Could 200 of You Good People kick in $25?

By Jim Condit Jr.



Date: 10/25/08 1:15 PM
From: Jim Condit Jr.
Subject: Could 200 of You Good People kick in $25?

October 25, 2008 NA (Network America) e-wire

Could 200 of you good people kick in $25?

As many of you have seen and kindly responded to
- I sent out an email to all the 2006 donors to
my 2006 "Radio Ads" Campaign just to see if my
emails were getting through. Many of you very
kindly responded letting me know they were
getting through.

The reason I sent such an email out was because
as of October 14, 2008 - our donations to get the
radio ads on the air had basically stopped cold.
I wondered if some force was interfering with my
outgoing emails. I now believe that is drop off -
after raising about $4500 -- was caused the
terrible financial theft that has occurred
against the American people by the Wall Street
and FED Gangsters.

In the 2006 effort, we rose somewhat steadily
until we reached $15,000 - but in 2008
fundraising dropped off called two weeks into the
drive, and at only $4500.

(By the way, thanks to those who have already

So I send this simple plea: could about 200 of
you kick in $25 or so - so that I can finish
STRONG in the last week before the Presidential
Election - reaching hundreds of thousands of
people as they go to and from work, and travel
around during the day, with our four very dynamic
radio ads over two MAJOR TALK RADIO shows.

YOU CAN HEAR THESE RADIO ADS by going to - and clicking on the TOP link
on the home page. Each of the ads is one minute

There is NOTHING more effective you can do in
this last week of the Presidential campaign than
to reach normal Americans outside of the internet
community - over major Talk Radio Stations. The
Ruling Elite GREATLY FEARS us reaching the vast
body of normal Americans with these messages, and
directing them to internet websites - especially
when so many people are now truly wondering what
is going on and searching for answers.

If you will become part of my ad-hoc support team
in the last week of Presidential Election cycle
2008 - go to - and donate $25
or whatever you can afford at the "contribute
button" underneath the video; or go to PayPal and
donate to:
or - - the paypal method is
the best now because it makes the money
immediately available so that I can place the ads
and pay for them on Monday, Tuesday, and
Wednesday of this coming week (October 27, 28,

Of course, two or three people who are able to
donate $1000 or more ($2300 max per person) would
solve my whole problem quickly, and could place
the time on Monday.

Our mailing address is: Jim Condit Jr. For
Congress 2008, PO Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you cannot donate at this time - not to worry,
-- but please say one prayer right now that we
reach the right people.

Many Thanks.

Jim Condit Jr.
Network America E-wire
Hear Radio Ads at
Network America

PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio

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