Overview of Obama So Far

By Jim Condit Jr.


March 17, 2009 NA (Network America) e-wire

Overview of Obama So Far - and tonight's
Conference Call

This is going to be a short overview of the Obama
Administration so far - and three one sentence
announcements. (Sorry for those who don't like
announcements pre-occupied with fundraising, but
without a minimal amount of money none of the
patriotic organizations can continue in the fight
for our true freedoms, and against the
encroaching New World Order tyrants.)

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The Obama administration is primarily on a
mission to consolidate the greatly increased
control over the economy which the
Rothschild/Rockefeller allied Banksters began
circa September 27, 2008.

As you will recall, on that day their 5 Big TV
Networks and national wire services began crying
that "the sky is falling" - give us a Trillion $$
dollars - or we will shut down the nation. (They
didn't say it quite this bluntly, but they said

These Banksters are in a position to do this
because our Congress unconstitutionally delegated
to their grandfathers the power to issue all
money for the USA on December 23, 1913. They have
been working and trying to consolidate more and
more control over the population ever since.

As you will recall, circa September 27, 2008, --
Super Criminal Goldman-Sachs agent Henry Paulson
(grossly occupying the position of Secretary of
the Treasury of the United States under the Bush
Administration) basically said this (paraphrase):
"If Congress doesn't give us this near Trillion
$$$ we are demanding NOW, then you will not be
able to buy a house because we'll shut down the
home loans; you will not be able to purchase
anything on credit because we'll shut down your
credit cards; and the small businesses of America
will be severely crippled because we will
severely restrict small business credit lines. SO

As I said - Paulson wasn't this crass, but that's
what he said, and that's what the Big Media began
repeating, hour after hour, day after day.

Incredibly, if you see through the smoke and
mirrors, they were DEMANDING this money because
they had just stolen money, pensions, and 401K's
from millions of hard working Americans! Bernie
Made-Off is taking the fall in the media, but he
is one of them, and the Banksters appreciate the
50 billion dollars he stole from normal people.
(Made-OFF will probably be spirited out of jail
to live in cognito in Israel or Switzerland -
only brought back once a year from his "Parole

At that time Paulson threw his orchestrated
temper tantrum, Presidential candidates Obama and
McCain couldn't rush to microphones FAST ENOUGH
to endorse the trillion dollar bail out theft.

Also, we see puppet Obama continuing puppet
Bush's essential policies in Afghanistan, Iraq,
and the "all-important" bail out-theft "stimulus

30,000 new troops going to Afganistan; allegedly
a gradual troop trim down in Iraq to reach a
level of 50,000 US troops - which 50,000 troops
are to STAY in Iraq PERMANENTLY (this is a pull
out?); and the exact same path on the bail out
being demanded by the Rothschild-Rockefeller
allied banksters behind the Federal Reserve, the
IMF, etc.

According to news stories in the MAINSTREAM PRESS
- the Fed or the US Government now hold 82% of
the home mortgages in the USA!

Sitting in for Rush Limbaugh during some of the
week ending on March 13, 2008, a Jason Lewis on
one of those days was detailing that the Federal
Government was now in the process of buying up
CONSUMER DEBT. This is socialism; this is a giant
leap towards Communism, brought to us by the same
crowd that brought the world the bloody Communist
Revolution in 1917, -- now firmly ensconced in
control of almost every lever of Power in New
York City and Washington D.C.

While there are noises of other initiatives, this
is why puppet Obama is all but consumed with
helping his bankster backers consolidate this
giant-leap for greatly increased DIRECT control
of the US economy. Everything else is basically
on hold. Why?

Because this is a very dangerous move for "the
Conspiracy" or New World Order crowd. The
American people still have their guns. The
American people are ANGRY at what is
instinctively recognized as a blatantly theft.
And there appears to be some infighting in the
upper echelons of the Banksters and their key
agents. So they have to get past this
consolidation, -- and then credit and money will
probably ease for a while during which time they
will make their next moves on other fronts.

This is the greatest FINANCIAL LEAP forward by
the Federal Reserve Board (FED) and those behind
this privately held central bank - since the
Great Depression of 1929. Now here are some
resources for those who would like to get more
familiar with these realities:

--- http://www.wagthedog2010.com/ -- click at the
top link entitled, "Hear . . . all three of our
radio shows" - and then go to the bottom of that
page and you can hear the 1 hour October 19th,
2008 radio show of my congressional campaign,
which is basically devoted to this subject.

-- "The Money Masters" on Google Video

-- "David Icke, Big Brother, Big Picture" on
Google Video (this is a speech Icke gave while
running for the House of Commons in England in
2008); needless to say I don't endorse everything
Icke has ever said, but this speech is absolutely
superb for explaining what's happening.
Entertaining and funny as well.

-- Terry's Hayfield's writings, and my commentary
about the "Permanent Revolution" Bankster agenda
-- linked at the Home Page of votefraud.org in
the royal blue box on the right hand side of the
home page, entitled, "What is the MOTIVE behind
computerized votefraud?" Here is the direct link:


-- "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward
Griffin (book)

-- "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Eustace

If anybody wants to help as I rev up our
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Thanks to all who helped us reach over 1 million
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