America's Choice: A Shithead or a Shitskin Source:

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That either of these "candidates" would even be considered by the electorate in the most powerful nation on earth is pathetic.

I'm not quite sure who is to blame for this; the people of America or the political-media-money structure that now has control over the election process with an iron fist.

Both candidates are unqualified, unpatriotic, untrustworthy, and thus unacceptable.

It is time for those of us who grasp reality to intervene in this election cycle using sudden, dramatic and irreversible methods.

For myself, I am now weighing whether I must be the one who does the intervention. I had a feeling it would come to this. So many think and feel the same as me, but few if any are willing to actually do what I am willing to do.

Certainly the future freedom and prosperity of my child is a huge motivation for me to intervene. On the other side, however, are the likes of (most of) you. So many of you suck so badly as "citizens" and even as human beings, you don't deserve to even breathe, never mind have someone sacrifice himself to protect your freedom.

Yes, I just actually said that. Most of you suck. In fact, the overwhelming majority of you suck! Want proof? You are too cowardly to take up arms to prevent the literal invasion of your own country by illegal aliens. You won't engage in vigilante justice when the legal system utterly fails.

"BUT" you say "THOSE THINGS ARE ILLEGAL!" Fair enough. Let's talk about legal things you still won't do:

You are too afraid to take to the streets in lawful, peaceful protest against hideous racially-motivated crimes against your fellow White people.

You sit back and do nothing while your government wages illegal war based upon deliberate lies.

You rarely if ever put pen to paper to tell your elected officials what you think, want, like or don't like.

Most of you don't even bother to cast ballots in an election!

What galls me most about the majority of you is you won't even send an anonymous cash contribution to those of us who ARE willing to fight, to protest, to kill.

Yes, my fellow White people, you have truly become a weak and pathetic lot. Lazy, degenerate, and afraid. I only wish you could be half as ashamed and disgusted with yourselves as I am with you.

"There's a special place in Hell for those who, during time of great social upheaval, refuse to take a stand" -- Dante's "Inferno"

Strange; writing this helped me make my decision about stepping-up to intervene against the shithead and the shitskin. Why should I bother? You won't fight for you, why should I?

To those for whom the above descriptions apply, I say Fuck you and fuck your mother for having you.

I know I can get away with saying that because the majority of wimps, cowards and degenerates to whom it applies wouldn't dare lift a finger to do anything about what I just said!

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