1. Japan was an island nation.
    2.  Japan cannot feed itself.
    3. Japan has no natural resources.
     4.  Japan has only a navy to enable their war.
                    Conclusion: If the politicians were intelligent they would have done the following:
                After Pearl Harbor bombed.  Do only one thing.
    Build two classes of ships.
                    1. Submarines
                    2. Aircraft carriers.
            That's all.  Army and Air Force?  Not needed.
                        What to do?
                                1.Use carriers and subs to sink first their naval forces.
                                2. Begin systematic sinking of all ships approaching or leaving Japan.
                    Result? The sudden surrender of Japan. When they are all starving, they surrender.
                                        If they don't surrender in due time, drop atomic bomb.
                    Result?  Almost no loss of our soldiers, sailors, airmen.
                Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Saipan, etc etc?
                        All island fortresses would have surrendered or died of starvation.  This did indeed happen at Rabaul, a huge Japanese base.  It could have happened to Japan too.
    But did we have genius at the top? No, just warlike Democrats like FDR, clearly not very intelligent, he used the name Roosevelt to get elected, using Teddy Roosevelts fame and name. 
But think about it.  Japan was obviously vulnerable to this strategy. Sink their ships, they lose. Simple. And hundreds of thousands of American boys would have not been killed.  Alas, politicians are almost always the bottom of the barrel.  People who could not succeed in real pursuits.  Mostly useless moron lawyers.

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