"Living Food" cured a "no-cure" condition

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Subject: Cured, no cure condition

> Dr Gabriel Cousins MD in Arizona
> Cures his patients when they check into his clinic, of Diabetes...which is
> considered a
> NO CURE condition....
> they eat the raw food diet that is prepared for them.and take the
> necessary supplements..within thirty days there is no measurable amount of
> detectable diabetes in there body....
> When you observe the laws of nature...the body responds with the built in
> healing that we all have.....simple huh...?
> In the The First Book of Moses, named Genesis(1:29-30), the Israelite god
> YHWH handed down the following instruction to his people: "Behold, I have
> given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the face of all the
> earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for
> food. And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and
> to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of
> life, I have given every green plant for food".
> According to these same texts, the average age of men and women before
> the Flood was more than 900 years! YHWH apparently changed his mind AFTER
> the Flood and told Noah that Man could eat the flesh of animals: (Genesis
> 9:3-4) "Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; and as I gave
> you the green plants, I give you everything". After that the average age
> of Man dropped from 900 to only 120 years and less!
> Scientific studies sighted by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond in their
> best-selling book, "Fit For Life", reveal some very interesting
> information about the effects of diet on health and longevity.
> They report that the LA Times and Weekly World News printed articles
> about a man living in China named Wu Yunging. Mr. Yungying was 142 years
> old in 1980. The article includes a photo of him riding his bicycle! When
> he was interviewed about his diet, he answered, "I eat corn, rice, sweet
> potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables."
> Dr. Alexander Leaf published the findings of his research about the
> oldest people in the world in the January, 1973 edition of National
> Geographic Magazine.
> He found that the three most consistently disease-free and long-lived
> people on Earth are the Abkhazians of Russia, the Vilacabambans of Ecuador
> and the Hunzukuts of Pakistan. None of these peoples suffer from Western
> diseases: NO obesity, NO cancer, NO heart disease! On the average these
> people live to be over 100 years old. The men are physically active and
> still fathering children at 100 years of age.
> The diet of all of these people consists of 70-80 percent
> high-water-content foods such as raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables.
> These people eat very little or no animal products. Their lifestyle
> includes lots of exercise in a chemical-free, natural environment with
> clean air and fresh, uncontaminated water.
> What about eating meat would reduce the life expectancy of Man so
> drastically? Many people around the world do not eat meat as they believe
> that eating animals for food is like killing one's brother or sister. The
> simple logic is that the spirit inhabits every life form and therefore
> should be treated as you yourself would like to be treated -- as a member
> of the family of living beings.
> Numerous nutritional studies have demonstrated conclusively that THE BODY
> "Living Food" is defined as any food in which the "life force" or enzymes
> have not been destroyed (by heat, chemicals, radiation, decay, freezing,
> refinement, etc.).
> Enzymes are the "life force" in "Living Food". Every cell of any living
> organism begins to die when heated to a temperature of 107 degrees
> Fahrenheit. Observably, the vast majority of foods consumed by Western Man
> have been COOKED TO DEATH! Since cells die at 107 degrees, anything which
> has been boiled, broiled, baked, steamed or fried is dead. This includes
> baked goods, pasteurized milk products, anything in a can or bottle --
> just about everything in the typical grocery store!
> No animal in Nature consumes "dead" foods, that is, foods which have been
> cooked or processed. None of the highly evolved species of animals lives
> on inorganic (dead, lifeless) material, such as dirt or rocks. All foods
> are eaten with all of the life force or enzymes intact. In other words,
> raw food.
> During the 1920s, an experiment was undertaken by zoo keepers in an
> attempt to save money on food bills. Carnivorous zoo animals were fed
> cooked meat. All of the animals who were fed cooked meat died within 30
> days. In the wild, carnivorous animals prefer to eat freshly killed meat
> whenever possible. Further experiments have proven that a baby cow, fed
> only pasteurized milk instead of raw milk from it's mother, will die
> within 30 to 60 days. (John Robbins Video)
> During the 1930s, Dr. Pottenger, a dentist in Washington DC, did
> experiments with 600 cats, feeding one half of them processed food and the
> other half, raw foods. The 300 cats who ate processed food developed
> degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis. The
> other half remained healthy to the end of their lives. The second
> generation of cats eating processed food developed the same diseases in
> mid-life. The third generation developed the diseases early in life and
> the fourth generation were not able to reproduce at all. The cats eating
> processed food literally became extinct as a species within 4 generations!
