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Unbowed by constant mayhem -- AFP Reporter Ted Gunderson and assistant Clarence Malcolm

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June 9, 2008

by special correspondent John de Nugent

[Editor—John de Nugent is a long-time patriot activist, an occasional contributor to AFP, a frequent writer for The Barnes Review magazine on Capitol Hill and five online websites, and host of a twice-weekly radio show at enationalist.com/radio.]

The word “diabolical” (from the Greek) means “devilish, cunning, devious and sadistic.” From recent reports to this newspaper, it seems a perfect descriptions of the Washington government's covert actions against those few dissidents and whistleblowers in America whom the government truly fears and hates.

Beyond this, the Greek word “diabolos” first and foremost means “a defamer,” and, interestingly, this word literally means a “piercer,” that is, someone who runs your reputation through – spears it -- with vicious lies. Even if one is eventually vindicated, one's honor remains wounded, and question marks and mental reservations remain in many who heard the rumors. This is true especially among the gossip-minded, among the naďve who still somehow trust “our elected government” [sic] and those looking for any excuse not to get involved on the whistleblower's side and thus suffer a similar fate.

Recently I again met with Clarence Malcolm, assistant to Ted Gunderson. The latter, who spoke at the overflow-crowd American Free Press/Barnes Review conference in September 2006 in Washington, and is a former high-ranking FBI official of 27 years' service, has spent his retirement years since 1979 heroically crusading for justice. The media and celebrities used to beat a path to his door for his whistleblowing and investigatory acumen – until he delved into the very politically incorrect.

Ted Gunderson, former FBI station chief of Los Angeles; was interviewed for FBI Director in 1975

By far Gunderson' s most shocking expose has concerned rogue elements in the federal government he accuses of committing (or covering up) the abduction of thousands of Americans, both children and adults, for annual satanic ceremonies, involving molestation, torture, murder and outright devil worship.

I had Ted Gunderson aa guest on my radio show at “www.enationalist.com/radio” on May 27, 2008, and as hair-raising as his accusations sound, any listener to this show may conclude that he sounds very credible.

And credibility is the key, since the stories that both Gunderson and his assistant Clarence Malcolm tell of diabolical government harassment all share one unifying feature: the specific details of the government victim's story actually triggers your skepticism, and you end up involuntarily suspecting the victim, not the government.

Clarence Malcolm of Texas

This ensues even if, in general, you know that evil and rogue elements are now rife in Washington. When a Ted Gunderson, as distinguished as his FBI and subsequent careers have been, tells you, or his assistant Clarence Malcolm tells you of poisonings they have suffered, other attacks, of sabotaged cars, and of high-tech weaponry enflaming their skin with burns, a motivated skeptic can always react with: “That is all easy to fake; I think they made it up themselves -- to get attention and seem important.”

Because of my own experience, however, in November 2007, when my home in Alexandria, Virginia was invaded, I am no longer skeptical.

In the fall of last year a Republican congresswoman from the Quantico,Virginia area suddenly died, leaving an open seat in her overwhelmingly white, conservative district, located south of Washington DC along the Potomac. Reacting quickly, I prepared in mid-November to announce my own candidacy for that office at a gathering on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 of the Washington Region “Council of Conservative Citizens.” VNN radio was ready to carry my announcement and speech live.

I stepped out for just 90 minutes from my high-security apartment to buy some klieg lights, video camera supplies and a special speaker's stand. When I returned, the first thing I noticed was that my apartment door was swung wide open, with a clear path to my two computers. The second thing I noticed was that an inane pattern of red paint squiggles had been sprayed on my carpet in front of the door. The third thing I noticed was that a giant document of 168 pages -- “posts” on an important Internet discussion site which I had “saved” (made a copy of) many times -- was missing off both computers. The fourth was that my announcement speech had been entirely erased.

I immediately posted the entire incident on several websites -- primarily in case “whoever” had invaded my high-security home had also placed “child porn” images on the hard drives of my two computers. I then had a computer security expert, a patriot, come immediately from Maryland to erase the hard drives and reformat them.

Sure enough, a skeptic then wrote me, upon reading online my “post” on the incident, that: “Anyone can spray-paint on their own carpet,” “You probably just forgot to save your document,” and “The door was open when you returned because you probably left in a rush.”

All possible; all plausible; but untrue. But that is how “whoever” wanted it to appear – that it was I who was making up stories, I the false accuser and attention-seeker who wanted to seem “so important that the government would bother me.”

It is called “blame the victim.”

The other “success” in all this for “whomever” was that I was -- of course – taken aback by having my home, my “castle,” invaded by a hostile stranger. The message was clear; your high-tech key did not slow us down for a minute (in a very high-tech building with a monthly rent of $900 for a studio apartment), and “we clearly know when you come and go from your apartment.” The purpose is none other than intimidation -- of both me, the victim and of those readers who chose to believe my story – because “it could have been them.”

And they succeed if they can infuriate me, the victim, against all who doubted my word. “Divide and conquer.”

