Joe Crude writes to Birdman: 


      Here's a holocaust story. Post this if you like.

My Aunt told me about the holocaust. The Germans would hide pieces of ham in our food and laugh as we ate it. As we waited naked in line to shower the Germans would shoot at our butts with BB guns. Then call us fusty bump arses. The German men would sometimes would give us alphabet soup to eat. They would take out all the letters except the J the E and the W, so we would be reminded we were Jewish. One day they gave us vegetable beef soup to eat as we took the bowl a German wouls drop in one piece of ham and give us a mean look and said we had to eat the ham if one Jew were seen not eating the ham they would call us Kikes and force us to wear Stars Of David the remainder of the war.  Those Germans were bad. The German men would give us blood for Passover. They said it was Christian blood, but later we found out it was pigs blood. The Germans sometimes gave us food containing high amounts of fat causing our stomachs to growl and not allow us to sleep very well. Then the next day call us names like Zombies for the dark circles under our eyes. Sometimes we would send gifts to our loved ones. Our relatives informed us the Germans changed the packing and wrapped them in Christian wrapping paper. They would force us to make nativity scenes with Jesus in the manger. Sometimes as we were taking a shower the Germans would cut off the hot water and laugh as we shivered. Sometimes as we waited in the shower line the German men would spray us down with cold water and laugh at our stiff nipples. But the worst thing of all the German would hold some of the Jewish women down and they would perform oral sex on the women. But just before the women would have a climax the Germans would stop and frustrate the women. It was horrible watching the women rubbing their cunts on the side of the buildings trying to get off.

Birdman responds:

I think the story is both funny and enlightening -- funny because of the harmless pranks, and enlightening because it is further evidence that the worst thing jews were suffering was having their orgasms terminated. That is an absolute riot!