Comment on Stang's Column

By John "Birdman" Bryant



Stang's attempt to portray the Jews as victims rather than the perpetrators of the Conspiracy, as he calls it (or as is more popularly known as the New World Order/Jew World Order) has been done many times, and just as dishonestly as Stang does it at

Basically Stang's argument is, Hey, yes there are Jews involved, but there are others, so it can't be a 'Jewish conspiracy'. But that's dishonest, because what is significant is THE PROPORTION OF JEWS IN THE CONSPIRACY RELATIVE TO THEIR NUMBERS IN THE GENERAL POPULATION, AND RELATIVE TO THE NUMBER OF 'OTHERS' WHO ARE FOUND IN THE CONSPIRACY. For example, altho Jews are only a tiny proportion of the population, the communist revolution in Russia was dominted by Jews, as one can see at the following urls:



The conclusion, then, is either that Stang is ignorant of the facts, or else that he is covering for Jews. And since he is apparently Jewish himself, we will leave the reader to figure out which.

But the Bolshevik Revolution is only one small area of the Conspiracy in which the Jews have played a dominant role. There are literally DOZENS of others, and here are three lists of them:

And these are but a TINY number of documents showing that the Conspiracy is Jewish from the get-go. That is not of course to say that all Jews are in on it -- most are not -- nor that there are not goyim who help the Jews in their work and may indeed play prominent roles in the Conspiracy -- but it is to say that, by any reasonable measure, the Conspiracy is Jewish up the tush.

And that Stang is lying thru his teeth when he says it is not.

PS: Stang is no stranger to lies. For many years he was an intimate and major factotem of Birch Society founder Robert Welsh, but he doesn't even mention the Birchers on his resume nowadays, being as Welsh was exposed as a Jewish tool by Bircher powerhouse Revilo Oliver. This of course is not something that Stang -- as a coverup artist for the Jewish Conspiracy -- wants to have bruited about. For Oliver's exposure, see the following:



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