Judges Order a Tax Increase
By Ron Branson - National J.A.I.L. CIC
It is no secret that the foundation of the independence of this country was based,
in part, upon a revolt against taxation without representation. But that is exactly
were we are coming back to again. I have read a news article that I would
love to quote and give credit to, as well as give its URL for everyone to view,
however, this article states, "This material may not be published broadcast,
rewritten, or redistributed."  Therefore I shall simply write my own article
without giving credit to anyone but myself.
I am informed, and therefore am of the belief that a New York State Judge by
the name of Lehner has issued a judicial order commanding the Legislature of
the State of New York to raise taxes and to turn over the booty to the judiciary
for the purpose of personally profiting the judges of the state. While it is
acknowledged that while the State Constitution clearly mandates that only the
Legislature has the power authority to raise and collect taxes, the judiciary
feels that due to a state emergency, namely, judges getting more money in their
pockets, an exigent situation is at play here that forces the judges to take matter
into their own hands in which they must threaten the Legislature with the exercise
of their powers, being entrusted by the people as the judiciary of the state, and
having an interest in protecting their public duty as the judiciary.
The judiciary has given the Legislature 90 days in which to comply, or else. I am
not sure what the "or else" is, but it would seem to me that while it may be
argued that the Legislature may not diminish the salaries of judges during their
time of service, I cannot imagine a constitutional duty to increase judge's salaries.
Neither can I imagine the courts arguing that they have the power to "pass a new
law" commanding the Legislature to abandon their rightful duty of exercising
their discretion in the passing of laws, in lieu of acting under compulsion of the
courts. I say, "Gee, are the courts going to hold the entire New York Legislature
in contempt if they do not comply in seizing the taxpayer's money and place it
into the pockets of the judges ordering it?
I am informed that the governor of New York is pondering his legal options
as to whether New York is bound to obey such a judicial order. The governor
says that the State of New York will likely appeal the order, but I find it
interesting that this likely appeal will be heard by a very New York judges who
are on the take in the "case."
The court justifies its participation in the case because every judge is on the take
and has a conflict of interest, so therefore, since no judge can rightfully hear it, 
therefore any judge can hear it, and need not address a challenge of their
qualification to hear the case. I ask myself, if everyone stole, could it be said
that no one could be charged with stealing?
-Ron Branson