"They (RNC) turned communist to win elections but knew they could not sell communism to America.  They chose to wrap up fascism in the flag, and Christianity and patriotism and sell that instead and brow beating Americans with a media empire scheme."    


Washington, DC - HQ Of
A Vast RICO Empire
By Karl Schwarz

This article is to fine tune a picture, so you can better see, exactly,
what is going on in Washington, DC.  As you read on, keep this phrase in
mind: "institutionalization of criminal racketeering" by our government
against you. At the behest of Wall Street and the Wealthy Elite, our
government has literally legalized theft through stock fraud in our
capital markets.

Many people have asked why I walked out on RNC in 1996.  It was actually
for two reasons because I could clearly see, from inside knowledge, that
both of the efforts to change US policy and head in dangerous, evil,
based-on-lies directions were going to be complete catastrophes for the
United States and its people. I could clearly see in 1996 that what they
thought they could pull off like a cake walk was going to backfire in
their faces and seriously endanger the future of America.  I also knew
it would seriously damage the financial health of most American
citizens.  Here we are 12 years later and I was 100% right then...and

The world was already changing for the better but that was not good
enough for DC. They were trying to maneuver to rule the world as if DC
were on some kind of moral high ground that other nations did not
possess or could never reach. They knew they were going to have to lie
to pull off their scam, and they were delusional enough to think they
could do it and never get caught.

That delusional thinking based on being the world's biggest economy, and
the planet's only remaining military Superpower, would not change.
There were even some so brain damaged they thought the US could rule the
world with intellectual property, economic and military might alone.
They seemed to fail to realize what other nations think of the US
matters, too, as to its willingness to follow.

The first reason I left RNC has been elaborated upon in prior articles
and email updates, it was the realization that to get the Jewish vote and
money behind the RNC - so they could win elections - the higher-ups of
RNC had cut a deal with the Communist Zionist Jews of the DNC.  They
agreed to allow them to come on over to RNC, dress up like Conservative
Neocons and talking heads on TV and have their War Party. These are the
Russia-hating Zionists and that is why they have now defected back over
to DNC and the Obama ­ Zbigniew Brzezinski team of their expected new
ObamaNation.  Bush Co failed, and it is apparent - at least as of now -
that McCain does not have a chance in November.  He is an idiot, but so
is Obama, albeit dangerously so, if he thinks he can turn this disaster
around into an "American victory".

Zbigniew is the author of Russia-hate and he schemes of world grandeur:
The Grand Chessboard...the 'geostrategic imperative' now all dressed up
as the lunatic global 'War on Terror.'

That was the day that the RNC sold out any vestiges of being the
"conservative party" of America and I, as a conservative, was offended.
They turned communist to win elections but knew that they could not sell
communism to America.  They chose to wrap up as Fascism in the flag, and
Christianity, and patriotism and sell that instead and brow-beating
Americans with a media empire scheme.

My reason for departing went one step further than that because the RNC
policy makers could clearly see that such a plan was going to need a
Main Stream Media system that was bullet-proof, so such lies could be
pushed on America and slicker the public to buy off on the change of
directions in policy.  This was also during the period of time that they
acquiesced in the Zionist takeover of all the major US media outlets.  I
was there when they were talking about how easy it would be to fool
Americans by constantly bitching about "Liberal media bias" and
Americans would not figure out that the media was being fine-tuned into
a US-UK-Tel Aviv propaganda axis machine, so our 'leaders' could
perpetrate war crimes and genocide as if it were just another day at the

The second reason I severed my RNC ties, was that the policy makers were
working on ways to literally institutionalize criminal racketeering and
plunder unsuspecting Americans and foreigners at historically
unprecedented levels - even including the days of the Robber Barons that
led to the Great Depression.

Americans do not provide enough financing for the 'elections' (which are
nothing much more than huge revenue opportunities for consultants, ad
agencies and the media.)  The Wealthy Elite do, so they needed many more
Wealthy Elite beholden to the DC Lie System.  To these monsters,
American citizens are merely appendages and US Treasury
liabilities...not their partners in criminal enterprise.

They tried to push through a Bankruptcy Reform Bill during the George H
W Bush Administration but the Democrat-controlled Congress would not
play along.  The most important part of that bill included the
elimination of Equity Shareholders of publicly-traded companies being
entitled to "Party in Interest" status in bankruptcy.

In 1994, just before the House and Senate were taken away from Clinton,
they pushed that bankruptcy bill through mainly due to urging of the
Trial Lawyers because they had a plan. Clinton acquiesced and so did
Congress, big bucks were promised to the DNC for this underhanded
chicanery.  The DNC was scrambling to come up with a way to make up for
the loss of revenues and campaign donations caused when the DNC
Communist Zionist Jews walked out and teamed up with RNC.

That was Step One - take the companies away from the equity shareholders
and there was nothing they could do about it.