> Today, 25% of young people in America are infertile... you do the math.
> (Dr. Joel Robbins lecture on "Children & The Hallelujah Diet")
> The Live Food Diet is not a "diet" in the traditional sense. It is really
> a lifestyle change which is a program of nutrition, exercise and
> detoxification through colon cleansing. The "diet" was developed by Dr.
> George Malkmus as a means to rid himself of colon cancer. The program not
> only rid Dr. Malkmus of a cancer tumor the size of a baseball in his
> colon, but handled many other unwanted symptoms too. Since 1976 nearly a
> million people have started to follow the Live Food Diet created by Dr.
> Malkmus. Tens of thousands of people have provided testimonials stating
> that they have been relieved of nearly every conceivable unwanted body
> condition, not the least of which are cancer, heart disease, high blood
> pressure, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis.
> The program is simple. Consume only raw, organic, uncooked fruits and
> vegetables AND freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, especially
> carrot juice. Get daily exercise, fresh air and sunshine, and drink only
> distilled water. Try it for 30 days and see for yourself the difference
> that living fuel makes in your engine!
> There are some of us who can have some difficulty stopping our old habits
> of eating dead "junk" food. These old habits are based on learned behavior
> and agreements we've been taught since we were little kids. For example,
> we were taught by our parents and teachers to "eat your meat and drink
> your milk so you'll grow up to be big and strong". We were taught that
> "Wonder bread" builds strong bodies 12 ways!"
> Factually, The Meat Industry, The Dairy Industry, The Poultry Industry,
> and the Baked Goods Industry have bought and paid for most of the
> "nutritional" training in our public school systems for the past 70 years
> or more. We were taught about the "4 Basic Food Groups" -- of course,
> THREE of those groups were products represented by those commercial vested
> interests.
> Most of our "nutritional" education has come from very expensive
> television and magazine advertisements that teach you to want to eat the
> charred flesh of a dead cow smoldering on a white flour bun which has had
> every speck of life and nutritional value ground and bleached out of it
> which will cause your cells to mutate into cancerous tumors which will eat
> your body alive until you die in excruciating pain! Now we're supposed to
> follow this up with potatoes that have been frozen to death and then
> boiled alive in scalding, rancid oil which will make your veins clog up
> with sludge and cause you to die of an agonizingly painful heart attack!
> The final touch is a glass of carbonated tap water filled with toxic
> chlorine and fluorine gas which has been mixed with 11 teaspoons or more
> of dead, nutrition-free, refined white sugar and artificial flavoring.
> Now, they tell us with a happy, smiling clown face that we're supposed to
> believe that this is a "balanced diet" and that it TASTES GOOD!! (John
> Robbins, "Diet For A New America" Video)
> If you're looking for somebody to blame for all this "nutritional"
> nonsense, try looking in the bathroom mirror first. In the immortal words
> of W.C. Fields, "there's a sucker born every minute".
> It's time we stop believing the sales pitch of the multi-billion dollar a
> year commercial vested interests and start taking control of our own
> minds! That means taking control of our own eating choices, our own bodies
> and our own lives! The more healthy your body becomes, the more you will
> find joy in the delightful flavor and fragrance of "living foods".
> The Standard American Diet (abbreviated as "SAD") is nearly the EXACT
> OPPOSITE of the diet found among the people of the planet which live the
> longest, healthiest lives. The SAD diet is composed primarily of DEAD
> food, i.e. processed, refined, cooked. It has literally been cooked to
> DEATH. There is no LIFE left in it.
