Hell's Angels and Muslims in Denmark

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Clashes in Denmark between bikers, hangarounds and patriots, versus
immigrant gangs and left wing extremists

The biker group Hells Angels seem to be coming back at the
at the moment still dominating immigrant gangs, with their new support
group AK81, which is increasingly gaining support from Danes
who are not first and foremost interested in bikes or crime, but who
have grown increasingly hostile to especially muslim immigrants, after
ever increasing street violence, knife attacks, robberies and rape from
the side of muslim immigrants.

The rates for violent crime and especially rape related cases have
gone up dramatically with the increasing number of muslim immigrants.
Large numbers of Danes, not otherwise interested in motorcycles or gang
related criminal activity, are reported to sign up under the new banner
of the HA support group AK81, "81" being synonymous with the
letters HA), and AK probably referring to the famous AK
47 "Kalashnikov" submachine gun, as well as meaning Always Ready
[Altid Klar] in Danish.

For many years motorcycle gangs such as the illustrious Hells Angels
and muslim dominated street gangs managed to exist side by side in
relative peace, in the struggle for control of the
market for illegal drugs, especially cannabis, but also other forms of crime.

The later years the ethnic Danish gangs such as Hells Angels were
increasingly coming under pressure from the muslim gangs, who showed to
be far more relentless in their methods, and much less afraid of the
possible judicial consequences of their actions, besides being much
more numerous, and able to draw upon support from much of the immigrant
community not otherwise involved in similar crime.

Police and helped immigrant gangs by keeping down Danish bikers

One of the reasons that the immigrant gangs have been able to gain
in strength, is because they are much less visible for the police than
the motorcycle gang members, who are easily identified, because of
their style of dress with visible logos, their more limited numbers and
often also because of their physical stature.

The Hells Angels are tightly organized, and almost all members are
known by the police, who have kept these groups under constant
observation, making it increasingly difficult for them to defend
themselves and their territories from the muslim gangs, who are much
more loosely knit, are not easily identifiable and have their
respective languages to complicate things for the Danish police.

In the recent past Hells Angels members have been attacked openly
by members of the ethnic crime syndicates, and one of their properties
has been attacked and demolished by immigrant gangs. Some chapters
closed after that. But not only the police has for all20practical
purposes more or less taken the part of the immigrants. The press too
has been an active player in minimizing the problem with the many
criminal immigrants, at the same time deamonizing any similar Danish
groups. The words racism creep in everywhere, although it seldom has
any relevance in these cases.

AK81, the new Hells Angels support team

Now a newly established support group of "hangarounds" has been
established, and the Angels are openly recruiting for their team,
saying that it is not neccesary to own a motorcycle to be a member.
This has had a dramatic effect, and large numbers of young Danes are
volunteering for the new movement, hoping that they will be able to
contribute to the fight against the muslim invaders, who so far have
been successful in obtaining almost total street domination.

The police, who have used all their resources at keeping the bikers
in check, have used a far more soft touch towards the muslim gangs.
Very often the police withdraw from confrontations, and leave
demolishing hordes of immigrants untouched, contrary to a simple house
search or an arrrest relating to the Bikers gangs, when they arrive in
overwhelming numbers, ready with bullet proof vests and automatic

Jaegersborg Street in Copenhagen

Only little more than a week ago, a gang of about 50 immigrants
rampaged a whole street in Copenhagen Jægersborgsgade, a local
neighborhood where some HA members have their homess, indiscriminately
smashing up a number of cars. The police watched helplessly, and no
arrests were made. The action was a display of power, after bikers and
their new supporter from AK81 had held a silent and non violent march
through to demonstrate their willingness to fight for their turf.

Police powerless against immigrant gangs

Partly this is part of a government and EU strategy, which puts
great restrictions on the police when dealing with immigrants and
immigrant gangs. There always are the accusations of "racism", and the
muslim gangs are also much feared than the bikers when it comes to
their threats to harm individual police officers or their families.
Many policemen whose identities are known by the immigrant gangs, would
rather not have their house torched or their loved ones attacked by the
invaders who have taken their extremely violent mentality with them
straight from the Middleast.

Cell phone Jihad

One of the most powerful weapons of the immigrant gangs is that they
are able to gather large numbers of supporters in the run of a few
minutes. They do this using cell phones. They have been using this
method, not only for criminal gang related activity, but it is often
used when immigrants get involved in traffic accidents.

They are on the spot in large numbers ten times faster than the
police, when one of their fellow ethnics "needs support". Recently a
family father was knifed in the back during a standoff about a
completely minor traffic accident. Anybody who gets into a
confrontation with one of these often knife-wielding immigrant thugs,
risks getting into a war with a whole brotherhood, which doesn't shy
away from threatening witnesses, even in court, or on the steps of the
court house.

The mainly muslim immigrants supported perhaps by a few Danish
renegades, have often completely blocked off accident sites, to the
extent that ambulances either could not reach the spot, or in other
cases were attacked with stones and other forms of violence. The same
scene often plays out when the fire brigade is sent to an ethnic
neighborhood to put out a burning car or a waste container, and
firefighters in some cities now refuse to work except under police
protection, which often means a long delay when alarmed about a fire.

The cell phone organized criminal jihad of course benefits greatly
from the immigrants use of Arabic, Urdu and other languages, making it
much harder for the authorities to monitor their communications, while
the content of communication between the native groups is much easier
to access.

