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Forwarding Press release from the Australian  Protectionist Party


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K.Rudd's Fetish for Political  Persecution- Soviet Style

30th  March 2008  It was once said to me that the measure of  a man can be determined by his ability to take criticism. Naturally this speaks volumes when one  views the tactics and behavior exhibited by dictatorial and  totalitarian leaders and their regimes. Leaders who tolerate  no criticism, no opposing position on any issue- such  dissent is to be hounded into silence, prosecuted under  oppressive laws stifling freedom of speech and  expression. Welcome to life in Australia 2008.  Socialist governments from coast to coast and an emboldened  internationalist multiculturalist lobby growing fat,  arrogant and ever more dangerous on the taxes of Australian  workers. Perhaps a little over dramatic? The Australian Protectionist Party, a  progressive patriotic party in existence in our nation  today, has come to the attention of that government  department known as the "Human Rights and Equal  Opportunities Commission". Equal opportunity, except in the  area of free speech and open discussion for Australians. This body acts as little more than a  government agency (as in the same manner  as the Soviet KGB), they use their position to  intimidate and bully those whose position on issues  affecting the nation's future is at odds with those held by  their paymasters. So, what exercise in horrendous racial  vilification are the Australian Protectionists (and  according to the Human Rights Commission, the National  Chairman, Andrew Phillips) supposed to have carried out,  thereby falling foul of our open minded regime led by a  power mad Sinophile who claimed he intended to govern for  ALL Australians? A complaint has been lodged by a government  employee of yet another dictatorial social engineering  department located in WA. Apparently this person is of  Islamic Arab persuasion and had a leaflet she claims to be  from the Protectionists sent to her by a friend "for her  interest". So, the leaflet, available on the internet  for anyone to download, was put into a friend's letterbox  and sent to the complainant for her interest. Apparently the poor woman was so outraged  and offended at receiving the leaflet, 90% of which  consisted of reprinted tracts of the utterances of the  Prophet Mohammed, that she began making abusive and  threatening phone calls to  the WA branch (as if they  had put the leaflet into her box) and then lodged a confused  and bitter complaint against the Party with Krudd's Thought  Police. Despite claiming the desire to "negotiate"  and "have all leafleting and activities cease", the true  motivation of both the plaintiff and the Human Rights  Thought Police are much darker than they would have us all  believe. The plaintiff apparently shrieked at  Australian Protectionists that "you'll all be going to gaol  for SEVEN years" (hmmm, doesn't sound very conciliatory now,  does it?), while the Thought Police sent out interesting  extracts from the Racial Vilification Laws which truly set  out how oppressive our system really is. The law states that Australians are free to  believe whatever they wish ( sounds quite reasonable,  doesn't it?) in private. Apparently one falls foul of the law once  "one causes words, sounds, images or writing to be  communicated to the public" or "is done in the sight or  hearing of people who are in a public place". Perhaps this does not sound too much like a  One Party State in practice, but let us look deeply at what  they're REALLY saying here. A group of reasonable, patriotic  Australians who are naturally law abiding wish to discuss a  contentious issue such as say, immigration and national  identity. Not wanting to fall foul of the law, one of  them decides to hold a meeting to discuss the issue in the  privacy of his own home, or hires a small hall so people can  discuss their concerns in private. At what point does the transmission of an  "offensive personal point of view" attracting "7 years gaol"  to the public really take place? As with all dictatorial  systems, a public meeting is deemed to  take place once 3 or more people are gathered together in  one place. All it takes is for one person to disagree  with a point of discussion in a room containing 3 or more  people, lodge a complaint-and you have broken the law.  Perhaps a journalist has heard of this quiet meeting and  chosen to invite themselves along?  There you have it. All patriotic  Aussies are entitled to their own opinions in our "free and  democratic land", just as it should be. Just don't ever get  the idea of meeting with like minded people, forget about  raising issues of importance for discussion by your fellow  Australians and absolutely forget about ANY idea of forming  a political movement to represent your wishes. George Orwell would be proud. Regardless of these  developments, the Australian Protectionist Party leadership  are committed to standing firm against the actions of a  dictatorial government and their globalist cronies.  APP is devoted to the task of speaking out for Australians  on ALL issues, be they the threats to Aussie manufacturing  jobs, the attempts to drive our farmers off their land and  endanger the viability of our primary industry through cheap  imports, attacks on the biological integrity of our land  through lowered quarantine standards, the actions of social  engineers in our education system instructing our children  to loathe their own identity and culture, immigration and  the threat to freedom of speech which has long been  treasured by Aussies and a gift to the nation by our  founders- a gift paid for with the blood of diggers on  foreign battlefields. As in the past, there is a renewed effort  to deny Australians their right to freedom of speech and  self determination. Members of the Protectionist Party and  the Party's National Committee will be resisting any  attempts to deny Australians their right to discuss issues  of national interest and deny us the tradition of  questioning the dubious actions and motivations of remote  and disinterested governments. "If you want a picture of the future,  imagine a boot stamping on a human face- forever"- George  Orwell, 1984.   Australia, it's YOUR  country, protect what is left for future  generations.
Australian Protectionism- the ONLY  way forward.


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