbone is married to a Catholic Lady. That first guy that got beheaded in Iraq was Jewish and he was married to a BLACK lady. Where is this plot whereby they think that Gentiles are cattle and less than human, and will have nothing to do with them? I just don’t see it. In my experience, which is real to me, I just don’t see it.
R.E. Turpin: I don’t think I am Jewish. I just got back my DNA ancestry test and I am 96% European and 4% East Asian. I just called them and they said that “European” would include Jewish people, but I am pretty sure I am Scotts-Irish.

Posted by The Writer Formerly Known as Jim E. at 8:15 PM on April 17
I have found this discussion fascinating. I thought Jews were white people. My family is WASP.
Here’s an honest question — On census forms, various applications, self-identifying checklists. Have never (or don’t recall) seeing “semitic” or Jewish, etc. Do Jews select white or other or what? I don’t mean Jews of other obvious ethnicities. I mean people like Adam Sandler or Barbra Streisand, Larry King, etc. Aren’t they white?
Posted by at 8:59 PM on April 17
Am I the only one who finds this hilarious? It’s like watching an old couple bicker about how some project should be completed, whilst all around them, quietly, the work is done. Which of you, who thinks this debate is important, can contribute a useful thing anyway? I know it’s fun to nag and to complain and posture righteously and do all those unsightly things that men who are not working on the problem have the time to do, but please, if its your feeling that David Duke or Michael Horowitz are now the better models, then with all haste, place your bets with them and spend your afternoons talking about Jews or anti-Semites on their websites. For none of us need yet another refresher on MacDonald (however illuminating his work is) nor an ADL style “dangers of anti-Semitism” speach. We, those who might contribute something useful, are well past that.
Posted by Sigurd at 9:41 PM on April 17
Wow, talk about a hot topic… when I saw how many posts were listed, I had to take another look.
There is one I found a need to respond to:
Posted by White, Jewish, and Proud at 11:13 AM on April 15
Your rants do nothing to diffuse the hostility. Anti-Jewish sentiment is far too widespread - globally - to be dismissed as mere paranoia or delusion. Common stereotypes and perceptions held toward groups as a whole tend to be laden with truth. When such a large percentage of people hold the same opinion, it can’t - and shouldn’t be - dismissed. You can ignore it, but it won’t go away.
Posted by GetBackJack at 10:49 PM on April 17
Posted by margaret at 8:32 PM on April 16:
“The Great Neck Jews did not learn their marxism in school. They learned it from their parents and grandparents.”
>> Only some of them, but by no means even close to all of them. I knew plenty that
were and an equal amount of ‘right thinking’ Jews.
“You call them Great Neck Jews, most people call them red diaper babies.”
>> I’m highly well aware of the ‘red diaper doper babies’ moniker, as I use it all the time.
As you can see by what Carl Loerbs posted at 11:36 AM on April 16:
(“In his post, ‘Mike B.’ provides a logical answer when he discriminates between Orthodox Jews and ‘Great Neck’ Jews. I have a different name for the ‘Great Neck’ Jews; I call them ‘Organized Jewry’.”).
Carl has his own term for them (as I’m sure everyone does).
Please note what I said in my original post (above):
“’Great Neck’ is both a figurative and literal term.”

“Having been immersed in theor[i]tical marxism at home, the red[i] diaper babies went off to college where they were trained by mostly Jewish marxist professors.”
>> Again, only partially correct. Many more were not as were. Since you (obviously) read my original post, then there’s
certainly no need to repeat myself about how I felt about them all when I was in ‘Nam (and afterwards).
And if you’ve read any of my (endless) previous posts, you’ll remember I posted a (way too long) history of how all
that came about (which I really don’t feel like repeating here).
“The Great Neck generation did [not] suddenly become marxist. Their families brought them up that way.”
>> Ditto above
Also please note what I said in my original post:
“This is a very quick explanation. Agree or disagree, but please don’t complain it was so short and incomplete. It is meant to be short and incomplete”

Posted by The Writer Formerly Known as Jim E. at 8:15 PM on April 17:
“Mike B. is married to a Japanese lady”
>> Please re-read my point #1 from my original post. I’m NOT married to a Japanese lady. You have me mixed up
with another Michael on here (and I won’t post his complete name, as he is certainly more than qualified to speak for

Anyway, as long as I’m here, I finally figured out why my HTML links don’t show up. If you use Word to compose
your response and then copy it to the Comments box, it does NOT like Word’s ‘smart quotes’ (angled). You have to
change them to ‘straight quotes’ (straight up and down).
With that in mind (if it’s o.k.), I’d like to re-post the few sentences, where I used links in my original post and see if they
come out correctly this time:
The last time I posted this on here was after the AR Conference under a piece entitled, Letter From Herndon, Va., Posted on March 3, 2006, which received about 200 comments.
Before I forget (and I always attach this site, the few times I’ve posted the below), there is a ‘right’ thinking Jewish site. It’s: Jewish Task Force. Some of us call it the Jewish AmRen.
Also (and I hate to say this), while there are (way too) many leftwing Jewish organizations, which have destroyed this country with their multi-culti Marxism, unfortunately, there are a lot more non-Jewish orgs., which have done the same (see: Groups
and Foundations).
Posted by Mike B. at 10:55 PM on April 17
Here’s a link for you the Black “Observer”:

Poll: 14 percent in U.S. are anti-Semitic
A few choice quotes:
“An Anti-Defamation League survey published Tuesday says 14 percent of U.S. residents have anti-Semitic views, a minor decline from 2002.”
” The number of blacks with strong anti-Semitic beliefs continued to remain high since 1992. The 2005 survey found 36 percent of African-Americans hold strong anti-Semitic beliefs, four times more than the 9 percent for whites.
The survey also revealed 35 percent of foreign-born Hispanics hold hardcore anti-Semitic beliefs, while 19 percent of Hispanics born in the United States fall into the same category.”
Black Observer Said:
Good point Homeboy, Take HEED JEWS!! Stay out of Shvartza town and the Barrio and you increase your chances of seeing the light of tomorrow!!
Posted by at 12:05 AM on April 18
On a scientific basis it is impossible to ignore the existance of race. When it comes to Jews, scientifically speaking, the majority of them would be categorized, as “white”, or “caucasian.” This is exactly why, in my opinion, I believe that white Americans, and white people worldwide should begin a movement to designate the caucasian people of European ancestry as an ethnic group, rather than a race. This would eliminate the “Jewish question” entirely, so we could move forward to securing a stronger alliance capable of confronting the discrimination against us.
Posted by JOdion at 12:15 AM on April 18
Sigurd’s comments come off just like the disingenuous statements we endlessly receive from Jews telling us how we should be conducting WN business. That’s why we’re so suspicious. All we want are some restrictive rules in place, just like the Jewish groups have. To deny us this would be hypocrisy, a lot of which we’ve seen on both sides of this thread.
Posted by All Betzroff at 12:53 AM on April 18
“We, those who might contribute something useful, are well past that.”
And for you that would be,………..what?
Posted by P Norman at 12:57 AM on April 18
Mick-your comments to the effect that jews only seem more liberal than the average (white) bear because they are concentrated in large urban “blue state” settings(where everyone is a weird liberal) is interesting, but is contrary to my experience as a “red stater”. In my city we have a sizable jewish population, well-heeled for the most part, who are invariably the most liberal, leftist portion of the white community. These people pander to the local black population , who in turn laugh at them behind their backs. The jewish population, however, seems to shun day to day contact with blacks more than any other group of whites-they are terrified of so much as driving through the ghetto at high noon. They are constantly exhorting children at school to do good deeds in the ghetto, but are the first to run for their cars when a real “gangsta thug” happens by, as often happens when you’re doing clean-up work at a black cemetery, for example. The other white kids, forced into these enterprises, get no end of enjoyment from this chicken-hearted spectacle. Gertrude Himmelfarb, the mother of Mildred Himmelfarb and mother-in-law of Bill Kristol, the editor of the neocon “Weekly Standard”, must have had such people in mind when she said that jews(she being one herself lends credibility to her observation), “live like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans”. There seems to be a serious disconnect between thought and everyday behavior in this group. People who live one way, but think another without any sense of contradiction are, to borrow the phrase about Lord Byron, “mad, bad and dangerous to know”. Being led about by such people makes the young think that society has lost its mind, and is run by lunatics.