Left wing extremists and immigrant thugs

But the biker groups, their AK81 supporters and the immigrants are
not the only players in this game.

The extreme left in Denmark, known under various names such as AFA,
Antifa, ARN, autonome [autonomous], SUF
and countless other aliases also is involved. The last mentioned SUF
group, actually is an official part of the organized left wing
extremist party Enhedslisten, which is represented in
parliament. But reality shows, that although there are many such
groups, the people involved are largely the same across these red
fascist groups.

The extreme left even has its own intelligence service, the
secretive REDOX, and the closely related DEMOS outlet.

Both groups which have managed to appear in the mainstream media, as
so called "neutral observers and documenters " of the racist
activities of "right wing extremist groups", as they like to present

This notwithstanding the fact that e.g. the DEMOS personel through
the years has maintained close connections with convicted members of
Denmarks first and most dangerous left wing terrorist groups the
internationally connected Blekingegade Gang, revering the same
ideologists and sharing the same sympathies for organizations such as
the PFLP and the South American terrorist group FARC.

Elderly woman, one of the victims who were beat up with iron pipes by
left wing extremists at a SIOE demonstration against Saudi delegation's
participation in human rights conference.

The police were present in great
numbers, but still left wing anarchists managed to find SIOE
demonstrators in a parking garage, and attacked them with iron pipes
and knifes. The incident was first denied in the press, went unreported
by most major TV stations and newspapers, and the police never
seriously investigated. The attackers went free. Only
a few weeks ago an 82 year old female demonstrator in Hobro was
attacked and brutally thrown off her feet by a muslim youth.

During the last at least ten years, these red fascist groups have
been able to turn any and all expressions from anti-immigration or
anti-islamic organizations and individuals into a battle zone.

No matter who demonstrated for any purpose the anarchists deemed
unworthy, even congregations mainly consisting of pensioners, were met
in the streets by yells of "Nazis go home", stones, paint bombs,
firecrackers, fists and iron pipes.

Old ladies past their 70th birthday have been knocked to the ground
or hit with iron pipes, as happened recently in Copenhagen before a SIAD (a
non violent anti-racist organization against islamization) demonstration,
where two cars filled with people were attacked in an underground
parking garage.

The left wing extremist groups have on several occasions been
supported by some immigrants, who are always looking for an opportunity
to riot, and the left wing extremists have also supported angry muslim
mobs during demonstrations.

Vejle: violent clashes between "neo-Nazis" and left wing

Just a few days ago, on Thursdag september 11, a short but intense
fight developed in the city of Vejle in Jutland, as members of the
left wing extremist group SUF, were confronted by a group which
in the media was described as "neo-Nazis", but as it turns out more
likely was made up of some members from the AK81 support group.

This time the red fascists suffered severe defeat, and several were

According to the left wing extremists themselves, they were attacked
by "neo-Nazis", which was repeated in the press, even though the
statements given by the police were not supporting that theory:

The local newspaper Vejle Amts Folkeblad amongst others wrote the

"... The police would not corroborate the
newspaper's information, that any of the groups involved were actually

The police got a phone call telling that some red
fascists had been attacked by a group of "neo-Nazis".

We could not confirm that they were really
neo-Nazi, but we do not believe that there is any neo-Nazi presence in
the city of Vejle.

There are autonomous [= leftwing extremists]
groups in all major cities, says Jens Soegaard, leader of the special
patrol of the local South Jutland police.

Nevertheless, the Vejle newspaper unashamedly
used this title for its article:

"Neo-Nazis" and left wing extremists clashed in street

In the wake of this latest and other similar incidents, the chief of
the Police Intelligence Service PET; Jacob Scharf appeared on
TV saying that all sides in the conflict were acquiring fire arms.

In its latest annual report, the same intelligence service admitted
for the first time, what most honest observers knew already more than
ten years ago, that most of the political violence in Denmark is
perpetrated by the left, and that conflicts mainly occur when "right
wing" manifestations are attacked by left wing radicals.

Well, perhaps all this balance is about to change now. With the
appearance of the AK81 group on the scene, this situation may suddenly
become reversed.

Bikers critized for being unpatriotic

Interestingly, groups such as the Hells Angels have so far never
had any sympathy at all from the political right, patriotic
circles, anti-immigrationalists or however you'd like to define it.

They were actually criticized apart from being criminal providers of
drugs, for cooperating all too closely with the criminal immigrant
gangs, and I believe there were several non natives in, or very close
to the organization.

In the past the Hells Angels and similar groups have never in any
way let patriotic, ethnic or other such moral concerns come between
them and their business interests. The Bandidos group for example was
or is ethnically diverse, but I am not an expert on these groups, so
don't take my word for that. I don't know if this group plays any role
today, but I'll probably be updated on that in the days to come.

Well, it is impossible to describe all the details of the biker,
muslim and patriotic conflict here.

But it seems like it's a hard rain gonna fall..

Update September 20:=0

Hells Angels not Racist

A few days ago the Danish Hells Angels have announced on their website
that they are not racist, and that they as well as their AK 81 support
group have many members who belong to ethnic minorities.

It has also become clear that it was a Hells Angels member (or an
AK81 member) of foreign origin who committed a recent murder which by a
number of sources has been said to have been be the spark which ignited
the current conflict between the Hells Angels and the immigrant gangs.


Yours truly,

William Scott



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