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Date: 10/2/08 11:53 AM From: Jim Condit Jr. To: "The Birdman" <john@thebirdman.org> Copy: Subject: {NA} Help Me Hit the NeoCons Back Thru Big Radio NOW

October 02, 2008 NA (Network America) e-wire

Help Me Hit the NeoCons Back Thru Big Radio NOW

Finally - my video for the 2008 Campaign is up.

It's called, "The Rest of the 2008 Campaign."

You can view it at my website for my congressional campaign:


With the outright theft going on in New York City and Washington DC, the need to oppose these Super-Criminals in public is definitely more urgent now than at any time since 2001. (I fear Chertoff and the boys have dire things in store for us after Election Day - IF they think they can get away with it.

This 2008 Election video has two action parts:

Again - I am putting Radio Ads on WLW, WKRC and perhaps other midwest stations - in order to reach millions of people with at least three hard-hitting, censorship busting radio ads right in the middle of the Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Bill Cunningham, etc., radio shows.

These radio ads are each packed with Info-dynamite -- and will reach about a 90 mile radius around Cincinnati, Ohio by day, and 38 states and half of Canada by night.

These ads will hit people as they are driving to and from work - and / or driving around during the day. EVERY RADIO AD, as always - directs the listener to my website, which in turn links them to other key information and other key websites. The info at the "Documentation" link on the home page of WagTheDog2008.com - will save some people 30 years research. With these links, they can get caught up to speed in a few hours.

Because of the Reasonable Access Law, the radio stations must accept my ads without alteration or censorship - and they must run the radio ads during the shows and time slots I specify (i.e., 3 PM to 6 PM on the Sean Hannity Show, for instance).

We also hope to have at least 4 one hour long radio shows on Sunday nights, which will be heard in a 60 mile radius around Cincinnati by AM radio - and worldwide on the internet.

I will send out the text of the 3 radio ads below on this Network America Ewire tomorrow - but please hear and watch them if you can at WagTheDog2008.com --

I have been quiet for a long while preparing this mad dash that I'm about to undertake in the next 30 days. I hope that all of you will consider helping.

At WagTheDog2008.com you can contribute to make the Radio Ads happen through my Congressional Campaign - OR - you can donate to help implement the Network America Action Plan which will take place from now until 2010. All is explained in the video. If you watch the video, you will be automatically directed to the donation page at the end of the video.

The goal for a pretty good saturation radio ad campaign in the weeks remaining until the election is $27,500. It would be great if the emails could fly and reach 2,700 individuals who would donate $10 each, --- or reach 270 who could donate $100 each - or 27 who could donate $1000 (who could afford it), or 12 people could donate $2300 (who could afford it, of course).

Then we could really make a "loud noise" to reach the people who are waking up in the midst of all this gas price gouging and Wall Street blatant theft.

In 2006, we raised about $15,600 from about 280 donors. With the internet, and YouTube, -- I'm hopeful this year will be much better.

(I now have 402 subscribers to my YouTube TV station, which is at youtube.com/JimCondit Jr - and I'm hopeful these good folks will greatly increase our reach this year. I have had over 105,000 views on YouTube of the 7 videos I made during the Ron Paul Presidential campaign. How this happened I don't know -- and I thank those who spread the word.)

The evil NeoCons NEED TO HEAR from us in the way I am going to speak to them. And they need to know that hundreds of thousands and millions of people are hearing the message I am sending out over the public airwaves.

One of the radio ads already prepared is about why top NeoCon Jews like Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard magazine were first to urge John McCain to pick Sarah Palin for his Vice Presidential Candidate.

A second prepared radio ad is about the CRIME committed against Ron Paul (and all of us) - by the Big Media during the 2008 Presidential Campaign.

And a third is about WHO is behind gouging Americans at the Gas Pump, and WHO has been preventing drilling and the building of refineries during the last 30 years.

YOU may know all this - but the average man and woman driving to and from work or shopping in his or her car - and listening to Talk Radio as they drive - is more ready than EVER to hear the REAL TRUTH about what's going on - and WHO is behind it.

There is a "contribute" link if you don't want to watch the video - but I hope you do watch it. The mailing address for the Congressional Campaign is: Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2008, PO Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.

The mailing address for the Network America Action Plan (Precinct Strategy and Revitalization of the Committees of Safety, or Constitutional Militia) is: Network America, PO Box 11339,Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.

More tomorrow.

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