Comment on DC Corruption

By Leon G



Stupid dinosaurs, ready to fight for our freedom.

If you look at crowds: do they need us?

As sad as this sounds: they'll go under slaughter singing anthems honoring their killers.

It is not because they are fools or chicken; they had to work hard feeding their families, because by destiny, by coincident they were chosen for this way. Hard-working "machines" , surrounded by hardship and fight for survival, they had to atrophy their social-resistance "organs". Life is much harder for most of American or Canadian citizens then for you and me, even if I'm suffering from permanent attempts on my social-financial situation, or even on my life (I was attacked, a car twice hit me, etc.).

Remember that the FED was established by same group of dynasties that later started colonization of USA and Palestine. As I'm writing in newest Russian version of my "GULAG of Palestine", the same organization on verge of XIX-XX cent. initiated mass colonization of US (forming a demographic "fist") and Palestine.

Revolution in Russia and completely Jewish Soviet government (non-Jews were only 4 man, of whom Lenin and 3 others were half-Jewish) was created by same circle of Jewish families.

Hitler was himself a Jew, as I summarized in one of my works, and was put in power by his Jewish environment.

But the main base of global Jewish offence was and is British empire, after main Jewish leaders transferred their command post from Venice and Hambourg to London.

From London, they rule the world since approximately 15 century.

Britain was main and only partner (not occupied territory) of the WJG (world Jewish government). However, NOW it became just a puppet, since the last British government came to power. Now Jews have no partners, they act by themselves, and I think that this is their mistake and weakness.

Their goal is to enslave us not just like trash, chicken or puppets, but as robots, inserting chips in our brains, and ruling us by Mosquitoes, Medusas, spy-cameras, cellphones, i-Phones, digital metro-bus cards, electronic devises in our cars and homes, computers that now equipped with total spying devises, etc.

Weakness of your manifest is that there is no need to fight physical persons. Almost all commands are now given to them by machines. They do what the System (which is highly electronized) is telling them to do.

If we sabotage their electronic tools like surveillance cameras, government web sites and networks, FRS (Face Recogntion Syst), "Mosquitoes" and "Medusa" devices, police cars, security and guard agencies, etc., system will failed. I know someone who created a copy of smart card Opus (metro-bus card in Montreal) that destroys bus onboard device that reads such cards.

Graffiti painting of police surveillance cameras or police cars× cameras, masks of citizens× faces, makeup, etc. will stop the system.

Boycott of metro stations, stores, companies, were the most aggressive surveillance, Mosquitoes, Medusas, Shock-Acters, and so on, installed, also may help.

Publication of names of governmental and police undercovers, informants, police officers, security agents may help.

Neutralization of spying devices in cells (ask technical people), comps, boycott of Macs (champions of governmental espionage on citizens), i-Pods, i-Phones, mass disseverance, etc., may help.

Boycotting such Israeli tools as ICQ, US mail accounts (which better transfer to Europe: France, Poland, Russia, Germany, Italy, and so on, but not to British Empire) - may help.

There is a way to sabotage American (US-Canada) telephone system by small mass action. People must act simultaneously in the same time.

There are millions of ways to block totalitarian electronic devices (and without them new British-American totalitarisme will die), and no guns are needed for this.

If you promise to publish my material on this subject, I'll send you a big extract of my Russian essay in English translation.

My report on Israeli prime involvement in Georgia's attack on Osetia was accessed by more then 5 millions readers in Russia.

My best regards,
Leon G



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