John you have a big heart.. love is a splendid  thing, but we must be careful as love is also very seductive and has brought down many great men.


The mixing of the races is a problem; it is one of the few things we can do that cannot be undone. You canít erase the children. You canít undo the broken families. You canít undo the effect on introducing an alien culture into the marriage.


Let us consider a few things:


When a man and woman get married, it is not just a joining of a man and woman. It is the joining of two families, two religions, two philosophies, two sets of genes, to dreams. As you can see and if anyone has ever been married all of the above become more important over time and they become VERY important when we have children.


I donít know of anyone who doesnít know a child from a mixed race marriage. What is the child? Is he Mexican or White American? What is the child is she Chinese or White Chinese American? What is the child? Is he a young Black man or young White Man?


Now everyone has some anecdotal case of a mixed marriage and everything is fine. Or at least they think so, but letís get real: The whole world is becoming more and more racially aware. Multiculturalism is dead. PC is dead. There is a growing awareness of race and MORE important information about racial differences are available today than ever before in history.


Now there are many good men who have married into other races: Curt Maynard and Fred Reed. They are certainly supporters of the movement, but have married Mexican women. I can fully understand that. The white women for the most part has been emotionally and mentally destroyed in America by the feminist movement, but the Hollywood bull shit mentality from Sex and City and Friends. The White Man has let his women run amok.  As you know John, I have been living with a Chinese woman now for three years and will be leaving her soon so I can get back to America and she can get on with her Chinese life. I understand why men like the Asian girls. They are adorable, loving, very faithful, and they just donít have the same type of emotional problems that so many white women have.  


Here are the questions I have asked myself and the answers:  Do I want to raise my child as Chinese? No. Would my Chinese girlfriend consider raising her children as primary Western thinking? NO..  she is Chinese and the Chinese are STILL very proud of their racial and cultural identity, even though they like much about the White West. Do want my child to LOOK like a Chinese son? Not really. Do I want my son to look like me? YES. Do I want to spend the rest of my life living with the very different thinking and priorities of the Chinese? No. Do I want my Chinese in laws living with me more than they already do, as is custom in China? NO. What do my parents think? The donít care because they are conditioned to let their children do stupid things as long as they are happy? What would my friends think?  Which country will be live in, China? NO. Five years is already too long. How will I deal with the way Chinese mothers do not discipline their children until they are about 4 years old? I canít. Can I eat rice and noodles for most of my meals the rest of my life? No. Can my wife eat like American and give up her favorite Chinese foods? Not really. Can my Chinese wife abandon her Chinese culture and live in the West? Not really? What language will my children think in? Chinese or English?  How are my parents and my Chinese wifeís parents going to relate to each other since they cannot speak to each other? They wonít. Will my parents be upset if my Chinese boy takes a dump on the sidewalk as other children do in China?   Can I spend the rest of my life in China as a foreign devil? No.  


Now the above my sound cold, but it is time that the White Man started clearing stop thinking so much with his dick. I love my Chinese girlfriend, but how in the world can you call it love to drag someone into another culture, to produce children who will not have a clear racial and cultural identity, give grand children to parents who cannot relate to their grand parents, marry into a family that is alien to you own culturally, etc etc..


Lets not even consider the religious implication. Does ANYONE think there are differences between being Jewish, Catholic, or Buddist???  Then WHY intermarry and further complicate and ROB people of their convictions.


That is what interracial marriage is all about, robbing families, countries, and individuals of their racial and cultural convictions. How can you condemn the Mexicans if you are married to them? Donít think you are so perfect, we ALL compromise for those we love and are married and share children, it weakens us. How can you not have a special affection for the Chinese if you have an adorable and loving Chinese wife? HOW can you be concerned about the Yellow Peril if you own flesh and blood has Asian eyes???


So John here is my thoughts not just from a made up theory, but from my personnel thoughts and feelings. Reality in my mind is this: No matter how much I love Tian Jie, I cannot bring mixed raced and confused child into the world. I refuse to raise a child thinking like a Chinese person. I refuse to rip away the grand children of my Chinese wifeís parents with children who canít identify with their grandparents. I refuse to reduce, or take away the important family and cultural traditions so important to my wife and her culture and race. I refuse to rob someone I love of their cultural and racial identity and significance.  Her future is to marry a nice Chinese boy, raise up a child the Chinese way and continue to be the good Han Chinese girl that her parents are so proud of, instead of upsetting them so much with a Western White ManÖ


My fellow White Men, we must THINK about the future of our children. We have NO future with interracial children, interracial culture, or interracial thinking. We can make a lot of mistakes, but a mixed race child cannot be undone.


So far as Fred and Curt, they are free men to do as they please, but let us give this more thought and try to make a better decision when we choose the mother of our future.


Best Regards to all,

Sherwood Smith

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