Posted by Ramar of the Jungle at 1:31 AM on April 18
“Nazi’s and thier ilk are a complete turn-off for the overwhelming majority of Americans (sort of goes without saying). Who do you want on your side? A majority of white Americans, or a handful of Ernst Roehm wannabee’s?”
Bear in mind that Amren already bans swazis and Nazi regalia at conferences and through the dress code, and does not display them in the magazine. Moreover the magazine does not glorify the Third Reich.
Muzzling David Duke was a step that did not need to be taken.
Posted by Nomen Nescio at 1:34 AM on April 18
Blackvet: “Just a simple question…who do you folks consider white? Have a nice day ;”
Well, a good operational definition might be: Anyone who is discriminated against in a U.S. affirmative action/diversity program.
Posted by WR at 1:54 AM on April 18
As to the question of whether Jews consider themselves White and whether others should consider them White, I’m always drawn back to some rather revealing, self-identifying statements several prominent Jews have made over the years. Here’s just three…
The late Susan Sontag wrote:
“The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean Algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, and Ballanchine ballets don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.”
So was Ms. Sontag simply a self-hating White woman or did she personally identify otherwise?
Noel Ignatiev, Jewish Harvard professor and editor of Race Traitor magazine was quoted in the Washington Times, September 4, 2002 as saying:
“Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”
So is Mr. Ignatiev simply a self-hating White man or does he personally identify otherwise?
And finally, I vividly remember the character Dr. Joel Fleishman of Northern Exposure fame adamantly denying he was White after the Amerind girl, Marilyn, made some disparaging comment about ‘White people”.
So were the Jewish writers who put those words into Dr. Joel’s mouth simply self-hating Whites or did they personally identify otherwise?
Posted by Jack Burns at 3:38 AM on April 18
Why did Mr. Taylor post his statement on Good Friday? Who told him to do that? Or was this decision?
Posted by R.E. Turpin at 4:53 PM on April 16
I think the posting on Good Friday was just coincidental as AR clearly is an atheist organization. They probably were not even aware that it was Good Friday.
Posted by at 3:42 AM on April 18
8:59 pm wrote: [On censuses] Do Jews select white or other or what? I don’t mean Jews of other obvious ethnicities. I mean people like Adam Sandler or Barbra Streisand…Aren’t they white?”
Of course most North American and European (“Ashkenazi”)Jews identify themselves as white, hardly an unreasonable choice given centuries of intermarriage with Europeans. Most Jews aren’t readily confused with Norwegians, but then again, neither are most Greeks or Spaniards. If you really want to insult a white Jew, tell him he’s not white. You don’t have to run subtle genetic tests on a Chinese or an African to decide whether he’s white or not; but a substantial number of Amren posters appear to believe that if such tests (which didn’t even exist until a few years ago) disclose the presence of some non-European genes even in a blond, blue-eyed, pale-skinned Jew, then — presto! — the Jew isn’t “white”. And to people who are Himmler-like fanatics for “purity of blood”, I guess that’s true. Most people have better things to do.
Posted by crowbone at 7:03 AM on April 18
The writer formerly known as Jim E. wrote: “Where is this plot whereby they [Jews] think that Gentiles are cattle and less than human, and will have nothing to do with them? I just don’t see it”.
This view is sometimes expressed (Jew to Jew, as it were) by ultra-orthodox Jews like the Lubuvatchers. Ironically, these are the Jews who can’t be blamed for liberalism and leftism, because they loathe Communism, homosexuals, athiesm, pornography, etc. and (from my limited experience with them) have no use at all for non-white peoples, especially blacks. A minority are anti-Zionist as well, since they think that only the Messiah can re-establish a Jewish state. Liberalism/leftism has been a project of secular Jews — most of whom, incidentally, are unfamiliar with the more disgusting anti-gentile statements that crop up here and there in the Talmud. (Being uninterested in Judaism, and not being able to read Hebrew, I was likewise unaware of them for the first 45 years of my life).
Posted by crowbone at 7:13 AM on April 18
For none of us need yet another refresher on MacDonald (however illuminating his work is) nor an ADL style “dangers of anti-Semitism” speach. We, those who might contribute something useful, are well past that.
Posted by Sigurd at 9:41 PM on April 17
Maybe you should spend your time contributing to a website such as “Move on .org.”
By your own words you are a self defined liberal….that is….
Liberal is a polite title for a person who is naive beyond words or hope.
You fit that definition.
Posted by Mr. Gloom at 7:45 AM on April 18
Even I’m beginning to tire of this subject (news flash! Jew tires of talking about Jews!), but….a final observation:
This whole debate has really shown that there are two Amrens.
The first consists of people who either welcome Jewish participation, or are wary of Jews for the reasons we all know, but are nonetheless willing to admit Jewish white nationalists on a let’s-see-you-prove-yourself basis.
The second consists of the Stormfront boys, for whom Jews on any terms are simply poison.
Apart from any other consideration, the presence of the second group will doom Amren to permanent marginalization, as liberals of all races will be able to point to this group as evidence that white nationalism is (putting it politely) not altogether sane. I suppose the Stormfronters are hoping that a serious economic downturn will make their views more palatable to the majority of white Americans. Don’t bet on it: even in the depths of the Great Depression, most Americans regarded the Father Coughlin types as a joke — and that was in the days when Nazism and Fascism looked like the coming thing. As for economic good times — the Klan, at their apogee in the mid-1920’s, staged an impressive march in Washington, but were never really able to break out of their Southern strongholds, and even an anti-Jewish Germanophile like Mencken gave “Ku Kluxery” as an example of what he termed American stupidity.
Another poster has already pointed out that for people who are always raving about Jewish takeovers, the Stormfront boys are pretty quick to extend their own influence into ventures like Amren. Surely it would be better to have one white nationalist site that is not obsessed with “the Jews”? Then we could see which branch of white nationalism can really accomplish the essential work of persuading other whites that liberalism-multiculturalism is indeed the ideology of Western suicide.
Posted by crowbone at 7:46 AM on April 18
Let us draw a logical line, and sum up all the above posts.
And the answer is…
Anybody or anything that is pro-white is good.
Anybody or anything that is anti-white is bad.
Simple logic, don’t you agree?
This is the message Jared Taylor expressed. And he is absolutely correct!!!
Posted by dull/normal at 9:16 AM on April 18
“It is ESPECIALLY obnoxious that this article was posted on Good Friday. That cannot have been a coincidence” … Timothy
To Timothy, who objected that it was Good Friday, let me point out that it was Passover too.
Posted by at 12:58 PM on April 18
I’d like to address one of the “jewish conspiracy” theories that seems to come up a lot here - that Jewish controlled hollywood promotes race mixing in an attempt to destroy the white race. Two points if i may:
1) Jews mix with blacks, hispanics and asians as much as anyone.
2) Hollywood is really controlled, for the most part, by the public. In a less politically correct era hollywood provided a steady stream of films and t.v. shows that portrayed whites in a very favorable light. Often far more favorable than whites are in real life. And there was no race mixing. Have you forgotten “the brady bunch”, “little house on the prairie”, David Selznick’s “Gone with the Wind”, all those John Wayne westerns, “father knows best” and on and on. In any case, i’m sure some will argue that hollywood introduced race mixing only slowly and gradually so as not to upset gentile sensibilities. This would require that jews are in league with each other not just throughout the world, but across the generations. A theory only David Duke could love. That said, I see far less race mixing on t.v. and in the movies then I do in real life. It seems as if hollywood is lagging well behind on this one.
Posted by justme at 1:18 PM on April 18
It’s always been the case that this forum has not been on the “Jewish Question”. Those interested in studying and discussing that topic should go elsewhere. I have said I think McDonald is a worthwhile read, but the question that lingers when one reads him, is how whites (to the extent we are delineating them from Jews) went along with everything. If Jews were the disease, why hadn’t we a stronger immune system?
This forum is for whites and people of other races interested in pursuing separatist policies. Those black separatist, for example, that are sincere about having separate schools and communities, to the extent they are sincere, are obviously, to a degree, among our allies (If a black advocates a return to Africa, he is entirely our ally.) And likewise those Jews, who either consider themselves first and foremost white or consider themselves first and foremost Jewish but in either case see the obvious benefit in promoting a white Western civilization, so that they might have one place friendly to their existence outside of Israel, should be welcome.
