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Friday night I watched Gangland on the History Channel and was taken aback by what I saw. Proof is below. 
"Zetas have also been hired as mercenaries in Iraq. The spread of the SOA template must be halted." Swaneagle adds, "I wonder how many follow the pattern of child soldiers in Africa."

I've been aware of MS13, Bloods, Crips, et al for years and they act like the Mafia controlling certain neighborhoods and areas while profiting from drug sales and protection money. The gang is also in S. American causing problems, but compared to the Zeta's they are kindergarten failures. 
The shocker was the members/leaders of Los Zeta are former Mexican Military trained in the US at Ft. Benning. Some deserted the Mexican Army others joined after getting out. They have all the money needed to maintain their "army", which is exactly what they are. No one will stand up to them. The police work with them as well as reporters, judges, attorneys et al... you shut up, join, or die. One police chief said he would do his job, and within six hours of being sworn in was gunned down in a hail of bullets while driving. 
New gang members are put through military training and come out hardened soldiers. Those who survive the nightmarish hardships have no conscience and are psychopaths/anti-social/sociopaths. Those who wash out are drug runners, spies, errand runners. 
Our border patrol is out gunned, out numbered, and they fear that they can be shot by a sniper at any time. Any form of border control is a joke. When the Zeta leaders think they are in danger from a rival gang they flee to the US until it's taken care of. 
The I-35 corridor is the territory being fought over as it is the "gateway" into the US for drugs. Not to surprising it is the NAFTA highway. If you look at the NAFTA or NAU map you will see the drugs are moved on the exact highways that the North American Union is planning to use. 
Zeta is taking over MS13 and other gangs and are in all cities. Sleeper cells are waiting to be called upon as the plan is to take over, making terrorists look like wimps. Shocking? In 1988 a policeman I talked to said the police had lost control in the early 70's of the drugs, which is another way of saying gangs. We have been living on borrowed time. 
What I suspect is when we have any kind of "crisis" the gangs will assert themselves and will control the streets, probably the one you live on. How many illegals are in the country? It only takes 1% of the population to move the 99%. Even if the police and military were both on the ground do you think they could control any gang? Think about the citizens of Iraq. While doing research on possible future senarios in the early 90's I read that the US would live in gated communities with guards and at the time I could see it, but it wasn't something you thought about as gangs weren't a part of the picture. now it's a different story. 
If/when we have a crisis, food being grown on farms cannot be protected from gangs as they can kill the farmer and steal the food, so where could you go to be safe and fed? In the big chicken coup called the city? Better, but not by much. Then how would you get your food? Shipped in, who would control the docks? Would trucks be in military caravans like Iraq? So what if there was Martial Law, big deal, you'd ask for it. Wouldn't food become like any other scarce commodity and just as priceless? Have you researched what happens to a society when it's hungry? 
If the gangs control the drug routes/highways don't you think they would control your food? Remember they are military trained and it's our soldiers against their soldiers trained by the same people, tit for tat. They are cold blooded killers, now what? Is it possible the country would be broken up into regions rather than states to better control the populace and gang activity? I saw a map once showing just that which had been published showing what could be. Google: Cascadia that is the NW corner template of things to come. 
I've been convinced for some time that the gangs would be the lynch pin and would, along with the authorities, control the people. The authorities are willingly going along with the Zeta's now, so what about here? Google and see what you come up with, it appears from my quick research and the show last night that we are as toothless as the Mexican citizens to do anything.. So where is our Washington elected officials who are protecting us from "terrorist" maybe they need to focus on the home front rather than our 14 permanent bases in Iraq among others. We have a war going on at home, thank you! 
Working up stream the drug money is so huge that it has to go through banks.. Think about fractional banking and how easy it would be to just look the other way, after all look at what has happened to date. You doubt for a moment easy money in a depression/deep recession would cause some to shelve their integrity just for a little while? How much is the bailout now? $7 Trillion? 
When Rome fell Europe didn't jump back up on it's feet in a few decades nor will we, if ever. The more that happens the more prophesies focus in on our closing window of time. 
Please take the time to find out about the gangs/drugs in your area and the what ifs. Stopping the drug flow stops the gangs, maybe it's time to think about doing something at your local schools where it begins. 
What if some drugs were legal what would happen? What happened during Prohibition? Did crime stop? Did drinking stop? Were there fewer alcoholic's? Once alcohol was legalized what happened? What price are we paying for illegal drug offenders $20,000 plus a year in the private Halliburton prison's, plus gangs could not exist were it not for illegal drugs, which price is higher? Drug addicts which we have anyway rob us silently by driving up insurance rates, police cost, loss of families etc. What if they could just buy drugs over the counter? How many get rich drug kids would have to get a job? It's the money! The quick easy money and tons of it. How many rehabs could we support if we didn't have to house the pushers/addicted in jails? It appears to me that if you take the profit out of illegal drugs you have a fighting chance at this point in time, but we have to have the desire, also. 
Kids get hooked on drugs because pushers need the money to feed their habit, what if they only needed soft drink money to get a fix? They wouldn't go to jail, and there were areas where they could zone out keeping them safe and us to? What would the gangs sell then, ice cream? There comes a time when you leave the dragon alone within a fence and feed it rather than having it ravage the countryside. Break my heart, but what are our choices? Drugs are illegal because we say so, by our laws, maybe we need to change our minds. 
All sins are equal, the sin of lying is the same as the sin of abusing our bodies by adultery or drugs. Sin is sin, there are no degrees or little white sins. How can we save what we have left? There are no silver bullets just hard choices. Gangs and drugs, or legal drugs taking the profit away along with the carnage and death it brings. 
Military Oct. 9 2008
"Zetas have also been hired as mercenaries in Iraq. The spread of the SOA template must be halted." Swaneagle adds, "I wonder how many follow the pattern of child soldiers in Africa."

Fort Benning, GA shocking to say the least.
Mega Cartel: 

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