Comment: Read this to get up to speed on the state of the White race, now a throwaway according to the Blacks and the mongrels... It's a real war!!!
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Just as they tried to shut down the "No More Wars For Israel" Conference in October of last year, the "usual suspects" are at it again....

Yours truly will be there.



Dr. David Duke Comes to Memphis

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Dr. Duke at last EURO Conference
Dr. David Duke Comes to Memphis!
Will Stand Up with Supporters to Terrorist Threats!
Dr. David Duke arrives in Memphis on Thursday, November 6, determined not to bow to the Black radical, terrorist threats intended to silence him and his fellow academic, political figures and activists at the International EURO Conference scheduled for Saturday and Sunday in the Memphis area.
He is having an important press conference on November 6 to announce that EURO participants will overcome the great obstacles put before them and will gather in Memphis to stand up for our rights and heritage. He has stated that he and the EURO participants will meet in Memphis and give voice to the issues that are vital to European Americans.
Until Monday, November 3, three hundred people were scheduled to attend the EURO Conference in Memphis from all over the world. The European American Unity and Rights Conference is dedicated to defending the heritage and rights of European Americans. With literally hundreds of organizations dedicated to African Americans as such as the NAACP, to Mexican Americans in groups such as La Raza (The Race), and the perceived interests of the Jewish community and even the foreign nation of Israel, it is obvious that Europeans must now gather together in the same way for our heritage, interests and freedom.
Upon learning of the scheduled EURO Conference at the Whispering Woods Convention Center, radicals threatened to bomb the hotel. The manager as well as the lives of his wife and children were threatened. After these terrorist threats, the county Sheriff declared an official State of Emergency and the hotel canceled the hundred reserved rooms and the meeting facilities of the EURO conference were canceled just four days before the event. This was, of course,  after many had bought non-refundable plane tickets and the organization had a significant financial outlay for speakers.
Even though it is a logistical nightmare, Dr. Duke is committed to having the Conference, and he is coming to Memphis to see to it that terrorist threats will not destroy our precious constitutional rights. He and many EURO participants are determined to gather together in Memphis on behalf of the heritage and rights of the European American people.
Today, better-qualified European Americans are facing racial discrimination in hiring, promotions, college admissions and scholarships, and in the awarding of contracts. Millions of European Americans have been forced to remove their children from public schools overwhelmingly paid for by their own tax money. They are concerned not only for the quality of their children’s education, but even for their safety in heavily integrated schools that have dramatically more violence, more drug abuse, more sexual degeneracy and disease, and much less civilized behavior. Millions of Whites have been run out of their schools and their neighborhoods, and millions more are even fleeing whole states such as California because of their transformation to the characteristics of The Third World. They see a government that won’t enforce our immigration laws and allows millions of non-European, illegal aliens to cross our borders, and more to come in “legally” to the point where Whites will soon become a small minority in the nation our own forefathers founded.
President elect Obama has a long record of anti-White racism and has been a leader in a viciously anti-White church in Chicago. European Americans also see the the politics and government of this country controlled by Wall Street criminals such as the bosses of Goldmann Sacks, Lehman Brothers and powerful international banking houses that have ripped off trillions from the American people and then have been rewarded with a bailout of trillions from the hard-working taxpayers of this country. President Elect Obama’s biggest single contributor in his race for President was Goldman Sachs! Does that sound like real change? He also has prostrated himself before AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and promised for more Americans to die in Afghanistan, Iran, and anywhere else the Jewish extremists wish in endless wars for Israel. His new appointment as chief of Staff is Rahm Emmanuel, a Jewish-extremist, dual citizen of Israel whose father was a terrorist as part of the Irgun which massacred 91 people the King David Hotel bombing. Obama does not represent change, he serves the most powerful elements of the establishment.
The EURO Conference will be the first European American organized response to this Obamanation! Join Dr. Duke and all of us who will stand together on November 8 and 9!