I wrote those ideas in the last three days. They are really radical. Right now, you are one of the very few persons I can sent them to. Any comments by you will be welcomed. Of course, I don't plan to publish them, for now. I know you will agree with most of them. We live in a really sick culture. It is so sad...

take care, Boris


              Radical ideas that are taboo


1.          I am sure that 98% of the people who read this list will strongly disagree with most of it. However, they wont refute it. Instead, they will get angry and call me names.

2.          The US is not a democracy. It has the most meaningless and boring elections of any Western Country. There is very little choice in this elections.

3.          Choosing between a Democrat and a Republican is in many cases like choosing between Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.

4.          The USA has been the most aggressive and warlike country in the last 100 years. The list of countries invaded and/or attacked by the US is very long.

5.          The US does not promote freedom and democracy. It has also a very hypocritical foreign policy.

6.          Democracy is actually moroncracy, government of the morons. Most people are too ignorant to cast a responsible, well-informed vote.

7.          The quality of most leaders in the Western World today is very low. They are basically, incompetent demagogues.

8.          The war on drugs is a monstrosity. It is a war against freedom, privacy and pleasure. It has turned a small problem into a very big one.

9.          What is so terrible about using cocaine? Why is that much worse than drinking beer or smoking tobacco?

10.   Punishing someone for what he does to himself is horrendous. What is next? Fighting obesity by putting fat people in jail?? We are moving in that direction.

11.   To me the drug dealers are freedom fighters.

12.   There is too much stupidity in the world and the biggest one is religion.

13.   The best antidote against stupidity is humor; we should not take all of this too seriously or it is going to drive us crazy.

14.   Moderation is the key word in life; even using drugs with moderation is ok.

15.   Pleasure is good, pain is bad.

16.   We are living much better now because of reason, science and technology.

17.   The biggest obstacles to human progress are religion and government.

18.   The smaller the government, the better it is.

19.   Environmentalists are basically emotional people who care more about animals and trees than about humans.

20.   Global warming is a big hoax. The damage is minimal and the benefits are much bigger.

21.   It is an excuse for environmentalists and politicians to control our lives even more.

22.   Political correctness is an intellectual inquisition. It is very dogmatic, intolerant and emotional.

23.   PC is the mortal illness of the West.

24.   The Jews have a pernicious influence in the West.

25.   The Jews control the US: the media, Congress, Hollywood, academia and foreign policy.

26.   Criticizing the Jews is the biggest taboo today in the West.

27.   The Holocaust is a hoax and it is Zionism’s biggest propaganda weapon.

28.   Israel is the most aggressive and warlike country in the Middle East.

29.   Many words have been abused so much that they now mean virtually nothing: freedom, democracy, peace, terrorism, racism, fascism, and tolerance among others.

30.   Westerners have become a bunch of sissies. They cannot even defend their territory from a third world, non-white invasion.

31.   Its own “intellectuals” have betrayed the West. “That idea is so stupid, that only an intellectual can believe it”; as Orwell said.

32.   What bothers me the most from them is their arrogance. They are supposed to  be thinking people, open minded and tolerant, but they are  exactly the opposite. 

33.   White liberals are pro black and anti white.

34.   The only group who cannot be proud of its heritage is the white people.

35.   The only white group who can be proud of its heritage is the Jews.

36.   Women have contributed very little to humanity’s progress.  Men have done almost every advancement or creation.

37.   Liberals or leftists are in favor of the dumb, ugly, incompetent, irresponsible, primitive and the criminals. Of course, they don’t call them that way.

38.   Their nonsensical and anti natural ideas have dominated western thinking and policies for the last 50 years, with disastrous results.

39.   Races or ethnic groups are not equal in ability or personality. Some are better than others.

40.   Black Africa is an absolute disaster: poverty, corruption, starvation, lawlessness, diseases and violence. Blacks are responsible for that mess.

41.   The best explanation I found is that Black Africa is a continent of mentally retarded people, with an IQ of about 65.

42.   Almost all the money and help that the West gave them, has been wasted.

43.   I don’t think that blacks left to themselves can create an advanced, stable and successful country.

44.   The biggest lesson of the last 50 years is that socialism does not work. It makes a country poorer.

45.   Liberalism is basically emotionalism disguised as intellectualism. That is the main reason it appeals so much to women. In a way, women think with their heart.