That the “Jew” will somehow cast a magic spell on Jared and deceive him in the end to encourage policies against the interest of whites doesn’t seem likely. Besides, the moment Jared gets soft on some vital interest is the moment his organization is done. He is acutely aware of the example of National Review. The question really has little to do with the skilled deceptiveness of one person or another or a whole group of persons, who might infiltrate the organization with the interest of perverting, whether subconsciously or otherwise, it has more to do with Jared’s ability to judge nonsense and obvious falsehood against things that are obviously true. We know Jared to have this ability in spades.
Simply the fact that he is explicitly and inflexibly pro-white and for white independence and white interests, and remains so, should make him in the eyes of the “anti-Semite” anti-Jewish, if, in fact, Jews, as the anti-Semite insists are by definition anti-white. (On a side note, I hate the term and don’t, for example, regard either Duke or MacDonald as anti-Semites. They recognize, at least, that not all Jews are against the interest of whites. Duke’s term: “Jewish Supremacist” is a genius coinage.)
To consider the problem another way: in the view of “anti-Semites” how many gentiles have been “duped” by Jews into serving perceived Jewish interests (“interests” we know to have short term benefits of power but are in the end suicidal for Jews)? Thus, whether or not Jews consider themselves white or Jewish, doesn’t it seem possible for them to be “duped” into serving our interests (we of course believe sincerely that they are serving their own interests by allying themselves with us…or do we? Maybe the feeling that we are getting back at the Jew and not simply surviving but destroying the Jewish interest in the process can convince some of you to support what is obviously our flagship organization. Though forgive me for believing this petty.)
The truth is both whites and Jews, to the extent they consider themselves non-white, are facing demographic extinction, and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Both groups can save themselves by racial separation and by a race conscious society. Most Jews, by a vast majority are oppose to us, and so are most white gentiles, that it was Jews that led both groups in the deception of multiculturalism is a moot point (anti Semites should be ashamed and more concerned that Gentiles blithely went along) let it be us that lead both groups out.
I support David Duke and Jared Taylor. I think Duke does a good job keeping multiculturalists Jews and hypocritical Jews on their toes. And has a likeable quality, a sort of unpretentious straightforwardness and a unique role in the movement. “Bad cop” was the term I used earlier.
I think we should have a clear view of what has gone on in the past, but some Jews, as some Gentiles are actually willing to work for their own real self interest as well as our own: racial survival. If their talents help this organization, if their inclusion lends greater legitimacy and credibility to it (albeit mainstream credibility, the type we eventually need), then great (to appeal to the anti-Semite: we’ve duped them!)
Consider that every single nationalist party in Europe that has any success (and some of them are rising) has worked to eliminate all visible signs of anti-Semitism. Here in the America we have more freedom to be critical of Jews, and we should exercise it in other forums as no group should be above reproach, but to build a base for a nationalist party, we have to look at models that are succeeding. All that AR lacks is a political leader to stand firmly on its platform.
As David Duke says, quoting the Maoist expression: “Let a thousand flowers bloom.”
But really this pretend dissension among us, is a little tiresome. We are all impressed you’ve read your MacDonald. And to the Jews that call every one an anti-Semite, including, at one time, Pat Buchanan, because they heard the rumor but haven’t heard or read a word they’ve said…well, one is reminded of the boy who called wolf. This time I think the wolf isn’t coming but your credibility is destroyed all the same.
But I guess I am just a deluded liberal…what? Well to know what has been called Conservative in this country, I suppose I’m honored. But “naïve beyond hope”, I think you’ve read exactly one of my posts, buddy, and apparently hadn’t the wit to understand that one.
Posted by Sigurd at 2:06 PM on April 18
If you wonder if you’re white, you’re not.
Posted by White Activist at 2:10 PM on April 18
The reality is that the MSM mainstream media - Jewish dominated or not has lost tremendous amounts of credibility over the years. Thanks to the work of Jared Taylor and others, the anti White bias has been exposed. Posted by JR at 12:52 PM on April 16
The credibility of the MSM has only been lost by the more sophisticated among us. We make up about 10% of the public. We are a esoteric group indeed! In the above article,
Mr. Jared Taylor acknowledges we are a small minority. The media which consists of all methods of information dissemination is still, by far, the most powerful institution on the planet in shaping our opinions and attitudes. The people that visit this web-site and web sites like it are aware of the fact that the MSM, for the most part, is a tool of the leftist mind control gang. And the reality is that the masses are being brainwashed. The masses of people are almost clueless about the world that surrounds them.
For example, go ask the average young person (any race, excluding Jews of course), what is a Jew? You will be amazed at the variety of answers you get. Ignorance is the order of the day!
So don’t discount the power of the mass media as a mechanism of mind control. It is more influential than ever and getting more so.
Posted by Excelsior at 3:28 PM on April 18
Halleluyah to Mr. Taylor! I have hesitated about posting in AmRen because of those people who frequent this site but have also hinted at a “Jewish question” and espouse that Jews are not Caucasian. Please remember that Jews have their own internal term for minorities which demonstrates they are not all that crazy about them - “schvartzes.” To all those who “sieg heil” and say they won’t come back to this site - please do not let the door hit you in the rear on the way out.
Posted by Celtic and Jewish at 4:42 PM on April 18
While some of Duke’s complaints about Jews are legitimate ones, he assigns far too much blame to them. In fact, his stance towards them reminds me of the stance many minorities have towards whites, i.e., that whites are primarily to blame for their situation. Duke could be a valuable ally to white nationalists if not for his obsession with Jews. Until he gets over it (if he ever does), he’s a liability and is best to be avoided.
Posted by Marshall North at 4:49 PM on April 18
This thread has really educated me. I had no idea there are Jews and non-Jews who do not consider white-skinned Jews to be Caucasian! But, after giving it much thought, isn’t it the same with white-skinned Hispanics? Are they Caucasian and do they consider themselves Caucasian? I have always thought Jewish, Latin, Celtic, Scandinavian, Teutonic, Slavic, etc. were all Caucasian tribes. As for Hispanics, since the label is relatively new, I won’t consider it anything but a politically correct reference. Anyone have anything to add?
Posted by GetBackJack at 8:03 PM on April 18
I fully support Jared Taylor’s policy prohibiting open anti Semitism at American Renaissance conferences, also it is wrong to blame Jews or any other group for the terrible situation Whites face.
justme writes:
2) Hollywood is really controlled, for the most part, by the public.
yeah, justme - Jews don’t run Hollywood and Blacks don’t run/ruin Zimbabwe. Want to argue that Muslims are just as open and tolerant as Dutch gay people?
Hollywood is overwhelmingly Jewish. The heads of all the major studios including Walt Disney studios are Jews. The “public” does not control Hollywood. We the public are not demanding endless movies about how evil White people are and how noble Blacks, with the help of certain liberal elites help Blacks over come White racism so that Blacks win NCAA basketball championships, become heart surgeons, end Apartheid etc.
Please stop lying. This gives Jewish people a bad name.
If you support Americadn Renaiisance’s program please work to help stop the Third world immigration invasion, give some help to poor Whites being murdered, raped, terrorized in South Africa, Cincinnati, London etc.
Posted by JR at 8:11 PM on April 18
Personally, I think this war (for “white nationalism”) is going to have to be won on two fronts. We need the scholarly types like Jared Taylor, J. Philippe Rushton, and others to appeal to white collar whites. Then we need more “in your face” people like Hal Turner and Jim Wickstrom to appeal to the blue collar types.
This is how the blacks won the civil rights movement in the 1960’s, with a two-pronged approach, with Martin Luther King as the “moderate” voice, and Malcolm X as the more “radical” voice. We in the white nationalist movement need to do the same thing, because it works.
Posted by at 8:57 PM on April 18
Sigurd writes: “It’s always been the case that this forum has not been on the “Jewish Question”. Those interested in studying and discussing that topic should go elsewhere. I have said I think McDonald is a worthwhile read, but the question that lingers when one reads him, is how whites (to the extent we are delineating them from Jews) went along with everything. If Jews were the disease, why hadn’t we a stronger immune system?”
