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This is how Israel grabs Washington by its throat


We should not be surprised with the crazy race that is taking place by the candidates for the American presidency and by their vice presidents, to please Israel and serve its evil cause.

The surprise will vanish if we know how much Israel tHrough its Zionist Lobby (AIPAC) has infiltrated in the political life of America.

This was explained by an American journalist called “Jeffrey Blankfort” http://www.counterpunch.org/blankfort02242007.html  who works in an Anti-Zionist Radio station, he talked about it in a conversation with a local USA newspaper.

 Blankfort said that there existed twelve women Zionist organizations that comprise one million Jewish women who have created a slogan “One voice for the sake of Israel “.


These organizations started in the year 2002 to overcome the anger that covered the USA because of the massacre of the helpless Palestinians in the town of Jenine


That massacre that was carried out by the greatest butcher of all ‘Ariel Sharon “.


From that date 2002 and till now the members of that organization start to call the telephones of the White House and of the Congress all at the same time causing a complete paralysis to both establishments. The goal of this is to convey a message to the American president and to the congress that Israel is capable of paralyzing their communication system in Washington anytime and for any reason. They do that in all the matters that involve Israel against its opponent’s .If they want for example to stand against Iran all the Jewish women start calling at the same time.

Blankfort added that the Israel lobby (AIPAC) enjoys a very special position in America Although it is registered as a lobby to serve Israel, but it is not considered a Lobby to serve a foreign country, so for all the cases that are related to the Middle East the representative of that Lobby sits in every office of every member of the congress a thing that is not allowed to any other lobby. The Israel representative writes all the laws and decrees that are related to the Middle East, as a flagrant example is the “Syrian responsibility law” that the congress have issues under AIPAC influence.

As a kind of bribe Israel invites no less than a hundred of the members of the American congress to visit it with their wives and children and Aipac covers the expenses.

Many lobbies in America are under close inspection but no one dare to approach the Israel lobby as it will  be a political suicide.

There are more than 36 Zionist comities for political follow up that avoid mentioning the name Israel like the political comity of North Carolina, and the political comity of Saint Louis and so on...

There is also other organization that makes sure no one criticize the Jews and if someone does twelve thousand members and 600 branches all working together jump on him to destroy and ruin him.


My comment.

People can ask why is that other religions or communities do not make the same?

The answer is that only the Zionist Jews are frustrated and it is in there blood to conspire and cheat and extort, more over  money and the Media is in the hands of the Jews.

More important the question should be, why is that the Genuine Americans allow to any of them become such an evil power and dangerous menace.