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Christian doctrine offensive to Muslims  

Muslim doctrine is even more offensive to Christians and the Archbishop is a proper idiot.



Breaking News . . . . Aspects of Christian doctrine offensive to Muslims says Archbishop!
By News Team July 15, 2008 Email this post Email this post Print this post Print this post Post a comment

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According to a Daily Telegraph report:

"Key elements of Christian doctrine are offensive to Muslims, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said in a letter to Islamic scholars.

Dr Rowan Williams also spoke critically of the violent past of both religions and Christianity's abandonment of its peaceful origins.

His comments came in a published letter to Islamic leaders, intended to promote closer dialogue and understanding between the two faiths.

However they come just months after Dr Williams was forced to clarify comments in which he said some parts of Islamic law will "unavoidably" be adopted in Britain."

Strange, is it not, that a leading cleric can openly claim: "Key elements of Christian doctrine are offensive to Muslims" but shy away from claiming the reverse!

Where exactly is the Archbishop taking the Church in Britain and why?