The question is an excellent one, but the answer, while showing that the Jewish-obsessed (Jew are THE cause of it all) ‘neo-Nazi’ types are riding a hobby horse away from full understanding, still won’t make more than a miniscule number of Jews or philoSemites content. The answer is that we in the ‘Anglosphere’ live in the basic imperial culture that most influenced and defined the Modern world. Most proud Anglosphere folks trumpet that fact regularly, as will those who bemoan the changes brought by Anglicizing of the world: Anglo-Saxon culture is the one that most determined the Modern world
WASP culture, and that term applies perfectly to the English as well as the Elites of the old Anglophile, WASP northeast of America, set the main standards for the Modern world. Wherever you see people in Europe of the 17th-19th centuries wishing to destroy their traditional, conservative religious and cultural practices and attitudes to become ‘progressive,’ you find Anglophiles, gobs of them. Voltaire, who wanted to utterly destroy the Catholic Church (which he was certain would destroy Christianity and its conservatism), is perhaps the bets known, but far from only, Anglophile revolutionary. Voltaire’s Anglophilia was inextrcable from his being an anti-Catholic and an anti-conservative revolutionary. Voltaire believed that Modern English culture, WASP culture, was the indispensable culture to European ‘progressivism’ and destruction of traditional conservative religion and morality.
And Modern English culture was born first of Henry VIII’s revolution, which acted to destroy traditional religous beliefs and practices and replace them with state mandated reforms, as also to kill the leaders of such ‘backward’ faith and practices, with the same fury the world would late see in the atheist French and Bolshevik revolutions. Then, Modern English culture was formed fully by the Puritan revolution, and the Anglo-Saxon Puritans were the most ardently violent, sanctimonious Judaizers in all the Protestant Reformation. It is no mistake that Oliver Cromwell invited the Jews back into England and gave them special status denied to the majority of Christians he ruled.
If you wish to keep in tune with WASP culture, if you wish to act and believe according to WASP culture’s genesis and founding father beliefs and practices, you will be decidedly pro-Jewish.
And you should be aware that as ideas have consequences, a Judaizing religion will begat Judaizing politics, which will begat utterly liberal law and policy that war against both non-heretical Christianity and conservative European cultures and identities.
Posted by abhorred hillbilly at 11:52 PM on April 18
Here’s an honest question — On census forms, various applications, self-identifying checklists. Have never (or don’t recall) seeing “semitic” or Jewish, etc. Do Jews select white or other or what? I don’t mean Jews of other obvious ethnicities. I mean people like Adam Sandler or Barbra Streisand, Larry King, etc. Aren’t they white?
Funny you should ask that. Jews have lobbied consistently and successfully to keep religious identification strictly optional because they don’t want themselves counted (an historic concern of Jewry - they’ve fought revolts over being counted - and a natural habit of a people often up to no good).
Posted by Svigor at 1:10 AM on April 19
The first consists of people who either welcome Jewish participation, or are wary of Jews for the reasons we all know, but are nonetheless willing to admit Jewish white nationalists on a let’s-see-you-prove-yourself basis.
The second consists of the Stormfront boys, for whom Jews on any terms are simply poison.
Funny, I’m in the both categories, since I’m willing to allow jews on a limited basis and with qualifications, but I have 7k posts at Stormfront.
Personally I think the best solution is for jews to form their own, parallel WN orgs. Nothing’s ever seemed to stop them from expressing their political interests in the past, so what’s stopping them now? I think the answer’s obvious - the number of jews interested is vanishingly small.
I don’t mind jews who are honest about their tribe. I have no time, however, for relatively obvious troublemakers like “White, Jewish, and Proud”.
I think it’s simple - identification as a jew involves, at whatever level*, anti-whitism, and becoming a WN should, for a jew, constitute apostasy. They should renounce their jewishness (Judaism is another matter - keep your faith if you wish) and become white.
A man cannot serve two masters.
*: http://members.aol.com/toexist/Shiksa11.html
In-groups sandwich an outline for animosity, an organizing principle for prejudice, between layers of social support. Whether Christian or Muslim or Jewish, every extremist is supported by a small number of less extreme admirers and each of those supporters is buoyed, in turn, by a larger group of sympathizers. These connections are continuous right down to the bottom of the pyramid, where vaguely symapthetic in-group members are offended by the very extremists who would have no base, and no basis, without them.
It is that vague sympathy which needs to be examined.
Posted by Svigor at 1:24 AM on April 19
A quick question for all those posters blasting Jared Taylor. Do you read the AR each month? When was the last time you ran across an article on the Jewish Peril? I expect Mr. Taylor is surprised at the volume of raw sewage his statement has generated. Be interesting to hear his response.
Posted by aurelian at 4:44 AM on April 19
You said:
”The number of blacks with strong anti-Semitic beliefs continued to remain high since 1992. The 2005 survey found 36 percent of African-Americans hold strong anti-Semitic beliefs, four times more than the 9 percent for whites.
The survey also revealed 35 percent of foreign-born Hispanics hold hardcore anti-Semitic beliefs, while 19 percent of Hispanics born in the United States fall into the same category.”
I say:
No offence, but I don’t put any real faith/significance in this Anti-Defamation League survey/study. Why, you may ask? Well, for one, there is no way in the world one can realistically gauge something as ambiguous and abstract as bigotry/hatred. For instance, asked in a survey, most European-Americans claim they’d vote for a qualified Black presidential candidate, but we all know this is absolute rubbish, so spare me the figures claiming that most of America is not anti-semetic, or that most haters of Jews are non-White. The outlandish comments on this blog thread discounts that naive assertion. I DON’T BUY IT!!! Besides, topics such as Anti-Semetism are so politically charged and subject to interpretation that no survey is even reliable, especially from the “mainstream” Washington Times? Do you actually think they were genuinely interested in reporting public opinion as opposed to shaping it? Get real!!!
On another note, out of all the lunacy that this Jewish topic has inspired, the only blogger that spoke logically and realistically was White Activist. As a staunch Black Nationalist, I view my people’s inability to organize ourselves as a separate nation as the root cause of most of our sociopolitical problems (Sorry, but Eurpeans cannot be trusted, EVER!!! Just ask the Native Americans). Screw what the mainstream propoganda machine tells you, most African-Americans are not patriotic or loyal to this racist/oppressive country, and would jump at the chance to separate from European-Americans (our historic enemy) to form an independent Black American state. Assisting our fellow White Nationalists in their cause could only promote our own Black nationailistic ambitions.
P.S. “If you wonder if you’re white, you’re not.” LOLOL!!! Priceless, White Activist. Priceless!!! LOLOL!!!
Posted by BLAQBUCK at 5:21 AM on April 19
I fully support Jared’s position on this matter. As the publisher of this newsletter and the organizer of the conferences, it is his prerogative to govern the scope of the matters to discussed in these forums in a manner that he believes best advances the cause that he advocates. No person or entity can effectively deal with a myriad number of concerns and problems at the same time. This undoubtedly is the reason why AR has not discussed the invasion of Iraq, for example. Those persons who, for one reason or the other, don’t like his stand on this issue should rather focus on the considerable good that AR does do rather than upon its supposed deficiences. No person or thing can be all things to all people
Posted by Randy S. at 7:49 AM on April 19

The people posting on here who are so critical of “Invictus” — are you so sure for a fact he’s Jewish? As a non-Jew, who supports Jewish participation within white racial realism, I can’t follow the logic of the Jew-haters on this thread.
On the one hand, you bemoan being labeled Nazis, while on the other hand you clearly revel in and support Hitler, the Third Reich, Nazism, etc. Why can’t you guys be consistent?
You blast Invictus for trying to “stir up trouble” simply because he points out how Jared Taylor’s statement did not go far enough. You seem clearly annoyed that Invictus has pointed out the statement needs to go farther, wishing he wouldn’t point such things out. Even as you blast the statement for its welcome inclusion of Jewish participation! And yet Invictus is right! The statement did not go nearly far enough. It needed to be more like the Nick Griffin/BNP denouncement of the Neo-Nazi Jew-hating kooks. David Duke isn’t merely someone who holds “strong views” — he is a Nazi. How can you guys be consistent in denying that Duke is a Nazi, while turning around and praising the Nazis? Is there something wrong with Nazis? ;-)
Your strange and dark obsession with the Jews is what keeps you from thinking clearly on other issues, and does a great deal to alienate the white middle class. Through your own obsessions with the Jews, you hobble any emerging white racial consciousness.
Allowing that the Jewish Left should be analyzed and discussed as civilly as the Christian Right is, the Jew-haters and anti-Semites go overboard — taking it all into the realm of dark obsessions. After their experience with WWII, Jews and their friends are understandably leery with those who are darkly obsessed about the Jews. Your actions and statements give little support to anyone who would seek to discuss the issue rationally, feeding the very anti-white hate groups you claim to oppose. You always go overboard. Furthermore, your bitter focus on Jewish prominence and theories of conspiracy give your complaints the same sort of feel that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have when talking about “white success” at the expense of poor, nonwhite victims.
