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 Next Conference Call: Wednesday, May 21, 2008, 9 PM EST and 12 Midnight EST (9 PM PST)
Sunday, May 25, 2008, 9 PM EST AND 12 Midnight EST (9 PM PST);
Conference Call #: 641-715-3200; Pin: 1064662#

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Goal: $500,000 (Begun April 26, 2008)
to fight the NeoCons in Ads on Major AM Radio stations, and to organize the citizens of the USA to take back the country via the Precinct Strategy

Next Immediate Goal, ASAP: $17,000 to buy a 1 hr radio show every week from now till November 8 on WKRC AM, which streams worldwide on internet
AND: $3000 to set up the interactive website to start gathering the people to attend their own county precinct organizational meeting in Spring 2010


Current progress: $3895 (as of May 21, 2008)
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Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2008
PO Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
Candidate for 2nd Congressional District, State of Ohio

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Jim Condit Jr. is pictured above in the new, Ground-breaking Documentary "The Right to Count" which explains the dangers of computerized voting, the reality of the sinister "monopoly" whereby Diebold, Election Systems & Software (ES & S), Hart, and Sequoia have been unconstitutionally delegated the authority (?) to "count" over 90% of the USA vote in secret and behind police guards -- which police guards are instructed to arrest any citizen or reporter who tries to see what these companies are doing with our ballots on election night. This documentary also showcases HOW to make centralized rigging of elections impossible by restoring honest elections using paper ballots, counted in the neighborhood polling place, by neighborhood citizens, immediately upon the close of the  polls on election night. "The Right to Count" features top computer scientists, activists, investigative reporters, as well as the most courageous and alert Board of Elections Director in the nation, and one former US President who decries the current unnecessary and easily remedied electoral crisis strangling voters in the USA. When we restore honest, verifiable elections, we will take control of our future and our destiny once again. As it stands, we are at the mercy of the handful of mega-corporations whose programs instruct the computers what to do on election night. Jim Condit Jr. has been working against secret, computerized vote counts -- and for open, verifiable elections -- since 1981, making him the "longest running", continuously active living citizen in the current fight for America on this front. For over a decade he worked with legendary votescam investigators Jim & Ken Collier until their respective deaths in the 1990s.
(Colliers authored "Votescam: The Stealing of America"; chapter 12 is devoted to part of our candidate's Cincinnati, Ohio votescam fight, in which he called in the Colliers under the authority of a judge's court order to videotape the election. In an incredible show of corrupt force, the police were called to arrest the Colliers while they were executing the court order, but not before they filmed women in the Board of Elections pulling tabs out of punch-card ballots with common household tweezers. While the nation didn't hear about "hanging chad" until 2000, the Colliers and our candidate were talking about it since 1985 and even before. )