Do You REALLY Understand the Banking Crisis ?

By Jim Condit Jr.



Date: 10/13/08 5:54 PM

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October 10, 2008 NA (Network America) e-wire

Do You REALLY Understand the Banking Crisis ?

Today - the heart of understanding this "banking crisis" and its
full, sinister import, -- and then soon more background which most
people will also need to really understand what we are seeing
transpire before our eyes in the current "banking crisis."

If you want to "do something" print this out and mail it to the best
people in elected office in your sphere of influence, influential
businessmen in your area, and other opinion molders such as
clergymen. Mail it anonymously if you wish - but consider trying to
wake some of the people up who have influence.

Here's the way it is:


1. CRIMINAL MINDS AMONGST US. Normal, everyday Americans will never
figure out what is happening unless they realize that we have a
criminal, diabolical mentality amongst us, and that mentality is in
the minds of certain faction of a certain people.

And that certain faction is what I am calling the Neo-Con Jewish
Crime Syndicate (see my video at the top of
This is a (percentage-wise) small faction of the diverse group of
people going under the name "Jews" today - but it has become the most
powerful group in the world right now - BY FAR. It is also unclear
whether only 10% -- or 90% -- of the "everyday Jewish people" support
the general agenda of this criminal syndicate, despite the fact that
it has ALSO exploited the everyday Jews for centuries - (see about the Nazi-Zionist Connection - you won't
believe your eyes and ears; also see

Henry Ford, the pioneer of mass-produced cars for everybody, talked
about this faction in his book, "The International Jew", where he
regretfully noted that this type of Super-Criminal seemed to only
grow "on the stem" of one people.

Winston Churchill talked about this sect in an article in the
Illustrated Sunday Herald (of London), February 8, 1920, page 5.

Churchill wrote: "This movement among the Jews is not new. From the
days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to
Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and
Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the
overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on
the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and
impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a
modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely
recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has
been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the
Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary
personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and
America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads
and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous

Churchill was writing in 1920, in the wake of the Communist takeover
of Russia beginning in 1917. You can read the entire article here:

The great Fr. Charles Coughlin, the radio priest with the Wurlizter
Voice (named for the deep tones of the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ)
identified this criminal group as the culprits behind the
artificially created but very real "Great Depression" in his radio
shows which were heard by up to 40 million Americans on Sunday
afternoons in the 1930s. (Fr. Coughlin was the first "Rush Limbaugh",
except Coughlin was on point.) You can see Fr. Coughlin in action
thanks to somebody who inserted three short clips of him speaking in
an excellent YouTube Ron Paul video, called: "Ron Paul, Sword of
Truth" posted by "ThePatriotLives"; here is the link to that YouTube

And Christ Himself refers to this faction, which was then plotting
His crucifixion, as spiritual sons of the devil in the Gospel of St.
John, chapter 8, v. 44.

This faction also seems to be identified in the Book of the
Apocalypse (Revelation), in chapter 2, verse 9, and chapter 3, verse
9. Paraphrase of those verses: "Those who say they are Jews, but are
not, and do lie."

And here is St. Paul, himself a Jew who converted to Christianity,
writing of this same faction in the 1st book of Thessalonians,
Chapter 2, v. 14,15:

"For you, brethren, are become followers of the churches of God which
are in Judea, in Christ Jesus: for you also have suffered the same
things from your own countrymen, even as they have from the Jews: who
both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us,
and do not please God, and are adversaries to all men;" End Quote.

WELL, this "band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld"
took over Russia behind the mask of Communism in 1917, caused the
Great Depression behind the mask of their private corporation the
"Federal Reserve Board" in 1929 - and are now attempting to
"communize" the United States of America with ANOTHER "banking
crisis" -- through three masks they are now wearing: The Democratic
National Committee, the Republican National Committee, and, again,
their privately owned company, the Federal Reserve Board. (We'll come
back to the word "commune-ize" and "commune-ism" at the end of this

If you are not willing --- listen to me - if you are not willing to
recognize that this Neo-Con Jewish Crime Syndicate is the enemy that
all normal Americans are fighting, --- then you may as well "jump in
a grave" - as Gary Wean (former LAPD detective and long-time
bodyguard of the late World War II military hero and later movie
star, Audie Murphy) told me a year or so before he died circa 2000 at
the age of 82 years old.

