We Can End The War Now . . . It's Your Vote




Date: 5/27/08 7:31 AM
Subject: URGENT: We Can End The War Now . . . It's Your Vote

We just saw the most brilliantly simple and dynamic video ad, and we
just had to share it with you.

"It's Your Vote" Video: http://www.shirley2008.com/end_it_now.php

In just 30 seconds congressional challenger Shirley Golub lays out
everything that's at stake in the June 3 Congressional primary
election in San Francisco. If we defeat Nancy Pelosi we can stop the
latest war bucks surrender bill, as already greased by the Senate. If
not, the war, the occupation, the death, the terrible mutilations,
the ever escalating oil prices, continue for another year at least.

It's your vote and your choice.

Please make a contribution from the page above to help put this TV
spot on the air.

In this video Shirley appeals to her constituents to literally get
off their butts to save their own lives. Only if we get off of our
couches and actually exercise our precious right to vote can we
finally hold Congress, and Nancy Pelosi in particular, accountable
for the betrayal of the last 2 years. Only if you DO SOMETHING now to
help make this happen is this alternate reality possible.

Even if you are not in the 8th Congressional district you can vote
with your contributions. Shirley needs every dollar she can raise in
this last critical week to get as many of these TV ads on the air as
possible. This is a race of ultimate national importance. Defeating
the aloof and disdainful Pelosi means sending a message to each and
every other member of Congress that we the people can remove ANY of
them in any election.

If each and every one of our participants would contribute something
now from the page above, we can make a political miracle happen that
will change the course of American political history forever. No
longer can any member of Congress afford to take the people for
granted. THAT is what is at stake on June 3.

Even if you cannot make a contribution you can vote with your voices.
Shirley needs as many people as possible to make phone calls to
constituents in her district, calling on them to get out and vote in
this most critical of all primary elections. If you can put in some
time making phone calls please submit this page below and a
coordinator will get back with you.

Phone Banking Volunteers: http://www.shirley2008.com/volunteer.php

Some believed that electing a Democratic congress would be sufficient
to end the indefensible occupation of Iraq. We knew better and said
so to anyone who would listen at the time. In the last election
cycle, the Democratic so-called leadership ran away from any
candidate talking about bringing the troops home now. They pushed
forward and only supported "blue dogs" instead, even in very liberal
districts. To actually end the disaster in Iraq we must replace them
all with candidates like Shirley Golub, who are publicly committed to
stopping the funding immediately.

We can do that now in the biggest congressional primary ever, the one
that will send the message that cannot be ignored, "Get out of the
people's House."

Help Shirley Golub send that message now by contributing something to
stop the latest war funding bill cold, by demonstrating the REAL
power of the people, the power, and the will, to vote them out of
office, and to put in someone who will listen, and is faithful, and
WILL do their duty, to represent the people, and to protect and
defend OUR Constitution.

Paid for by Shirley Golub for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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