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Public Sodomite sex

This is sick 




Montreal Promotes Tourism to Homosexuals with Ad Suggesting Public Sex

By Jonquil Frankham
MONTREAL, November 12, 2008 ( – Quebec's tourism industry has received a boost from a ten-year-old homosexual tourism campaign that now includes a new ad suggesting a homosexual sexual encounter on a major Montreal street in broad daylight.
The ad, called "Dave Does Montreal," has been viewed in excess of 13,000 times on YouTube.
The ad features a young man on a major Montreal street talking about tourism in the city.

“You know,” he says, “a lot of gay guys thing that Montreal’s all about the gay scene: hot guys, partying, cruising, pickups. But it’s actually a lot more than that.”

While “Dave” lists off the many other attractions to be had in the city besides anonymous homosexual sexual encounters, the horse-drawn, open-top tour-carriage behind him rocks suggestively. Two young men eventually step off the carriage behind Dave, adjusting their clothing, obviously implying that they had been having sex.
The online ad is expected to run for a month.
To contact the premier's office, phone 418 643-5321 or 514 873-3411, or go to:

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