In the Birdman piece I sent you recently, he quoted from Alan Stang's blog on Red Dot Blowback.  I just read that piece and then some comments below and found this one especially erudite:

Mr. Stang,

I do consider you a God-send in a great way. Thank you for your experience, research and analysis.

It seems to me that Dr. Paul will not "need" to be assassinated, for the establishment seems to have gotten to him a generation ago, despite the great amount of truth that he speaks now.

The great clue comes in the form of the book "The Case for Gold" that he co-wrote with Lewis Lehrman. Lehrman has had deep involvement in…

-- George W. Bush's Arbusto Energy
-- Iran-Contra
-- Morgan Stanley

Dr. Paul may mean very well, but he still speaks some grand falsehoods, even if they're spoken in naivety. The fact that he speaks them is of enormous help to the establishment, regardless of what else he speaks:

-- Al-Qaeda and Osama did not perpetrate 9/11, but Dr. Paul says that they did.
-- A return to a metals standard at this point would be instant enslavement, for the metals are owned by the ruling families (Rothschilds, et al), but Dr. Paul says that we should return to a metals standard.

These falsehoods have created a glass ceiling of thought. The energy in exposing real 9/11 truth, for example, has been energy diverted to Dr. Paul's campaign, a campaign that has nothing to do with 9/11 truth. Also, Dr. Paul's campaign has become a black hole for the tens of millions of dollars of his donors—money that grows ever more precious by the day. Gas and food aren't getting any cheaper. Additionally, his campaign isn't putting up one iota of a fight after the unbelievably false results of the first caucuses and primaries. Under 10% in New Hampshire?! And not even a hint of questioning from Dr. Paul.

May God bless him, but he is nowhere near his own man in this campaign.

He will not need to be assassinated, because he already is an afterthought in the primaries. I don't say all of this gleefully, but I do say it with open eyes. The only reason I can see at this point as to why he would be assassinated would be as the establishment's provocation of Dr. Paul's followers and other patriots to true revolution—which would play right into the establishment's hands, too.

Posted by Mike  on  01/27  at  01:03 AM

I have read part of The Case for Gold - written quite a long while ago, and have to admit that my knowledge of the Establishment made me leery when I saw who it was written with - Lehrman.  I just finished reading Ron Paul's Foreign Policy of Freedom - which clearly shows his brilliance in foreign policy and clear understanding of the Founders' views on it as well.  Now I'm starting Dr. Paul's The Revolution: A Manifesto and looking forward to seeing if his thinking has matured wrt money since Case for Gold. 

Until I've read that, I will withhold judgment about his understanding of monetary policy, but at this point I'm still in complete agreement with the people who made Money Masters - that fiat money is OK - so long as it is interest (usury) and debt free.  King Henry's tally stick - totally fiat money system - worked incredibly well for CENTURIES and was only subverted with gold and silver coins!  And that began the manipulation that led to the Bank of England - the original FED.  Same thing with the Continental Currency - I now believe the real reason for the Revolution.  Lincoln's greenbacks and the "civil" war as a means to an end - establishing their national bank.  Getting US on a gold standard was how Establishment manipulated banks and markets and got the 3rd and final private banking cartel established.

One other question I have of you who advocate metal backed currency: where would we (US - We the Sheeple) GET the gold and silver to back our currency and WHAT would we buy it with?  Federal Reserve Notes - even despite the usury and the fact that they are just debt - are proof positive in my book that a fiat currency will work.  Money is just a medium of exchange - a convenience to barter.  If Congress takes back its responsibility to "coin" money (and I'm researching the behind the scenes origin of that phrase and the obvious lack of text in the Constitution regarding money) and issues debt free and interest free dollars as the MM people and other very bright people advocate, then we can head off the current melt down and Depression II, and once again make America a prosperous nation.

WRT Ron Paul on 9/11 - I believe he knows who was behind all that and why, but he is astute enough politician to choose which hill to die on - that he would clearly get classified with the "conspiracy wackos" if he touched that third rail.  It works totally to his advantage - his foreign policy of freedom - to accept the Establishment's conspiracy theory at face value.