(By the way, I did not run for Congress -- as I had done with remarkable impact in 1990 in Tennessee – but only because key volunteers could not descend immediately in time to gather a massive amount of certified signatures to get me on the ballot as an independent candidate for the special election. But there are other offices to run for, and other districts than that very conformist and heavily military district.)

Having written this preface, I have just received alarming new reports from Ted Gunderson and from his assistant, Clarence Malcolm, of sadistic and even potentially lethal new attacks on them – all done in ways that make the victim look like a teller of tall tales and that make guilty government agencies look innocent and defamed.

What also struck me as a former Bostonian is how many new and refined weapons from Boston can now be used against patriotic dissidents here such as Gunderson and Malcolm. They are developed in the greater Boston area, and can be used not just against urban Iraqis but also, with our own taxes, against suburban American dissidents.

MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts has its “Media Lab” with its off-book projects valued in the millions; in Lincoln (in suburban Boston) there are the secretive “Lincoln Labs,” and in Natick, Massachusetts, at the “U.S. Army Natick Soldier Center,” soldiers test so-called “non-lethal crowd control weapons” -- such as skin-roasting weapons, blinding weapons, and a “spiderman”-type glue that sticks demonstrators together. Your tax dollars at work.

Lincoln Labs makes "Homeland Security" tech for the US Capitol

Also, and as comical as it is bizarre, the Army shelved an already developed chemical weapon (after “gays” protested) designed to induce male enemy soldiers to become violently attracted to each other -- and start squabbling in the trenches.

As a former instructor in German at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, I recall how when I exited the campus out the north side of the campus, I was facing the front gate of the sinister Fort Detrick, Maryland, where poisons are said to be developed that can simulate “normal” diseases. The point is to sicken or kill someone in such an insidious way that skeptics (either cynics or government shills) can laugh at the dying victim's accusations as far-fetched. Then you die as a defamer of good old Uncle Sam.

One person who suspects the government is Captain Eric May, a false-flag alerter and former Army intelligence officer I have had on my radio show (along with Major William Fox, USMC). May, a valiant Texan who redeems the Lone Star State after George Bush, has come down with the rare Lou Gehrig's disease -- at the height of his activities exposing the government. May is now nearly paralyzed, and cannot even move a computer mouse with his hands. Only his head still has movement.

Captain Eric May, hero of Ghost Troop.

Recent incidents involving Gunderson and Malcolm:

-- May 21, 2008. Gunderson flies from L.A. to Lafayette, Louisiana, passing through several airports, and hours later feels a fiery burning on his back; he suffers violent rectal bleeding, confirmed at a Lafayette emergency room. He and his assistant suspect one of the “heat beams” (or radioactive weapons) the mainstream media now says the Pentagon possesses;
--May 10, 2008. Clarence Malcom and family were relaxing along an Oklahoma river, called the “Illinois,” at a private Christian campground (and off-season). While his family was swimming, an unidentified male appeared sans automobile, sought to engage Malcolm in a bizarre discussion of UFOs, then commanded: “Hold still! You have a fly on your head!” -- and slapped him hard with an open hand on the back of the head. The man left quickly, and Malcolm developed neck and head pain, dizziness and a severe headache. An examination at an emergency room revealed a small dried blood spot --possibly from a poisoned needle-tack glued to the stranger's finger.
--April 30, 2008. Ted Gunderson, Jr. of eastern Pennsylvania, the former FBI official's son, catches a stranger in a coffee shop in the act of dropping a pill into his coffee cup. After confronting the man, who quickly left, the son empties the cup and (imprudently) pours himself more coffee into the same cup. Immediately blisters form on his lips and chest pains begin. If a man will not relent, attack his loved ones. It often works wonders.

I had met and then sheltered Clarence Malcolm for two months (December 2005-January 2006) in my home while I was writing for The Barnes Review magazine, a historical journal that is the sister publication of AFP.

At first, Malcolm's story of government harassment and mayhem seemed incredible, and my skepticism was enhanced by his literally blue face.

Malcolm had ingested colloidal silver, which later turned his face grayish-blue, a condition known as argyria. (Silver can bind with and neutralize poisons and other toxins, a very effective yet drastic remedy.) Malcolm told me that on the freeway in Las Vegas, two cars, one a Mercedes with NY license plates, boxed him in in the right lane, then the front car emitted a huge blue cloud out the tailpipe, sickening him for months with symptoms no doctor could explain or cure. It was at that point that Malcolm took the colloidal silver that still colors his face.

There have been other incidents, all involving sadism and crimes that make the victim-accuser look as if he “made it up” -- thereby defaming the victim, denying his suffering, and subjecting him to ridicule instead of earning him support.

The stakes are high: If Ted Gunderson is right, and even the cautious Pat Buchanan confirmed it recently on the McLaughlin Report, there is a “Republican pedophile ring on Capitol Hill” (Buchanan) – and around the nation – that will do anything to cover up crimes of molestation and satanism that are beyond description -- desperate men who will never willingly go to jail for crimes that even other felons execrate and savagely punish. By making whistleblowers look foolish even as they continue to savage them and other victims, they hope to continue getting away with murder.

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Gunderson's websites are www.tedgunderson.com and www.1-free-dvd.com