End of Organic Food in Sight

By WC Douglass


 Urgent health freedom information

A call to arms to save our food and our freedom!

Dear Friend,

The very future of organic food in the United States has come under attack. And if we don't act -- and fast -- the health of you and future generations could be permanently compromised.

Congress, in its infinite stupidity, has recently passed House Resolution 2749. This ugly bit of legislation is called the "Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009."

Boy, is that a misnomer if I've ever heard one.

Typical of all Obama legislation, this fascist act was hurried through Congress too quickly for any lawmaker to read it (assuming any of those dolts would have bothered to try).

The farm controls mandated by this law would usher in complete government control of the food supply, and ultimately the end of organic foods. Why? Because it would give the FDA complete power to impose one-size-fits-all regulations on ALL food producers -- including independent farmers.

And because this bill also limits the amount of recourse food producers have in the courts, this means that the FDA will be able to snuff out all the foods this agency (and the influential lobbyists at whose behest this agency tends to act) it wants.

That's right: in one fell swoop, the Obama Administration is about to do away with all of pesky little state struggles being waged against organic farms and dairies, and win the war with one gigantic, fascist law.

All of those good things I've been telling you to consume more of -- raw milk, hormone- free meat, organic vegetables -- would be gone. For good.

Of course, the bill doesn't spell that out in so many words. No one would agree to it.

But since it would impose all manner of standards that would be impossible or unaffordable for small, organic farms to meet, the bill sentences organic farmers to death by paper cuts.

And those farmers guilty of even the most minor infraction of the many new regulations will feel the entire weight of the federal government crashing down upon them -- fines in the millions of dollars, and prison terms up to a staggering eight years.

The bill would even require ALL food producers to register with the FDA... for the hefty sum of $1,000!

But this hideous bill isn't a law just yet. There's still hope — and that hope lies with you.

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