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World's Leading Holocaust Revisionist Organization in Turmoil...

Employees Rebel Against Director Weber's Mismanagement.

Costa Mesa California:

Once again the LSF is facing the possibility of total collapse, along with the companies under it, the IHR and Noontide Press.  A sad situation indeed, given the vital importance of its purpose and mission.  Also distressing is the fact that over the past five or six years, almost nothing of note has been produced by either the IHR or Noontide.

Many organizations in other fields have found themselves in similar situations (small staff, chronic tight budget) but have worked tirelessly to put out new information or products.  The threat or existence of financial shortfalls are always a problem, but successful businesses find creative ways around them, never losing sight of the aim and goals of the company.

In the revisionist community, the IHR had by far the most funding, the most recognized name, the largest archive of revisionist material, and the most studied and able spokesman.  Noontide Press is also a household name within the movement, with a large inventory of classic revisionist literature.  Why then, has it failed to produce much of anything worthwhile in the past few years?  And why has the money run dry?

We have known many of the people who have worked there in the past, and from each, the story was the same:  There were many things the IHR could have done to enhance its status and stability, but the director stifled any serious suggestion of improvement or modernization, choosing instead to talk for hours on the phone, file away endless newspaper clippings, and type out lengthy correspondence on his computer.

The location, just a mile or two from the ocean in Southern California, is entirely too expensive for the large warehouse and office space the company occupies.  And the majority of the warehouse space is taken up with pallets upon pallets of dirty old boxes of unsellable books printed in the 1950s.  The space could have easily been halved by getting rid of the massive amount of books that are just too old and generally irrelevant to garner any interest from customers.  Some of the books sell relatively well, but the large warehouse has never been needed for them.

The expensive locale is used to justify the director's salary, which we heard was something like $50,000.  If more people knew that such an unproductive revisionist organization was run by a director making that kind of salary, he would have been replaced long ago. For many  people, the director's salary alone would be more than enough to finance all kinds of useful projects.

The lack of a Journal is unfortunate, but wasn't entirely necessary. By taking some very obvious steps to reallocate available funds (location, warehouse space, director's salary) the Journal probably could have been continued as a quarterly.  But it wasn't just a question of money.  It was also the director's revulsion at the time required to edit a forty-eight page publication once every three months.  This is undoubtedly a time consuming task, but if nothing else was being produced, there is no good excuse.  Especially since the Journal was essential, both as the flagship of the organization, and as a document of historical truth.

But failing the rebirth of the Journal, there were other ways to maintain a "vibrant and effective IHR," as the donation pleas always say.  Many good books could have been published or reprinted.Campaign in Russia, plus many others would have been great sellers.  Instead, the director decided to reprint the books that required the least amount of work.  A copy and paste reprint of The Protocols of Zion, Pawns in the Game, and The Life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel, also a simple copy and paste job.  As far as we know, these are the only books to be produced by the IHR or Noontide Press in the last three years, and as the text of all three books are available free on the internet, there is no real reason to buy them.

The current director, Mark Weber, is a gifted and brilliant historian, one of but a handful of true scholars on the Second World War and Adolf Hitler.  As is evident on the very few talk shows he has done recently, he is also a wise and eloquent commentator on many of today's pressing social and political issues.

In an effort to capitalize on this particular strength, some former employees had approached Mr. Weber with the idea of a weekly internet audio broadcast.  Some of the other personalities in the movement do this regularly.  It keeps them involved in current topics, provides something of worth to the listeners, and drives website traffic, which in turn generates book sales and donations.  It is a perfect way to take advantage of new technology, at almost no cost, to regularly produce highly informative material that thousands of people hear and pass on to others.  If there was no Journal, and books only rarely being published, this would seem like a great low cost, high impact plan.

But again, the director was adamant in his refusal to take the time necessary to produce the material.  Even the recording of a semi-weekly broadcast was too much work.  This internet idea, along with the publication of a book or two a year, or a cheaply produced quarterly magazine, are things that a properly motivated individual can accomplish in the time left over after working an unrelated full-time job.  Being that this was the director's full-time job, again there is no excuse.

The need for a vibrant and effective IHR has indeed never been greater.  we sincerely hope that the financial situation will improvesoon, but even if it does, will anything change?

IHR Employees.



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