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Subject: blacks/Arabs burn 592 cars on Bastille Day; leftist women

Re: Apocalypse of the Psychopaths
I received this email today from a conservative French journalist in Paris, Emmanuel Ratier, and the website Altermedia.info:

Americans need to understand from the article below one thing:

You have no idea how quickly a country can go downhill once "hate-speech laws" are in place and accepted -- much faster than any American can possibly imagine, protected as we are by OUR First Amendment and OUR freedom of speech.

The U.S. Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787 and ratified on June 21, 1788. However, on December 15, 1791, WE WHITE AMERICANS FORCED THE BILL OF RIGHTS TO BE ADDED, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to bear arms.

The turning point for every white nation has been when Jew-created "hate-speech laws" prevent any discussion of the race of the gangs that perpetrate the crime.

Someday, if I, JOHN DE NUGENT, am not supported fully by you, it will be a felony for you -- a PRISON sentence for you -- to criticize illegal immigrants, or queers, or Jews, as you do on this forum now, just as it is already in France, Germany, England, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

In fact, Vincent Reynouard predicts that unless the trend is interrupted, eventually political heretics will be extradited to Israel itself for prison or hanging.

And this is why I say in my video: If they touch the First Amendment, WE WILL FIGHT. And I will lead this fight.


While patriotic Frenchmen were celebrating on July 14 my birthday (and also the national holiday , which commemorates the storming of the royal Bastille prison in 1789), hundreds of racist, white-hating, and supremely ungrateful immigrant psychopaths, many illegals, mostly blacks and Arabs, were trashing this white nation's property -- on its national holiday!!! -- to demonstrate their bigotry and hate for the white nation that foolishly had listened to the Left and to the Jews, foolishly disbelieved the White Wing, had been browbeaten by Jew screams of "xenophobia" - and welcomed these savages in.

Cars burned: "20 Minutes" is obliged
to censor reactions

[i.e., this newspaper's website must prevent all "racist" commentary against the real racists among the blacks and Arabs]

[In the original French: Incendies de voitures: “20 Minutes” est obligé de censurer les réactions]

[source: http://fr.altermedia.info/general/incendie-de-voitures-20-minutes-est-oblige-de-censurer-les-reactions_14964.html]

By Altermédia

[JdN explains: In France or Germany, if the webmaster of a website leaves "racist, antisemitic, xenophobic ["anti-foreigner"] or homophobic" comments by the public on a website, and does not censor or delete them immediately, he or even the site owners can go to prison as the Jews cackle.]


And now to the article from Altermedia, a pro-white website:

* * *

The free newspaper 20 minutes has published on its website an article on the arson of cars during the weekend of July 14.

While [all French] governments minimize these facts, this newspaper very conscientiously reported these criminal acts throughout the territory [of France] and announced a total of 592 vehicles burned, a gymnasium of 8000 square meters half-destroyed and a police officer injured.


This effort at transparency still does not go as far as allowing readers to speak freely; a warning at the bottom of the article['s online version] ended all discussion:
"Once again, insults, racism, and dubious amalgamations force us to close this article to comment."

Should we understand by this comment that even INFORMATION about the outrages of this weekend could "incite racism"?

[Nota bene: "Inciting racism" is a felony all across the European Union. My friend Vincent Reynouard, father of seven, is facing TWO YEARS in prison and a 90,000 euro fine for "inciting racism" -- and has gone underground to finish the final issue of his magazine Sans Concession. He could be YOU in two years!!]



Yet one more reason why my book is needed is the disastrous "pushing of women's buttons" in a leftward direction by Jewish mind manipulators.

I see a clear pattern across Jew-ruled white countries; the police, judges, "human rights tribunals," prosecutors and plaintiffs who indict white MALE nationists are increasingly, and in some areas, already overwhelmingly female.

It seems that all one has to do is say "this racist advocates VIOLENCE" and a certain kind of woman (lesbian, perhaps, or just hard-core leftist) is ready to commit violence against white-wing men, such as arresting them and throwing them into a cage, i.e. a prison.

