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Yes Don, I believe that you are right.  

In the New Hebrides Islands around 2004 an American friend, was woken up at 4 am by a strong flash of light through the curtains, as were a number of other people.

This was followed by a Tsunami shortly afterwards.

Another friend of mine, an ex- submariner said that the  Arche' Tsunami in Indonesia a few years ago was an underwater test at a distance, to see what damage could be done to a populated area.
Two reports afterwards stated that people in the water suffered from Radiation poisoning.

JMcCanneyscience.com,  said that he worked with the military to direct Hurricanes away from towns, but the Military directed the "Katrina" one onto New Orleans, with Laser Satellites, as with the Burma one.

When you look at the path it took, it went straight through the towns even though it had to turn to accomplish this.  Burma apparently has a Chinese Submarine base there somewhere, that is why the West is so agro that they can't get in to offer "Aid".

If you look at Google Earth you will see that part of the area has been sharpened up. This is usually done over airstrips etc. of interest.

-- Graeme

Don Pike <newbub@tassie.net.au> wrote:
Dear All,

When the tsunami that hit PNG some years ago was  reported as having an accompanying thunder clap, my eyebrows went up past the  top of my head. My understanding is that tsunamis have nothing to do with  atmospheric conditions. So I contacted the Post Courier, the leading newspaper  in PNG, in which we had been advertising for many years, and asked for  details. My advertising contact said "There is a man who works here and  comes from the village that copped the brunt of the damage. I'll get him to  contact you". He never did. And repeated contacts and pleas on my part over a  period of time to talk with him were very uncharacteristically  ignored. After fruitless efforts, it  became quite clear that  my contact was being stopped from discussing the matter. This was most  unusual. We were a good customer and enjoyed a friendly and  lengthy association with the sales person.. It was clear to me that the  subject was taboo!!

Weather control has been with us, ever since Nicola  Tesla conducted experiments proving that it could be done. This can further be  illustrated by the virtual seizure and patenting of the technology (HAARP),  and later by signed agreements between Russia & the USA, to the effect  that each would not use weather control against the  other.  

The Burmese authorities are being criticized for not  warning its people of the approaching calamity, by either not having the  capability (not having the equipment to do so) in place, or not extending  the warning to its people - or both. I'm not sure. But like the "tsunami" (in essence, a large wave caused by a  subterranean upheaval) that hit PNG - the possibility that the authorities in  each case didn't know, should be of great concern for all of us.  Because in these days of advanced weather forecasting technology, forecasting  of events such as the above two mentioned would have quickly became  common knowledge to the authorities in many more countries than just  Burma & the PNG. Even if the cyclone was local to Burma, there should  have been weather warnings for that district advertised to the world. I don't  believe that anybody told anybody simply because the world only knew about it  AS IT WAS HAPPENING. Please correct me if anyone knows that a cyclone  warning for Burma or neighbouring countries was given out at any time (AND  WHEN) before the event.

The PNG experience may have just been experimentation.  But for Burma, one of chastisement and education to a regime that won't play  the Globalisation game? Maybe weather control is proving to be the cheapest  and fastest inculcation method for the London Money..



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