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Date: 10/4/08 6:38 PM From: Jim Condit Jr. To: "The Birdman" <john@thebirdman.org> Copy: Subject: {NA} Buchanan calls CBS Poll Phony. And 6% to Goal

October 04, 2008 NA (Network America) e-wire

Buchanan calls CBS Poll Phony. And 6% to Goal 3 days in.

I send this out because it is, I think, some kind of a first for someone who appears regularly on the major media to call any of these major network polls "phony."

The Big TV Network "public opinion polls', done in conjunction with the crooks at the Washington Post, New York Times, Zogby, Rasmussen, etc. - are treated as "solid gold" in all major media. No one ever asks how these polls are done, who is called, who answers, etc. etc. etc.

Even when there is some skepticism raised - like how many people now have cell phones only and therefore are not being called for polls - all 5 TV Networks and the major media keep announcing the polls every hour as if they are wafted down to us from heaven by angels.

On this week's McLaughlin Group, during a discussion about the aftermath of the vice-presidential debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden, Pat Buchanan called a CBS poll "phony" which claimed the public felt Joe Biden had won the debate by 30 points. Buchanan cited several other polls, including an online Drudge Report poll (in which 500,000 people participated) which showed that those people felt 70% to 30% that Palin had won the debate. (Most of you will remember that Ron Paul won the "one vote only" text polls after the debates on FOX and CNBC, -- sometimes by a WIDE margin -- while the "official polls" always claimed Dr. Paul was not even showing up in the public opinion polls.)

Yes, I am aware that both of Palin and Biden were spouting essentially unmitigated, disoriented nonsense, -- as well as failing to say anything constructive and significant on the major issues.


But my point here is that these polls are part of the troika of deception that is enslaving the USA without a shot being fired. Endless public opinion polls two years out from election day, fake exit polls on election day, and easily rigged computerized "results" on election night (with the public barred by police from seeing the ballots on election day or until at least 3 weeks thereafter). We have covered this ad nauseum, especially during the 2000 election --- but the problem remains the same today.

America will continue into slavery and hardship until the "public opinion polls", the phony exit polls (see "Votescam: The Stealing of America") and all computerized and machine voting -- are thoroughly discredited.


Years ago, MIT professor Noam Chomsky wrote the book, "Manufactured Consent" about the way the Ruling Media Elite controls the direction of the USA through manipulated public opinion.

In it he said that the Media Masters and Money Masters keep the real results of the polls for themselves - so they know how to fashion their upcoming propaganda, -- but that they release falsified polls to the public in order to PUSH PUBLIC OPINION IN THE DIRECTION THEY WANT IT TO GO. Because so many Americans have been unsuspecting, weak-minded - and lazy --- this Media/poll manipulation has worked for decades on most issues.


Believe it or not, Hollywood was pushing that the polls must be viewed as surrounded by a "hallowed aura" back in 1947 in a movie starring Jimmy Stewart called, "Magic Town".

If you rent this movie, you won't believe it. At one point Jimmy Stewart gives a speech about one wholesome town which can be so American that it reflects the opinions of the entire country. At least one lady in the room is reduced to tears!!!!! The Hollywood Jews, knowing the coming game plan, were obviously working hand in gloves with their comrades in New York City and Washington DC to soften the public up for their "public opinion poll" scam.

Am I saying all polls or public opinion efforts are NECESSARILY a scam? No.

Am I saying that an honest sampling of enough people in the target group can't yield somewhat reliable results? No, grocery stores and retail stores use such methods all the time with considerable success.

Am I saying that CBS, ABC, etc. FALSIFY the political polls they release? Yes! Yes! Yes!


They pay one of the crooked companies they deal with (ever notice how there are only 4 or 5 companies EVER mentioned by the Big Media crooks?) -- these are the ones who "play ball." (The story about how Zogby cheated the good folks in South Dakota who waged the JAIL for Judges campaign up there - is something I'll cover in a few days.)

Anyway, -- they pay a polling organization, the polling organization has their hired people make a lot of calls - usually either 800 or 1500. (This is NOTHING out of population of 300 million!)

Each caller, a normal American, hands in their results, only knowing his or her results. The Crooks running the poll take the results, and keep it for themselves if they think it was a good collection of data. AND - THEN - when needed - they just falsify the results and send it out through the Big Media - with the full conspiratorial involvement of key people at all 5 Big TV Networks, as well as the SUPER-DUPER crooked AP wire, perhaps the grand-daddy of them all for outright lying and manipulation.


I remember a poll on CNN in the lead up to Bush's invasion of Iraq in 2003 -- announced by the not-so-lovably-gruff Jack Cafferty - which purportedly asked the public, "Would you like to see the military draft reinstated?" CNN and Cafferty announced with a straight face that 73% of the American people wanted to see the draft re-instated!

I say with confidence this was a BLATANT LIE. My Dad commented that would be like the American people saying they want an epidemic of small pox to break out.

Another call-in/email poll in 2003 or 2004 on, I believe, MSNBC, or maybe FOX, asked, "Do you believe that a 2nd Terrorist Attack is inevitable?" - Now, why in the WIDE WORLD OR SPORTS would the Media/Money Masters ask such a question? Answer: they wanted to see how well their propaganda was working - for as we have also said ad nauseam since 2002 - the Big Media has been consistently - at intervals -- telling the public that "a 2nd major terrorist attack" is inevitable. This is why we have and STILL warn about the plans of Chertoff and the boys to initiate a 2nd contrived terrorist attack at some point to move the USA towards martial law.

And believe me - they are still holding the 2nd Terrorist Attack - their phase II of 9-11 - in their hip pocket in case they feel they can get away with it. I believe they WOULD HAVE ALREADY used it were it not for all of our efforts - and because there is a firm conviction in about 30% of the USA population that 9-11 was "an inside job", and a vague feeling in 70% of the population (even by the Big Media's admission at times) that something is wrong with the official 9-11 story.


Which brings me to my report of the day: We have jumped to $1538 collected - meaning we're 5.6% of the way to the goal of $27,500 for radio ads on the Big Talk Stations.

Please help if you can. The video is at www.WagTheDog2008.com - and the contribute link is underneath the video if you want to bypass the video. The text of the radio ads is also at a link right below "contribute" link.

I would submit that the most effective thing you can do between now and election day is to help me put these messages, and others - on Big Talk Shows on Big AM radio stations between now and Election Day - because we can reach millions of normal Americans through these big stations.

I am the ONLY congressional candidate at any level who is putting such radio ads on the air, so through my campaign is the only way to "spoil" the unanimity of the Big Media Party of propaganda in the nation. We can't reach the whole nation, but we can reach a potential audience of 10 million in the Midwest by day - and reach 38 states by night over WLW AM. That assumes that at least a few hundred of you rise up and help me put these ads on. THANKS to those of you who have already responded.

Don't forget the conference calls almost every night at 9 PM (EST) and midnight (EST) if you want to ask me any questions. The number is: 641-715-3200; 1064662# -- the schedule is at the conference call link at the very top of www.WagTheDog2008.com --

More on some other subject tomorrow.

Jim Condit Jr. Network America Ewire votefraud.org WagTheDog2008.com


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