Dear John,
I am a friend of Simon Sheppard, who as you are probably aware, was found guilty on ten criminal charges and Steven Whittle on four charges at Leeds Crown court by the jury on Friday July 18 2008. They were also awaiting the verdict the following Monday  on another eight charges, and one charge respectively, which the jury had so far failed to give decisions on. These verdicts followed a reinterpretation of the UK race acts mainly relating to material critical of the Jews as a race posted on US servers in California and a farcical 'trial' in which the truth was held to be 'irrelevant' as a defence, most of the defence evidence and witnesses were also dismissed as 'irrelevant' by the judge. Simon   was also facing a separate trial for a 19th charge in Glasgow relating to the Jews as a religion - he used 'holocaust denial' leaflets to wrap printer memory sold on Ebay with a warning notice about the leaflets. Also the jury foreman 'chosen' (probably by the security Service - MI5 *) at Leeds crown court was a Moslem woman. These two circumstances seem to have finally tipped the 'Heretical Two' over the edge and led to their flight to Los Angeles over the weekend and their subsequent request for political asylum and arrest. They were also motivated by a strong and well justified hatred of the UK government and the desire to cause maximum embarrassment. I am surprised the UK authorities did not remove their passports prior to their convictions for 'race hate'.
They are currently being held at Santa Ana Jail, P.O. Box 22003, Santa Ana, CA 92701, USA. Simon's prison number is 0800006404 and Stephen's number is 0800006408. I am sorry to say that not one of eighteen online newspapers I contacted in California with the details about the Heretical Two has replied - a frightening confirmation of Jewish money power and an equally alarming lack of curiosity displayed by their editors.
The Heretical website has, after considerable difficulties, finally been updated after five weeks and also contains a page with a request for political asylum and a link to the BPP website where there is a request for donations. I would be extremely grateful if you could highlight the plight of the Heretical Two and the need for donations - $10,000 is required for their legal defence fund - details are as follows:-
All cheques etc. for the appeal fund to be made payable to the Croydon Preservation Society.
All donations can be posted to the address below.
P.O. Box 301
Account details:
Lloyds-TSB - Sort code 77: 3003 -  Account No 86187860
Donations can also be paid into to the account above.
All PayPal donations should be sent to:
For further details of the campaign contact or
Regards and Best wishes
Paul Ballard
* MI5 are in thrall to lunatic PC views, although they are sinister and efficient in some ways. In 1995 they announced there were 1,500 KKK members in the UK when there were about six and are now saying that Moslems in the UK should be treated exactly the same as everyone else, as anybody can be a terrorist.  

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