> When medical doctors diagnose the health of the "Average American", their
> prognosis for the treatment of the disease and your ability to recover
> from the disease is based on the following statistics:
> In the LIFETIME of the average American, each person will chew up and
> swallow the following quantities of DEAD foods and toxic chemicals:
> 30000 CANDY BARS
> 12 WHOLE 3,000 LB COWS
> 3,000 CHICKENS
> 3,000 FISH
> 30,000 quarts MILK
> (Dr. Richard Schulze, Natural Healing Crusade Course, 1997)
> According the John Robbins, in his video, "Diet For A New America", the
> average American meat eater pours 100 pounds of ANIMAL FAT into their
> veins and arteries EVERY YEAR! The average American gets very little
> exercise, is 25 lbs. overweight, has high cholesterol (average level is
> 200) and will have high blood pressure. Consequently, the leading cause of
> death in the US is heart disease and stroke. Nearly ONE HALF of all deaths
> in the US are caused by heart disease! In addition, another 20 percent,
> which amounts to 500,000 Americans, die of Cancer every year! This number
> is increasing.
> According to Dr. Matthias Rath, Director of the Cardiovascular Research
> Unit at Linus Pauling Institute, HEART DISEASE, STROKES, CANCERS, DIABE
> Cooking is not natural......man is the only species on this planet that
> has the ego to believe that he can improve food by cooking, boiling,
> baking, frying, steaming etc...or freezing
> The idea that we must eat meat to supply protein for our bodies is a lie.
> Factually, our bodies CAN NOT assimilate the protein found in meat or any
> other food. The food must be digested and broken down into amino acids.
> The liver re-forms the amino acids into useable protein for our bodies.
> Every one of the amino acids our body requires is found in raw fruits and
> vegetables!
> Furthermore, when meat is cooked the amino acids in the meat are
> coagulated or destroyed. Meat releases large amounts of uric acid into our
> bodies when eaten. Uric acid is toxic to the human body. The human body
> does not even have the enzyme "uricase" to break down uric acid!
> If you've ever had the experience of talking with a professional body
> builder....they will tell you some interesting truths...
> When they are preparing for a competition....they eat what is know as a
> high protein ,low carb no carb and no fat low fat, diet..so the body is
> forced to use its fat reserves for fuel, that's because everything you eat
> the body converts to glucose....well there is no glucose in pure
> protein....only the fat in the protein can be converted into glucose...
> so if you eat steamed chicken breast, which most of them do because there
> is little fat, your getting almost 100 percent pure protein...
> they will tell you that they feel terrible on this diet....there muscle
> mass shrinks...and they loose strength too....
> Body runs on glucose...and theres no glucose there...
> It cant sustain life at all.....long term...
> In order for humans to get any nutritional value from meat it would have
> to be eaten raw, like the carnivores. However, carnivorous animals, who
> can live on raw meat, have very little in common with humans.
> Here is a list of physiological differences between Man and Carnivore:
> Carnivore: long, sharp, pointed teeth for ripping and chewing flesh. Jaw
> moves up and down ONLY for tearing and biting.
> Human: Have molars for crushing and grinding and jaws that move side to
> side for eating vegetation.
> Carnivore: Saliva is acid for digesting animal protein.
> Human: Saliva is alkaline and contains ptyalin for digestion of starch.
> Carnivore: Stomach is a simple round sack that secretes 10 times more
> hydrochloric acid than humans.
> Human: Stomach is oblong, complex and convoluted with a duodenum, the
> tube that leads to the small intestine.
> Carnivore: Intestines are 3 times the length of the trunk, designed for
> rapid expulsion of meat, which rots quickly.
> Human: Intestines are 12 times the length of our trunks, designed to keep
> food until all nutrients are extracted.
> Carnivore: Liver will eliminate 10 - 15 times more uric acid than the
> human liver.
> Human: Liver produces no "uricase" enzyme to eliminate uric acid.
> Carnivore: Do not sweat through their skin and have no pores.
> Human: Sweat through the skin to eliminate wastes.
> Carnivore: Urine is acid.
> Human: Urine is alkaline.
> Carnivore: Tongue is rough for licking blood and flesh.
