The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel

by Stephen J. Sniegoski
Edition: Hardcover

 My Review on

By  Michael Santomauro (New York, NY USA) - See all my reviews
Sniegoski's achievement in writing this book is to show how the neocons left the Democratic Party, which of course was mother's milk to all Zionists, and joined the Republicans over the issue of an aggressive foreign policy in the Middle East!

I like how straightforward Sniegoski is about the neocons' Jewishness and Israel-centric agenda. Most non-Jews won't be able to stretch their ego to accept the power Jewish groups have over their lives and who calls the shots in the United States in the political arena.

The fact is that 40% of the billionaires in the United States are Jewish or come from interfaith backgrounds where one side of the family is Jewish. This in a nation that represents 25-30% of the global economy.

According to J. J. Goldberg (the former editor of the Forward) in his book Jewish Power he boasts that 45% of the fundraising for the Democratic party and 25% of the funding for the Republican party come from Jewish funded Political Action Committees. Richard Cohen of the Washington Post has recently updated this data to read 60% for democrats and 35% for republicans fundraising come from Jewish funded Political Action Committees.

Since the 1930s according to Forbes business magazine, 25%-30% of the
wealthiest families in America have been Jewish.

In Canada the sixth biggest economy in the world, Jewish-Canadian billionaires represent 49% of the Canadian stock market. And Jewish-Canadians of wealth are notorious heavyweights for political donations in U.S. politics, in effect helping the cause for the Zionist entity, through the military might of the U.S.

The U.S. Jewish population is only 1.8%, less than 2%. BUT who REALLY knows? The Jewish lobby is so powerful, that they are the only group to have successfully petitioned the U.S. Census Bureau not to be counted in their compilation!

Historically, Jews wherever they have resided have always wanted and have been officially undercounted for political purposes.

It is my contention they are one of the most powerful groups in the world. And should be studied and understood by books such as this one.


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