I wondered this myself and if I am not wrong, was this about the time that Ron Paul backed off his campaign??? Virginia Brooks
The Suspicious Death of Kent Snyder, Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign Chairman, says Ted Gunderson, former FBI Division Chief

By justiceranger | July 1, 2008

I consulted my partner, Ted Gunderson, an internationally renown, former FBI Division Chief, about the untimely death of Kent Snyder.  Ted said Kent’s death is most unusual and should be regarded at the very least as a ”highly suspicious death” by authorities.  Kent was not a smoker [please correct me if this fact is in error], he was healthy and his unusual case of fatal pneumonia should be regarded as a possible (if not likely) covert assassination via a sophisticated poison or bio-toxin, Gunderson believes.

It is a known fact to well-informed individuals that pneumonia, strokes, heart attacks, cancer [e.g. Aaron Russo & Jack Ruby] and other fatal illnesses CAN BE INDUCED via the administering of poisons, bacteria strains (e.g. streptococcus, coxiella burnetti, acinetobacter baumannii) or bio-toxins—even in tiny amounts—is fatal.  Check out: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/oct2003/casu-o10.shtml …titled: 17 deaths not included in the US military pneumonia investigation.  Also, Google-search: “suspicious deaths by pneumonia.”

Is is possible that Kent Snyder was covertly murdered to send a clear message to Ron Paul to back off his “Campaign For Liberty” and/or to quit inciting the “revolution” spirit across America?  Does not Ron Paul growing “revolution” social movement ultimately mean the end of the present regime of liberty-crushing, war-mongering, radical Neo-Cons…the end of the CIA…the end of the IRS…and the end of the Illuminati’s “New World Order” police state agenda?  Of course it does!  This is exactly why it is extremely dangerous to be RIGHT when the government is wrong!!!

Why is it so hard for people to understand the truth that a rogue element—amounting to a massive organized crime network—operating under color of law has nearly-totally (if not totally) taken over the government of the United States?  These villains and their spook-assassins are the ones who brought us Ruby Ridge and Waco murderous assaults, the Oklahoma City bombing, the missile shoot-down of Flight 800, the 1993 World Trade Center underground-bombing [the FBI provided the live bomb to the lead terrorist] and, of course, the 2001 terror attack on the WTC twin towers [this “inside job” involved the rogue element within the CIA (”the Company”), the Pentagon, the Israeli Mossad and other powerful U.S. government agencies.  The individuals behind all of these terror attacks are the same elite serial killers who murdered JFK—as well as nearly 100 witnesses: http://www.maebrussell.com/Disappearing%20Witnesses/Disappearing%20Witnesses.html], RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, Vicki Morgan, Vietmanese President Ngo Dinh Diem, Revolutionary guerrilla fighter Che Guevara, Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba and too many others to name them all here. [Google-search the above referenced names.]  In truth, this is the same criminal element WITHIN that is responsible for rigging of the 2008 Presidential Election via massive vote fraud and media censorship of Ron Paul, the most popular GOP candidate!

Ted Gunderson and I are aware of many other Americans who have been murdered by spook-assassins.  Go to http://www.1-free-dvd.com to learn about them.  Ted and I have survived recent covert attempts to assassinate us. Why? Because he is the highest ranking former FBI official to spend his entire retirement exposing rampant government graft, crime, corruption and cover-ups; and, I am his only remaining webmaster.  His first was murdered and his second was recently railroaded into state prison on bogus charges.  I am still recovering from a prick-poison attack last May [ http://www.1-free-dvd.com/Malcolm_Poisoned_in_Oklahoma.html

Kent Snyder’s untimely death needs to be criminally investigated, Ted Gunderson believes.  He was likely aerosol sprayed with a killer-virus or bio-toxin. It could have been injected into his home or his car.  Normal pneumonia could have easily been cured by antibiotics.  His pneumonia was likely manufactured in a spook-lab! 

Americans continue to be murdered covertly across the nation [see: http://www.1-free-dvd.com].  The assassins use covert means to make it look like the target died of “natural causes,” an accident [staged, of course], a random robbery-homocide [feigned], or a suicide [remember Vince Foster, the DC prostitutes who had the names of high-profile politician and “johns”]. 

Spook-organizations have gained so much control of this nation’s government and commerce that they are arrogantly murdering Americans with impunity and the nearly-totally corrupt United States Justice Department will continue to aid and abet the killers by doing nothing because this powerful organization is integrally working for and with the “rogue element.”

Ron Paul was the last chance for America because he was the only presidential candidate who was willing and able to oust the embedded criminal element that’s in control of our government.

The evil within will inevitably destroy this nation.  Like a cancer EVIL WITHIN grows and grows until the entire body (of society) is annilated.  

IF YOUR PARANOID, IT’S WORSE THAN THAT—WORSE, IN FACT, THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE.  (paraphrased quote of author I can’t remember at this time). 

Please help spread this article throughout cyberspace so that we can bring outstanding attention to Kent Snyder’s suspicious death.



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