> Human: Tongue is smooth.
> if you cant eat it raw.....it has no business being on your plate...or in
> your body...
> this is just the tip of the iceberg......theres much more....
> What do the following World Champion athletes all have in common, besides
> strength and endurance? They must be big meat eaters, right?
> Henry Aaron
> All Time Baseball Home Run Champion
> Dave Scott
> - 6-time winner of the Ironman Triathlon (the only man to win it more
> than twice!)
> Sixto Linares
> - World Record holder in the 24-hour Triathlon
> Paavo Nurm
> - 20 World Records and 9 Olympic Medals in distance running
> Stan Price
> - World Record holder in the Bench Press
> Andreas Cahling
> - Mr. International Body Building Champion
> Roy Hilligan
> - Mr. America Body Building Champion
> Ridgely Abele
> - 8-Time National Champion in Karate
> All of these athletes are
> There are many, many more top athletes who have discovered that eating
> meat decreases strength and stamina.
> The strongest animals on Earth are also vegetarians: Elephants, oxen,
> horses, mules, camels, water buffalo, etc. The Silverback Gorilla is
> 3-times the size of a man and is 30-times stronger! A Silverback Gorilla
> is so strong it could throw a 200-pound man across the street like a
> Frizbee! What does a gorilla eat? Raw fruit and vegetables.
> John Robbins, in his book, Diet for a New America, reports that "...study
> after study has found that protein combustion is no higher during exercise
> than under resting conditions."
> The Journal of the American Medical Association in 1978 warns athletes
> (and non-athletes) against taking protein supplements, stating "Athletes
> need the same amount of protein foods as non-athletes. Protein does not
> increase strength. Indeed, it often takes greater energy to digest and
> metabolize the excess protein."
> It has been known for decades that populations consuming high-protein,
> meat-based diets have higher cancer rates and lower life-spans (averaging
> as low as 30 to 40 years), compared to cultures subsisting on low-protein
> vegetarian diets. Some of these have lifespans of more than 90 years.
> Dr. Alexander Leaf published the findings of his research about the
> oldest people in the world in the January, 1973 edition of National
> Geographic Magazine. He found that the three most consistently
> disease-free and long-lived people on Earth are the Abkhazians of Russia,
> the Vilacabambans of Ecuador and the Hunzukuts of Pakistan. None of these
> peoples suffer from Western diseases: NO obesity, NO cancer, NO heart
> disease! On the average these people live to be over 100 years old. The
> men are physically active and still fathering children at 100 years of
> age.
> The diet of all of these people consists of 70-80 percent
> high-water-content foods such as raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables.
> These people eat very little or no animal products.
> Meat protein is the most difficult food for the body to digest. The
> average time for food (other than fruit) to pass through the entire
> gastrointestinal tract is between 25 and 30 hours. When meat is eaten,
> that time is more than doubled!
> Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, in September,
> 1982 states, "undigested protein must be eliminated by the kidneys. This
> unnecessary work stresses out the kidneys so much that gradually lesions
> are developed and tissues begin to harden."
> In the colon, this excess protein waste putrefies into toxic substances,
> some of which are absorbed in the bloodstream. The University of Illinois
> Medical School reports that "A high protein diet also breaks down the
> pancreas and lowers resistance to cancer as well as contributes to the
> development of diabetes."
> Proper Diet,, saved my life and has saved millions,,
> Biblical references to eating flesh...makes no sense....
> when irrefutable truth is given and not acknowledged you have a question
> of whether or not that person has been influenced to the degree of a good
> old fashioned brainwashing..
> meaning......
> we are not meat eaters..it is not in our nature.....we do not have the
> biological physiology
> within our cells to efficiently digest, assimilate, process any
> nutritional value,and eliminate animal flesh and products....if your body
> is the temple why not keep it clean....so the spirit of the most high will
> be happy,to domicile with you....what kind of spiritual highs can you
> possibly know if your temple is not pure enough to let those vibrational
> frequencies vibrate within your cells because you turn your back on
> irrefutable truth....
> Dr Timothy Johnson ND


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