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Several R-W  personalities have viciously attacked Ben Klassen, averring he was a Jew, fag. murderer. traitor, etc.
Here is my take on Ben Klassen, Pontiff Maximus:
About 1972 I chanced upon a book-shop in Pompano Beach, Florida. I was startled by the owner's audacity.  There in the show-window, featured among many  right-wing publications, was a Mein Kamph display with Nazi flags carefully arranged around it.   I walked inside and there for the first time I met Ben Klassen. 
Ben  was brilliant, learned, holder of a lucrative patent, brimming  with ideas, and about to write a book ( later titled: The Whiteman's Bible).. Thereafter, I met with him from time to time . I met his wife, an attractive  lady, and I met several of his friends.
My plans took me to California in 1974. I built a house there which was torched by Jews . My family and I escaped by the skin of our teeth.
We returned to the east coast. Klassen invited me  to be his house guest. I drove down to Otto and stayed three days. He and his wife were good hosts. They  were    affectionate toward one another. He showed me photographs of his mother and father, Mennonites, of German extraction - Aryans, no doubt about that. They had been badly treated by Jews in Estonia (?)  following WWI.
Ben, as most well informed   free-thinkers, despised The Old and New Testaments as Israeli plots to destroy  Gentiles. His arguments were referenced and convincing.
We had  our meals at a local restaurant where the staff treated Ben and his wife  as visiting royalty .  To make a long story short, Ben asked me to join his Church. I would be his next in command and he offered a reasonable salary for that kind of endeavor. I refused because I felt (then) that his ideology divided the White Race along religious lines at the very moment we needed unity. My targets were  the FED and the Media. 
During the time period that I personally knew Klassen he didn't behave like a fag ( as his detractors alledge); nor did I take him, his wife and family  for anything but Aryans.
Following my attempt to place the FED Board of Governors under citizens-arrest  I was imprisoned for 6.5-years and lost touch with Klassen. After shedding my shackles in 1989,  I spoke to Ben several times over the tele. He had no idea that I had been in prison because RW-leaders  "buried me" as too politically-incorrect to associate with.  My trial,  was not  mentioned in their publications or discussed at their meetings.(see:FED CAPERS at my website).
Ben asked me to paint his portrait which I did (see Klassen web-site) in exchanged for his remarkable set of books. Ben telephoned me after his wife died. He was  very  despondent. However,  he felt they would be re-united in a spiritual-dimension -  an aberration of his "book" philosophy  .  We discussed a recruitment plan he had in mind.
 Most Professional Patriots, not wanting to offend Christian donators, profess  a totally different take on Ben Klassen et famille than I do. I  believe Ben was an Aryan  genius, straight,  far ahead of his time, dwarfing those who vilify him. I believe he was murdered.
James W. von Brunn
"Kill the Best Gentiles!"


Chicago Sun Times/April 28, 2005
By Natasha Korecki

White supremacist Matthew Hale has arrived at the nation's highest-security prison in Colorado, a place typically reserved for the federal government's most dangerous inmates.
Hale will serve his 40-year sentence in Florence, Colo., at ADMAX -- Administrative Maximum United States Penitentiary. He arrived there April 21, according to prison officials. That's the same prison where Olympics bomber Eric Rudolph is expected to serve a life sentence; where Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski is serving four consecutive life sentences, and where Timothy McVeigh was held before he was executed for killing 168 people by blowing up the federal courthouse in Oklahoma City.
On April 6, Hale was sentenced to 40 years in prison for soliciting an undercover informant to murder U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow. Lefkow upheld a higher court's ruling that forced his white supremacist group to change its name in a trademark case. Lefkow is the same judge whose husband and mother were slain earlier this year by a disgruntled litigant not connected to Hale.

Special restrictions imposed

Hale, who has always maintained that he is not guilty, is still being held under strict "special administrative measures," said Wendy Montgomery, executive assistant public information officer at the supermax prison. She would not go into specifics about what the restrictions will mean and Bureau of Prison officials would not return calls.
While he was held in Chicago, Hale spent 23 hours a day in solitary confinement. He was allowed one hour a day for exercise and banned from communicating with anyone but attorneys and his family. His mail, phone calls and conversations were monitored, and that is expected to continue in Colorado.
In March, his parents were banned from seeing him for a year after they broke a rule that prohibits them from transmitting any messages from Hale to the public. Hale's mother, Evelyn Hutcheson, relayed a statement from her son denouncing the Lefkow family murders. During that investigation, a previous Hale attorney also disclosed that Hutcheson at one time relayed a coded message to him from Hale.

Appealing his conviction

At Hale's request, U.S. District Judge James Moody had recommended that Hale be placed in a Downstate Pekin jailhouse only a 20-minute drive away from his parents. But the ultimate decision lies with the Bureau of Prisons, which placed Hale in Colorado along with the nation's worst of the worst.
"It's quite a blow to us, but I'm not surprised," said Russell Hale, Matt Hale's father. "The government will do what they want to do when they want to do it."
It is unclear how long Hale will continue to be held under special administrative measures. The restrictions are rare and reserved for inmates -- typically terrorists -- who might incite violence from prison.
U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has said the government still believes Hale is dangerous but he said the restrictions come up for review every six months.
Russell Hale said his son has already started the appeal process, and one Florida businessman is trying to get a legal fund going to challenge the restrictions placed on Hale.
"They're punishing us all for something he didn't do in the first place, and we're going to prove that on down the line," Russell Hale said.
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