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Subject: {NA} What YOU get for Helping Me Reach Millions over Big Radio

October 05, 2008 NA (Network America) e-wire

What YOU get for Helping Me Reach Millions over Big Radio

This is retroactive to all donors so far:

For helping me reach millions of our fellow Americans over Big Talk
Radio stations in the midwest by day and 38 states at night --- here
are the DVD "Thank You"s we will send you: -- I list them first, and
then give a brief description below.

If you donate $15 or more: you get "911 Mysteries" DVD.

If you donate $50 or more: you get "Eating" DVD - Plus - "911
Mysteries" DVD

If you donate $100 or more: you get the first two DVDs - plus: "The
Nazism-Zionism Connection: The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler" -

You can donate by watching the video at www.WagTheDog2008.com - which
contains the three-minute radio ads already prepared -- and then at
the end automatically directs you to the "contribute" page - or you
can go directly to:



* "9-11 Mysteries" DVD
-- the "by far" very best documentary DVD put together about the
false Big Media cover story about the September 11, 2001 "terror
attacks." Plenty of footage from the Big TV Networks that they don't
want you to see again. This DVD is one of the very best DVDs put
together since the advent of motion pictures with Thomas Edison in
the year of 1888 -- and it has world-wide, earthshaking implications
for what is happening in our world right now. The "911 Terror
Attacks" IS the predicate, or enabling event -- for the illegal and
evil invasion of Afghanistan, the illegal and evil invasion of Iraq,
and the coming illegal invasions of Iran, etc. -- if we let them get
away with it!

** "Eating" DVD
-- The jacket says: "Eating is the biggest cause of death in the US
today, killing 2 out of 3 Americans every year. ... The biggest cause
of cancer is a weakened immune system, and this is caused by guess
what?"  -- A must see for all of us who have been eating "with the
flow" for years, especially in the USA -- and now need to regain our
normal body weight (obesity at epidemic proportions, even among
children), normal blood pressure (high blood pressure at epidemic
proportions in baby boomers), and normal blood sugar (diabetes at
epidemic proportions). -- an important DVD for everyone. -- Yes, the
total program explained on this sometimes hilarious DVD is too
extreme for me, and even for the VERY healthy person who recommended
it to me -- but there are DOZENS of excellent, practical hints on how
to eat in order to stay as healthy, energetic, and vigorous as
possible while you are alive "shuffling on this mortal coil". -- Dr.
Barry Sears of "The Zone" fame -- says that the food we eat is much
more powerful than the any medicine we take; that when most of us get
hungry -- we "self-medicate" in the wrong way by the foods we choose.
(By the way, "shuffle off this mortal coil" is from Hamlet's "to be
or not to be" speech, in Shakespeare's play released in 1603 -- in
that day "coil" meant something like "hustle and bustle".)

*** The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler;

-- Another mind shattering DVD about the deep secrets of World War
II. A very well informed person from Texas wrote me: "After watching
this video, I finally understand the 20th century." This is not an
action video -- but it provides avalanches of evidence showing that
the various popular cover stories promoted over the last 65 years
about World War II are false, and that all of them leave plenty of
evidence on the "side of the road" -- unexplained. With this video,
all the pieces now fit. The promo says: "Who will be more angry with
this DVD -- the ADL or the Aryan Nations?" You be the judge. (You can
also buy this video for $29 with or without a donation -- at
www.hitlerdvd.com -- there is also a lot of free information there if
you want to get a flavor of this DVD. Also gives a realistic view of
what really happened vs. the Hollywood version of "the Holocaust". By
the way, needless to say, I do not minimize the death of even one
civilian, Jewish or non-Jewish, who was rounded up or caught up in
the HELL ON EARTH in Europe created by the Rothschild Banksters and
their four funded front men, Roosevelt, Churchill, Hitler, and


To repeat: you can donate by watching the video at
www.WagTheDog2008.com - which contains the three radio ads prepared
so far -- which then at the end automatically directs you to the
"contribute" page - or you can go directly to:


Remember the nightly Conference Calls if you have any questions or
want to talk to me directly: Tonight, Sunday, October 5, 2008: 9 PM
EST, Midnight EST (9 PM PST) - phone# and pin# is: 641-715-3200; pin:
1064662# --

The nightly schedule for the Month of October is at the conference
call link at the very top of www.WagTheDog2008.com --

Coming TOMORROW -- A blockbuster fact, and a blockbuster observation
--  about the "Bail-Out" of October 2008.

Thanks to those of you who have already helped me towards getting the
Radio Ads on Big Talk Radio.

Jim Condit Jr.
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