Busybodies, doGooders, liberals and other assorted morons.  They all know how to help you.  Laws forcing corn into auto fuel, no more light bulbs, 55 mile per hour speed limit.  etc etc.  The real problem?  Simply this:  435 arrogant mostly lawyers in Congress, that is the problem.  Every time these arseholes fart, they produce a new law. The result?  A decrease in our rights. The EPA? The Department of Education? Both are horrible examples of paying endless hordes of mindless morons churning out endless regulations that have the power of laws which decrease our freedom.  Thousands upon thousands of these mental midget Lilliputians throughout America attacking our freedoms. Yet very few of their regulations are repealed. They have the power and the animus of vicious tyrants that beaver away every day attacking our freedoms.  And, sadly, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to fire these micro tyrants. Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, DEA, BNDD? All of these federal departments should be abolished today. Will they ever be dissolved? Only a fool would believe it possible. A glaring example of recent note?  A certain Foghorn Leghorn of a Senator running his mouth as to why we should be driving our cars at 55 miles per hour. Right, Senator John Warner of Virginia has this bright idea. But unknown to this moron is the fact that doing that results in the death of thousands of Americans. Why? Because lowering the speed limit forces Americans to be on the road for a longer time and consequently they have more fatal accidents. So Senator Foghorn with his addled thought would kill thousands. Does he even understand this obvious fact?  Of course not.  Have you ever seen this clown?  Big mouth, arrogance personified yet there he is dreaming up these laws that make no sense at all.     

    The ultimate result of these endless flow of laws and regulations?  Simple, a nation tied up in rules that erode and finally terminate our freedoms. Read below for the latest brain storm of these lawyer legislator morons, banning our freedoms in our libraries. The obvious answer: term limits for these locusts and making their time in Washington DC a part time job. But this cannot be done. The 300 millions of us cannot possibly ever realize our peril until it is too late.  Now we face the chance of electing a muslim ghetto black con man to the presidency. When will it end?  Simple: when a tyrant takes office. The only thing that may protect our rights? Simple: only ourselves.  Only armed Americans prevent the ascent of a tyrant in America. If the liberal Democrats ever take away our guns we shall become slaves. If you doubt this think about the recent vote of 5 to 4 in the "Supreme Court" where 4 "justices" couldn't read the plain text of the second amendment that guarentees our right to keep and bear arms. 5 to 4! Now consider this possibility.  If this black muslim gets elected and gets ONE MORE LIBERAL on the Supreme Court the vote against the second amendment becomes law.  AND your right to keep rifles, side arms and shot guns will be gone. If that happens then America will be gone and so will our freedoms.  If you doubt this, consider:  Bill Clinton sent the FBI and the ATF to attack a religions group in Waco Texas and it was a surprise attack, no warning. They hadn't done anything to justify this naked barbaric military attack. Yet Clinton and his hack AG Janet Reno thought this was ok.  Hundreds of innocent men, women and children were murdered by the FBI and ATF. Here is an example of what the liberal Democrat is capable of. The only thing that saved us from tyranny from the Clintons' and the Renos?  The second amendment. They are only constrained by the fear that if they attempt a left wing coup of our national government there are literally hundreds of thousands of Americans ready to resist in terms unmistakeable, hot lead at high speeds. So, be warned: if this black muslim is elected those black robed "justices" could repeal the second amendment. And if they do then this endless avalanche of laws and regulations will triumph in the subjugation of all of our rights and freedom. But pardone moi, I am only writing these words full well knowing that they cannot make any difference.  I only write because I can see the train wreck coming. In November the crash could become almost inevitable.  Every nation that ever came to pass did go to ruin. We can't be the exception, the ultimate ascendancy of the rule of the moron is unstoppable. And the morons may vote this muslim in. And all Americans will suffer. Oh well. End of lecture.  And, perhaps the end of our society as well. Signed: Achilles 


Congress Considering Ban on MySpace and Facebook in Libraries

Bill Would Ban Facebook and MySpace in Libraries
Poor libraries -- they just want to fill our kids' heads with porn and violence. Is that so wrong?

First, libraries were forced to start filtering out obscene content in 2000. Then came the Patriot Act, which granted the government the right to examine the books you checked out and the sites you visited on a library's public computers. Now, lawmakers are trying to ban children from accessing MySpace and Facebook on library PCs in order to keep the kids safe from sexual predators.

The heavy-handed legislation -- a bill introduced by Representative Mark Steven Kirk of Illinois -- is, of course, being fought by the American Library Association. The library wants to protect people's privacy saying that it is essential if a community is to utilize the library for intellectual pursuits.

Library officials agree with the goal of the bill, but they say that educating kids and parents about the dangers of such sites is the only comprehensive solution to the problem, which is a more than fair point. Kids are crafty and aren't only signing on to MySpace at the library. Heck, any kid with a Sidekick could spend all day talking to predators and there would be no way to know.

We think a strong education program and some decent parenting can keep kids safe online, regardless of where they sign on from and what sites they use. [Source: USA Today]

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