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                SARAH AND THE TROIKA Part One
                          The Palin Fidoplanks

OK.  So two men are now running for President.  But neither of them is qualified to be president under the US Constitution.  I already wrote to you about that, and I have done much research to prove it.  But this Digest is not about that.  Something much bigger just came up. 

I explained earlier that on the third day of the Democratic National Convention Senator Hillary Clinton and Rep. Nancy Pelosi played a Troika Trick by not following the standard rules of Roberts Rules of Order. This was done right in front of millions of TV viewers, but nobody caught the law violation, and nobody commented  --  Not the  news media nor TV commentators.  If caught, Nancy Pelosi could be censured and lose her job as leader of the House, but she wasn't worried, nor was Hillary.  Why?  They knew something much bigger was being planned and coming within hours which would cover it all up.  And all would quickly be forgotten.  But I did not forget.  

Two days later, on Friday, something unexpected happened.  It was John McCain naming Sara Palin as his Vice Presidential nominee.  This sent shock waves, not only through the news media but even worse, through the Troika.  Within days, a new Troika shock story was created -  the complete collapse of the American economy.  Yes, it was a made up Troika story.  I will prove it.

As of today, the story is that the credit of the US has made it impossible to get loans to buy anything like cars, houses etc.  And even President Bush just gave a speech too tell All Americans how the credit crunch occurred.  But he was just following the words of the Troika, so he lied. There is no emergency.   And the bill to spend 800 billion American tax dollars, now before Congress need NOT be passed.  How can that be?

We were told by two experts, Sec of the Treasury, Henry Paulsen  and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Bernanke, that a crisis has just occurred.  But those were not "experts."  For a week, I have watched their faces, heard their voices on TV and concluded that both of them were giving false testimony.  Both of them were lying. For over 40 years I have studied the Federal Reserve.  I have been to my local Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco many times.  I signed up to be on their mail list in 1990, and received their annual book, equivalent to the main Fed Reserve "Beige Book."  This was an accounting of the Fed Reserve.   It is a complete fiction.  The Fed is NOT a government agency, but is simply a private Troika (Rockefeller owned) Bank which runs the economy of the US -- not the Congress nor the President of the US.   This has been so, since 1913 when The Fed was set up secretly on Jekyll Island, Georgia.  (For more information and proof see my book Black Gold Hot Gold on
 the front page of the Gazette.)

Yesterday, President Bush told how somehow, many "Mortgage-backed Securities" were sold around the world to many countries, but these turned out to be worthless paper, (that is a criminal activity so why aren't they being arrested and doing the perp walk on TV) so many countries and banks around the world are now involved with covering up the huge losses (theft).  What George Bush and Secretary Henry Paulsen forgot to tell you was that the Mortgage-backed Security was invented by Goldman Sachs several years ago when the then President of Goldman Sachs was, in fact the same, Henry Paulsen, now the Treasury Secretary who is selling you on the story that you need to give him 800 billion dollars to help cover the losses from his Mortgage-backed Securities.  I don't believe him for a second.  There is NO crisis, other than Paulsen's need to quickly sell the Congress on the lie, before he is sent to jail for fraud and lying to Congress.  That's why he looks so nervous during his
 congressional testimony.

I have never trusted the Federal Reserve, since I first started studying them in 1963 (the same year President John Kennedy was shot by the Troika).  Just like with the CIA, I always start my analysis with the assumption that anything I hear from the CIA and the Federal Reserve is false.  Based on that simple assumption, I have been able to predict what will soon happen, and it is NOT whatever they say. The CIA and the Federal Reserve ARE the Troika, which plans to run the world by fooling you with  completely false information.

The way the Fed works is like a credit card.  You get a new credit card with a low teaser rate of 5 percent interest.  But somewhere in the fine print you read that if you only make the "minimum" payment or are late for one payment then your teaser rate goes up to 10 percent.  A few more late payments and you are soon paying 30 to 50 percent interest on everything you buy on that card.  But you can't make 15,000 dollars in payments, so you cut up the card.  But, now you are hooked.  You are hooked to making payments on that card for the rest of your life.  You have  just been turned into a perpetual source of income, a slave, for the credit card company, for as long as you live, and maybe even well after.

