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I miss your Saturday, Daily Reads.


As I read the vile ignorance and propaganda from WND and FauxNews I ask myself how much more White-America can take before a straw breaks the Camel’s back.  John as you know I came back to South China for my latest assignment. I am in a Senior Management position of the third largest company in my industry. I answer directly to the Director of Asian Operations. I tell you this to make it clear that I KNOW how things operate in China, I KNOW what is going on. This is my year five in China. I live in a Chinese Apartment, I don’t live as most important expats: in secure, isolated complexes. I live with middle class Chinese, Koreans, and a surprising number of Negros from Africa. That very interesting experience I will write about later.


What America knows about China is just out right lies and propaganda to suit the purpose of distracting White-Americans from the truth. Not only is the news distorted, but more and more Western agitators are stirring the pot in China. Don’t think the incident in Tibet was not caused by foreign agitators. What China did in Tibet this week, the US government does all around the world everyday. The US government does the same to White-America everyday!  What would the federal government do if Texas, Montana, or Maine declared independence??  They would do exactly as they did in Waco, the Weavers, etc.  The ONLY reason we don’t see MORE government violence against White-Americans is simple: White-Americans have forgotten that peace comes through war not education! Change will only take place for White-Americans when the government leaders are more afraid of White-Americans than Negros and Mexicans. For Tibetans to stand up against the Chinese Central government is not like protesting in America where a few White-Americans get a permit – permission- to protest government action; protests in China have the consequences of prison, death, or a severe beating by the troops. White-Americans only have to worry about niggers, wet-back and fags, hurling insults, bagged shit, or drink cans.  But back to the China problem:


It is amusing to hear about human rights abuses in China. About three months ago there were riots at a factory next to one of mine. The workers were angry at new work rules so they blocked the plant entrance (All factories are basically secured compounds.). They shut down the factory.  John, do you know why? Was it because they were only being paid a $100-300 USD per month? Was it because they were working too hard with long hours? Was it because they did not have enough holidays??  None of the above. Because of Western influence from Civil rights groups who have to create problems to raise money to solve problems they create: the factory had stopped working employees’ overtime. Overtime pay in China John is much, much more generous than in the West. The workers were upset that their hours were cut back. They wanted the old hours back without overtime pay, they wanted the old pay back. In other words, the “do-gooders” cause hardship for the people they thought they were going to help!!


Sure you have seen the horrible shoe factories in China on 60 minutes. Do you know why John? Because real factories are cleaner and nicer than anything in the west and for IP and security reasons you aren’t allowed to take pictures in factories owned by Nike, Crocs, Addidas, New Balance, Boss, Rebok, etc..   What they show on Western TV is an illegal sub contractor OR a small operation making knock-offs.


Let me explain how a Chinese Shoe factory as example operates John. The major brands do not really own any factories. The shoe factories are mostly owned by Taiwanese or Hong Kong businessmen. They are companies like Pou Chen the largest, Yue Yuan, etc..   They are sub-contract factories for the major brands. The major brands merely have “Operational” personnel in the factories to make sure things are running relatively smooth.  Nothing runs smoothly in China without White-American guidance. What is it like to work in these factories? It is the best job most Chinese will ever have. The work day begins with breakfast paid for by the factory. Work starts between 7-9 depending on whether or not you are production person or office. Then at 12 noon the factories gets slow, the office lights are dimmed down. Workers eat at factory cafeteria. The lunch and nap break is until 1:30. Then the lights come back on and work continues till 5:30 when the light are turned low and dinner is served.  Many go home and some stay and work extra hours when dinner time is over at 6:30. Since most live in factory dorms, to kill time they actually work or visit with co-workers and talk work. The factory workers have a slight different schedule.  In other words John, Chinese don’t work near as hard as White-Americans do or think the Chinese do. As a general rule: What ten Chinese can do in a production environment, 3 White-Americans can do and do a better job. In the office, what 10 Chinese can do, 2-4 White-Americans can do. They Chinese are horrible in efficient. But then with such low wages, special government subsidies to foreign businesses, they don’t have to work hard. At Starbucks in China instead of 6-8 people working as you would in America, a similar size store in Shanghai, or GZ or DongGuan, etc will have 14 or 15.. AND the service is poor AND the coffee is NEVER consistent. Same with Papa Johns pizza.. workers everywhere, soup cold one day..  next day ice machine for cokes broken, next week something else.  Pizza Hut, KFC and McConalds are consitent.. BUT only through intense and constant badgering from White-American managers, etc. 


