This is the CORRECT Analysis of the financial "melt-down." All else is cowardly optomism or ignorance.


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Subject: Financial crisis no accident
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 09:30:04 +0200

 G20 IMF SDRs as "world currency"; Financial crisis no accident; real version of Communism

From:   Mark MacCuish <
markmaccuish@ Date:   09.04.2009 01:51 PM

In regards to your recent article, specifically the G20 summit at the creation of a "World Currency", almost 2 weeks ago (prior to the G20 summit) I mentioned/theorized in an email the concept of Dialectical Materialism and how it explains history in regards to thesis (capitalism) vs. anti-thesis (communism).  The synthesis of course is "international finance" or international capitalism, which controls both.

While history class and history books talk endlessly about these two opposing forces, it is an incredible shame they don't mention both were spawned, controlled and have always been at the heart of "international finance" i.e.. banks and central banks.

In my email I specifically mentioned the "Global financial crisis" was no accident, but on the contrary, was created entirely on purpose, for a very specific reason.  I also predicted that the solutuion to the problem will be, as usual, a denounciation of nationalism, and a strengthening of internationalism.  This has certainly been the case.

No crystal ball was needed  -- just an understanding of history and the underlying theme to why this "crisis" was created.

The purpose, of course, is to create a "global" problem which then can only be solved by a "global" solution.  The problem was put forth in the form of "lack of international regulation" (US risk -- mortgages, debt, credit default swaps, derivatives, etc. -- was spread worldwide as capital controls have been all but removed, as the Glass-Segall act was removed, as the "free-flight" of capital and the "free-flow" movement of international finance was allowed to cross borders with almost no over-sight what-so-ever) .

This is what amounted to the clusterfuck that collapsed banks worldwide.  It was no "oops!" -- it was a "let's now move to stage 2"

As wierd as it sounds, and as strange as it may be, International Capitalism (aka. Globalization) is in fact Communism.  Try telling that to your history professor.

The real version of Communism is not Mao's
China and Stalin's Russia --- since those are nationalistic versions.  The real version of Communism is America and the West.  The real version is Internationalism, that which seeks to deny the nation state.  A classless, borderless world society.  Real communism is worldwide.  Mao and Stalin had no intent on a worldwide revolution.   Nationalism is the enemy.  Ethnic groups and ethnic solidarity is the enemy.  China is the enemy.  Inter-racial mixing is good (thank you Hollywood).  Homosexuality is good as it leads to the decline of the family, which is also a prime objective of Communism.  Feminism, created, spawned and financed by Jewish Communists like Betty Friedman and the CPUSA in America, is another example; it aims to weaken the patriorchial family unit thus making the "individual" reliant upon the state, not reliant upon the family itself.

All of these intricicies of communism developed in
America and the West, not in Stalinist Russia, nore Mao's China, nore Castro's Cuba.

For those of you who understand anything about history, real Communism is what was envisioned by Marx, Lenin and Trotsky -- history's famous "internationalists".  Those "nationalists" such as Stalin, Mao and Castro were always condemened in
America and the West..

Internationalism and "Globalization" is the child of
America and the West.  When the Jewish delegation was sent from USA to Moscow after WW2 with a paper entitled "The Baruch Plan for World Government" this was vehemently rejected by Stalin, but this would have been vigorously accepted by the Jewish-internationa list-communist Trotsky, who failed to usurp power from Lenin, who was financed by Wallstreet.

But as for Internationalism, this has been the military, political, economic and financial policy of the West, led by
America, for the better part of the last century. In contemporary terms, it is called Globalization.

This is why "intenational finance" and the inter-connected financial trade of the entire world (in the U.S. dollar) is so heavily promoted, and why protectionism, which is nationalistic, is so heavily criticized.

This is why the better part of the last 50 years has seen the
U.S. and the West use political, economic, financial and then military means to force the integration of world economies, to eradicate nationalism, and to spread Globalization worldwide.  Perkin's in "Confessions of an economic hitman" explained this scenario in detail.  The assassination of national economies was the primary focus of America and the West -- those who did not conform were encouraged to enter "globalization" first through political pressure, then economic, financial and trade pressure, then the C.I.A. and company, covertly (i.e. Iran) and finally, all else failing (Iraq) the military is used.  If you recall, Iraq was no threat, but the main threat was Saddam's decision/intent to stop trading oil in the U.S. dollar.  Iran, likewise a harmless, isolationist and pacifist nation, has the same ideas.  This is why they are a threat.

In any event, the continued integration of world economies was inevitable they told us.  The end product was incredibly obvious:  by doing so, the West was creating a scenario whereby a collapse in one economy (i.e. the U.S.) would by the dominio effect create a collapse on the inter-connected economy as a whole, creating a "Global" problem and thus bringing about the "Global" solution you are witnessing today.

In regards to the article and the G20 summit, the IMF (located in
Washington D.C.. just down the street from the Whitehouse) is now basically turned into the IMF on steroids.

As the title of the article describes:

"The G20 moves the world a step closer to a global currency; The world is a step closer to a global currency, backed by a global central bank, running monetary policy for all humanity."

In this regard, montetary policy, which for centuries had been controlled by the sovreignty of nations, will be in the coming years reduced to an "international" power.

Likewise, trading, regulation of trade, economic and financial policy, as well as creation of credit and therefore money itself, almost all of which had been previously done by nations, will slowly become more and more controlled by "international" institutions such as the IMF and the secretive BIS (Bank of International Settlments) which is located in
Basle, Switzerland.

While 2009 will be remembered as the "crash" 2010 will be remembered as the collapse.  Out of the ruins will almost indefinately emerge a world governining body.  All signs are pointing to this as such an institution can only be the solution (and as such will be presented in such a way) to the problem that humanity has found itself in -- or should I say, that an international elite has forced humanity into.


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