Oxford students face anti-Semitism charges over 'pretty Jewish girls' party
By Haaretz Service

Oxford University has launched an investigation into allegations of anti-Semitism surrounding a "Jewish themed" under-21 rugby team party, to which the attendants were told to bring "pretty Jewish girls," the British newspaper Telegraph reported Friday.

One of the team members reportedly arrived at the party dressed as a Jewish caricature - holding a money bag - despite the fact that the party organizers had announced scrapping the event, following complaints from Oxford's Jewish community.

The original event was planned as part of the team's weekly socials, to which team members invite a different group of girls each week.
Yair Zivan, from the Union of Jewish Students, told The Daily Mail "the actions of a few individuals have caused real offence to Jewish students. UJS is appalled that in 2008 old myths and anti-Semitic stereotypes are still appearing amongst supposedly educated students."

Anna Harwood, from the university's Jewish Society, told the Telegraph "it's very offensive and it's very unfortunate that sometimes some students do not think before engaging their brains."

According to the report, a spokesman for the university said "we are currently investigating a report about inappropriate and unacceptable behavior by two or three students. We have yet to establish the facts."

The incident comes a month after the University of Gloucestershire launched an inquiry into video footage of a student initiation ceremony showing students dressed with plastic carrier bags tied on their heads being led through streets by another dressed as a Nazi officer, the Telegraph reported.