Only a few hundred million work at nice Western Factories; and they ARE the best in China. The rest of the Chinese work in low quality Chinese owned-operated factories, farms, or mom and pop businesses and they are horrible by our standards. But MANY Chinese are very happy working in those places. Even small Korean businesses are cleaner and better to work in than Chinese.


The problem is this John, White-Americans are so busy and agitated about China and the Middle East because of the lies from the media that they cannot focus on the real threat to America:  The decline of the White-American!  China is not evolving, China is NOT becoming westernized. China is NOT an economic miracle.   We have spent billions of dollars and over 100 years trying to “Westernize” the African. We have tried to do this by bringing them into our schools, giving our daughters to them for fucking, we excluded smart White-Americans to allow “disadvantaged” American Negroes attend our universities. Have they become westernized? Have they become assimilated into the Western mind and culture? EVEN the Chinese living in American ARE not assimilated into White-American culture. So HOW can a billion Chinese 5000 miles away inn 20 years become Westernized? They can’t and are not. All the concrete and steal building, all the western style clothes, all the western education, all the kosher approvals of food factories in China will not change the deep rooted culture of China.  The Chinese only want to LOOK like White-Americans, NOT be White-Americans.


If a nigger grabs his crotch and dances like a monkey we call it entertainment, we don’t expect much from them. If a White-American boy does it, aren’t we a little surprised and disappointed he acts like a jungle bunny? If a White-American acts rude, cuts in line, spits on the floor, pushes others out of the way, we are very surprised, BUT if a Chinese does that are we surprised?? If a Jewish business man tries to cheat someone with some little loophole in the specifications or contract and threatens to hire a lawyer and sue are we surprised? But a White-American do that and we are VERY surprised? White-Americans ARE different.


The big business in China is to LOOK like White-Americans, particularly the girls. As it gets near wedding time for Chinese, they ALL want the LOOK like White-American brides and grooms. The wedding pictures don’t look like Chinese. They wear white powder to hide the dark and yellow skin, the wedding garments are traditional White gowns. The big companies like Oil of Olay, Pamolive, etc ALL sell whitening creams so Chinese girls can chemically stain their skin whiter. They pay to have surgery for rounder looking eyes like White-Americans. They have boob implants to look like White-American girls. They want to LOOK like White-American girls but not BE.  They think White-American girls are stupid.  Because most Chinese only know White-America from the HollyWood trash; just like we only know China from WND and Faux News and Vacations to Tourist traps in China.


I am always amazed at the fear of China domination of the world? How can they do that? John, there is NO successful, NO powerful business in China, not one, that is not managed by Expats! NOT ONE!  Even the grand three rivers dam, the largest in the world, was managed and built with assistance from White-American and White-German experts. AND in the areas where the Chinese thought they were so smart and rejected White advice, they are ALREADY having  major problems at the three rivers dam. YES the dam is in serious trouble.  If all the Expats, if all the White-Americans were to leave China next week, in six months nothing would be produced or accomplished. China is incompetent.  But the media will not tell White-Americans that even though ANY one who has worked in China KNOWS the truth: China cannot function without the leadership and management of White-Americans.  If not for Russians giving China 30 year old technology AND helping them build, China would not even be in space. White-American space shuttle are 30 years old and STILL fly with z80 chips!! 


Well John, I have to go. But I hope you at least get a better picture of what China is really like..   It is not that China is on the rise, but that White-America is in decline.


Best Regards,