Political Prisoner Dave Lindsay Sentenced to 5 Months for Tax Protest


In political campaigns, there comes a moment when the mask of civility slips, then behind it we glimpse the depth of evil of the Beast system.   For David Kevin Lindsay, that moment came this afternoon when he was sentenced to five months in gaol ; one month on each of five charges, to be served consecutively. This is a textbook example of how the Court system is perverted to punish disidents.

Tonight, Dave is being held in the RCMP cells in Kelowna, British Columbia for a hearing tomorrow, as to whether he will be bailed-out pending his appeal.

Dave is head and shoulders above anyone else in Canada, articulating the immorality / illegality of the iniquitous income tax. Which is why he was hammered with a sentence that is absurdly disproportionate, set against every other failing-to-file case. It exemplifies how wicked RevScam really is. The proposition that ‘it was up to the judge’, is nonsense.   Judge Stansfield is only the frog out of whose mouth issued the unclean-ness. They could not rebut Dave’s argument, so theirs is the classic response of the tyrant to embarrassment

This is far from over. As soon as he gets out, Dave will be going across the country, with more to say than ever. Meanwhile, he has not eaten any food for over two weeks, while incarcerated.

The prayers of a righteous man availeth much

.   None of us are righteous in ourselves, but we are made righteous in Jesus Christ.   Therefore I ask the many Christians whom I’ve met in the Tax Honesty Movement to pray for David Lindsay tonight … pray specifically for God to protect him, and to comfort him, and to give him strength and a sound mind. As well as for every other thing that occurs to you for his help.

Gordon S Watson

Burnaby British Columbia