Fly the Deadly Skies

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The combination of a craze for multiculturalism and diversity with capitalism's insatiable lust for cheap labor is a deadly one. Now they're playing PC games with airline safety--again.

Channel 8 News in Dallas reports: "News 8 has recently revealed serious flaws in the way the FAA licenses mechanics who fix planes. There is evidence of years of problems in testing these mechanics. There is also evidence that hundreds of mechanics with questionable licenses are working on aircraft in Texas.

But wait! There is more! "Now there is evidence of repair facilities hiring low-wage mechanics who can't read English."

"Twenty-one people were killed when U.S. Airways Express Flight 5481 crashed in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2003. The plane went wildly out of control on takeoff. One reason for the crash, investigators found, was that mechanics incorrectly connected the cables to some of the plane's control surfaces in the repair shop. The FAA was cited for improper oversight of the repair process." (Always try to keep in mind that Political Correctness kills.)

"Repairing airplanes is a complicated business. Airplanes have many manuals. Typically, when mechanics repair a part, they open the manual, consult the book, and make the repair step-by-step, as if it were a recipe book. They make a list of every action they take, so the next person to fix the plane (as well as the people who fly it) will know exactly what has been done. If mechanics don't speak English, the international language of aviation, they can't read the manual and they can't record their activities." (It is utterly incredible to me that anything like this would actually have to be stated. This is an issue we shouldn't even be discussing. It shouldn't exist.)

"There are more than 236 FAA-certified aircraft repair stations in Texas, according to the FAA's Web site. News 8 has learned that hundreds of the mechanics working in those shops do not speak English and are unable to read repair manuals for today's sophisticated aircraft. Former FAA inspector Bill McNease told News 8 he regularly encountered applicants for pilots’ licenses who tried to pretend they could speak English — but could not." (Pilots as well? Beautiful. Just beautiful. Jesus, what kind of insanity has taken hold of us? Why is this happening?)

"'When I was based in Dallas, I had that happen every week," McNease said. "It was not uncommon at all to have foreign flight students. We had mechanics, but I handled the pilot end of it.... and I turned down people every week because they couldn't speak English.."

"'There are people where I work who do not know how to read a maintenance manual as they are spelled out, because they don't have a clue,' said one certified aircraft mechanic who works at a Texas aircraft repair station. He wished to remain anonymous to protect his employment. (In other words, anyone who blows the whistle on illegal immigrants and diversity and political correctness will be hounded and persecuted.)

This is one of those where I just have to ask: do I really need to spell all this out?

Who will be on that 747 that goes down in flames one day soon over some major airport? Who will be among the hundreds who die because this stupid country won't enforce its own immigration laws? Who will fall 30,000 feet to their deaths because these bastard capitalists don't care about human life so long as they can save a few dollars by hiring wetbacks and Asian wogs?

Will it be you? Will it be one of your loved ones who dies because some airline executive wanted to spruce up his bottom line?


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