And many of these "Jewish" culprits seem to have the very mark of
Cain in their faces. Do google image searches for these men and take
a good look at their countenances: Richard Wuld, the man who presided
over the bankruptcy of Lehman brothers while taking out of the
company for himself about $450 million (!!!); Alan Greenspan, the
Thief who ran the FED while setting the USA up for this grand theft
we are all witnessing; Charles Krauthammer, warmongering neocon
newspaper columnist; Richard Perle, who orchestrated the illegal Iraq
War; and Michael Chertoff, the "Israeli citizen" and Russian Jew, who
is in control the $40 billion budget at the spookily named "Homeland

To those of you who are miffed that I have spent so much time
establishing the CULPRITS, the PERPETRATORS, and their lust/power
motive for what they are doing --- you are wrong.

Unless Americans understand who needs to be removed from positions of
power and influence in our nation - we are in for a WORLD OF COMING
HURT - and so are our children and grand-children.


2. THE LOOTING. The Neo-Con Jewish Crime Syndicate, over the last 25
years or so - has looted the mortgages, insurance policies,
retirements, and 401Ks of millions of normal Americans.

Under the guise of "investments", this money was laundered through
Wall Street and elsewhere into the hands of dual citizen Jews
(citizens of the USA and Israel), Israeli government operatives, and
their accomplices. Clinton and W. Bush cooperated with this crowd and
destroyed all regulatory or oversight checks and balances, as well as
appointing criminal collaborators who made sure that whatever checks
and balances remained WERE NOT ENFORCED. You'll notice that NOT ONLY
is no one calling for arrests and criminal prosecutions - but McCain,
Obama, and all the talking heads are saying that now is not the time
to fix blame. (!!!)

The looting is not only "$85 billion dollars" as is in the news, but
$2 trillion dollars that has disappeared from the retirements and
savings of millions of normal Americans. According to Ernesto
Cienfuegos, a columnist for the website and newspaper, La Voz de
Aztlan: "CEO Richard Fuld, who is a Jew, was recently punched in the
face by an angry American who lost all of his retirement savings when
Fuld declared the firm bankrupt. Richard Fuld, however, took home an
estimated $450 million dollars in compensation."

Millions are suffering without a way to voice their wounds and
frustration - thanks to the fact that this same Neo-Con Jewish Crime
Syndicate bought up every major Radio and TV station in the nation,
as well as all the Big City daily newspapers, --- again because
Clinton and W. Bush did away with all the anti-monopoly rules.

All these big media outlets were bought through immoral means - in
that the Neo-Con Jews are secretly issuing all the money they want to
themselves and their allies through their privately owned Federal
Reserve Board so that they can buy up everything. It's taken them 95
years to get to this point - but they are trying to move much faster

(By the way, Congress had unconstitutionally delegated to these
Banksters the power to issue all money for the USA on December 23,
1913, amidst every form of debauchery and bribery known to mankind.
For these moral devils are also the CORRUPTERS of mankind. - ALSO - I
am calling these criminals "The Neo-Cons" because that the name the
took up in the mid 1970s when a cabal of Trotskyite Communist Jews
pretended to become the "new" or "neo-conservatives" in the
Republican Party. See Michael Piper's book, "The High Priests of War"
for an exhaustive expose of this phenomenon. Also, in my video at I refer you to Ron Paul's 11 part speech given on
the floor on Congress in 2003, entitled, "NeoConned" - based on the
book published by J. Forrest Sharp.)


3. THE DEMAND FROM THE LOOTERS. Once the looting was complete, and
the timing was right, namely late September, early October 2008, --
the looting and theft was announced to the US public by recent
Goldman-Sachs CEO Super-Crook Henry Paulson, now occupying the office
of Secretary of the Treasury. (The timing is the strongest indication
yet that the NeoCon Ruling Elite want Obama and will install him by
the election computers - whether he wins or not; they could have held
publicizing this "crisis maneuver" until after the November Election,
if they had wanted to computer-elect McCain.)

This Super Criminal and THUG front man (Paulson) demanded that $750
billion in taxpayers money be turned over to him RIGHT NOW with no
strings attached. The cry from Paulson and other of the Elite with
access to the Big Media was: "Pass it NOW, NOW, NOW! Pass it in 30
minutes. We need it today! NOW! NOW!! (Notice once Paulson got the
money - he was in no hurry. He announced a week after the "bail-out"
that the money given to him hadn't even got into the pipeline yet.)