It did not seem like a 'major thing' at the time but it was the
technique used by the Robber Barons to force companies into bankruptcy
through illegal offshore trading schemes, blow out the shareholders of
the company with $0 return, and takeover huge blocks of assets for
pennies on the dollar.  One such fraud was Global Crossing. Built at a
cost of $56 billion and taken over for only $250 million by ST Telemedia
of Singapore, a Bush Buddy in the fake Global War on Terror.  I was the
high bidder at $815 million and could not get the time of day.  We had
Wall Street by the throat on how they put the company down for that
cheap takeover.

Don't believe me? Check this, look for COMMAXXESS: 


If you look around you, it is not hard to find many Americans who have
been robbed into the poorhouse by such schemes.  I am aware of many
hundreds of companies and over


$1 trillion that was premeditatedly stolen from the average Mom and Pop

I knew there was trouble coming - but not the extent of it - until
Clinton did something in 1996 that proved to me that both the DNC and
RNC are out to bury Americans and make them wards of the state.

The first thing Clinton did was change a provision of RICO, or the
Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization Act, 18 USC 1961-1964,
et seq., in whch part of the Criminal Code of the United States of
America was very quietly amended to aid and abet the theft of the
millennium. What Clinton and the Republican-controlled Congress changed
was Civil RICO, specifically 18 USC 1964(c), and thereby barred civil
RICO in matters of stock fraud cases.  They had planned a giant robbery
of American citizen investors - and surely did not want to let them take
control back and get treble damages when they proved their cases in

What Clinton and the then RNC-controlled Congress (1996) did was to
legalize theft through the capital markets.  By removing RICO as a
remedy from Civil Plaintiffs, those who had been victimized by
premeditated corporate, government and Wall Street fraud could not get
treble damages and disgorgement of what had been stolen from them.

That was Step Two.

That created, at the urging of the Trial Lawyers Association, the entire
"free legal services for class action stock fraud cases" and they went
after the insurance companies who underwrote the D&O (directors and
officers) insurance policies.  Even the D&O insurers were in on it
because they were making fortunes in the rush for new IPOs and stock
plays, knowing all along that they would also line their pockets in the
bogus stock fraud cases to follow.  There were thousands of such cases
and American and foreign investors in our stock markets were defrauded
out of TRILLIONS of their hard-earned money.

This is part of their New World Order scheme of making everyone not in
the inner circles serfs to serve these delusional, arrogant, bereft of
goodness masters.

They needed something else, though, to eliminate the liability of the
officers and directors of those corporations. It would not do to plan a
theft of major corporations and assets, paid for mainly by common and
preferred stock and Wall Street fluff, if the stock holders could
penetrate this veil of deceit and nail the corporate management and
board members.  That would open the door to taking back everything that
had been premeditatedly stolen through Wall Street and DC scams.

They had to have willing, corrupt management that would play along and
get huge bonuses and Golden Parachutes after the maximum number of
suckers had been lured in and enticed to cough up their money.  They
then turned on the machine to ruin the value of the companies, drive the
share values down, trigger debt covenant defaults that were tied to the
value of the equity shares, and blow out the shareholders to $0 left.

They also had to get the insurance companies who underwrite the D&O
insurers to play along.  No problem, just put them into the deal before
IPO and run the value of the stock way up, they sell at or near the top
of the all-time share value and then know they will only have to pay out
about 2-5 cents on the dollar if they lose the class action stock fraud
case in court.

Pretty slick, huh? Put a system in place that will rob you over and over
again, unless you invest in just those companies that are not on the
list for such underhanded takeovers.

That was Step Three because they had to have willing accomplices for
when they lost the stock fraud cases.

Then there was Step Four.

What they then did was to change the SEC Disclosure Rules to let the
directors and officers off the hook. Meanwhile, the insurance companies
had already made a fortune on their insider positions, so paying a
little back looked like they got kicked good in court. If a company
inserted into the press release the news byte of the following
Disclosure Statement, the corporate management and board members were in
a condition of 'hold harmless'...and only the insurance companies were
on the hook.

To better understand how they play this game of 'shits and giggles' with
YOUR MONEY, check this:



If the management and board put this statement at the end of their press
releases, they are under the 'Safe Harbor' provision.  They lied, they
ripped off hundreds of millions and billions, but 'no harm, no foul'
under SEC rules and US law that was amended to aid and abet racketeering
on YOU and every other person stupid enough to think they could be a
wealthy person by investing in the scheme Wall Street and DC came up


If you read the tout about how a company's performance is going to
change but do not read the 'Disclosure Statement' that comes under
Laissez Faire or BUYER BEWARE you're in trouble.  They are just trying
to sucker you into buying the stock at ever-increasing prices and then
yank the rug out from under your feet.  If you get a concussion, or die,
or get plowed under financially, tough luck, sucker!

You did not know about this legalization of theft?  Tough luck! Should
have paid better attention to what the morons in DC were up to.