With your rants and raves against the Jews, I wonder where exactly do you see the Jews in your scheme of things? You don’t want them here. You don’t want them in the West. You don’t want Israel to exist either. All of you Jew-haters applauded the destruction of Israel at the conference, and Jared Taylor’s statement makes no mention of that ugly incident. What do you want to have happen to the Jews? Aside from all your complaining, just what exactly is your positive vision for the future? Oh, I think I get the idea now…
One of the things you Neo-Nazi Jew-haters do not seem to understand is that the vast majority of non-Jewish whites are not alarmed or bothered by Jews, and they welcome them as friends, neighbors, and family. If you can tear away from your Jew-hatred obsession for a minute and try to think objectively for a second or two, do you think the average white Middle American feels safer living next to eight families of illegal Mexicans in one house or living next to a middle class Jewish family? Would they feel better knowing their son is dating Natalie Portman? Or dating Serena Williams?
You Jew-haters can’t understand why whites the world over seem to lack a strong racial conscious, yet you make a big deal about reading Kevin MacDonald. Having read his stuff myself, I know for a fact that he is very candid in speculating that whites have a lower “on average” sense of ethnocentrism compared to other groups, and there is probably a genetic basis for this. Hard as this may be for you to understand, I read Kevin MacDonald as a non-Jewish white, and no, it didn’t turn me into a foaming-at-the-mouth Jew-hater like yourself.
It doesn’t take much to keep whites from being racially unconscious, as Jared’s example illustrates, of “the French Revolution, the Clapham abolitionists, John Brown and his backers, the miscegenist enthusiasms of the Grimke sisters and other radical integrationists are all products of purely gentile delusion.” Not to mention his examples of the racially delusional (but Israel divesting) Anglican and Presbyterian churches.
Given our genetically low-level ethnocentrism, is it any wonder that white Middle Americans recoil in horror at you Third Reich-supporting, swastika-waving, Holocaust-denying, Hitler-embracing, Jew-hating, Neo-Nazis? White Middle America takes a hard look at that, and says, “If that’s what being racially white is all about, I’ll have nothing to do with it, thank you very much!”
For all of your strange love affair with the Nazis, Jew-haters have actually helped keep away generations of whites from racial consciousness and white nationalism. The Nazis relied on pseudo-racial science, Jew-hatred, hyper-nationalism, militarism, war and genocide in order to advance “white” aims. This is the legacy of the Nazis, guys. So long as you keep defending it, you give the anti-white Left all the ammunition it needs to keep the white Middle Americans asleep on racial issues.
I’ve seen some of you ask either here or elsewhere, “what is it that AR has accomplished?” Far more than anything your Stormfront/David Duke/National Alliance/National Vanguard/VNN/Bill White/World Church of the Creator/Harold Covington/Tom Metzger/Aryan Brotherhood/Skinhead types have ever accomplished, that’s for damn sure. You guys are scary. Admit it. That’s what white Middle American families see — your embrace of Nazism, your strange ideas about how to “solve the Jewish question” — and they say to themselves, “Scary.”
Instead of blaming the Jews for the loss of white racial consciousness, why not blame the WWII Nazi’s — a group most of the white Middle Americans and their family fought against during WWII (or do you forget that?). The Nazis put race and eugenics front and center, albeit largely with a lot of pseudoscience. Instead of trying to separate yourself from that contamination — which is what you should be doing, you’re too quick and eager to defend it. Therefore, white Middle Americans are going to be far more comfortable exploring the sane and rational ideas of a Jared Taylor or Sam Francis, than they are yours. And no, it’s not “selling out” — is about racial realism, with a heavy emphasis on realism.
The first conference in 1994 was a success, because it brought nationally syndicated conservative columnists like Joe Sobran and Sam Francis, Rabbi Meyer Schiller, a Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Ronald Tacelli, Prof. Eugene Valberg, Prof. Michael Levin and many others to explore these issues of race and racial consciousness, and the white race in general. By bringing together columnists from the mainstream conservative movement, clergy, academic professors, and yes Jews — AR sent a signal (which you Jew-hating neo-Nazi’s should read) that this time, an organization was going to broach the subject of sociobiological racial differences, and the survival of the white West, without the baggage of Jew-hating Nazism. Also suits and ties, gents, not SS tattoos and Doc Martin boots.
Early conferences have appeared on C-SPAN, articles of AR have appeared respectfully in the pages of the Washington Times, Frontpagemag.com, Vdare and Accuracy in the Media — in short, the kind of places where the sensible white Middle class might actually encounter them. AR succeeds in pulling white liberals to a white racial consciousness, and is influential among mainstream conservative readers privately or publicly like John Derbyshire, editor at National Review (he talked about his subscription to AR in the pages of NRO). These are just a few examples.
So while you blast AR, its accomplishments, and its ability to reach white Middle America, just ask yourselves, “What has my Jew- obsessed & hating Stormfront/David Duke/National Alliance -National Vanguard/VNN/Bill White/World Church of the Creator/Harold Covington/Tom Metzger/Aryan Brotherhood/Skinhead types have ever accomplished? Has it ever reached the healthy and normal white middle class? Or just the severely alienated fringe? Just extremists egging each other on? And losers who have nothing left to lose?
What is your grand strategy for attracting the white “elites”, the white “Middle Class” and the white “working class” such as doctors, bankers, lawyers, businessmen, plumbers, mechanics, accountants, teachers, clergy, politicians, professors, electricians, computer programmers, etc? Do you think these people are secretly filled with Jew-hatred like you, and eager to revel in it? Do you think if they read Kevin MacDonald they’re going to respond with the same goofy reactions you did?
Another thing I find ironic about the neo-Nazis — you guys rip on AR for including the Jews and moderating the topics. Since AR won’t “exclude” the Jews, you’re very upset. And yet you guys do your own “excluding” among your own neo-Nazi groups. David Duke, National Vanguard, and Stormfront are keen to work together and develop a “no enemies on the Right” approach under your so-called New Orleans Protocol — but you exclude Shaun Walker and Erich Gliebe with from William Pierce’s rump National Alliance. How come Kevin Alfred Strom gets an invite, but Gliebe and Walker don’t?
How about the fact that while Stormfront allows all sorts of neo-Nazi posters, with Third Reich imagery along side their usernames, but they’re quick to exclude anything from VNN? You guys exclude Alex Linder and his VNN. What’s up with that? Is it, “Oh well, they hate the Jews too, and that’s fine, but we don’t like how they say it”? Is that it? Or how about the fact that your friend Bill White excludes Alex Linder and VNN from his orbit? Maybe all you guys are the real “sell-outs” and “false flag operations” — everyone except for Bill White, that is. Or maybe it’s your pal Harold Covington who is the real deal, and all of you guys, Bill White included, are to the Left of him. Where do you guys see the Aryan Brotherhood fit in with your Jew-hating schemata? Wow, you guys really have it going on! I can see how any day now the real white middle class, the white working class, and the white elites are all going to jump on board with you guys. Keep it up, you’re doing great!
You should stick to your own EURO conference, with your “New Orleans Protocol” where you can sit and bad mouth the Jews all day long. Here’s what your topics and speakers could look like:
1. David Duke “Why I Hate the Jews”
2. Kevin Alfred Strom “Why I Also Hate the Jews”
3. Alex Linder “Why the Holocaust is a Fraud, but Hitler was a Good Man for Killing All those Jews… I Mean, Wait, What Do I Mean?”
4. Ed Fields “Why I Hate the Jews and All I Have to Show for it is this Lousy Newspaper”
5. Don Black “How to Hate the Jews More and Blame them for Every Single Problem”
6. Willis Carto “Why We Need to Remove the Jews from All Our Countries and from Israel, and, Um, Do Something With Them”
7. Erich Gliebe “How to Find a Stripper Girlfriend Who Also Hates the JEWS”
8. Bill White “Why You’re All Wrong, and I’m Right, and I Hate the Jews”
9. Harold Covington “I Also Hate the Jews, and I Hate All of You”
You can hold it in Tehran or Istanbul or Damascus — the region where “Doctor” David Kook, er, “Doctor” David Duke likes to go to now. (How much did he pay for that phony degree anyway?). He was just in Syria drumming up support among all those wonderfully pro-white Arab Muslims, and that’s a great way to connect with white Middle Americans. The fruits of Islam, baby! Damascus, Syria. That should be the place where the next EURO conference is held. While there, you can visit Der Zor, Syria, if it means anything to you.