46.   Crime is a problem that is very easy to eliminate.

47.   A person should have a right to own and carry guns with him. My home is protected by Smith and Wesson.

48.   Relying on the police, or private companies for protection from criminals is a foolish idea.

49.   Liberalism wants people to rely on the government, instead on themselves.

50.   Illegal immigration is an easy problem to solve, but the government does not want to solve it.

51.   The better we treat the illegal aliens, the more of them we are going to have.

52.   The four groups that are ruining this country are: blacks, Jews, lawyers and preachers.

53.   If the trial lawyers oppose a law, then it is a good law. The same with the environmentalists.

54.   Most lawyers are parasites who make our society worse.

55.   We have a justice system that is very slow, expensive and complicated. Lawyers made it for their own benefit.

56.   Unity and diversity are incompatible situations. A country can have one or the other, but not both.

57.   Diversity has become like a sacred cow and everyone seems worship it (or so they say). However, we are never told its benefits and we are always hearing about its problems. How can it be so good?

58.   Diversity makes a country weaker and unstable; not stronger.

59.   Religion teaches people to believe in non-sense.

60.   Science and religion are also incompatible ways of thinking. A religious scientist is an oxymoron.

61.   It’s amazing how easy it is to make people believe that two plus two is five. That is what religion does best. 

62.   Some cultures are superior to others. “A culture that puts a man on the moon is better than one that puts a bone in the nose”. 

63.   Western culture is humanity’s biggest achievement. White men have done more than 90% of the great creations or discoveries in history.

64.   Christianity is a religion for slaves. If you turn the other cheek, then you become a slave.

65.   Jesus is a mythological person. Most likely; there never was a Jesus of Nazareth.

66.   We live in a very anti intellectual time. Indignation has replaced reasoning.

67.   I am sure that 98% of the people who read this list will strongly disagree with most of it. However, they wont refute it. Instead, they will get angry and call me names.

68.   Beauty pageants and the academy awards are very silly. It is purely subjective. Anyone’s taste is as good as anyone else’s.

69.   One of the good things of sports is that they usually have an objective and quantitative way of selecting winners and losers. The one with the highest score always wins.

70.   Every society brainwashes its citizens in order to make them supporters of the system, or the Establishment.

71.   We should add this amendment to the constitution: “If the president sends troops to fight in another country, he will have to join them and fight as a lowest rank soldier in the most dangerous place”.

72.   The biggest enemy of the American people is the American government.

73.   We are supposed to believe that the Nazis were absolutely evil, and the Jews were absolutely innocent. If a person does not believe that, then that person is evil.

74.    PC teaches that people can be evil for their ideas. For example, there is no such thing as a good racist. All racists are evil.

75.   The worst thing that the West can do with Moslem radicalism is sending our troops to their countries and bringing their people to ours. Well, that is exactly what the western leaders are doing.

76.   One amendment that the founding fathers forgot to add, “Only white and Christian people can immigrate to the US”. It would have kept the Jews and non whites out. Now it is  too late.

77.   The only developed country whose immigration policy is in the best interest of its people is Japan: Japan for the Japanese.

78.   The Western world is a deeply sick and dying civilization. It is very sad.

79.   Who will dominate after it dies? China and Japan.

80.   The Japanese seem to have imported the best of the West (science and technology), but not the bad, (its sick and despicable ideas: PC, and Christianity).

81.   Body mutilation is an efficient, fast and cheap way of punishing criminals. In the sick and sissy West that is unthinkable today, because it is considered “barbaric”.

82.   Some heinous criminals not only should be executed, but it should it be done in public  and the people should be allowed

         to participate (stoning for example).

83.   The best violent criminal is a dead violent  criminal.

84.    Victimless crimes should all be eliminated.

85.   If I am single and I want to use cocaine, gamble, have sex with a prostitute or watch a porno movie, it is no one else’s business. 