Credit cards were invented in the early 1970's.  I remember life before credit cards, I was hooked within the first two years after I got my first card.  It took me 5 years and giving my car to the credit card company just to get out of my credit crunch - and never again. 

And an even bigger swindle on this same theme is the home mortgage with a low teaser rate. This is called an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, ARM and works the same as the teaser rate credit card.  Miss a few payment and given a couple months and your house payment has now tripled.   There is no way you can pay it. The amount that you owe is 4 times the market value of the house (maybe more than many millions of dollars and you will never pay that in a lifetime.)  So you quit making payments.  And you lose all your money.  At this point, nobody is living in the house.  And the bank takes possession.  But the bank is not paying the local property taxes, so the local Sheriff takes possession to collect the money which is owed to the local governments for schools, roads etc.

You now can see all these houses on TV.  For years I have watched a new phenomena on late nite TV.  Almost every channel on DirecTV Satellite now runs these commercials after midnight.  A young lady comes on and says "You could buy this complete home for just 500 hundred dollars, and then you own it free and clear."  A man comes on screen, and she says, "Is this possible?  I could own this nice 4 bedroom home for just 500 dollars?"  The man answers, and gives the sales pitch, "Yes you can own this house just for paying the back taxes which may be only several hundred dollars."  The half hour infomercial shows many hundreds of homes and the actual sales prices in the range of hundreds of dollars. You are supposed to send them a fee to buy the house list (of now about a million empty American houses) and learn how to buy houses at Sheriff sales.  That is an old scam which I have seen on TV for 30 years when infomercials first started.

But here are some of the tricks used by the Troika.  Since you bought the house at a Sheriff sale, which is at City Hall, not near the house,  you never actually looked at the house before you bought it for just 500 dollars back taxes.  But when you and your new wife go to look at the house you just bought, you get a big surprise.  The people who lived there, just before they were evicted by the Sheriff, did not maintain the house.  They discontinued the city garbage service and simply piled the garbage in the back bedroom, which now has a distinct eau de garbage odor.  And even worse they must have raised cats and dogs in the house since all the carpets and wood floors now all smell like cat piss.  By the time you call in a house inspector, you find that your cost to put the house into livable or sale-able condition may be 500 thousand dollars, nearly half the value of the house.  If you and your new wife happen to have half a million dollars - you have just got yourself a new 500
 dollar house, or maybe you don't even pay the taxes, and walk away from the deal.  It simply wasn't worth it.
What this story does, is let me explain some of the terms used by Sec. Paulsen and Fed head, Bernanke in their weird  testimony before congress. You bought the house for 500 dollars, and the house was evaluated for taxes, as 1,000,000 one million dollars.  But you later found you would need to spend half a million to fix it up.  The first two numbers, 500 and One Million are called the Mark to Market value of the house.  The Mark is the original cost of the house (what you paid) and the Market value is what the house would sell for before or after you fixed it up. 

The term "Mark to Market" is a new term based on evaluating a house.  The same "Mark to Market" value was used by Enron in 2000 to scam the public just before it collapsed.  In 2000 the energy company, Enron, had just lost all the money it spent building a pipeline in Afghanistan.  The company was about to collapse.  To raise money, Enron, divided up its many pieces, then using "Mark to Market" value for all the Enron pieces they sold the pieces as securities, most of which were broken pieces of pipeline in Afghanistan.  But nobody inspected the property in Afghanistan until the Army went there at the end of 2001, and then Enron collapsed.  The Mark to Market value had just gone to zero.  Secretary Henry Paulsen like the plan/scam so much that he decided to use it at Goldman Sachs, and you know the rest of the story.