4. THREATS FROM THE LOOTERS. After the "bail-out" failed on the first
vote in the House of Representatives (because irate citizens were
calling and emailing in against it 200-1), Paulson and a cast of
DOZENS of Neo-Con Jewish Criminals began THREATENING over the mass
media (paraphrase and encapsulation): "If Congress doesn't pass this
- WE'LL SHUT YOU DOWN. WE control all the issue of credit and money
in your country. WE will pull in money and credit just like we did in
1929! You won't be able to get loans for houses! Your credit cards
won't work! Your businesses will not be able to get loans! We will

Naturally, they didn't use exactly these words or this tone - but
that's what they were saying. From this item - we can see that the
most urgent need is to rise up and evict all of these Neo-Con Jews
from ANY influence in our nation - especially get them OUT, OUT, OUT
of anything to do with money, banking, or credit.


5. THE STICK-UP, and SUCCESSFUL ROBBERY. After the members of
Congress failed to pass the "bail-out" on the first vote (primarily
so that those in close races could tell their constituents back home
that they at first voted against it), many members got "talked to"
and maybe had their arms twisted, - - and passed the "bail-out" on
the 2nd go around.

Paulson was given $750 billion with no strings attached. And now
additional tens of billions are flowing, for reasons unclear, and by
murky, dubious methods. Neither Traitor-Bush, Traitor-Paulson,
Traitor-Obama, nor Traitor-McCain has called for the arrest and
indictment of any of the Super-Thieves on Wall Street in New York
City or at the Federal Reserve Board.



They are not there yet - and we'd better not let them get there - but

When the smoke clears, the US Government and/or the privately-owned
Federal Reserve Board (FED) will hold 82% of the home mortgages in
the USA, some reports say over half of the insurance policies, and a
large number of the retirement savings. It was announced last week
that the FED of New York is loaning AIG (American Insurance Group)
another $39 billion - but in return the FED will own 79% of that

Dummy W. Bush announced a few days ago that the Federal Government is
going to start buying banks. (!) This is the Ruling Elite's longest
step so far towards turning the USA into a Communist country - where
the government (Neo-Con Jewish Crime Syndicate) owns everything, and
the citizens are just guests with no rights and no property.

The takeover of REAL PROPERTY is the ultimate goal in this scenario.

Let's take one scenario, and then wind to a close:


Once the Federal Government or FED has all the home mortgages under
their control, they could say some day: "Everyone pay your mortgage
off now." 99% of families and people would not be able to do so. Then
the Overlords would say: you can stay in your homes, but you will now
be renting from the government.

This is Communism. This is what the Russian people suffered under
since 1917. They owned nothing, but rented their homes, and worked in
businesses and farms owned by the government.

The proud Russians and Ukrainians owned their farms, and the half-Jew
Stalin starved out and killed 20 million Russians and Ukrainians -
and took over all the farms for the Communist government.

Before the Communist takeover, the Russians and Ukrainians were
proud, independent free men and women. After the Communist takeover,
the Russians and Ukrainians were all on a giant Commune owned by the
Communist government. Instead of owning their farms and equipment,
they had now been "commune-ized" and the Communist government owned
everything. They were just the serfs and slaves of their now
Jewish-Communist masters, who owned everything.


Your grandfather owned his own hardware store - YOU work at Home

Your father and grandfather owned their homes, and often paid them
off under the much lower interest rates of those times. You now are
paying for your home three or four times, and now the government will
hold most of the home mortgages in the USA. And many young people are
finding it difficult to get their first home.

This is the endgame: Communism in America. Alan Greenspan, Charles
Schumer, Michael Chertoff and their tribesman own more and more of
everything - and normal Americans own less and less and plunge deeper
into debt, being oppressed daily by every burgeoning taxes, interest
rates, and rising prices due to the monopolies (gas) that are already
in the hands of the Neo-Con Jews and their toady junior partners like
Cheney, Bush, Clinton, and Obama.


The Founding Fathers tried to set up free enterprise and a moral
capitalism where their were restraints on criminals using every
underhanded and dishonest means to claw their way to the top and
oppress normal people - normal people who are not consumed with a
lust for power, money, lying, and murder.

This diabolical faction of Neo-Con Jews has two ploys in their
arsenal towards their goal of total power and total world tyranny: 1)
Communism; 2) Monopoly (or Vulture) Capitalism. (Pat Buchanan used
the term "Vulture Capitalism" in this campaign speeches in 1996, and
Neo-Con columnist Charles Krauthammer IMMEDIATELY protested, knowing
that if that concept caught on, his crowd would be on the way out.)

When these hypocrites cry "FREE MARKET" - they mean - we want a free
market for us where there are no restraints on us as we loot mankind,
steal your property, and plunge the world into misery.