I first became aware of this phenomenon when I saw the picture of my friend Pedro Varela being arrested in 2006 in Barcelona, Spain. Would you not think this female police ninja felt foolish, wearing a balaclava mask and combat gear in downtown Barcelona, a major, modern, high-tech city, to arrest a book publisher wearing a business suit? But maybe she enjoyed playing soldier and humiliating a proud white male through the force of the law. Of course, any ninja ninny can arrest any man in a suit if she pulls a revolver on him for printing books.

* * *

I noticed this pattern of leftist female persecutors in many other arenas:

1) when my friend Henrik Holappa was convoked in June to the police station in Occupied Finland, it was a police WOMAN who threatened him that the government intended a show trial for him so as to crush the WN movement in Finland;

2) Just as recently, it was a police WOMAN in Occupied Germany who called British journalist Michael James to the police station to tell him that he was under investigation for hate speech;

3) Here is a passage from the French from Vincent Reynouard's most recent trial:

[source: Sans concession, June-July-August 2008, produced from in hiding, p.7]
With the exception of the bailiff, the Court consisted entirely of women: the judge, her assistant, and Madame District Attorney. The [pro-minority organization] plaintiffs [against Reynouard and comrade Siegfried Verbeke] were two female lawyers.

If this trend continues, in ten years the "justice" system will consist entirely of women, using male underlings [for physical enforcement]."

It is essential that both men and women understand the respective forces that dominate them. Women are being turned by manipulation of feminine emotions -- against supposed "fascist hate, rape and brutality" -- into HATERS of the very men who are trying to protect them and their children from physical harm, from soaring crime, divorce, terrible public schools -- all caused by the presence of racist non-whites in power and on the streets.

Women, in particular, need to understand how their yin emotions are manipulated by the lying Jew -- the SAME Jew who has introduced such assaults on the dignity of the woman, wife and mother as :

--women-degrading porn,
--white sex-slave trade (forced prostitution) (see Hervé Ryssen's exposés on the Jew role in this),
--feticide (abortion),
--a TV-movie-film-video culture that ridicules strong white males as husbands or fathers,
--encourages racist minority males to hate whites, which leads to raping their women
--promotes homosexual "fems" as women's "friends"
--features effeminate, indecisive, childish, irresponsible or whining adult males (I would not use the word "men" in connection with "Everyone Likes Raymond" or "Married with Children") who then make dismal husbands, fathers and providers.

Through an understanding in my book of the differerences between male and female psychology, both men and women can detect Jew manipulations of the differing emotions of each gender.

And women can learn to understand and appreciate the male mind, not be frustrated by it or come to eventually loathe it. It begins with understanding one primeval fact -- for tens of thousands of years -- "Man, The Silent, Warlike Hunter."

And men in turn can come to accept and adore the very different psyche of most women for hundreds of millennia : "Woman, The non-violent Gatherer/Bonder/Communicator/Nurturer."

Woman is a creature that talks literally twice as many words per day as men (in actual tests with recording devices). but they speak in order to bond, not just to import info, which most frustrated men seem to never understand. They speak to bond or to address problems that hurt the bond.

Otherwise we end up in mutual miscomprehension and in what we have today -- in the scene in the movie Jerry Maguire where the embittered divorcees have created a "divorced women's club." They are as "down on" men as men are now angry and "down on" women.

In Jerry Maguire, actress Renée Zellweger cannot wait to get out of the angry-at-men "divorced women's club." She can because the husband character has lost the hotshot ego, has grown and matured.

Men accuse women of wanting only their money and to talk their ear off. Women think men want only sex and to be waited on.

WHO IS SPREADING THE LIE THAT MEN AND WOMEN ARE THE SAME? As the French say, Vive la différence!

Hey, liberated white women: If you're lucky, this black basketball player will have his way with you. Now THAT's what I call "freedom," girls. I'm sure that like most NBA players, he would make an ideal husband -- as long as he stays out of prison for slugging you, organizing dog fights or gives you VD from a groupie. Thank you, Jew press baron Samuel Newhouse, for this cover. This cover is an arrow against Jewry - and it has gone right into my quiver.

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