This, and those late nite TV infomercials are part of an international Ponzi scheme.  They are all run by the big New York banks and the Federal Reserve.  If the bank paid the taxes due, then they bought the house for 500 dollars, but they lie about the value of the house and say it is valued at one million dollars, based on the "Mark to Market" value.  Then they take thousands of like houses claiming they are all worth millions of dollars,  they bundle them together in a "Mortgage-backed Security," If it was at Goldman Sachs run by Henry Paulsen, then GS sells the new billion dollar Security to the Chinese.   But the Chinese in China haven't inspected the houses either.  But when the Chinese try to take possession of the houses listed  in the security they find that the houses smell like cat piss, and the security is only worth half or less than what they paid for the security.

So the Chinese sell the fake securities back to the banks.  The banks like CountryWide, Shearson Lehman, Fannie and Freddy Mac, IndyMac, Merril Lynch, AIG, and even Goldman Sachs are now holding billions of dollars of worthless Securities, which they produced in the first place.   And then Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen, with his bare-face hanging out, lies to Congress and tells the Congress men and women that he wants another 800 billion dollars in his hands to buy up all those smelly houses that were bundled together into Paulsen's Mortgage-backed Securities, or else there will be a meltdown of the economy and nobody can borrow any money. FALSE.  Paulsen is lying.

This is simply a Troika Trick since it involves the Federal Reserve which easily controls, by law, how much money is available.  The Fed could solve the "Crisis" in seconds simply by changing the "Reserve" rate.  It would be free, and NOT cost the US taxpayer 800 Billion "with a B" dollars.  Thus not only is Secretary Paulsen lying, but so is Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, lying to you.  There is NO Crisis.  These are not "experts" other than experts at lying and trickery.  There should be no Panic.  Other than the panic you feel when  you realize that you now owe so much on your teaser  rate credit card that you will be paying off that card for the rest your life. 

The problem is easily fixed.  I solved it when I quit using credit cards. So I know it can be done.  If Congress signs the 800 Billion dollar  Bill to fix the Paulsen caused Mortgage-backed Securities problem, then Congress is hooked for life to make many more payments, even enough to cover the much larger total of 14 Trillion "with a T" dollars to pay off every mortgage in the US.  It's the same Troika Ponzi scheme. And that is their plan.  So don't listen to "experts" Paulsen and Bernanke try to say that the 800 Billion or up to one Trillion would fix the problem.  They are actually looking at the full 14 Trillion amount.  It would take you long after your lifetime and even your grand-children's life time to pay off that amount.  And that would be about $50 thousand a year in taxes on every man, woman and child until you decided to walk away from the financial deal (meaning commit suicide.)  FEMA has been planning for such an event since I started studying them in 1970.  In the
 name of military base decommissioning, FEMA has rearranged the fences at all the old military bases, with the barbed razor wire, instead of bending outward to keep people out, now is bent inward to keep people in. I will tell you more about that later.  I am not surprised that FEMA was involved in the cover up of 9/11 by writing much of the false science in the 9/11 report.  FEMA has been on my study list for many decades.

The larger question is why is all this happening?  And Why is it happening now right in front of everybody's eyes?  That is coming next...

I still stand by my prediction from three weeks ago, neither McCain nor Obama are qualified by being born in the US.  Neither has shown their birth certificate  to  show they are qualified as being born in the USA.    So they must be rejected.  This would be another Troika Trick right in front of the public, which would cause great distress and a loss in the belief in the US government process. So who is qualified?  Only two people: Queen Hillary Rodham who was promised the presidency 35 years go when she did good work for Nelson Rockefeller (Troika 3-a) by driving President Nixon from office.  And the other candidate is Sarah Palin, and she doesn't know it yet, but she is uniquely qualified to remove the cancer called the Troika from the world.  It comes from her experience as Governor of Alaska.  I am sure McCain never thought of it nor even knew it.  But the Troika knows it.  She already stood up and faced the oil companies in Alaska (the Troika) and she won.  But she needs to
 know why and how.  It's more than just doing business and politics in Alaska.   That is coming next.  Meanwhile, now with new eyes, go back and re-read "Black Gold Hot Gold," on the front page of BroJon  Gazette -- the creation and rise of the Troika is all explained there, including todays events.

     Marshall Smith
     Editor, Brother Jonathan Gazette
      (or temporarily teddyspeaks@hotmail.com )

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