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The Syracuse Dungeon Master


His Little Shetl


The Outer Entrance To His Dungeon

The Dungeon





Jonah Jamelske Is A Serial Rapist
Jonah T. Jamelske (born May 9, 1935, in Fayetteville, New York) is an American serial rapist-kidnapper who, from 1988 to his apprehension in 2003, kidnapped a series of women and held them captive in a concrete bunker beneath the yard of his home in DeWitt, a suburb of Syracuse, New York, United States.



Tormented As A Child
Jamelske graduated from Fayetteville High School in 1953. Classmates did not recall him for much other than severe acne and the unfortunate nickname of "Germs".




In 1959 Jamelske Takes A Bride
He married Dorothy Richmond, a schoolteacher, with whom he had three sons. He  is a slum landlord, and amassed over $1 million, which he invested in real estate in California.


His First Victim
In October 1988, Jamelske abducted his first victim, 14-year-old Kirsten Howard, who is Native American. She was held captive for over two years, and had turned 17 by the time of her release. Jamelske compelled her to his will by threatening violence against her younger brother. She made no attempt to report to authorities after Jamelske released her.




In 1995 He Finds A Second Victim
In either 1995 or 1996, Jamelske abducted another 14-year-old runaway whom he lured under the premise of paying her to deliver a secret package. The girl willingly walked into his dungeon, and Jamelske closed the door behind her. After he raped her, he released her, she went to the police, but local Jewish interests stepped in. Police questioned the credibility of her story and dropped the investigation shortly after.






It's 1997 And He Finds His Third Victim
On August 31, 1997, Jamelske kidnapped a 53-year-old woman off the street. She was a foreign refugee who spoke little English. He forced her into his car and took her to an abandoned house, where he raped her. Then he tied her to a stack of flattened cardboard boxes and drove her to his house. During her captivity she was raped daily and was also forced to fulfill various menial tasks for Jamelske. She was released on May 23, 1998 at a Greyhound bus station with $50. She reported to the police that day, but nothing came of it. She claimed that the police did not believe her, but Syracuse Police spokesman Sgt. Thomas Connellan stated that although they investigated all leads, they could not find anything out.







His Last Victim
On October 2002, he kidnapped a 16-year-old runaway from Syracuse. On April 3, 2003, Jamelske felt confident enough to take the girl out to karaoke at a local bar. Emboldened by this success, he then took her with him to a bottle and can redemption center, FM RETURNABLES, where she slipped away from him long enough to phone her sister. The girl's sister dialed *69 and called back the bottle return center and persuaded the worker to call 9-1-1. Police arrived after Jamelske had left, but were able to quickly track him down given descriptions from local businesses






The Entrance To The Dungeon
The bunker in which Jamelske kept his victims was eight feet high, 24 feet long and 12 feet wide.  The dungeon was reached by first moving a storage shelf he used in his basement, then moving a steel door behind that, then crawling on one's knees a few feet until reaching another steel door, which opened up into the hidden room.
The entry was a small box located just under the top of the room, so the person entering had to turn around and step down into the room via a small three rung ladder.The bunker in which Jamelske kept his victims was eight feet high, 24 feet (7.3 m) long and 12 feet (3.7 m) wide


He Shackled All His Victims
Jamelske would chain his slaves by their ankles. 








A Bathtub With A Garden Hose
In the center of the room was a stained bathtub sat on top of a raised wooden deck. It was here that the victims were forced to bathe using a garden hose. There was a drain plug but no plumbing. When the tub was drained, the water had nowhere to go but on the cement floor of the dungeon where it remained until it evaporated, making the room damp and moldy.






This Was The Toilet
An aluminum frame chair with no seat was positioned over a pail; a crude toilet that was used to further degrade the captives. A clock radio sat on top of a filthy portable refrigerator. Next to a yellow extension cord which ran out from a hole in the top of the walls was an eight inch (203 mm) aluminum hose that pumped warm air from the house furnace.






After Four Reports The Police Act
Police arrived after Jamelske had left, but were able to quickly track him down given descriptions from local businesses.



Jamelske Is Sentenced
Jamelske pleaded guilty to five counts of first degree kidnapping. Jamelske is currently serving a term of 18 years to life.








He Winds Up In The Country Club Prison
A favorite with the Zionist crowd is Dannemore prison in upper New York. They have private gardens, snow skiing, bobsledding, and a full array of sports. Naturally they have a medical facility where a Zionist shrink can keep his fellow brethren well medicated.






Aren't These Animals Precious

One can quickly look at the dates and see something is missing. This Zionist just didn't start kidnapping in 1985, and do it on occasion. This monster would grab one girl after the next. You can rest assured there were at least a dozen, and the missing ones are buried somewhere.

And there is the question of his three sons, 15, 17, and 22 years old.  This monster had a dungeon in his basement but his boys never knew anything?