Dear John,


How I am amazed at the gutter mentality of the US media and the public that supports it.


All around me everywhere I go I see the Chinese so excited about the Olympics. There is a great sense of pride. Though there are many who believe all that money should not have been spent for sports when so many are poor, nevertheless, everyone has caught the sport fever. Chinaís few minutes of glory.


At work Friday we will shut down our plants early so everyone will have time to get home early to watch the opening ceremonies. This impacts several thousand people at our small plants. I am amazed at how excited everyone is. But the American Media canít help but try to spoil the event..


I think the American Media is like a gang of niggers, except they are Jews. How can the Jew of superior intelligence compared to a common nigger produce the same results?? Why is the result of Jewish thinking the same as nigger instincts? Death, destruction, misery, poverty, mental illness, evil.


Back to my main thoughts: The vast majority of Chinese have it better than they have had for over two hundred years. The 200-300 hundred million rich Chinese have it better than the top dogs for over 1,000 years.  Even in the increasing food prices, housing, and utilities, life here is much much better for the vast majority. Bear in mind John that a poor Chinese person for the most part is a worker who is not saving at least 50% of his income.


Five years of living in China I have looked for the negative, the bad, the dirty, and anything else that sucks as I am basically a negative person. A lot of things here really tick me off and are really stupid and backwards. Most of what we are taught about the superior Chinese mind and culture is just superior bullshit. But something that I consistently see: the Chinese are very happy with their life here and very happy about the new prosperity and freedoms they enjoy. They know their government is corrupt. In the US the majority are in denial. They know their government will not take care of them. The majority in the US STILL believe and expect the government to take care of them.


In the US the young White boys and girls have become copy cats of nigger culture and thinking. They are sloppy, lazy, and stupid. They are in a fog. The in thing is to be as nigger as possible. To be White is bad, to build is bad, to rule the nigger is bad, to rule the Mexican is racist, being pussy whipped and effeminate like that little faggot boy stars in Hollywood is the thing now.


One thing I enjoy here is the LACK of the shitty attitude so common in America.


But back to my main thought: Why is it that the American media AND government officials with their ignorant comments are so determined to spoil this exciting and important event for the Chinese?


Is it because the American Media and mind is so Jewdiesed that they just canít find any good in ANYTHING? Is it because they want to divert attention away from the destructive financial collapse of Western Culture due to slick Jewdiesed banking and financial practices? Is it because they just CANT allow any country they canít control and manipulate have ANY success or joy? It is hard for the Jews to sneak around in China because they LOOK different. And ALL White Men suffer for their stink.


What are the human rights that the American Media is so concerned about? Are they worried about the right of American White Women to walk around safely in American without being attacked by niggers? Are they concerned about the increasing danger and violence that is coming from niggers and Mexicans and aimed at Whites?  Is the America Media going to come to Guangzhou China and do a special on the rude African niggers that live here that canít help but harasses the young Chinese girls, stink up the elevators and peddle their drugs?  Is the American Media going to go to the bars in Beijing and Shanghai and do a special on the victimization of bar girls in China? Will they report that most have college educations? Will they report that they only 25 percent are prostitutes?  Will they report that they ARE NOt crack whoreS and hard hearted dogs like most bar girls in the US? What kind of dirt, that they nothing about, are they going to try to dig up to spoil the Olympic mood? Will they report that Chinese are highly racists and discriminatory and hire for jobs who they want and not because of affirmative nigger action?


 The JEW is a spoiler..... That is what the American Media is: a spoiler. That is what the American government is: a spoiler. If anyone is happy, the spoiler must show up. If anyone is successful, the spoiler must stick his hooked nose in. If anyone is making the smallest progress the spoiler must dig around. If one human has any joy, any happiness, the spoiler MUST do what he does: Spoil the life of others. Isnít that what the rich and powerful White Man named Bush did to Iraq? Wasnít Iraq considered the best country in the Middle East before we invaded according to News Magazines before Bush War 1?


 Isnít that what ALL Jewish theology, ALL Jewish propaganda, ALL Jewish effort entails: spoiling the lives of others?


Well I go now John to watch the Chinese enjoy their few minutes of fame and prosperity before the spoilers do their dirty work here as they have done in the West.


Best Regards

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