While they cry "FREE MARKET" - few notice that there is one area
where they absolutely INSIST on a TOTAL monopoly: on the very issue
of money. They want a MONOPOLY on the issue of money (now done
through their private company, the Federal Reserve Board) tso they
can buy up everything else, from media to venal politicians -- to
monopolies (through three or four companies) in important areas of
human activity (such as gas, media, banking, insurance, the health
industry, office supplies, etc.)

It's taken them 95 years to get this far, and they have not reached
their goal yet - but this "banking crisis" is one of the most giant
steps they have taken to their nightmarish dream.


In 1929, the top Jews running the FED pulled in all kinds of money,
called in all loans, tanked the stock market artificially stealing
billions from normal Americans, and dried up credit. That's all.

The day before and after the "Stock Market Crash" of 1929 - there
were the same amount of people, who had the same amount of energy.
There were the same amount of trees and natural resources. Their were
the same amount of US citizens willing to do services in the economy
from waitressing to you-name-it.

The only thing that had changed is that the evil Jew-Money-Changers
had pulled in all the money because the US Congress had STUPIDLY and
unconstitutionally delegated to them the power to issue money for the
USA. (Google Congressman Louis T. McFadden's speeches given back
then, or what Senator Charles Lindbergh said back then; also see the
book "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin.)

And then the USA went without sufficient money for 12 years, simply
because the greedy Jew-Banksters at the FED were making war on the
USA and holding back sufficient money to facilitate the exchange of
goods and services, and the realization of short term economic

BUT THEN, guess what?

When FDR finally squeezed Japan enough through a military blockade of
their natural resources, and baited Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor
- he had the war he and the Rothschild banksters wanted. AND THEN -

As if by magic - the USA had ALL THE MONEY WE WANTED. ALL the money
that was needed was now released by the top Jew-Money-Changers to
fund World War II, which the vehicle by which they achieved so many
goals towards world domination - but that's for another ewire.

See how it's done when the curtain is pulled back?

And now, the Banksters are planning many more moves against the USA,
and if they are not getting their way - they will pull in credit, as
they threatened to do a few weeks ago.

But we still have time to stop them. Things need to go far beyond
sporadic outbreaks against these criminals. Each and every one of
them need to be identified, arrested, perp-walked, indicted,
convicted, and then punished to the full extent of the law - and that
would be treason, if you ask me.


The book "The Struggle for World Power" by George Knupffer exposed
this Communism/Monopoly Capitalism scam in 1958.

Pope Pius XI in 1931 issued an encyclical entitled "Quadragesimo
Anno" in which he said:

(Begin Quote)

"In the first place, it is obvious that not only is wealth
concentrated in our times but an immense power and despotic economic
dictatorship is consolidated in the hands of a few, who often are not
owners but only the trustees and managing directors of invested funds
which they administer according to their own arbitrary will and

"This dictatorship is being most forcibly exercised by those who,
since they hold the money and completely control it, control credit
also and rule the lending of money. Hence they regulate the flow, so
to speak, of the life-blood whereby the entire economic system lives,
and have so firmly in their grasp the soul, as it were, of economic
life that no one can breathe against their will.

"This concentration of power and might, the characteristic mark, as
it were, of contemporary economic life, is the fruit that the
unlimited freedom of struggle among competitors has of its own nature
produced, and which lets only the strongest survive; and this is
often the same as saying, those who fight the most violently, those
who give least heed to their conscience."

(End of quote from Pope Pius XI in 1931)

Pius XI also went on to say that Vulture (Monopoly) capitalism, where
the wicked are allowed to exploit the rest of mankind without any
just regulation or good Sheriff to restrain them -- ends up in the
same place as Communism.

So understand that both Vulture (Monopoly) Capitalism and Communism -
are the SAME THING in principle. Both are diametrically opposed to
free enterprise and limited capitalism (i.e., capitalism limited by
some sane rules, such as transparency of the issue of money, and
making criminal the theft of other people's money and just wages by
whatever means, whether it be by the local bank robber with a mask
and gun -- or the International Bankster with all their slimy,
underhanded tricks and mechanisms.

For how the Money System should be run, search google for "The Money
Myth Exploded" - which is also linked at the documentation section of
my congressional website: --

For the solution on how to take back the country and bring these
Super-Criminals to justice via the Precinct System and the
Revitalization of the Committees of Safety, see my video, "The Rest
of the 2008 Campaign" at

More tomorrow or soon.

End of this Network America ewire.

Jim Condit Jr.
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Those who count the votes decide everything."
Attributed to Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin

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