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----- Original Message -----
From: Snowy Smith
Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 12:24 AM
Subject: Google G-mail has STOPPED me sending out Mail

Google G-mail has STOPPED me sending out Mail



Google G-mail has STOPPED me sending out Mail to Newspapers World Wide informing them of the GENOCIDE going on in South Africa.


Informing them of the BLACKS MURDERING THE WHITES in South Africa.


As you know Google has been closing down many websites who are exposing the ANC Government and the GENOCIDE going on in South Africa.



Can any of you recommend a good e mail service I can use which will not stop me sending out e mails?







To:       Dr. Michael Sutcliffe

The City Manager, DURBAN.

41 Margaret Mncadi Avenue,




Copy To:

            Station Commissioner,

            South African Police Services,

            Durban Bay.


Dear Sir,






Monday evening 2009_02_09 at 8h45pm THREE BLACK MUGGERS tried to mug my Son as he was crossing the railway lines at the entrance to the Yacht Mole next to the NOTORIOUS Municipal Toilets, VAGRANT EMBANKMENT.

The same NOTORIOUS Municipal Toilets that I have been complaining about in the last 15 letters.


He was very lucky and managed to get away by running back to his car which was parked near the Royal Natal Yacht Club.


He immediately drove his car to the Fish Café.

He phoned me and reported the matter to the Car Guard Andre.

I looked out of my window. The THREE BLACK MUGGERS were still there hanging around in the shadows next to the NOTORIOUS Municipal Toilets.


These THREE BLACK MUGGERS were NOT the Cracker Shrimp Boys.


There were NO Cracker Shrimp Boys there at the time.



Maybe they were all very busy sleeping in their bus as usual or harassing the fishermen. 


We all know the Police are afraid of the BLACK CRIMINALS (ANC VOTERS).


I took my 3 SWART sprays and went down to my son.

As I crossed the Railway lines the THREE BLACK MUGGERS did the same to me.

They came swaggering towards me in typical mugging style.


When they were still +-8 metres away I deliberately showed them my 2 big 100ml Swat Sprays in my hands and the other one on my belt.

They all of a sudden turned into BLACK Angels from heaven who had no intention of mugging me.


He’s got a “SPRAY” leave him.

He’s got 3 “SPRAYS” definitely leave him.


You can confirm this story by phoning my son Wesley Cell: 082-964-8666.


In my last letter I told you about the story.

BLACK Adult THUGS Mugging and Robbing Young White Children at GUN POINT.


YOU never even bothered to confirm this story with your friend at the Fish Café Andre 076-520-0113. Did You actually do anything?

On Saturday 2009_01_31, FIVE young WHITE Children aged 12 and 13 went with their Skateboards to the skate park NORTH BEACH to have some fun on our NOTORIOUS BLACK BEACHES.


Saturday afternoon on their way home near the Bus Depot in front of the Notorious Workshop they were MUGGED by 3 BLACK Adult Professional Criminal THUGS at GUN POINT.

All their Cell phones, money and Watches were STOLEN.


GUNS on White Children.

BLACK Professional Criminal THUGS and definitely TARGETING WHITES


The young boys had an extremely traumatic experience also a difficult time getting home with NO Money and NO cell phones in a BLACK TOWN.




That area outside the Workshop is the mugger’s capital of South Africa.

I have been mugged 4 times in that area and followed at lease 8 times.

NO White is safe in that area especially after 5h00pm


There are gangs of BLACK Muggers who operate in that area all the time.

The Bus depot is extremely dangerous.

Tourists are warned to NOT under any circumstances carry cameras or anything valuable in that area.

Go speak to the members of the Church across the road they will tell you.


Church members actually came and warned me one Saturday afternoon and we had a long chat.

The situation is worse that I expected.




Please put MORE LIGHTS in that area



YOU Advertise DURBAN as the number ONE Holiday destination in South Africa

All Tourists WELCOME.


NO SIR You are DELUSIONAL, DURBAN is the number ONE MUGGING Capital in South Africa, a disgusting derelict SLUM.


I counted 362 Black Vagrants sleeping on Vagrant Embankment Saturday night.