Posted by Friend of Invictus at 10:29 AM on April 19
I have always thought Jewish, Latin, Celtic, Scandinavian, Teutonic, Slavic, etc. were all Caucasian tribes.As for Hispanics, since the label is relatively new, I won’t consider it anything but a politically correct reference. Anyone have anything to add?

Posted by GetBackJack at 8:03 PM on April 18
To use the word Hispanic to describe an ethnic group is a misnomer.
Hispanic by definition means a person from a Spanish speaking county, or a Latin American country.
Hispanics are comprised of all races, White, Black, Brown, and Yellow.
You are right about it being a politically correct reference.
Posted by at 2:29 PM on April 19
Friend of Invicstus
“On the one hand, you bemoan being labeled Nazis, while on the other hand you clearly revel in and support Hitler, the Third Reich, Nazism, etc. Why can’t you guys be consistent?”
Name one regular poster who has said they support Hitler? Do you people have a hard time admitting that your wrong or what?
Posted by Dave at 2:48 PM on April 19
I absolutely stand behind Jared Taylor’s stance and would encourage the continuity of it. It’s truly refreshing after visiting stormfront where 95% of the blame concentrates on “the Jew”, backed by half-truths, repetitions, and invalid arguments. If it weren’t disease-like behavior, it’d be funny, but unfortunately it’s real and backwards.
What’s more, I’d encourage Jared to develop a more dynamic website according to his philosophy, where people can register, post their own news articles, share their stories and even organize events, among other possibilities.
Come on Jared, we need you !
Posted by Steve at 2:52 PM on April 19
Blaqbuck: “The outlandish comments on this blog thread discounts that naive assertion. I DON’T BUY IT!!”
RK: Who’s asking you to buy it? But, more importantly, who cares? You’re too engrossed in white hatred to buy anything a white person says. Your entire post reeks of a lack of coherent logic, indications of paranoia, miscalculation, and, especially, rabid white hatred.
Black anti-semitism as reported by the far left ADL, if anything, is understated, because as radical leftists they support your group, generally. Blacks as a group are at constant war with ALL the races, and they blame everybody, not just whites, for their many failures and lack of ability to achieve anything of any importance. In return none of the races, as a group, want anything to do with blacks. Sorry, if you can’t handle the truth. Case closed.

You want to know what a lot of Jews think about you and the white situation, besides what is stated here and elsewhere? Click on to http://jtf.org/ (Jewish Task Force)
The fact is blacks like you and a few Hispanics just love to believe they are one against the hated white, and you just love thinking everybody feels the way you do, including Jews, and when the truth is written indicating otherwise, it threatens your fantasy and makes you feel less powerful, less important, which you find intolerable so you come out with statements like, “Get real!!!,” etc.
It has been mentioned many times on this site, but it bears repeating: Blacks are being replaced by Hispanics, who as a group, are better workers, more intelligent, and more numerous, so your best bet is to concentrate on trying to save at least a small portion of your race by trying to upgrade their habits and behavior some way, rather than spending so much time on this site worrying about what white ethnic groups might be thrashing out, or your incarceration rate will grow from 33% to around 80%, because you’ll be outgunned by all the other groups and replaced with Hispanics who will use up all your affirmative action hires. It will help us too, because we will have to build fewer prisons.
This is a white thing. You wouldn’t understand. And you certainly have no business butting into the debate, especially since you should be concentrating on cleaning up your own group, as Bill Cosby often says.
Posted by Robert Kelly at 4:09 PM on April 19
BLACKBUCK wrote: “Screw what the mainstream propoganda machine tells you, most African-Americans are not patriotic or loyal to this racist/oppressive country, and would jump at the chance to separate from European-Americans (our historic enemy) to form an independent Black American state.”
You are correct in saying that most Afro-Americans are not patriotic or loyal to this “give anything to the blacks what they want country”.
But most Afro-Americans would jump at the chance to separate and form an independent state??? LOL You’re funny Blackbuck!
I’m White and it appears I know Black people much better than you do. Blacks don’t want to give up their dependence on the welfare state.
You are kidding yourself Blackbuck!
Sub Saharan Africa provides you an opportunity to separate. When did you say you are going to live there???
Posted by Excelsior at 6:47 PM on April 19
Hollywood is overwhelmingly Jewish. The heads of all the major studios including Walt Disney studios are Jews. The “public” does not control Hollywood. We the public are not demanding endless movies about how evil White people are and how noble Blacks, with the help of certain liberal elites help Blacks over come White racism so that Blacks win NCAA basketball championships, become heart surgeons, end Apartheid etc.

I’m not denying the prevalence of jews in show business, although the truth is, there are a lot less, as a percentage of the industry, than in the old days. I’m saying that the public, through what films and t.v. shows they decide to watch, controls what gets produced. Remember when, almost overnight, the networks all switched to reality programming because a couple of reality shows were getting good ratings? Does this seem like an industry with an agenda? They’re just trying to give a fickle public what it wants. And once again I say, there is a lot less race mixing on the silver screen, a lot lot less, than I observe in real life. Face it - people like to race mix, and it ainte the jews that are responsible, especially since we race mix every chance we get just like everyone else.
Posted by at 8:01 PM on April 19
TO: “Friend of Invictus”
WOW! I can’t think of anything that you missed saying. I was left speechless after reading your post…except for one word: BRAVO!!
Posted by at 8:59 PM on April 19
Blaqbuck wrote: “As a staunch Black Nationalist, I view my people’s inability to organize ourselves as a separate nation as the root cause of most of our sociopolitical problems (Sorry, but Eurpeans cannot be trusted, EVER!!! Just ask the Native Americans). Screw what the mainstream propoganda machine tells you, most African-Americans are not patriotic or loyal to this racist/oppressive country, and would jump at the chance to separate from European-Americans (our historic enemy) to form an independent Black American state. Assisting our fellow White Nationalists in their cause could only promote our own Black nationailistic ambitions.”
Now that is the funniest thing written on this site ever, not merely on this topic. Blacks are not stupid the same way any parasite is not stupid: it requires a host to live off. When blacks got their wish for an all black Haiti, they drove what had been the richest entity in the Caribbean into a penniless Stone Age hellhole in less than a decade. Rhodesia was the second richest country on black African history (behind white ruled South Africa) and when black rule came, the nation of Zimbabwe, with untold billions of dollars in foriegn to make certain the black majority would succeed, began to fall apart, and today is a Stone Age hellhole.
Black Americans know that they requite Whitey to hate and to pay for black America; otherwise, black America becomes as poor and as utterly incompetent and mindlessly violent as black Haiti and black Zimbabwe.
If we were to create an all black nation out of the USA and do all we could to make it succeed, we would give blacks wealthy states. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connnecticut, New York City (blacks wouldn’t want the Adorindacks), and New Jersey would be a nice area. We could demand that 30 million of our 35 million blacks move into that new nation, which would contain a large % of the most costly real esate in America, as well as 5 Ivy League colleges and a host of other super endowed universities. To help that all black nation, we could demand that all blacks with college degrees leave the USA and go to that black nation.
I say that within 30 years that all black nation would be financially ruined and would be as dominated and defined by utter corruption and savage rule and AIDS and child rape and endless murder and armed robbery and resurgent child sacrfice and cannibalism and inability to feed its people even by Asian and Central/South American Indian third world standards, just like Zimbabwe and Haiti.
I pray that blacks are allowed to get a nation all their own out of the USA. Then we could build a giant fence and make certain they stay on their side of the border and ruin only themselves. Before long, we would have to shoot to kill the many millions that would be clamoring to get into our white nation.
Posted by abhorred hillbilly at 9:29 PM on April 19
Nice try, “friend of Invictus”, your diatribe reads like a SPLC hatchet job on those it really fears and hates. In recounting your litany of contrived accusations, how did you manage to forget the smashing success of Mr. Rockwell`s White Power rally in Cicero, Ill. in 1966? Do you really presume to dictate to others forever? When white people are provoked beyond endurance, it can be hard for people like you to contain it, and that`s why you never stop squirting the bile.