The management members could claim that revenues were going to jump
1,000% over the next quarter because they acquired technology to deliver
sex and orgasms over the Internet 'real time' and if they put in the
Disclosure Statement the officers and directors are under the Safe

They could do any idiot thing they wanted including lie about company
performance, revenues, future prospects and if they put the Disclosure
Statement at the end they had zero liability.  Of course, it was on the
fluff and no substance that Wall Street would then kick in and drive
that stock as high as they could to lure in more suckers and more money,
before yanking the rug out and leaving the shareholders with nothing.

When the company stock goes to $0, you are screwed for not paying
attention.  Folks, this has been promulgated and nurtured by Washington,
DC because this is exactly what their wealthy backers wanted.  They
legitimized the right to conduct racketeering and criminal theft of
funds against Americans or anyone else standing in the way of American
hegemony and Billionaire Creation.

The 'quid pro quo'? Massive campaign donations to these lying thugs in
DC. See? Who says you cannot rent or own someone in Congress?

They created an entirely new way to become a billionaire fast.  First
you become a robber baron and then you exhibit "magnanimity" by being a
wealthy backer of the liars and thugs in DC now controlling this
criminal enterprise. It is a RICO enterprise aimed right at you and
making sure you never have enough money to be a threat to these punks
and gangsters in DC.

Most people who read "One-Way Ticket to Crawford Texas" were amazed at
the information I provided about such corporate frauds and how DC is now
using that as part of its overall web of lies to attempt to be the
unipolar force in this world. Those days are over but not according to
the power-deluded goons in DC.

I have been on those front lines people, both in DC and in the Southern
District of New York U.S. Bankruptcy Court, fighting for small investors
who were intentionally and premeditatedly ripped-off by what DC and Wall
Street are now doing.

It is 'Institutionalization of Criminal Racketeering' and the goal is
total domination of the US and total domination of the world.

The MSM is one piece of it.  They know that most Americans will believe
whatever they hear on the MSM.  The reason 9-11 Truth has not taken hold
with most Americans is they have not seen it on CNN, FOXNews, CBC, ABC,
NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC.  Get the picture?

Americans are indeed like little birds waiting for their next 'news byte
lie' and then to accept that lie as truth (when it is a lie), and then
go right back to shopping, grazing, working, rushing the kids to school
or sports activities...and watching teevee.

The laws and policies are another piece of it.  Remember, this cowardly
Congress rolled over for Bush to retroactively grant him and themselves
exoneration for war crimes and crimes against humanity. They will stoop
to anything and will do anything for they have no character, no honor,
no honesty, no integrity.  They are traitors and now Racketeers
plundering the very spirit of America.

All America has to do to find out who the architects were of this
assassination of the American Dream is to look at who voted for what I
just described to you.  Clinton was sleazy and did much damage to the
American capital markets and investors.  When Bush came to office, so
much fluff and theft had been done it imploded.

That is one perfect reason why their pulling off 9-11 was criminal to
the point of stupidity...because their policies and their changes in the
laws had gutted the real value of the market, just like it has happened
in housing. 

Think that one through.

It will only get fixed when Americans wake up to the truth of the matter
and the gravity of the situation.  They are, in Washington, DC, involved
in institutionalization and execution of criminal racketeering against

If I were president, there are a few first steps I would take.

1. *  All US troops in Iraq would be moved to Turkey, Jordan and Kuwait
to await further orders



2. *  All US troops in Afghanistan would be moved to Kuwait and Turkey
to await further orders



3.                   *  The DOJ and FBI would be instructed to initiate
the immediate dismantling of the Zionist media gangs.  They are not
conglomerates, they are part of a massive Zionist propaganda campaign



4.                   *  US forces would be deployed in the US to back up
the FBI as this criminal cabal is rounded up and brought to justice



5.                    *  All attempts to fabricate a war against Iran
would be under immediate Executive Order of 'cease and desist'



6.                   *  Israel would be told to shut up, sit down and
bifurcate separate states between Israel and Palestine immediately. Just
in case some Arab nation reads that the wrong way, US aircraft carrier
attack groups would be relocated from near Iran and moved down to very
near Israel



7.                   *  The DOJ, SEC, FBI would be instructed to track
down and prosecute every party profiteering from oil and gas, grain and
metals futures to the detriment of the entire world



8.                   *  The anthrax attack investigation would proceed
to full conclusion, with full backing of the White House



9.                    *  The Cheney Energy Task Force would be brought
under full investigation, with the full backing of the White House



10.               *  The 9-11 investigation would proceed to full
conclusion, with full backing of the White House and many indictments
would ensue



11.               *  Many members of many administrations and Congress
would be facing indictments for war crimes, genocide and treason against
the United States of America



12.               *  And there would be a major house-cleaning at CIA
and DoD, and across the entire Zionist, corrupt infrastructure that has
been installed in DC



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