Black Vagrants sleeping on Vagrant Embankment every night from Stanger Street, Vagrant Embankment, Albert Park to start of Southern Freeway, also alongside the Railway Lines leaving a BIG MESS in the morning when they leave.

A total eyesore looking like a squatter slum.

The Whole of Durban is Deteriorating into a Squatter Slum, a Disgusting MESS.

Shop Shutters, Burglar Bars, Barbed Wire, Vagrants and Pollution Everywhere.





Every river, the Durban Bay and the Sea is highly Polluted with tons of rubbish an Environmental Disaster.


I have more than 7000 PHOTOS. You can see some photos on the web site:


YOU Advertise DURBAN as the number ONE Holiday destination in South Africa

All Tourists WELCOME. Proudly South African.


NO SIR You are DELUSIONAL, DURBAN is the number ONE MUGGING Capital in South Africa, a disgusting derelict SLUM.


Comrade ANC Michael Sutcliffe YOU must be VERY PROUD.





Young White father executed trying to protect his wife.


February 24th, 2009

“Johan pushed the door shut, but they shot him in the shoulder. He fell down. The blacks stormed in and shot him a second time, execution style”.

23 February 2009

From News24:

Moments after telling his heavily pregnant wife that his biggest dream was to hold his unborn daughter, a Pretoria father-to-be, Johan Boshoff-Serenata, 28, was gunned down in front of her.

“That’s the last thing he said to me. Those were his last words,” said an emotional Grazietta Boshoff-Serenata, 29.

Johan, who owned the company Hand-O-Man which designed and developed sporting fields, was shot dead on Saturday night in his Pretoria East home in Savannah Hills Country Estate - described by residents as the safest security complex in the capital.

The couple had only hours before completed their move into their new home, built close to Silverlakes Estate.

As the two prepared to go to bed, Grazietta, who is nearly seven months’ pregnant, was alerted to a group of men breaking into their house by the barking of their dogs.

The men, who were armed with guns and knives, apparently dug a tunnel under the perimeter wall near the N4 highway to gain access to the complex, which is surrounded by high voltage electric fencing as well as CCTV cameras.

Looking out of the window, Grazietta spotted two men climbing through a window.

Screaming for her husband to lock and barricade their bedroom door, Grazietta watched in horror as the robbers opened fire, shooting him twice as he tried to keep their attackers out.

After kicking open the door, the gunmen continued to shoot, hitting Johan again as he lay bleeding to death on the floor.

As she hid in a corner to protect herself and her unborn child, one of the gunmen tried to rip her wedding ring off her finger.

Unable to do so, the man tried to bite her finger off to remove the ring. He was stopped by one of his accomplices as Grazietta pleaded with him to leave her alone and allow her to take the ring off.

Grazietta managed to suck her ring off her finger and give it to her attackers.

As she tried to move towards her dying husband, the men beat her before ransacking her house, stealing cellphones, jewellery and other valuables.

Describing her husband as the most adoring man in the world, a distraught Grazietta on Sunday said all he wanted to do was hold his unborn daughter.

Grazietta said the attack had felt like it was never going to end.

“There was so much noise. People were screaming and shouting. I just remember Johan screaming at the men over and over again to leave us alone but they wouldn’t.

“He was not trying to fight them. All he was doing was trying to protect me and our unborn child.

“When they started shooting, he yelled and then fell. That was when they came inside.

“They carried on shooting before one of them jumped over the bed while the others attacked me.

“I was petrified. I did not know what was happening.

“All I could think of was protecting my baby and saving my husband.

“I tried so hard to help Johan but they would not let me. They kept on stopping me,” she said.

Grazietta said they had moved to the estate because of its renowned security, only for this to happen.

“It is clear that your life is never safe no matter where you live. There is no such thing as a safe place in South Africa.

“The proof is that I am a widow at the age of 29 and that my child is fatherless because of crime.”

Police spokesperson Constable Mabel Sibande said the suspects, who had yet to be arrested, had stolen a laptop computer, three cellphones and jewellery.

She confirmed that the suspects had gained access to the estate by digging a hole under the perimeter wall.

Sibande said a case of murder and armed robbery was under investigation.








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