How did the Jews manage to have so much money in 1939?  All of Europe except the Third Reich was in financial recession after the 1929 collapse at Wall Street in New York, USA.   Poland was in a financial crisis, the unemployment was at 9%.  The cost of living rose in Poland during the ten years before the war.  And still the Jews say:  “We had a lot of money!”


All of the western world businesses, even Jewish owned, went bankrupt every week during the ten years leading up to the start of WWII.   And still the Jews had vast amount of money.  There is something fishy here.


We must also remember that the US-$ 65 billion the Jews now demand from Poland comes on top of the hundreds of  billions US-$  the Jews have black mailed Germany into paying them since 1945, and on top of the hundreds of billions they black mailed Austria to pay over the past 20 years.  Do not forget the 100 billion US-$ they black mailed from Swiss banks some years back.


Will the Jews get what they demand from Poland?  Of course they will, the Polish president is a Jew and his brother is prime minister.


Why did the Jews wait this long to demand money from Poland – it is about 64 years since the war ended?  During the communist area Poland was VERY poor, all what Poland produced were used to pay for damages done by the Communist during the end of WWII.   Now Poland is a member of EU and get vast amount of money from EU every year.  The Jews want their part of this money.


I think it is high time the Jews explain how they could hold such a vast amount of money in a time of economic turmoil.   In a time when all countries accept the Third Reich was in recession.  USA first got out of the recession when FDR started the armament build up in 1941.


It is sad to see that none of the Western World countries stand up to the Jews and say: “Enough is enough!  We will not pay any more to you vultures!”

Randulf Johan Hansen¨

New/Old Palestine’?... Jews repossessing Poland?... Poland owes Jews $65 billion 

Israel Singer 


More than three million Jews died in Poland, and the Poles are not going to be the heirs of the Polish Jews.  We are never going to allow this.  They're gonna hear from us until Poland freezes over again.  If Poland doesn’t satisfy Jewish claims, it will be publicly attacked and humiliated in the international arena.   [No mentioning of the millions of Poles murdered by the Jew NKVD and in the Jew-caused WW2.    E.g, 38.5 percent of those holding the highest positions in the Soviet ‘security’ agencies in 1934 were Jews.  (Official statistics)   E.g, when, in 1932-3, some seven million self-sufficient Ukrainian farmers were forcibly starved to death, some two thirds of the Kiev CheKa (NKVD, KGB) were Jews. -- Ukraine


Israel Singer 

General Secretary of the World Jewish Congress