Posted by Friend of truth at 10:38 PM on April 19
Jared Taylor turned over a rock, and what was exposed underneath is not pretty. Very disconcerting. My mother’s side is Lutheran and my father’s Baptist, but I and my family have had long and close associations with Jewish people. I have a deep and abiding affection for the Jewish people as a whole. The kinds of anti-Semitic remarks seen here, where a whole category of people is treated not as individuals, but as some kind of monolith that acts in unison and coordination is looney and the essense of “racism”. The absurd verbal attacks on Jews are identical to attacks made by left-wing racists against whites. Jewish individuals are at cross-purposes just like whites. The anti-white left-wing Jews are typically also virulently anti-Jewish and anti-Israel, and are only nominally “Jewish”. But it is important to note that some of the most effective fighters AGAINST racism directed against whites, are Jewish (e.g., my hero David Horowitz www.frontpagemag.com, and Don Feder, etc.). Jews are a very successful people (a good thing) and are disproportionately prominant on all sides. Just as other successful ethnic groups or races will be disproportionately represented among prominant people on all sides, both good and bad.
But just remember, ALL whites have become the new stand-in for Jews, in the leftwing-Nazi neo-Marxist ideology that has taken over our schools, the media, and the popular culture, and teaches intense hatred of whites that leads to daily acts of physical violence and injustices against whites, as well as imposition of all the anti-white (Jim Crow) laws that have made whites second class citizens without civil rights protections, where whites can not only be legally discriminated against, but are MANDATED to be discriminated against.
Eveything you anti-Semites say against Jews is EXACTLY what is said against whites by left-wing racists, including Afro-Nazis.
I know for a fact this kind of anti-Semitism is not representative of whites as a whole. I just hope it is not representative of the AmRen site visitors.
Just remember this: It was not a gang of Jews, but rather a mob of black racist thugs who were attacking a white in that beating just videotaped in Las Vegas. It was not gangs of Jews, but black racist mobs beating white families at the recent Kansas City Saint Patrick’s Day parade. It is not Jews, but black racist criminals raping 20,000 white women each year in this country. (200 times the number of white on black rapes.) It is not Jews, but black racist thugs targeting 1 million whites with acts of violence each year in this country (10 times the number of white on black acts of violence). It isn’t a Jewish, but rather a black Nazi lynch mob, trying to hang those white kids in Durham, who have been framed in a racial hoax. (With a pandering white DA at the black lynch mobs’ beck and call.)
You damn well better wake up and start to realize who is the REAL threat to you and your family’s physical safety. It ain’t your Jewish bogie man: It’s black racists and the white leftists who shuck and jive for them!

Posted by at 11:19 PM on April 19
Name one regular poster who has said they support Hitler? Do you people have a hard time admitting that your wrong or what?
Posted by Dave at 2:48 PM on April 19
Dave, that’s the best you’ve got? Go on to Stormfront and VNN, etc., and check out all the Hitler and Third Reich love for yourself.
By the way, while I’m still on this subject — how come you Jew-haters never talk about the pernicious influence of the Freemasons, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, CFR, the Illuminati, Opus Dei, the Federal Reserve, the Knights Templar, the Mormons, the Jesuits, the RIIA, the Rosicrucian’s, and Scientologists? Clearly they’re all just as much behind the Global Conspiracy as the Jews are, and you do us all a great disservice by covering up for them and not commenting on them.
Are you paid off by these other organizations not to talk about them? Have you sold out? Why won’t you talk about the Freemasons? It’s a shame how you keep trying to distract us from these real issues by talking about the Jews all day. Sigh, yet again, you guys are nothing more than another “false flag” operation, and true patriots will have to look elsewhere in order to find the Truth.
Listen up, that’s a joke — a little sarcasm. But I bet you half the Jew-haters, maybe more are following these other “conspiracies” as well.
Posted by Friend of Invictus at 11:22 PM on April 19
The main problem with the Jewish question is that it is a tricky category. It is not equivalent to other racial groups. It is translucent, shifting, vague, and ill-defined. Most Jews are nowhere near 100% Jewish and how do you explain blonde Jews? I seem to remember a great lone from “Annie Hall” about this.
Personally, I think Jews should try to belong to the countries where they have made their homes. Jews in America whould just try to be White Americans. Jews in Germany should try to be German, etc. We should basically abolish the category of Jew.
If people want to be Jewish, there is a country in the Middle East that badly needs their demographic input. (Too bad it’s not in Madagascar, which is where the Nazi’s originally intended to put them. That would have caused a lot less problems.)
Let Jews who don’t want to be White Americans or White Europeans become become Israelis and have a definitive identity instead of the ‘is he? isn’t he?’ that Jewishness is. You can’t have your cake and eat it!
Posted by The Dalry Lama at 12:22 AM on April 20
Sub Saharan Africa provides you an opportunity to separate. When did you say you are going to live there???
Posted by Excelsior at 6:47 PM on April 19

Sir Europe and Australia provides you and your Afrikanar cousins an opportunity to separate. cut out the double talk.
Posted by your average guy at 12:36 AM on April 20
We are witnessing on many fronts, the suicide of the West. Our ancestors built a great civilization for us and we should be taking pride in defending their reputation. We can start by holding everyone to the same standard. At it’s most basic, this standard is simple: No individual should think they are owed anything they haven’t earned. What is this ridiculous idea thatwhite people haven’t earned the right to allow us to establish our own political groups? Did we not die on the battlefield so that other ethnic groups could further their own identity? Do we not at least deserve the gratitude to accomplish the same for our own?
Posted by JOdion at 6:20 AM on April 20
“What is this ridiculous idea that white people haven’t earned the right to allow us to establish our own political groups? Did we not die on the battlefield so that other ethnic groups could further their own identity? Do we not at least deserve the gratitude to accomplish the same for our own?” — Posted by JOdion
Judging by what we see around us, the answer obviously appears to be “no”.
And as for gratitude (what is that?) … that answer, sadly, seems to be the same.

Posted by at 1:15 PM on April 20
“One of these things is not like the others.
Abortion, Christianity, foreign policy, and homosexuality don’t have the mods ruthlessly filtering posts here. Maybe that’s because Amren has nothing to fear from pro-lifers, pro-choicers, foreign policy wonks, or homosexuals.” Posted by Svigor
I have not noticed any lack of criticism, sometimes quite caustic, of these latter-mentioned groups on Amren. Nor any concern for their feelings or causing offense. The first-mentioned of these things, however, is as you say …”not like the others”. No, not like them at all.
Posted by ghw at 1:31 PM on April 20
[meant to write “exploited”, not expointed]
Obviously, most White Middle Americans wouldn’t. It’s [bigot] the most dreaded epithet in America today (and one that has been cunningly exploited).
Posted by voter at 1:35 PM on April 20
ANON wrote:
“Eveything you anti-Semites say against Jews is EXACTLY what is said against whites by left-wing racists, including Afro-Nazis.
“I know for a fact this kind of anti-Semitism is not representative of whites as a whole. I just hope it is not representative of the AmRen site visitors.
“Just remember this: It was not a gang of Jews, but rather a mob of black racist thugs who were attacking a white in that beating just videotaped in Las Vegas. It was not gangs of Jews, but black racist mobs beating white families at the recent Kansas City Saint Patrick’s Day parade. It is not Jews, but black racist criminals raping 20,000 white women each year in this country. (200 times the number of white on black rapes.) It is not Jews, but black racist thugs targeting 1 million whites with acts of violence each year in this country (10 times the number of white on black acts of violence). It isn’t a Jewish, but rather a black Nazi lynch mob, trying to hang those white kids in Durham, who have been framed in a racial hoax. (With a pandering white DA at the black lynch mobs’ beck and call.)
“You damn well better wake up and start to realize who is the REAL threat to you and your family’s physical safety. It ain’t your Jewish bogie man: It’s black racists and the white leftists who shuck and jive for them!”
Posted by at 11:19 PM on April 19
RK: There’s not a word you wrote, guy, that isn’t blaringly true, and I can see no point in anybody criticizing Amren Jews who are on our side by pointing out that certain Jews have been behind many situations that they helped create that have been detrimental to whites, which includes the Frankfort School, who introduced P.C. or Cultural Marxism to this country. All but one of them was an ethnic Jew, but not a one of them followed the Jewish faith, and so far as I can determine at this point, they were atheists, just as the secular ACLU is.
But what in hell does any of these oddballs have to do with a person who identifies himself as Jewish and says he wants to be on our team? That has absolutely nothing to do with the Jews here.