86.    The only person who should be tortured is a torturer himself, or the one who orders torture.

87.   Torture is the most despicable act a person can commit.

88.   One good thing of the West, compared with the third world, is that there is very little or no torture.

89.   Westerners, or whites are the ones who created human rights and the ones who abolished slavery.

90.   The West is now under a new ideological Dark Age called Political Correctness or Leftism.

91.   Will the West and the white race survive?? That is the biggest question of our time. I am pessimistic.

92.   I have met very few intellectually interesting women. For every interesting woman I found, I met ten interesting men.

93.   Women are in general, frivolous, superficial, emotional and with little curiosity. With few exceptions.

94.   It is no wonder that women have contributed so little to human progress. If it was not by men, we would still be living in the stone age.

95.   American Indians, or US Indians, were primitive, illiterate and living in the stone age. Yes, they were savages.

96.   They contributed almost nothing to our society and studying them is a waste of time and money. But because of PC, we do it and we get a distorted picture of them.

97.   Latin America is basically, a disaster, or to put it more bluntly, a shit.

98.   The only Latin American countries that attract me are the southern ones: Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

99.   Haiti is the poorest because of the high number of blacks. Bolivia is the second poorest because of the high number of Indians.

100.            The ruling elites in Latin America are white. Blacks and Indians are the bottom.

101.            In the “Novelas”, the number of Indians and blacks is almost non existent. Why? Everyone knows the answer, but no one dares to say it: because they are ugly..

102.            If it was not for the US, Puerto Rico would be another basket case.

103.            The only black African country that was rich, stable and efficient (20 years ago)  was the only one that western elites criticized: South Africa.

104.            Now that blacks rule SA, the country is going downhill, but the western elites don’t criticized it.

105.            Martin Luther King, the Messiah,  is a big fraud. A plagiarizer and womanizer who also beat women.

106.            Nowadays there are many more pictures of MLK in US schools than of George Washington. That shows how sick this country is.

107.            The best thing we can give to our children is good genes. I want my children to be healthy, intelligent and good looking. So far, so good. That is my biggest satisfaction.

108.            Marrying dumb, ugly and unhealthy people is the worst mistake we can make.

109.            Rich and good looking couples, like Brangelina, should have as many children as possible.

110.             I am glad that Clint Eastwood had many children. He is very close to my physical ideal of a man. 

111.            I identify with Spain the most, not because I was born there, but because it is the land of almost all of my ancestors.

112.            The biggest enemy of the Spanish people has been the Catholic Church.

113.            Spain and Europe today have largely replaced the Christian church with the PC church, which is almost as bad.

114.            PC and Christianity are so similar and anti natural that I would call PC: secular Christianity.

115.            The welfare state encourages the reproduction of the un-fittest.

116.            Eliminating people at birth who are not going to contribute to society and are going to be a huge burden to others, makes sense.

117.            Racism and xenophobia are natural feelings. That does not mean that we should hate or kill them. They should be welcomed, but only as visitors or tourist.

118.            Loving the foreigners is against human and animal nature. No animal practices that. Only white people are foolish enough to do it.

119.            White countries seem to be in competition as to who is going to commit racial and national suicide faster.

120.            Spain used to be at the bottom in that, but now is at the top in committing  national suicide.

121.            Diversity is nothing but racial chaos. 

122.            People prefer to be with those who look like them, speak the same language, share the same traditions and have the same ancestors. What is so terrible about that?

123.            Opening the immigration doors to people who are very different from us is lunacy. Politicians who do and support those policies are despicable traitors.

124.            A country’s leader should always do what is best for his country and people.

125.            The West today does not have statesmen any more. It only has politicians who care only about winning the next elections and pleasing the liberal media.

126.            We are all a little bit arrogant, selfish, greedy or lazy. It is part of human nature.

127.            What liberals call prejudice, others call it experience.

128.            Am I prejudiced if I say that basketball players are tall?? Am I prejudiced if I say that old people walk slowly??

129.            What some people call stereotype, others call it a generalization.

130.            Most stereotypes, about 95%, are correct. For example: basketball players are tall.

131.            The US is a country without a real name. United states of America is not a real name. Another country without a name is South Africa.

132.            How should we call it?? Some suggestions: Freedomia, Washingtonia, Gringoland or Dollarland.

133.            The phrase: “in God we trust” bothers me. I don’t mind the phrase: “In the gods we trust”.

134.            The biggest problem with public education is that is public. How to fix it? First, make it private.