I’ve read some posts that assert Jews are here to infiltrate take-over and change, just as they have some corporations mentioned. In response to that let me say if the Jews on this site, from what I’ve read, have a desire to takeover and change, they’ve set the “take-over business” back about a thousand years, because they sound like everyone else.
And as far as corporate geeks are concerned, I don’t care what their stripe is they’re mediocre talents who have acquired power and money, usually through some underhanded means and they think their mediocre brains place them in some kind of ruling class, that requires them to perpetuate policies that will keep them constantly enriched with some kind of scheme or other and consider the rest of humanity as pawns to be used.
Michael Eisner or Steven Spielberg might have had an anti-white brainwashing while they were growing up which makes them anti-white, pro-black, but they’re nothing more or less than the usual corporate miscreant when it is all said and done. Alan Dersowitz is another good example. He’s got to be the biggest fool coming down the Pike, but he has absolutely nothing to do with AMREN Jews.
I could list several sites here, plus the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms, as being on the right and anti-globalist, anti-P.C., and a dozens upon dozens of Jewish individuals who are of the same ilk. Are everyone of them in lock step with us. “NO.” But I don’t require all these Jewish orgs or individuals to be in lock step 100% anymore than I do Tom Tancredo, Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, etc., etc., whom I don’t agree with 100%.
This battle in which we are engaged is no different than one on the battlefields in any conflict of a life or death struggle. Would we turn away American Germans in World War II who hated the Nazis and wanted to fight for us? How about the Jews who were average, everyday people just like any other white American and had nothing to do with any subversive groups and disliked them as much as we did? Would we turn them away, because somebody mentioned there were Jews in the Communist Party in the US and that Jews did this or that in Europe years ago? Would any intelligent white American deem them unfit to be a comrad who would man a tank, a mortar base, or a machine gun, laying down a base of fire, so our forces could advance?
That type of inane rejection is exactly what is happening now by a few vocal, passionate people here. They’re saying they don’t want their forces strengthened, because they’re angered at all Jews, so they want to extend their anger to the ones here who want to be our allies. How dumb could a general be who refused like-minded allies the job of guarding the flanks of his forces, ready and willing to counter attack at the proper moment, because he might be pouting about something their ancestors did?
Naysayers are in the minority, which isn’t reflected here. I get a lot of emails privately, and the people I have heard from overwhelmingly support Jewish participation.
On behalf of that large segment, let me say that I welcome my like-minded Jewish brothers and sisters and hope they continue to support AMREN and to speak out about their support for all whites, which will increase our Jewish support overall, and make our fighting forces maybe just a bit stronger to eliminate a howtzer base or a machine gun nest or two, which could enable us to tilt the battle overwhelmingly in our favor and crush the enemy to oblivion.
And to my white brothers and sisters who do not share my views, let me ask that you rethink your position, because a united front is vital to our very survival.
It’s not only morally wrong, but it’s just plain dumb to refuse to grasp a hand in friendship when it is willingly given.
Posted by Robert Kelly at 4:06 PM on April 20
In general I support AR, and Jared, in its stand on jews. Anti-semitism (the real kind not mere criticism of any jew or of Israel) and neo-nazism constitute a loser’s pathway. There is no profit down that road. Still, I reserve the right to speak about jews, about judaism, even about Hitler and National Socialism, with candor and rationality and not with requisite political correctness. That may well get me wrongly labelled as anti-semitic or even neo-nazi. But so be it.
I believe it is likely that jews will have largely disappeared in a century, assimilated and inter-married into the larger white societies of which they are a part. Israel is likely by then to have been swallowed up into a larger middle eastern entity. There really is no long-term future for an apartheid, ethnic-based state tied to the west. (I suppose that fact bodes poor for we retrograde white separatists wherever we are in the world.)
AR is at present, in candor, a fairly marginal institution we must honestly admit, however much we love it. To further marginalize it and to adopt as our logo, ‘death to jews,’ or something similar, essentially is to creep off into a small intellectual corner and die. Jared has done the right thing though I understand it is painful for some. Get over it!
Posted by Robin Fairchild at 4:21 PM on April 20
Robert Kelly:
I guess someone forgot to tell you, but- SLAVERY IS OVER!!!!
I will comment on any topic on this board that I want to!!!!
Posted by OBSERVER at 6:02 PM on April 20
Well done, Dairy Lama! (at 12:22 AM, above) & thanks.
Posted by crowbone at 6:39 PM on April 20
A lot of the above posts seem to prove that when you try to engage marxists in a civilized debate, they respond in an irrational manner.
Posted by John S. at 7:31 PM on April 20
OBSERVER, why don’t you grow up and stop resorting to name calling? Why don’t you post somewhere else; here, we like to delve in serious topics, and when we disagree, we don’t resort to ad hominem attacks.
OBESERVER, grow up, or stop posting here.
Posted by at 10:49 PM on April 20
Black Observer: “Robert Kelly:”
“I guess someone forgot to tell you, but- SLAVERY IS OVER!!!!”
RK: What does slavery have to do with anything I said in my post? You don’t understand much of what I said because you’re the average 80 to 85 I.Q. black who has a problem with functioning in an advanced society.
Because of their inability to express themselves adequately, most blacks like you shout a lot in caps, then put a lot of exclamation points at the end of their sentences as if they expect those things to give what they say more credibility, because they’re not bright enough to see how really dumb it is.
B.O.: “I will comment on any topic on this board that I want to!!!!”
RK: There you go again. More exclamation points. You might comment on anything you want to, but you’d better be prepared to get slammed in return for your vicious, racist, anti-white hatred, because you’re a racist to the core as all blacks are.
Your post was intended to create anti-white hatred from the Jews on this site and Hispanics in general, undoubtedly thinking that you are part of a rainbow coalition that is united against whites whom you hate and will vilify every chance you get.
But you’re dead wrong. Don’t you realize no racial group likes blacks because of their abysmal, rude, loud, criminal behavior, unintelligence and just plain bad attitudes and propensity for violence? You can try all you like to incite other groups to dislike whites, and you won’t have to do much to get the Hispanics to feel that way, but the majority of them utterly despise blacks, generally, so I don’t see what good you think your efforts are.
The Black/Hispanic war is getting started right now as you read this, and it is growing each day. Soon blacks will be replaced by Hispanics in the work force, schools, housing, and society in general, and they’re taking up all your affirmative action quotas. There are forces in this country who want Hispanics in and blacks out, and it’s working quite well for them.
So, it won’t be long now that you will lose your fixation over hating whites, because Jose and his friends are moving in, and it will be all you can do to concentrate on keeping from getting thrown out. You will be far too busy then to hate whitey.
B.O.: “BIGOT!” Posted by OBSERVER at 6:02 PM on April 20
Caps and exclamation points again, this time with an insult that only YOU have proven to be guilty of, giving an example in your hateful, racist post.
Posted by Robert Kelly at 11:31 PM on April 20
It’s not only morally wrong, but it’s just plain dumb to refuse to grasp a hand in friendship when it is willingly given.
Posted by Robert Kelly at 4:06 PM on April 20
An ounce of common sense is heavier than a ton of irrational hate. Your post articulates that principle so well.
What we lack is a broad forum to spread our message to the masses. For example, a television network on the scale of NBC, CBS, or ABC would more than provide us the means to absolutely crush the propaganda, and decitful rhetoric forced on us by the “Cultural Marxists”.
Like Jared Taylor says, we have a history, human nature, and morality are on our side. And if I might add, we have truth on our side, and truth is our most powerful strength!!!
Posted by Excelsior at 8:37 AM on April 21
This has been an interesting debate. I’d like to add a couple of more points which deal with the future. I like to think about what people can actually do. So first, I think we need to create an atmosphere where it is socially acceptable for a person to say he is white and supports white peoplehood without having fear of any social criticism or penalties. This will be a struggle for sure. Second, I don’t believe that any human being or society has ever been able to sustain a racial identity based solely on biological factors. Racial or ethnic identity has always been tied together with other cultural supports like leadership, laws, institutions, ethnic folklore, customs, language, classifications, etcetera. With each passing year, the old supports of white identity are vanishing and we are going to have a tough time coming up with new ones. I recommend we keep these two points in mind as we think about what has been said in this debate.
Posted by fenris at 6:39 PM on April 21
We are no longer accepting comments on this article.
Posted by AR webmaster at 9:07 PM on April 21
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